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He concluded that the album was an imperfect success which showcased "evidence — albeit flawed — of a certain musical restlessness". Retrieved 3 May Helders commented that during recording he played with more restraint than on previous records, noting that "it's about playing for the songs". The album's title is in reference to Tranquility Base , the first site on the moon to be walked by humans. Too invasive a question.

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It would've been best unpunctuated. There are times I wish I would've behaved differently. But in the case of the Brits speech, that was more my walk. Maybe not completely, but it was a lot closer to the way I actually walk. It's often been remarked that nobody knows where "Alex Turner: He prefers his work to speak for him. Monkeys aside, Turner is a workaholic. He composed the soundtrack to the film "Submarine. From his Los Feliz home studio, he found singer-songwriter Alexandra Savior and in co-produced her debut.

Anticipation overshadows their every move. It's been five years since "AM. There are no obvious singles. It's the group's most challenging work; as close to Last Shadow Puppets as Monkeys could be — virtually chorus-less, very L. It's a concept record taking place in a taqueria on the moon — one, as depicted by the album's cover, Turner actualized by building it with cardboard himself. The creation looks like a set piece from the '60s British sci-fi series "Thunderbirds. While on this lunar stage, Turner's become comfortable ridiculing society with his most observational lyrics since Science fiction can set these fantasy worlds on other planets in order to…".

To create a sociological allegory from which to analyze the status quo? It's like "Star Wars. Despite its judgments, the album seeks to entertain.

Turner picked up phrases from news bulletins to fit to melody. It's also a mirror of where he's at. He lives "just up the road" amid faded Hollywood glamour and Scientology buildings. Only one of his childhood friends is a neighbor — drummer Matt Helders. It's not geography that's isolated Turner. While he gallivants amid his nostalgia-led future, the other three are married with kids. Upon emerging, the Monkeys were christened the "British Strokes. It wasn't intended as the first line, but as a placeholder.

Turner talks about Paul McCartney's method. Folklore goes that "Yesterday" began with the working words "scrambled eggs. I'm talking to meself, really. On "Star Treatment," Turner grapples with the passage of time.

It seemed just now that I was wanting to be one of…' " He thinks. You saying the Vines, I'm sure I dreamt about the Vines the other…". Since their Vines aping days, they've seen many incarnations. The second record was louder; the third was a dark psych freakout; their fourth wistful and pop, their fifth all beats and riffs.

This one is a sharp left turn, their most daring since the third. At the time, that album — 's "Humbug" — sounded very out there, but it built the bridge to now. This record is wildly different again, but perhaps born from a similar mentality. There's an idea that this album's radically removed from where we've been. I can sort of see that, but I don't think it's as much of a move as people suggest. The reactions make it seem like I had more of a choice in it than I did.

I don't know if there was anything else I could have done. Turner's lunar spaceship came in the form of a piano he received for his 30th birthday. As is tradition, he wrote "almost completely alone," but his hands fell into different places than they would on guitar. For the first time, he began recording on his own in the spare bedroom with his 8-track. He drew upon sci-fi texts, the music of Dion, and the jazz clubs featured in three Jean-Pierre Melville films: They reconvened in Paris with regular producer James Ford.

Their meteoric rise began in , when the teenagers fielded offers from major labels and drew a sold-out crowd to the London Astoria, using little more than a self-released EP as bait.

Frontman Alex Turner and guitarist Jamie Cook began their music careers in , when the friends both received guitars for Christmas. Two years later, they began performing shows around their native Sheffield with drummer Matt Helders and bassist Andy Nicholson, two fellow students at Stocksbridge High School.

A series of demo recordings followed, and Arctic Monkeys' audience swelled as fans circulated those recordings via the Internet. The musicians soon found themselves at the center of a growing media circus, with such outlets as BBC Radio examining the band's music and mounting hype. By distributing their homemade material on the Internet, Arctic Monkeys were able to build a sizable fan base without the help of a record label, effectively circumventing the usual road to superstardom.

They continued to buck tradition by signing with Domino Records in , eschewing a major label's budget for Domino's D.

Critical reception was similarly favorable, but few could have predicted the whirlwind success of the band's debut album, which ousted Oasis' Definitely Maybe as the fastest-selling debut in British history a record that was broken one year later by Leona Lewis' Spirit. Arctic Monkeys' debut sold approximately , total copies in America -- enough to warrant more media coverage, but notably less than the album's British sales during its first week alone.

Temporary bassist Nick O'Malley was brought aboard for the band's American shows, while a fatigued Nicholson stayed at home. Nicholson then announced his official departure when the band returned home in June , and O'Malley remained with Arctic Monkeys as a permanent member.

That fall, the guys received the Mercury Prize and donated the accompanying money to an undisclosed charity. NME also made a bold assertion by deeming the band's debut one of the Top Five British albums ever released. Released in April , Favourite Worst Nightmare updated Arctic Monkeys' sound with louder instruments and faster tempos. The bandmates had recorded the sophomore album quickly, wishing to return to the road as soon as possible, and the speedy turnaround between records helped maintain the band's popularity at home.

Favourite Worst Nightmare sold 85, copies during its first day of release, and all 12 tracks entered the Top of the U. Recording sessions for a third album commenced in early and lasted throughout the year, with producers James Ford who previously worked with Turner on the Last Shadow Puppets' album and Josh Homme frontman of Queens of the Stone Age adding some newfound heft to the band's sound. Meanwhile, Arctic Monkeys released a concert album entitled At the Apollo -- with accompanying video footage captured on 35mm film -- before unveiling Humbug in August Humbug went platinum in the U.

The band hit the road that February, kicking off a multi-leg tour that ran through the rest of the year.

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