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Once you decide where you want to play, you will know exactly what to do. One of his projects was a Moscow housing community for oligarchs that boasted an artificial beach and waterfall. It was a crushing disappointment for Trump. Interesting article, and I appreciate your active replies to comments. Hey Anthony, Just wanted to let you know that I did a full round of barbell squats this morning, and only now do I wish I had listened to your advice in your original post bc I did, in fact, die as a result of my squats. Let people see I am no different than anyone else. All less than desirable training practices, no matter what exercise is used.

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Lucas Turner from UK won 3,520 GBP

They will tear out all the awesome interior and ambiance and replace it with the standard Hard Rock junk of giant gaudy guitars and dusty memorabilia. The Cosmo is a unique property in a city that is quickly accelerating to same old boring corporate garbage with just a different name on the outside.

So,more mergers to come? Meh…mergers brought nothing but bad stuff to Vegas. All look alike hotels,resort fees,paid parking,disgruntled employees and on an on. Soft drink pouring rights are a big deal, and probably a tell of who the buyer is: Pouring contracts are usually several years in duration.

And usually run company wide. This made the temporary relocation of the Hornets to OKC easy. And the rest is history…. Why not Crown Resorts. Rob Goldstone and Emin Agalarov.

Goldstone was a heavyset, gregarious bon vivant who liked to post photos on Facebook poking fun at himself for being unkempt and overweight. Emin — he went by his first name — was young, handsome and rich. He yearned to be an international star. After spending his early years in Russia, Emin grew up in Tenafly, N.

He married Leyla Aliyeva, the daughter of the president of Azerbaijan, whose regime faced repeated allegations of corruption. Emin cultivated the image of a rakish pop star, chronicling a hedonistic lifestyle on lnstagram by posting shots from beaches, nightclubs, and various hot spots.

For help, he turned to Goldstone. In early , Goldstone was looking to get Emin more media exposure, especially in the United States. Perhaps Emin could perform at a Miss Universe pageant. The event had a reputation for showcasing emerging talent. The contest had featured up-and-comer Lady Gaga.

It seemed obvious to them that they should reach out to Miss Universe. She agreed to make the reigning Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo, available for the music video. And over the course of several conversations with Shugart, Goldstone and Emin discussed where the next Miss Universe contest would be held.

At one point, Emin proposed to Shugart that Miss Universe consider mounting its pageant in Azerbaijan. At a subsequent meeting, Emin revised the pitch. Shugart was interested but hesitant. The pageant had looked at Moscow previously. It had not identified a suitable venue there, and it was fearful of running into too much red tape. The venue Emin was referring to was Crocus City Hall, a grand 7,seat theater complex built by his father.

Moreover, the influential Aras Agalarov could help smooth the way — and bypass the notorious bureaucratic morass that was a regular feature of doing business in Russia.

One of his projects was a Moscow housing community for oligarchs that boasted an artificial beach and waterfall. Agalarov had been tapped by Putin to build the massive infrastructure — conference halls, roadways and housing — for the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vladivostok.

He had completed the project in record time. When Shugart first mentioned to Trump the idea of partnering with a Russian billionaire tight with Putin to bring the Miss Universe contest to Moscow, the celebrity developer was intrigued. At last, here was an inside track to break into the Russian market. Trump was all for it. A Putin-connected oligarch would be underwriting his endeavor.

But the deal had to include something for Emin. He would be showcased before a global television audience. He and Goldstone believed this could help him achieve his dream: Even before that, there would be a payoff for Emin. In May, Culpo showed up in Los Angeles for the one-day shoot.

A few weeks later, the video was done. Emin held a release party at a Moscow nightclub owned by his family. It was a lavish affair. Russian celebrities dropped by. Shugart and Culpo flew in to join the celebration.

Goldstone, Aras Agalarov and Emin were in town for the event. This is the richest man in Russia! On the evening of June 15, the two Russians and their British publicist were planning a big dinner at CUT, a restaurant located at the Palazzo hotel and casino.

Sure, they said, please come. At the dinner for about 20 people in a private room, Emin sat between Trump and Goldstone. Aras Agalarov was across from Trump. Also at the table was an unusual associate for Trump: Ike Kaveladze, the U. In , a Government Accountability Office report identified a business run by Kaveladze as responsible for opening more than 2, bank accounts at two U. Trump was charming and solicitous of his new partners.

He asked Aras what kind of jet he owned. A Gulfstream , Aras answered. But the Russian billionaire quickly noted that he had a Gulfstream on order.

And Trump, proud of himself, turned to Goldstone to emphasize his point: After the dinner, part of the group headed to an after-party at a raunchy nightclub in the Palazzo mall called the Act. Shortly after midnight, the entourage arrived at the club. Trump and Culpo were photographed in the lobby by a local paparazzi. The owners had also discussed whether they should prepare a special performance for the developer, perhaps a dominatrix who would tie him up on stage or a little-person transvestite Trump impersonator.

They nixed that idea. Emin started chatting with Soros and invited him to visit him in Moscow. Emin laughed it off. The Act was no ordinary nightclub. There is no public record of which skits were performed the night Trump was present. He had turned 67 the day before. Trump remained focused on Emin and their future partnership. Putin will not be an exception in Moscow. The Moscow event held great potential for Trump to score in Russia.

Now he was partnering with a Russian billionaire connected to other oligarchs and favored by Putin. Trump already had a controversial venture under way in Baku, where he was developing a hotel with the son of the transportation minister of the corrupt regime. This project would soon founder. And anyone who wanted to do big deals in Russia — especially an American — could only do so if Putin was keen on it. Immediately, the contest was beset by controversy.

A few days before the announcement in Las Vegas, the Russian Duma had passed a law that made it illegal to expose children to information about homosexuality. The new antigay measure was the latest move by Putin to appeal to the conservative Orthodox Church and ultranationalist forces. I just wanted to say what a fantastic job Ian did on Saturday night. The roulette table was very popular all night and Ian had great manner with people and it really was a high spot of the evening. So thank you very, very much and I would highly recommend your company to my friends.

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