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So how did he beat 2 different casinos for over ten million dollars while playing high stakes Baccarat and Craps? They were nailed when FBI officers showed up as repairmen so as to gain entrance into the suites and gather evidence. Although initially he was only involved in illicit activities outside the poker world, he eventually ventured into poker games where he robbed gamblers of millions of dollars with help from police officers. He has since left the poker industry. Before the scam was unearthed, anyone who tried to mention that the online poker was compromised was quickly brushed off and branded as a conspiracy theorist or simply a bad poker player. The scam went on for over 5 years before the FBI figured out what was really happening in the year Every experienced poker player will agree that first, Craps and Baccarat are not beatable in the long term and second, Phil Ivey is one of the best pokers in world.

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