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If you send Jowan, he can ask the Arl Eamon in the Fade if he remembers him. I'm just curious about various people in your kingdom. At the end of the mission, the Inquisitor or Varric will come to the conclusion that it was Bianca who leaked the location of the thaig, which will result in a confrontation between the three. Bucking the forbidden horse. If Shale is in the party, she'll sigh and ask the Warden if she can just squish Carroll's head already. It will sell all, and bring up the sell how many window if you had more than one.

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The other is getting total record time below certain threshold. The game presents all the minds you can enter as doors. Already from the start, you can see how many minds you get to enter over the course of the game. It becomes especially egregious when you factor in the Meat Circus: You don't find out you have to collect the campers' brains until you get to the asylum. Kirby's Return to Dream Land: Even people on a casual run might be tipped off by the fact that the world select screen takes the time to specify that Kirby lives on Planet Popstar.

Triple Deluxe , obtaining all of the Sun Stones rewards you with a keychain depicting the Big Bad , who is kept a big secret until the very end.

It is possible to obtain said keychain before encountering the character in question. Planet Robobot does something similar, but more competently; you can get a sticker of the game's main villain by collecting all the Code Cubes, but you'll already know what he looks like his face is plastered on walls throughout the final world , and his existence is made clear beforehand. Meanwhile, Star Dream, the actual final boss, does not make any appearance until you defeat the aforementioned big bad.

During The True Arena in Kirby: Triple Deluxe and Kirby: Planet Robobot , this hints that there's an extra phase exclusive to the mode. Sonic Rush Adventure is one of those games where the conditions for fighting the True Final Boss involves beating the game. As such, the end credits will flat-out tell you who the secret main villain is.

When you save your game in Blender Bros , it shows you which planets you've beaten and which you haven't. The fact that your Player Headquarters planet is listed as one of the planets you have or haven't beaten, it sort of gives away the twist that your base is the final world. Then you find out that the entire second half of the game doesn't show up on said menu. The achievements reveal the full title, but are worded vaguely enough that if you haven't reached a certain point in the game, you won't know who "he" refers to.

Used to be played straight in earlier Source games like Half-Life 2 , as described above. Mel this is downplayed in the subtitles when Virgil is pretending to be Cave Johnson.

They say "Cave Johnson" until he comes clean so that you don't know who it really is; but they are also a different colour from the real Cave's subtitles. Subverted in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. The game series mostly plays this straight, as while a few mysteries of secondary importance might be solved early on, most are solved near the end.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village spoiled the reveal of Flora in the description of a mystery you solve quite a bit earlier. After a while you figure out that if a mechanism moves verrrry slowly, it means there's an environmental puzzle nearby that can only be solved while the mechanism is in motion which would be difficult to solve if the mechanism was moving at a more normal speed. A great many puzzles have names that directly hint at the respective puzzle's solution.

Actually facilitating said solution is another matter, but paying attention to the name when entering a new area is never a bad idea regardless. But the achievements themselves are triggered the second the race is finished, complete with pop-ups in the corner of the screen.

Apparently there's no way to delay them. The game has achievements for each set of missions: Also, the achievements don't mention that you can betray both Hanson and Tosh separately in their storylines or the nature of Zeratul's missions. They kind of blew it on hiding whose side Warfield and Valerian end up on, though. You could look at the achievements before the game came out, and stuff like "Kill the Odin before it gets sent at Raynor" is very unsubtle.

There's also achievements mentioning the Hyperion. Stukov too, and some might not even understand how he could show up, but in the actual game does have a Stop Poking Me! As a result, for example, on a mission where you send Artanis alone into a temple, you can see an achievement for killing a certain number of units with banelings.

Combined with the trailers, it is easy to guess that you are going to fight alongside Kerrigan. Less blatantly, there's the empty unit and solo slots. Played with in Warhammer 40, Dawn of War II. You can get armor plating equipment that is listed as only able to be equipped by "Dreadnought," well before you gain access to a Dreadnought.

In Age of Mythology 's campaign, during one of the earlier scenarios, Gargarensis is visible in an inaccessible portion of the map. Clicking on him, as with everything else in the game, brings up a description, which includes a description of his and Poseidon's plans, which are not revealed until about the halfway point of the campaign. Age of Empires III had a similar case with Crazy Horse, while you can click on him and view his description in the fourth mission of The Warchiefs Expansion's Act II, his description is actually for his role in the final mission, spoiling not only that mission but the biggest twist of the campaign.

Namely what side you'll be taking in the end In Ground Control 2 , you have to salvage the remains of a convoy transporting something apparently valuable, with briefing featuring lines about nobody knowing what it contains.

Selecting "cargo" shows you "Prisoner Transport", making its content quite obvious. Downplayed in Pikmin 2 , where the total number of treasures available in the game is not revealed in any way until after you pay the debt of Pokos, by then you may have collected about half of them already.

In the first Warlords Battlecry , in one mission the little girl you're supposed to protect runs off on her own into a valley swarming with monsters. The first part of the mission tasks you with finding her, except the mission objective actually tells you to "discover" her. In English the word "discover" is very rarely used in reference to living people. During the events of the first Halo Wars , Sergeant Forge sacrifices himself so that the Spirit of Fire can escape the Forerunner Shield World, thus a logical absence in the sequel.

That is, until you see some of the cards usable during the Blitz mode Beta which have the Leader Restriction set to Forge himself, like his trademark Grizzly tank. Battle at Procyon , allows you to play as the Ironclads in the skirmish mode, if you do this before completing the mission 10 in the campaign it will spoil The Reveal that the Ironclads are Procyon ships. In Colobot , the game comes with an in-game encyclopedia concerning all objects, units and programming functions you can find in the game - including ones that you aren't going to encounter until the very last levels.

For each color, the game will inexplicably split your gems automatically into two or more separate inventory slots of otherwise identical gems. Statistically, the largest pile is the one with worthless coloured glass. When used, three particular scrolls in Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup bring up an item select submenu. If the player has not yet identified these scrolls, it will be obvious that it is one of those three.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth features a secret character. Said character has an extremely difficult, trial-and-error way to unlock him, and was obviously intended by Edmund McMillen to remain secret for months, if not years. Needless to say, he was mightly pissed off at the dataminers who discovered and unearthed it within weeks of the game's release, despite the fanbase being almost as fast to discover the secret in its entirely through brute force.

How did both dataminers and legitimate players know that there is at all a character who is hard to unlock and whose existence is kept secret ingame? Unlocking him gets you a Steam achievement, which is not hidden in any way. Rogue Legacy spoils one of its big twists in one of the Steam achievement descriptions: Although just finishing the tutorial explains as much and more. Elona Uncursed items are much more common than blessed or cursed items. If you pick up many food items of the same type usually from a fruit tree , they'll split up among three separate spaces in your inventory.

The one with the largest number of items is almost certainly the uncursed one. By default, you lack any information about newly-found equipment, including its material. However, pressing 'e' to open the "eat" menu can potentially tell you the equipment's material: Unfortunately, Raw is the weakest material, and having the Sense Quality skill gives you a chance to automatically know an item's material, so this isn't that useful.

Sunless Sea 's system to determine which actions you can take and which cannot be done can quickly turn into this. Sure, telling you you need at least one candle to explore the darkness or one Strange Catch to actually cook it is good, but telling you you should have more than three crewmembers to attempt some seemingly innocuous action?

Yeah, that'll go well, no deaths involved at all. It also occasionally spoils certain Officer stories and their routes, telling you you shouldn't have any of the possible variants of the same officer to proceed, when you didn't even know those variants existed. Shadows of Amn , you meet a clone of Irenicus' former love. If you right-click her, she says the same phrase as the original, giving a hint about their origins. The existence of secret playable classes may start to become obvious in Dragon Quest IX when weapon types no member of your party can equip start appearing.

The PSP remake improves this somewhat: While only in the DS version at least, when you unlock the Music box from Jammingway, some of the song titles actually reveal characters and texts that you won't meet until later in the game. There is also additional descriptions courtesy of Edward.

Some of his descriptions actually outright state where they actually play. Red Wings - Short Version, while it plays for the fight against the Dark Knight, Edward mentions that it plays in the final dungeon. Not so much an Interface Spoiler as Interface Foreshadowing, but Tellah is seeking out the spell Meteor for purposes of revenge.

He finally gets it, and supposedly even has access to it in Random Encounters , but a quick check of the menu reveals that he does not and will never have enough magic power to actually cast it, thus explaining why, when he eventually does cast it later on, it's at the cost of his own life. Another comes when Baigan joins the party. That brings the party total to six, which is more than can even physically fit in the menu screen, so it's no surprise when he turns out to be lying.

The thing with Baigan becomes even more obvious in later versions of the game. In the Game Boy Advance version, every playable character has their Character Portrait appear onscreen when they speak. The fact that Baigan lacks a portrait is a dead giveaway that he's not playable. In the Nintendo DS remake, Baigan uses a palette-swapped generic soldier model, in contrast to the rather distinct-looking though still a palette swap, but not as obvious helmetless sprite he had in prior versions of the game, which gives away that he's not a very important character, and certainly not playable.

In The After Years , checking the Hooded Man's equipment shows he uses his left hand to hold his sword, which is a huge hint on who he really is. In Final Fantasy V: You learn it early, but it's spoilered even earlier when you change jobs first: Faris uses female sprites especially noticeable in the White Mage and Black Mage jobs.

It's even more noticeable in the GBA port, where Faris has a clearly female face portrait. Exdeath's Castle, as climactic as it is , is not the final level. How do we know this? We're still missing all of the level 6 spells, and almost half of the Summon Magic. Granted, this game has a tendency toward the Guide Dang It! You can always go to the empty "esper" menu. Even though it's about a third of the way through before you properly find out what espers are and how they work.

Also, the battle menu, specifically the discrepancy between Terra and every other party member. At first, she can only use magic, and there's a gap where her special ability would be. Similarly, characters like Locke and Edgar have their special abilities, and a gap where the magic would be. Think people will eventually be able to cast spells, or that Terra will develop a secret power?

A lesser example is that none of the permanent playable characters are ever mentioned by name until you are given a chance to choose what that name is. This means that if you see a character mentioned by name and you are not given the chance to name them, you know for certain they will never join your party.

It also means that, when the name entry screen comes up for a certain ninja before he joins, or a certain airship-owning gambler even before you meet him, you know that they are going to be part of your crew eventually. In the scenario where you have to save Terra from The Empire , you get to command Locke and a gang of moogles. All but one of them won't allow you to change their equipment.

The moogle whose gear can be changed freely will play a role later on. Cue many players scratching theirs heads when he started to go psycho about the whole Jenova thing. The digital re-release of Final Fantasy VII has an interface spoiler through its achievements notification. When you get to the absolute final battle against Sephiroth with only Cloud, you get to use Cloud's ultimate Limit Break Omnislash and there's an achievement for it.

However, the achievement for Omnislash pops up as soon as the cut scene leading to the one on one battle starts. This can cause new players to immediately know the game isn't quite done yet. It also pops up if the player loses the battle against his One-Winged Angel form.

There's an subversion in the achievements as well. Unless you're specifically going for it, she won't have enough kills through normal play before she's killed, and you won't be able to get the acheivement on that playthrough.

It also caused a variation on the old "Aerith comes back" rumors with the achievement cited as proof you can get her back. You even get the chance to rename this character, odd as it might seem. In Final Fantasy IX: Unlike the other members of your party, Zidane has Trance abilities that have nothing to do with his character class. Whereas everyone else's abilities augment their job-specific skills Steiner the Knight does more damage; Garnet the Summoner casts stronger spells Even though Zidane's backstory isn't explored until Disc 3, this is a strong hint that there's more to him than meets the eye.

Vanille, however, already has three slots before this happens, because she already was a l'Cie before supposedly getting transformed alongside the rest of them, a fact also hinted at by her relatively high starting stats compared to the normal humans. In Rune Factory 4 , the Fan-Art exposition is presented by Ventuswill in her human form, which you can normally only see once you have completed pretty much everything else in the game.

Dragon Song lets you find a chest in a room that is mandatory to clear, no less with Gideon3's card inside. This happens even before you fight Gideon2 at the end of the game, quite the giveaway Also, you'll find claws for Gabi on sale long before you even meet her.

And equipment for Rufus is available in only one town Although by then you've already met him, and he offered to join your party more than once , but unless you backtrack immediately after he joins he gets killed by Gideon before you ever get the chance to shop for his equipment.

Children of Mana has a similar situation: The skill tree in Leifthrasir reveals what locations your Player Character will be going to at least one chapter ahead of time.

Shows up in Seiken Densetsu 3: The game leads you to believe that opening the gate to the Mana Holyland and acquiring the Sword of Mana will be the game's big finish. It's somewhat undermined by the fact that unless you've spent an inordinate amount of time Level Grinding , you're nowhere near the level needed for your second class change , and at that point in the game, have no obvious way of getting the MacGuffins needed for it anyways.

They can be obtained early, but it is unlikely to the point of Guide Dang It! The game's subtitle "Legend of the Seven Stars" is already a clue in and of itself , but the Star Piece screen nonetheless displays seven specific slots, one for each piece you collect. Although, this could be seen as an inversion, especially to those familiar with the first three Paper Mario titles: In Albion , shops sell weapons none of the party can wield in the early game , though it is justified and otherwise would be plenty of Fridge Logic.

The weapons, themselves, are described with a list of character classes which can wield them, revealing whom you can expect in the party later. And equipment in Summoner actually lists the name of everyone who can use it, including equipment solely for characters you haven't yet recruited. Nocturne , the Cathedral of Shadows has 12 slots demons for use in fusion when you can only have 8 in your party at a time the size expands by 2 twice before midgame. The game does get around the "list expansion" business - there are no individual slots, just blank space.

Then again, in that game, your Persona headcount is set by your level, not the plot. The game pulls a fakeout at one point where the stairs to the next area of Tartarus don't appear until a certain plot event, so it looks like you hit the top of the tower. Thing is, if you've been keeping up with Elizabeth's requests to defeat the various Hand enemies, you'll see a quest available to get Gold Medals from the Hands in a block you haven't been to yet Averted for Fuuka though, where she plays a purely supporting role but if you go into your party menu you'll find she has a full set of combat stats like everyone else despite never actually entering battle like Mitsuru does.

Also averted in that the member of your party who suffers a Plotline Death has a full set of learnable skills all the way into the Lv 70's, just like every other party member.

There are a ton of these around Arcana Hanged Man. Despite all of your party members talking about how it's the final battle, it's pretty hard to miss that the Fool social link goes up to level 6 of 10 immediately before it. The Social Link only maxes out after you make the choice that sets you on the path to the good ending.

Comes back in Persona 4: After defeating the Disc-One Final Boss and reaching what appears to be an ending, you're still at Level 9 for the Fool social link, giving away that it's a Bad Ending and there's still more plot to go. The Link doesn't reach level 10 until you've found the path to the real ending. The same goes for the Star Social Link, since it only reaches Rank 10 after you speak to Teddie again after identifying the real killer, and he only gains his ultimate Persona just before rejoining the party.

After that, the Judgement Social Link is unlocked and maxes out after apprehending the killer and defeating the "final" boss - but it's noticeable that there seems to be no more dungeon crawling after defeating said boss and, thus, no way to actually put to use the Ultimate Persona unlocked from the Link. This may have been intentional, at it's pretty much the only hint that there's still one more dungeon to go through for the true ending. The true killer might stand out in the original version as the only major character to not have a Social Link.

In the Golden remake, this was changed and he's given a Social Link , but at that point the killer's identity was largely a Late-Arrival Spoiler anyway. Still, if you did manage to go in unspoiled, you'd definitely raise an eyebrow upon seeing his Arcana is the Jester — another 0, like your Fool. Or that his Link will only raise during plot events once it's past a certain level. In Persona 5 , it's easy to narrow down who The Mole in the party is because their Social Link doesn't give you any bonuses past Rank 6 when everyone else gives them up to Rank Other subtle touches include their not appearing in the opening animation, and once they join your party, they are referred to in the UI only by their family name, as opposed to every other member of the team.

The Fate Level menu shows two empty spots for them. Rule of thumb for Megami games: If the game presents what appears to be the final dungeon or the final boss, experiment with some fusions. If the level of the demons or personae that come up are significantly higher than your current level—we're talking about a level difference of at least 40—you're not nearly close to finished yet.

Chrono Trigger has a major one during a flashback, if you're paying attention: The DS version rectifies the problem. The worst offender is the DS version's "Dojo", which shows Magus in tech screenshots and it shows his two techs.

Before you get him. The Item Encyclopaedia also shows weapons, which includes a portion of the list with scythes. Now who do we know that uses that type of weapon? Before you even leave the first town, you get to talk to a vendor, who offers the game's blacksmithy screen. On the blacksmithy screen you can see a huge box, mostly blank, reserved for characters who can equip the particular weapon, spoiling very early on that this game will have tons upon tons of player characters.

Pointed out many times. Later in the game, when you encounter the disc one final boss , the fact that your character box is not even half full yet is another tip that this is not nearly the end of the game yet. When you confront the completed Dragon God, the battle menu calls the boss the "TimeDevourer", even though the real Time Devourer is a different entity who isn't fought until a bit later as the Final Boss. However, dialogue after the battle reveals that the Dragon God was consumed by the Time Devourer and acting as its mouthpiece , so the mislabeling might have been intentional.

Rogue Galaxy has a few examples of this. The "SP" folder on the inventory screen blatantly spoils two key item collection quests, and Jaster's Tech Tree unlocks the dual tech "Fated Passion", whose description and animation detail a romantic subplot that comes almost completely out of left field. I say almost because the game is already so Troperiffic it's pretty freaking obvious in any case.

Covenant , you can quickly see how many characters will join your party at the end by looking at the vertical spaces left in the main menu. That's assuming you didn't read the manual, of course. The game also tries to trick you into thinking Nicolai is a main character.

He's listed alongside the rest in the booklet, he's in your party at the very beginning, and is even the first character you control outside of combat. But checking his bio not only reveals that he is not what he claims to be, but is a bad guy as well! You can tell how many characters you'll get in Tales of Innocence and Tales of Hearts because the menu has six slots for them.

In Tales of Berseria looking at the costume options for Malek Number Two will reveal he'll eventually be called Laphicet. In the Dragon Age series: Origins , you can tell if a companion will join your group permanently because their character and inventory screens have an approval bar, while those of temporary followers do not.

Temporary followers also don't gain any experience. Also, characters from the various origin stories that will show up later in the game have a background to their character portrait, but ones that will be gone forever have a plain black background. They try to avert this in the Awakening Expansion Pack.

But it's revealed anyway: In Dragon Age II , every companion has a special skill tree unique to that character i. Inquisition , if you get First Enchanter Vivienne to like you enough prior to the Elder One's attack on Haven, one of the lines she can greet you with when you speak to her is "Inquisitor! What can I do for you, darling? Not much of a spoiler, though, given that leading the Inquisition is a big part of the game that was discussed by Bioware constantly before release.

Subverted in Neverwinter Nights 2: Shandra dies a plot related death a while before the end of the game, but functions in all ways like a normal party member, including an approval rating and even what seems to be a romance option Averted in NieR , where the menu screen interface actually changes completely once you gain access to Grimoire Weiss shortly into the game.

Before that, pretty much the only thing you could see was a list of your consumable items; these menu items get changed into completely different and much more comprehensive menus once you pick up Weiss. Lufia's in-battle and menu sprite shows her wielding a polearm, though it's not her actual weapon of choice in gameplay.

Female, blue-haired and using a polearm —think back to the beginning of the game. Who else meets that criteria? The Legend Returns for the Secret Character.

The Equip Menu has only enough space for the twelve main party members, but that's because the Egg Dragon can't equip any gear.

It's important to note here that Klog is lying. Characters normally don't tell you they know nothing about a topic; you usually just don't get the topic to ask them about. Since Klog does have these topics, it means he does know something, but it will be quite some time before we can coax the truth out of him. The World Ends with You 's save stats show your current partner. Towards the beginning of the game this will spoil that you get more than one party member.

This is actually a fix to the even worse Interface Spoiler in the original Japanese version, where your save stats showed the week number instead of your partner's name, explicitly revealing that the game doesn't end at the end of the first week.

The Thousand-Year Door The fact that enemies you don't use Tattle on have their entries given to you for the log if you can't fight them again supplies some spoilers. In particular, there's the fact that while Marilyn and Beldam are refought, Vivian is not. Each time you get a Crystal Star, the game will tell you about its special powers in battle and what they do.

So when you get the Ruby Star in Chapter 4 only to move on without learning about its abilities, you know something's up. Another big hint is the fact that if you happened to have been using the W badge at the time Mario suddenly changes to his default clothes out of the blue after the fight. Super Paper Mario The pause menu has a "Chapters" tab that shows descriptions of the chapters you've visited so far in the game.

When Dimentio "ends your game" and sends you to the Underwhere, you unlock the description for Chapter , even though you aren't supposed to know that the Underwhere is Chapter yet! You can obtain Tippi's card rather early in the game by completing part of the Pit of Trials.

The card contains a major plot twist in its description, namely that she became a Pixl through an Emergency Transformation , long before this gets revealed officially.

In Yggdra Union , you can pick up various equippable items that can only be used by Russell and Elena as early as chapter 2. They don't even show signs of wanting to join forces with you until chapter 4. In Tales of the Abyss , the records screen shows the names of all your party members, including a guest, right from the beginning.

Especially noteworthy for giving away that Asch will be fighting on your side later on in the game, who early on is portrayed as an antagonist.

In Baticul, one of the citizens mentions that Princess Natalia is a master of the bow. The store in Baticul sells bows. None of your other party members can equip bows. In Tales of Zestiria , the game gives you battle tips after winning fights early in the story. It's possible to receive a tip on using Princess Alisha, which mentions her by name before she even gives Sorey her name in a cutscene.

The Disgaea series does this as new menu items are added. Especially in the remakes, where new ones that weren't in the original are added — in the PSP version of Disgaea 2 , you have to play through the bonus mode to unlock an option. Same with Makai Kingdom. In Phantom Brave , however, character creation occurs on a Ring Menu where new choices expand the ring.

It is a kind of spoiler, because some of them join the player's party late after the first meeting. In Tales of Symphonia when you reach the Tower of Salvation, Remiel tells you the reason Colette was brought there was to die and become the new body for Martel. Colette then proceeds to complete the transformation into a lifeless being.

This would be an emotional scene if not for the fact that right after Colette completes the transformation and is supposedly dead you get a message that says " Colette Learned Judgement! Now, the player character knows the apt name of the creepy swamp their home village is built on, but the player isn't supposed to know that yet.

Also, one of the initially greyed-out prestige classes is Neverwinter Nine , potentially spoiling the offer Lord Nasher makes to you much later in the game. Also, since the developers didn't bother to change the names of NPCs on-the-fly and weren't willing to outright lie to the player, you can tell that someone's going to try and deceive you about their identity if the overhead label that appears when you mouse over them says something vague, like "Man", instead of their actual name. Mask of the Betrayer demonstrates a plot-scripted character name change Kaelyn the Dove can append a similar animal moniker to the end of your name , so we can put this down to Obsidian not caring enough.

The identity of the main enemy of act one, the Githyanki, is revealed to the player by the interface almost immediately, but it takes most of the act for the characters to learn. In both this game and its sequel, the squad selection screen has silhouettes of unrecruited party members.

The moment you gain control of Shepard in the first game, you can go to the Squad screen with three points to give to your character. When you check out the Charm and Intimidate skills, it cheerfully informs you that you'll be allowed more points for them once you become a Spectre.

This despite the fact that you're still a whole cutscene away from even knowing you're up for it. During the Noveria mission, the player comes across some bugs which, when aimed at, are identified as "Rachni". Naturally your party cannot see this, and will wonder what those bugs were until The Reveal.

The target of Garrus's personal mission claims he's someone else. The subtitles don't agree. Right at the beginning, on the ship, there's a greyed out option to open the galaxy map. If you try, it tells you that only the captain can do that, which is a pretty strong indicator that you will soon be in charge of the ship. The silhouettes are replaced with datacards with information about your future party members, since the point of the main quests is to recruit them. However, others that Cerberus wouldn't have been aware of or would they?

In the prologue, the identity of your rescuers is initially unknown and Jacob makes a big point of telling you that it's Cerberus.

Except that each of the five or so computers that you can interact with prior to that point are all named 'Cerberus Laptop'. Legion is addressed by the names in the subtitles upon your first meeting, then reverts to "geth" the next time you speak. Legion is also partially spoiled by one of the upgrades you can pickup in the levels unlocked after Horizon being " Geth Shield Strength ".

However, they try to disguise it by having its description refer to "squad members who use Geth shield technology ", When you go into the Collector ship and find out the truth about them, the dialogue wheel, as usual, pops up before The Reveal has actually been said, and one of the dialogue options reads "The Collectors are Protheans!

Thus, the appearance of the second Normandy is somewhat less surprising. If you import your character from Mass Effect 2 , the game gives you a quick review of all the decisions you've made thus far. Most of them are expected, but one of them is the choice of whether or not you saved Maelon's data, which is treated as a fairly minor decision when you make it.

This makes it clear that the data is going to have an impact later on regarding the genophage cure. Scanning all of the systems for Search-and-Rescue assets as soon as possible makes searching for similar assets later in the game a breeze.

Thus, it's easy to see at a glance what systems need to be visited even for side missions that may have popped up , taking a lot of the guesswork out of the supposedly-sprawling galaxy. This is also averted in the same game during the mission on Palaven. When Garrus talks off screen they are listed as Turian Soldier in the subtitles. It's not until Shepard and the player actually see them that they are then listed under their own name.

Averted in Mass Effect: When first encountering the Kett and Remnant on Habitat 7 at the start of the game, they are simply identified as "Unknown". They only get their proper names after you learn their names. Basically, BioWare is very fond of this. The Sith Lords is not learned until you get Visas Marr in the party, unless you use first-person view with Kreia. Thanks for the update! Chromatic Greatsword Schematic — The special ability about doubles your damage output, since the elemental attack always triggers on each hit, ignores armor, and doubles with your normal hit for even skill attack.

The effect of its special is similar to the Chromatic greatsword, except that it only works with basic attacks. I should have said that it the clear cut best, unless your build only uses skill attacks for some reason.

The explosive arrows special trait doubles the damage output of basic attacks including the rune damage. I think is the best staff in the game.

High damage, many materials with grip and blade , really useful buffs. I am already in Skyhold with it, in all trials nightmare solo mode schematic is Golden Nugged from pervious game. Unique Maul Item Level: Warrior only Upgrade Slots: IMO that more than makes up for the lack of upgrade slots. I love this site guys realy helping me out.

Iv been spending weeks in drgAgeIq and im just starting to get OP and im lvl 20 and killing lvl 24 like nothing lol. Sorry for late reply. Stack constitution more health and melee defense , magic and melee defense less damage taken from dangerous spellcasters and powerful physical enemies like Pride Demons , and stagger on hit least desirable stat, but if you have offensive crafting slots, this is the best choice.

GhoXen did a lot of work in analyzing the efficiency of stats on this forum post. I found this incredibly helpful. I also did some damage calculations and staff of corruption comes out ahead of any other staff by a good margin.

It seems those weapons that have attachments available are generally better than the rune-only ones. Obviously Axe of the Dragon Hunter is bugged. And I believe the best weapon now is depends on the specialization. As an assassin, you basically need critical damage over everything. I would use this over the other 2 staffs.

It has a terrible model i know. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. This list has weapons that require DLC content. If you want to see the list for the original game, check out this post. Facebook Twitter Google Reddit Tumblr.

Knight Enchanter Build Old. So where would the Sulevin Blade schematic fall in then? Second best or not even that. Just to present some numbers, on my mid-level reaver this prismatic greataxe: Recently did more tests on the Elemental 2H weapons. There is another contender for best 1H weapon for tanking or just general 1H use.

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