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Median real estate property taxes paid for housing units with mortgages in Our travel packages also offer purified water at meals and on the motor coach. As volume continues to rise, we then receive even better prices from our suppliers, and we pass even greater savings on to you. All tours are led by professional guides and safety equipment is provided. It was abandoned in the midth century and relocated to where Casco Viejo is located today.

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Census Bureau was 34, Indigenous people known as the Jaega were the earliest reported inhabitants of the section of the Florida Atlantic coast in the areas of Martin and Palm Beach Counties. Remains of shell mounds can be found near the Jupiter inlet, inland in what is now Boynton Beach and just south of the Boynton Inlet , indicating pre-Columbian Jaega habitation. The city's first settlers were Samuel and Fannie James, an African American couple and reported to be ex- slaves , known as the Black Diamonds, who settled on the shores of the Lake Worth Lagoon near the current 5th Avenue South in The stone monument located at the northwest corner of Lucerne Avenue and J Street inaccurately uses the date , due to a transcription error.

The couple made a claim for their land under the Homestead Act in and received a receipt for their claim on February 1, The initial name for the post office was Jewell sometimes spelled Jewel. The post office was located in a small dry goods shop which the couple operated to serve the lake traffic that connected the small pioneer homesteads located along the banks of the Lake Worth Lagoon. Area pioneers report that Jewell was included as a stop on the route of the barefoot mailman via the Celestial Railroad by July After Henry Flagler extended his rail line south from West Palm Beach to Miami in , a land development scheme was created to plant a townsite between the railroad and the lake.

Purchasers of agricultural lots, west of town, would also receive a small 25 foot lot within the City of Lake Worth, [14] closer to the beach. Therefore, the city fathers settled on the name Lake Worth, for the lake on which the fledgling town was sited.

One of the main streets was named Lucerne Avenue instead. In April , "A solitary Indian mound surrounded by wild woods marked the spot where flourishing Lake Worth is now growing beyond the most vivid imagination", according to a promotional article published in the Lake Worth Herald, [16] The population of the nascent city stood at 38 in July The town was growing so fast that a new addition was platted in that inaugural year.

It will be the fashionable part of town, where the wealthy of the earth can display their artistic taste and make ideal homes. These lots are selling so fast that but very few are left.

Many of the first residents were farmers from other parts of the American south and mid-west, looking to benefit from the growing winter vegetable market of the time. The city benefited with the rest of south Florida during the Florida land boom of the s. A wooden automobile traffic bridge over Lake Worth was completed in The first casino and municipal beach complex was completed shortly thereafter.

The city was severely damaged in the hurricane , toppling the bell tower on the elementary school today the City Hall Annex and destroying the beachfront casino and automobile bridge over Lake Worth. This led to a severe economic decline within the community, during the Great Depression. Things were so dire in the city in the s, that President Franklin D. The building today serves as City Hall. These new immigrants brought their industrious nature with them as well as their native customs, restaurants, shops, and churches and for decades the town flourished.

To this day, one can find an abundance of beer halls, chocolatiers, Bavarian delicatessens, and Lutheran churches, which stand out in the semitropical urban sprawl of South Florida. The South Florida construction boom brought a new wave of immigrants in the past few decades.

Central Americans have added a Hispanic aspect to Lake Worth's culture. Included in the s immigration were many Guatemalan-Mayas who consider themselves indigenous peoples, rather than Hispanic and may not speak Spanish. They mostly converse in M'am, Q'anjob'al, or any one of 22 other Indian languages.

Adding to the racial and linguistic mix of the city is a large Haitian population, speaking Haitian Creole and French. During a short period of neglect and decline in the s and s, Lake Worth, in the words of then-city commissioner Dennis Dorsey, "had become known as the skin-flick capital of the country. Once moribund property values have soared. The city was hit especially hard by Hurricanes Frances , Jeanne , and Wilma in and The city's public swimming pool has been restored, and besides serving to instruct Palm Beach County residents in swimming and water safety, hosts water-sport competitions.

The pier is home to a tide gauge with a sporadic history, showing an above average rate of sea level rise. In , the city was accused of asking for business licenses from surrounding churches. According to the United States Census Bureau , the city has a total area of 6. The next closest inlet exists further south in Boynton Beach. The port and two inlets are all distant from the actual city of Lake Worth. The lake is a long channel that spans much of northern Palm Beach County; indeed, the Intracoastal Waterway traverses the length of the lagoon.

The manmade inlets to the ocean have replaced the natural freshwater with saltwater , such that the lagoon is actually now a tidal body, instead of a true lagoon. Deep, poorly drained acidic sandy soils are typical for the area; they have gray topsoil , white subsoil , and a dark hardpan. Much of Lake Worth is built on a rapidly drained white or gray sand which is too dry and infertile to support vigorous plant growth.

Topsoils there are sandy, but the subsoils have a much higher content of clay and the soils are relatively fertile. As in the flatwoods, these soils are poorly drained for many purposes unless drainage systems are installed.

Lake Worth bills itself as "Where the Tropics Begin. African tulip tree , avocado and many species of eucalyptus may also be found, although they are on the city's list of trees to avoid. Temperate -zone trees native to Lake Worth or Palm Beach County include American elm , live oak , red maple , red mulberry , and slash pine. Species grown south of their native areas include American sweetgum , Shumard oak , and tulip tree. Although the incorporated city of Lake Worth is small geographically, as is common in Palm Beach County, a large unincorporated urbanized area with a Lake Worth postal address lies to the west of the city, and includes the census-designated place of Lake Worth Corridor.

The total population of both incorporated and unincorporated Lake Worth was estimated by the Census to be , As of the census [5] of , there were 39, people and 11, households in the city. The racial makeup of the city was Hispanic or Latino people of any race were Two or more races were 1. As of , the three most spoken first languages in Lake Worth were English at Lake Worth has a large Finnish expatriate population, and Finnish is spoken by 2.

Other languages spoken by residents of the city include French at 1. As of , Lake Worth had the twentieth highest percentage of Guatemalan residents in the US, with 4. With 1, people claiming Finn descent in , [32] Lake Worth has the second largest Finnish diaspora as a percentage of total population in the world. In addition, Lake Worth has a large population of new immigrants from Latin America and the Caribbean. The downtown area has become a dynamic artistic and entertainment center in recent years.

Some of South Florida's most attractive architecture can be found in College Park, an affluent neighborhood in the northeast corner of the city. The festival is an annual fundraiser which supports an array of social services for low to moderate income individuals and families. Stroll along the center's tidal walk and take in the variety of native and coastal plant life that has made this unique habitat their home.

Tampa Electric Manatee Viewing Center. Home to over 1, animals, including chimpanzees, Borneo orangutans, Florida Panthers, Queensland koalas, and Florida manatees, the Zoo focuses on endangered, threatened and vulnerable species from around the world, with an array of habitats devoted to Asia, Africa, Australia and Florida.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of educational experiences, such as animal encounters, behind-the-scene tours, keeper talks, and other special events that relate to the living planet. Magic Carpet Glide offers guided tours of the city and its beautiful Riverwalk on motorized Segways, with stops at various landmarks and attractions, such as Bayshore Boulevard, Harbor Island, the University of Tampa and Tampa Riverwalk.

Visitors can also enjoy a different view of the city on a Nightglider Tour, which takes in the beauty of the city by night. All tours are led by professional guides and safety equipment is provided. Located on the banks of the Hillsborough River, the Straz Center presents over 4, concerts, performances and events per season, ranging from grand opera to Broadway shows. The Straz Center is home to the Patel Conservatory, which offers an array of educational programs, workshops and classes that focus on training in the performing arts training for educators, families, community partners, and adults.

The Straz Center for the Performing Arts. Interactive exhibits include a glass-encased simulated wetlands display, a Stingray Beach where visitors can touch a bamboo shark and a pristine coral reef housed in a vast tank. A two-acre outdoor water adventure zone features water cannons, geysers and a climbing pirate ship for children of all ages, while older visitors to the aquarium can dive with sharks, swim with fishes or take a Wild Dolphin Ecotour across Tampa Bay aboard the Bay Spirit II.

All camping equipment is provided and guides are fully trained in all fields, as well as health and safety. Not a Clue Adventures also offers specialized outdoor adventures, such as birdwatching and wildlife tracking, basic survival, and foraging techniques, horsemanship, Scouting Adventures. Surrounding the swiftly flowing Hillsborough River, the park is a pristine natural environment that provides the public with a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy, including fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking and camping.

The park boasts over seven miles of hiking trails, several tranquil picnic areas and a fresh water swimming pool is open during the summer months for cooling off.

Fort Foster State Historic Site is located on the east side of the park and features a reconstructed fort from the Second Seminole War, and visitors can enjoy ranger-guided interpretive tours around the site every Saturday and Sunday.

Located in the south wing of Plant Hall at the University of Tampa, the building was designed by architect J. Wood in the Moorish Revival style and was also used as a base of operations during the Spanish-American War. Guests can visit and explore the old hotel and its magnificent grounds, which feature a golf course, a racetrack, a casino, a bowling alley, and an indoor heating swimming pool, and learn all about the history of the beautiful building, which has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

The farm creates fun, educational opportunities for children and adults to interact and care for vulnerable animals through a variety of activities, including horseback and pony riding, horse camps, a special petting zoo and group field trips. Horse camps are held throughout the summer and include equine education, grooming and feeding, trail rides, riding lessons and horse shows, while the petting zoo allows visitors to feed and interact with a range of farm animals such as goats, pigs, rabbits, and horses.

HorsePower for Kids is open seven days a week during summer and Tuesdays through Sunday in the fall and winter months. Enjoy step-by-step painting instruction from a local artist as you sip your favorite beverage and create a personal, one-of-a-kind masterpiece from over 5, paintings.

Formerly known as Corks N Canvas, Painting with a Twist was started by Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney in Louisiana who decided that pairing instructional art with friends, wine and a lively instructor was a fun thing to do and the concept has taken off, with locations nationwide. Painting with a Twist can be booked for private parties, team building, and other special occasions and host monthly fundraising events. The Park is also an important educational resource, with a modern interpretative center boasting a range of exhibits and displays, an observation tower and a lovely boardwalk for wildlife viewing and birdwatching.

Visitors can enjoy ranger-led guided tours of the Park who will share their knowledge of the surrounding ecosystems and environment, as well as Park Ranger Nature Educational Programs for children and adults. Courtesy of Peter - Fotolia. Courtesy of jon bilous - Fotolia. Courtesy of bonniefink - Fotolia. Courtesy of Earl Robbins - Fotolia. Courtesy of virsuziglis - Fotolia. Courtesy of pipehorse - Fotolia. Courtesy of aiisha - Fotolia.

Courtesy of bulashenko - Fotolia. Plant Museum, Tampa, Florida , Photo: Courtesy of bittedankeschon - Fotolia.


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