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This Retreat has gone through extensive renovations over the past 10 years bringing it up to a place you will be proud to own. Resort Properties For Sale. The Key Haunted Escape Rooms: TDR is the leading independent cigarette manufacturer in Central Europe with a market lea They were celebrating in the

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Hamiltons of London Escorts. Haute girls model escorts. Hedonistic Tantric Massage London. Tarantino has steadfastly refuted this claim, saying he never even met the late Nirvana singer. Ronald Reagan was originally announced as the lead for Casablanca. While everyone knows Viggo Mortensen replaced Stuart Townsend at the last minute for Aragorn, the beardy ranger had no intention of joining Jackson and co until his son begged him to do it.

All were considered for the part of the hooky playing teen. James Woods fired his agent upon learning — after the movie was shot — that Quentin Tarantino wanted him for a part in Reservoir Dogs. Bill Murray as Batman? Until Tim Burton came on board Murray was top of the list. Perhaps when the inevitable re-reboot transpires Bill will get another shot. Upon learning of his mistake the Captain ordered his troops to rebuild the bridge, only for it to suffer another explosion once complete.

Ever the bastard, David Fincher asked a stuntman to fall down the stairs 12 times in Fight Club for the fight between Norton and Pitt.

He used the first take. Speaking of stunts, Alan Rickman was dropped a second early to get his true reaction to falling from the Nakatomi Plaza in Die Hard. Christian Bale based elements of his performance as Patrick Bateman on Tom Cruise after seeing an interview with the diminutive star.

Orson Welles directed much of Citizen Kane from a wheelchair, after injuring himself on set. The sirens heard in the casino scene in Swingers were police on their way to stop the film makers who were shooting without a permit.

He simply mimed along, copying an offscreen pianist. QT returned the favour in the Pulp Fiction soundtrack notes by thanking Nirvana. In order to credibly portray a rock band, the members of Stillwater in Almost Famous rehearsed for four hours a night, five nights a week, for six weeks.

Franz Ferdinand were the original choice to play the band at the Hogwarts Yule Ball. Drawn by one James Cameron. Hating the new line even more, she still stood by her promise. The name of the documentary? Bigger Longer and Uncut only uses the f-word times.

Except, presumably, by Michael Fassbender. Showgirls still holds the record for most Razzie anti-Oscars nominations with Paul Verhoeven was the first director to collect the award for Worst Picture in person. Worldwide ticket sales for the Saw franchise put it at just shy of a billion dollars, making it the highest earning horror franchise globally.

Adjusted for inflation, all of the 12! Friday the 13th movies made more than the Saw series domestically, making Jason Voorhees the North American blood and guts box office champ. Within 3 days of release The Hunger Games has become the highest grossing film for production company Lionsgate.

While Titanic holds the record for consecutive weeks at the top spot 15 , E. While Cameron Crowe returns the favour in Minority Report wearing a newspaper. Or hiding behind one. Porn star Ron Jeremy can clearly be seen watching the events come to a climax sorry in the finale to Ghostbusters.

The real Frank Abagnale Jr. The Alien series has a continuing obsession with alphabetising their androids chronologically. Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn failed his driving test eight times. Christoph Waltz, the man who won an Oscar for playing the Jew Hunter in Inglorious Basterds, has a son who is a rabbi. A different denouement for Die Hard with a Vengeance saw McClane turning the tables, so to speak, on Simon Gruber giving him a series of riddles to solve.

The final cut of Terminator 2: Judgement Day ends with a make-your-own-mind-up soliloquy about fate and the future. It could have ended with Sarah Connor as an old lady sitting in a futuristic LA park showing us that everything was hunky dory.

Hasta la vista nuance. Fed up of killing other people Rambo grabs a gun aimed at him and pulls the trigger thus killing himself and ruling out a bajillion sequels. However the original ending saw him meet his maker at the hands of an armed gunman. Ripley or at least her clone finally makes it back to Earth in a deleted scene for Alien: Those who correctly state that Infernal Affairs is better than its remake, The Departed, often state the need for closure as one reason for its inferiority.

In a move that may well re-establish your faith in a God the scene was storyboarded but never filmed. Wonder what it would have been like to edit the movie to bring it down to the running time of 2. The producers suggested that O. Cameron agreed to meet with Schwarzenegger about the film and devised a plan to avoid casting him; he would pick a fight with him and find him unfit for the role.

Upon meeting him, however, Cameron was entertained by Schwarzenegger who would talk about how the villain should be played. Cameron began sketching his face on a notepad and asked Schwarzenegger to stop talking and remain still.

After the meeting, Cameron returned to Daly saying Schwarzenegger would not play Reese but that "he'd make a hell of a Terminator". One of the most recurrent elements in the movie is the number During pre-production, Orion exec Mike Medavoy originally wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger for the role of Kyle Reese - the male protagonist.

Yes - that Sting. But Cameron really wanted Michael Biehn, whom he and co-producer Gale Anne Hurd thought had just the right combination of toughness and humanity. However, Biehn was initially not interested because, well, he thought the entire concept of the film was silly. Thankfully, he had a change of heart after meeting with Cameron, and to prepare for the role he studied the Polish Resistance in World War II.

Probably the most interesting suggestion the studio made for the role of the Terminator was O. Simpson; according to Hurd, they were quite keen on the idea. The Conquerer is an excellent case study of a movie that is arguably the most catastrophic failure in recent history. A complete and total mess. Agnes Moorehead actress was the first person to see a potential problem.

Her close friend and cast mate had recently been diagnosed with uterine cancer along with several others. Agnes therefore decided to look into a rumor she had caught wind of just a couple years earlier. It turns out that the set was just miles away from the Nevada National Security Site which is a nuclear testing facility. Nevada Test Site 1st U. There were eleven nuclear explosions in the year leading up to production. Two of these were classified as dirty bombs: Just to put things into perspective, the first warhead was nearly four times the weight of what dropped on Hiroshima:.

In contrast, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was 13 kilotons. The fallout from these nuclear tests released radioactive isotopes e. The cast was working at a location which had essentially become a magnet for radioactive waste! An astonishing 46 of those would eventually die fighting the disease including director Dick Powell , Susan Hayward , John Wayne.

For those interested in getting more information, there is an excellent article by People magazine which laid out the situation in great detail.

I highly recommend giving it a read. Shortly after the article was published, a congressional report was released which offered quite a bit of insight into the government and their knowledge of the potential damage that could be inflicted from the tests held at this facility:.

How about that for an interesting movie fact. I honestly cannot think of a more absurd piece of trivia as it related to motion pictures, which is a win in my book or loss depending on how you look at it. The role of wolverine was first offered to Russel Crowe, but he instead recommended his fellow Australian Hugh Jackman for the role. Jackman accepted it and the rest is history. Disney did not agree to that in the beginning. Many crew members even thought Depp was really drunk when he was on set.

But they went ahead and did it his way, which ended up in one of the highest grossing movie series of all time.

Quentin Tarantino wanted to take up the Iron man franchise, but the studio could not work it out. Tom cruise was supposed to be cast as Iron man but he had a movie with Steven Spielberg war of the worlds at the same time and he chose the latter. The studio was not interested in casting Robert Downy JR he was arrested multiple times before that , but agreed for a one movie contract with him because the director insisted.

After the movie became a huge success, the studio was desperate to make a sequel and RDJ got to dictate all the terms this time. He was not paid much for the first iron man movie, but now he is one of the highest paid Hollywood actors. The role later went to Anthony Hopkins. Emily Blunt declined the role of Black Widow because she believed that female roles in superhero movies are very boring, the males getting to do all the action.

But Scarlett Johansson was so intent in getting this role, that she dyed her hair red before even the part was offered to her. One of the actors in The Exorcist is an actual serial killer. Paul Bateson, who appears as a hospital technician, eventually confessed to killing and dismembering six gay men in 's New York City. He was released from prison in Five hundred pounds of dead pets were dropped off to the set of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Director Tobe Hooper wanted dead animals as props to showcase the depravity of his villains, so he contacted the local pound. The pound dropped off its recent kills, but after Hooper saw all the dead cats and dogs, he realized it would be too much, even for a horror film.

Wes Craven got the original idea for Nightmare on Elm Street from a string of deaths among immigrant Cambodian children in LA in the s. The kids would complain of horrible dreams and be terrified to go to sleep.

Damien, the disturbing child from The Omen, is actually the antichrist. They needed an equally disturbed little actor to play him. Harvey Spencer Stephens, the four-year-old who plays Damien, got the part by punching the director in the balls during the audition. The film Poltergeist contains a terrifying clown doll. This clown is even more disturbing when you take into account that the motorized clown malfunctioned during filming, and almost choked one of the child actors to death!

Why are clowns so creepy!? The Poltergeist films are said to be cursed. Four actors from the series died shortly after filming. These deaths included year-old Heather O'Rourke, who played little Carol Anne, and year-old Dominique Dunne, who was strangled by her ex-boyfriend.

At one point in The Blair Witch Project, the three protagonists discover a bunch of teeth in the middle of the woods. The directors decided to use actual teeth for that scene. They sourced them from a local dentist.

While filming the iconic role of Hannibal Lecter, Anthony Hopkins was actual dating a future felon whose crimes would become a national sensation. It was a movie directed by Ole Bornedal, and there were a TON of weird things that happened during and after the filming of this movie.

It is a creature from Jewish folklore. Speaking about the filming process, the director said that "Some really weird things happened. I've never stood underneath a neon light before that wasn't lit, that all of a sudden exploded. The worst thing was, five days after we wrapped the movie, all the props burned.

This storage house in Vancouver burned down to the ground, and the fire department does not know the cause. I'm not a superstitious man, and I would like to say, 'Yeah, it's just a coincidence.

The real Perron family were invited to visit the film set, but the mother refused to go anywhere near there. When the rest of the family visited, the film crew reported seeing massive gusts of wind surround the family. These winds seemed to come from nowhere, as the trees they were standing next to at the time were not moving. While the rest of the family were visiting the film set, the mother collapsed and had to be taken to the hospital. Several months into filming, the hotel where all the actors and crew were staying caught fire, and everyone had to be evacuated.

The director said that his dog kept growling at some kind of unseen presence at his home. In addition, one of the lead actresses would not bring the script home with her because it gave her a deep sense of dread when she was alone. She also reported seeing 3 slashes across her laptop, like someone or something has scratched it. Paranormal Activity is one of the greatest horror movies of all time, and it was directed by Oren Peli in Legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg was considering distributing the movie, and so he had a copy of the film on a DVD, which he was watching at the offices of DreamWorks Studios.

When the film was first screened, the director was horrified to see people walking out of the theater. But he then realized that they were leaving because they were so scared. So when Steven Spielberg was watching the movie, he was taking it very seriously as something he would possibly distribute. But there was something very strange about the DVD.

When he was watching it, the door to his room locked while he was still inside. He had no idea how this room locked from the inside, and immediately suspected it had something to do with the DVD. He was so freaked out that he carried the DVD to set the next day in a garbage bag.

In spite of all this, he loved the movie, and decided to distribute it. The story centers around people who pay to torture and kill captured tourists.

The idea came after the director heard about a very disturbing website. The idea later became a take on American tourists, who go to Las Vegas or Amsterdam for cheap thrills. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page.

Ask New Question Sign In. What are some of the strangest facts about famous movies? Here are interesting facts about the film: Explore PremiumBeat's curated music library. Exclusive royalty-free music library for video and film projects. Find your music track in seconds! Play Now at premiumbeat. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

What are some of the strangest facts about famous movie slum dog millionaire? What are some weird facts about famous people? What are some crazy facts about the movie industry? What are some strangest facts about famous movies and songs? Answered Dec 6, No matter what you are working on. Grammarly's free writing app makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free. Learn More at grammarly. Fight Club 1. Director David Fincher claimed in an interview that there is a Starbucks coffee cup in every scene, other than the one in which a coffee shop is destroyed.

Thank you for your feedback! An interesting read though… 1. Answered Jul 2, This is about "Breaking Bad". Aaron Paul has never had any acting classes. During a Reddit AMA he said: You can hear her talking about Season 5 in her real accent here. Below you can hear him as the voice of the evil Twin Man. He found out years later that the Blue Ranger — real name Billy Cranston — was named after him.

Kinda had to be the blue one, right? Thanks to the strike this episode never happened, and it was decided that Jesse was much too valuable a character to lose. Gilligan wanted the terrifyingly brilliant Tuco to be the bad guy for all of Season 2, but the actor — Raymond Cruz — landed a major role in The Closer and was therefore unavailable.

Forced to come up with a new villain they introduced the anti-Tuco , Gus Fring. On the final day of filming for Season 5, Bryan Cranston got a Breaking Bad tattoo on the inside of his finger. Answered Oct 8, When James Cameron re-released the 3D version of 'Titanic' in , he made a minor fix to the film. When he was asked about this scene revision, he was quoted as saying "Oh, there is one shot that I fixed.

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