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Its probably more than I need, but its a number that just sounds right to me. When I played in chess tournaments I would play through the games of world champions so I could learn more how they thought about the game. While their expertise may be up for debate, one thing's for certain: And I need almost nothing, so my expenses are very low. March 13, at Shultz Why do we have numbers like 12 and 60 in our system of time units? For as long as we are granted.

Incomes Are Going Down, Jobs Are Disappearing…Here’s Your Survival Guide.

2. Be The ’98 Vikings

He asks about real-world sales, revenue, scalability. A sim system no real-world sales could be the best idea to pursue. Depends on early feedback. Jason says to stay open-minded about which features resonate and which should be abandoned. VetChat — Connects pet owners with vets for video consultations and chat. Not currently looking for funding but for introductions to marketplaces, pet-tech companies, etc, to learn about acquisition and growth strategies.

Cheaper than going to the vet, but gives vets the ability to earn at their convenience. Jason notes the pitch included specific numbers, the founder has passion, and she understands what investors want to know.

This makes follow-ups more likely. Udrew — DIY building plans and permit approvals. The system recognizes pipes, trees, etc. Piloting with fences will support more structures. He compares it to LegalZoom in that there are some legal difficulties when issuing permits. Udrew is a software company. The system recalculates strength, etc. They have an in-house chief structural engineer. So far, the software has been more accurate than existing human-generated submissions.

Jason notes to be specific about numbers — it increases credibility. Jason says Udrew is super impressive.

This Week In Startups. Notes that Facebook and others charge per API call: Jason expects Facebook to reduce its data gathering. Iain agrees and says the company will have to launch a paid service to make up for lost data revenue.

Jason does not expect new regulations. He challenges listeners to prove Facebook is lying about not being able to target individual users. Jason argues companies should be required to ask users if they want to see their stored data every 90 days, and to delete data regularly.

Brian says service bundles would increase subscriptions for ad-free services. Iain says Amazon has been a savior for the USPS, but potentially resold bulk-purchased delivery services.

Jason says the USPS needs to be significantly downsized. Brian notes such companies have a difficult responsibility because these decisions affect the livelihoods and potential earning power for some users. Iain says that bottom rung is where the next generation of superstars will emerge. The lesson for creators is to diversify.

Brian says the tech should not be paused across the board — only for companies not ready for prime time. Speaking about the recent fatal accident involving a self-driving Uber, Jason says boredom is a problem.

Brian notes that distraction is a huge problem for human-controlled vehicles so self-driving cars are a definite improvement. Jason argues for speed governors and stiffer punishments for distracted drivers.

Says Finland has an interesting approach: Fining drivers a percentage of their annual salaries. Sinclair Broadcast Group — Video shows various news stations reading the same script. Content services have been doing this in Radio and TV for decades: FCC will not take action.

Bill shares the fundamental vision behind Abra. Call to talk with Scott Walker directly, or visit http: And why many ICOs are forbidding U. Bill explains the manipulation that occurred in China, and how it caused massive trade volume. Bill explains why this theory is false. Bill explains what he wants to see, and what the market cap for cryptocurrency will be in 10 years. Bill explains the varying degrees anonymity associated with different cryptocurrencies.

S being too conservative with cryptocurrency? Last month we reached the tragic, and long-dreaded, moment in the history of self-driving cars: In this case, it was a pedestrian, but it could have been passengers in a non-self driving car.

Since that time, two other deaths have occurred while autopilot was engaged, including a driver in China on January 20, , and the recent crash here in the Bay Area on March 23rd.

Tesla, Uber and Alphabet aka Google , which owns Waymo. I invested in Uber, which is still a private company, during their seed round. I use autopilot almost every day on the freeway, the same road where the most recent death with autopilot engaged occurred. This is an important distinction, because in all three autopilot cases — and I want to be careful to not blame the victims here — the users appear to have potentially misused — or perhaps even abused — the technology.

Continue reading Defending self-driving cars in the face of tragedy. Why was I sounding the alarm on Twitter, my podcast, and CNBC, that civilians should be very careful investing in virtual currencies that are unregulated, anonymous, easily manipulated, phenomenally hackable, global, and often run by bad actors or the incompetent?

Here are five important points I would like to state for the record: It would take me ten articles to catalogue all the risks and scams in this emerging space, but to give you the broad strokes here are the critical issues that most savvy people — including those with large positions in crypto — all agree on. Bitconnect is an instructive example that you can read about here: Most importantly, you should watch this hilarious video: And read about these pump and dump chat rooms, where thousands of people it seems are buying crypto coins before marketing them to the next group of suckers.

Raffle winners to join Jason for brunch following day. Networking, drinks and light bites 7: Brunch with raffle winners. The numbers show two clear trends: Facebook created a crazy number of new investors e.

These started after Web 2. The reason for the decline? I would sum that up in 3 points: As I describe in the book, your startups will start coming back to you months after you give them money, and most will not be able to clear market with other investors. This leads to dozens of founders needing your help to raise funds or come to terms with the death of their startups.

Angels Moving Downstream Many angel investors learn their craft and get picked up by major firms. Over the years she became one of the most respected investors in the world and Brian Singerman at Founders Fund recruited her.

Joining a big firm is a better life for an angel investor because, well, you do fewer deals at larger dollar amounts. This leads to the opposite of the indigestion in point a above! Continue reading The Seed Slowdown. Guest Appearances on Angel 2CentDad: Interview by Mike Sudyk Bloomberg Markets: Interview by Ryan Carson Forbes: Interview by James Altucher KindredCast: Interview by Meb Faber Mixergy: Interview by Andrew Werner Success!

How I Did It: Interview by Harry Stebbings. Today I want to try and answer that question and let you know about some upcoming events. Frequently updated schedule here: There is one important rub, however, here in the United States: Accredited investors are basically rich people, who have a lot of money in the bank or have large, well-documented salaries.

Continue reading Should everyone be an angel investor? A good looking website is great, but a website that turns into a successful online business is better. Dating for cryptocurrency and blockchain early adopters Clown Dating: Dating for clowns and clown lovers We are looking for founders with a product in market but pre-Series A. University classes in are as follows: August , SF, All founders eligible: Why have other attempts at FB replacements Mastodon etc not taken off?

What are the key obstacles for companies looking to replace Facebook? And what happens if Facebook seeks to acquire one of your incubated startups?! Those interested in crypto should limit their investment to about 10 percent of their portfolios. Most companies would have to go public to make the types of acquisitions Facebook has. The company ultimately wants to provide all financial services at a lower cost than all competitors.

The timeline and frequently asked questions are below. The competition will occur in three stages: Apply to the competition with your video tour, MVP or full blown product with traction stats. We will pick 20 teams as finalists and communicate with them regularly for 90 days.

What are you looking for? Who will make the investment? What will the terms of the investment be? How will you pick the 20 finalists? How will you pick the seven winners? I would also add something like Founder alignment with core mission, values How can we stay up to date on the project? Timeline Next 60 days today through June Neuromersive — VR-based brain rehabilitation Kooda — Tech-enabled food scrap collection and composting Sky Grow — Autonomous tree-planting robots Kiddsbay — A platform enabling children to create and launch online businesses VetChat — Connects pet owners with vets for video consultations and chat Udrew — DIY building plans and permit approvals 1: Jason picks his Top Three: Udrew provides unbelievable value proposition and massive cost savings.

Neuromersive is interesting, has good timing. I am just asking for a short dialogue, nothing that will take up brain calories. As to this podcast, Dubner really opened my eyes to how to got his feet wet in New York, just after being a musician. I will find myself reading his recommended reading and surely become a better follower. Truly fun way to cook my steak and eggs. Like Liked by 1 person. Sick and tired of people describing schools as an industry!

Yes load load up those children up as cannon fodder for industry! Oh and thanks for telling us about the way schools should be run…wait they tried what is being suggested here back in the s in the U.

Or virtual reality goggles? I was looking forward to this episode and now I just think If he is this ill informed about education what value do his other comments have?

Really like this episode, big fan of Freakonomics as well as Tim. So it was good to hear Stephen answering questions instead of just asking them.

Would be really interested in you interviewing the other half of the Freakonomics duo, Steven Levitt. In this episode, we cover such diverse topics as: Stephen Dubner, co-author of Freakonomics.

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Hey Tim, are you going to do a version of the 4hour work week? You are a fire. People say the world works in cycles sometimes things are good, sometimes things are bad. But I stopped believing in that.

Sometimes things just go from bad to worse, as it did for dad. But, that said, your life is your own to maximize. To take that pain and to turn it into something better and unique that nobody else has. You were a piece of coal before.

Then the heat went to 10, degrees. What will you do with that hidden wealth? James, you are right. But, life is so inimitably cruel and unrelenting. This is going on more than four years and the deformation from that time period lives on. Like you and many of your readers, I experienced the earthquake last week. Only two things in my entire house were damaged — a framed picture of my deceased daughter, one of her in the NICU, and the malachite box that we stored her cremains in.

Dear Dave, peace be with you my dear. My 10 year old son died in October, and I still want to die, to no longer exist. That love is there for you.

But I do want you to know that you are not alone. Self love is possible. It is possible because it relies on no one else, only yourself. None of your experiences can get in the way of the respect you can gift yourself with. Start with severing communication with this person who mocks you.

This is beyond horrible treatment and is not love, or friendship, or anything but cruel bullying. Please get away from that. I see your comment was 3 months ago… I want you to know that you are no worse than anyone else who happened to make it through conception and birth, childhood, youth… Please stop labeling yourself with things that were beyond your control. They are wrongs, but they were beyond the control of your innocent life and childhood.

That is how you care for yourself and love yourself. It will feel strange and selfish at first, but it takes time. Reading the book Boundaries by Henry Cloud was a turning point for me. A hug for you and a hug for your inner child, who needs your protection and love. Take care of you.

You need to be there for your child. You probably dated her because of low self esteem. Get some help, go to a hospital and tell them you want to die. They might help with some counseling and maybe you could get some family counseling as well. That is your child and if you want to give her or him a fighting chance against this cruel world, live for them.

Until you can find a way to love yourself and believe in your own and create your own mythology. To that child, if you are able to be around you and your girlfriend are gods. Try to be a benevolent one. Someone that they can turn to for rationality and comfort when your harpy friend begins to treat them badly. It will be hard, no doubt. Maybe this is why you ended up in this place. To start a new healthy cycle. Be the person who you wish was there for you during your trials. It will help take the focus off the past and reorient your energy towards a positive possible future.

May you find the courage, tenacity and strength to accomplish this. If you can, regardless of what else happens you have won in my books. So why am I here? Please listen to Adam. We may be wrong, but take her message, however weird, that she wants your life to go on. There are no gaurantes that any of us will live another day, so live for this moment. For all you know, there may be a hearafter with more chances for joy.

Her one sorrow now could be your sorrow and she wants you to let her go. Of course, there is absolutely nothing I can do to relate or to offer any advice. There is no such thing. What there is, however, is the hope that the world will be put to rights. Life is hard as hell. This hope I speak of is found in a small, quiet room of the massive edifice we call Christianity. Its outer structure was built largely by man, made to look beautiful to the world.

The inner portion is comprised of many rooms, some large, some small, that all do something to keep the building running. Many of the offices within the structure have disputes. But, beyond all that, there is a room that few people visit, yet the entire building was built based upon this room.

Within that room is a truth so profound, yet so veiled and hidden by the grand edifice that surrounds it, that many people cannot see it or simply ignore it. As you walk in you will find a story. This is a story of an entire race who, throughout their entire existence, experienced all forms of tragedy that is common to man. When will see the day that death is no more? The answer to that question is found in the closet of that room.

In that closet you will find a man who made claims about himself many regarded as lunacy. Yet, in his actions he proved his claim to be true. Some may dismiss this as pointless to contemplate, seeing as how we live in the 21st century and cannot possibly know what took place long ago with this man. Yet, we have evidence that what he did actually happened.

That evidence can largely be seen by the edifice that was build in that legacy. This man, upon dying at the hand of Roman soldiers, was buried in a tomb. Yet, on the third day rose from the dead. Again, many would question the validity of such a story, however, the evidence is overwhelming. The Church exists and cannot have begun unless this miraculous event took place. That is besides the point.

What matters is the fact that He has risen and in that event, He is telling us something much more profound than simple lines of rules or membership in some religion.

He himself has defeated death and in doing so offers that promise to us. But many will not choose to make it. Take from it what you will. Just because the host is gone.. That was a positive sign. You need to move froward. What are you doing with her ashes in the house? Spread them somewhere beautiful and let them go…. Losing his wife and 1 year old daughter in a car wreck, and almost losing both his boys too, I think you might find something for your heart in his words. I am so sorry for the hell you have been put through on this earth.

I am sure you want to scream and think how could this happen…the 2 things that I would have wanted to remain unscathed. I agree with Adam it may be her way of telling you that she is okay and she wants you to live and be there for your other kids. She does not want to see you hurting so much because of her. She loves you and wants you to have peace. Losing a child has to be the most grief anyone can experience. I am so sorry. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. When my dad was dying in the hospital no one contacted me to tell me.

He had been dying for months. I did not like my dad, he was cruel when I was young, some would say abusive. My brother contacted me once because my dad asked him to and my dad was going to buy him a home in San Diego. My brother told me this when he contacted me. I was informed of my dads death through my brother and sisters attorney over a month after he died. I wish I had closure. Before he died they liquidated his assests , at least what they could find, property, stocks … Some they over looked..

The will that was left with only a couple million was not the original. The worst part is I never cared about his money.. If I did I would have been hanging just like them… All I wanted is my dad to say he was sorry. I forgot my point.. I punish myself for something I could have controlled. You still have your family and people that love you.

I am all alone. You live in on in your other children. We all have tradegy in our lives. Some worst than others. I ask myself why am I still here? What is my purpose? I drag through life …lifeless. You have something to live for. I can tell you are smart because the way you write. I am not smart. You must have something to offer while you are living.. Because you are still here.

And you have the emotion to express life and sorrow pain.. You loved your daughter and to love something, someone do much and loose them has got to be a terrible feeling.. I hope you feel better and let go and live life a little bit more… After reading your story and me writing my scribble, I feel a little better than I did an hour ago.

Hey Greenfreckles, you have a gift of expressing yourself with honesty, which touched me. Like yourself, I entered this because I feel like dying, I feel so alone and stupid. My dad was also mean at times, and died 4 years ago. Still, we loved him as he could only love us as he was loved, and treated us better than his father treated him.

Thank you for sharing. Have thought a lot about my dad—such a mean, critical and selfish man. Purposely making his children feel worthless. Projecting his self hatered onto us. My brother is the most bitter, angry hateful person I know. Way to f-it up for the entire family and yet would put on a different face to the outside world.

My doctor knew—knew what I was enduring. Sounds like the same family dynamic that I grew up in. Through the years their bitterness and hatred towards each other continues to grow over stupid and petty events. Johnston never married her. Would the rest of the killings not have happened?.

And its up to the people to try to make the bad things null. Look for the door that leads to brighter days. That is what I am trying to do. Some days are a struggle for me.

My husband experienced both! I miss him every day…. IF I take this horrible event out every day and dissect it stink and think it will destroy me. So I put it up on the shelf and think of other ways to honor my man. Like when my daughter got pregnant, unexpectedly. I bought an antique high chair and placed it under my husbands portrait in the dinning room. To honor Jeff as a grandfather.

I must look to find a door that is opening to happiness. It is my choice….. My stepdad has payed for everything I have but has also said things I would never say to my future children. I have gotten looks that look so full of distaste I thought I was imaging them. But everyone looks at me like the unappreciative stepchild acting out.

Besides grades in school I have done anything to him to get such hatred from him. And its not just recently it pretty much been since I was little. Am I so wrong?! Sounds just like my dad and everyone else thought he was such a nice person but so mean with his own family. I never expected her to do that.

I wanted to die before my son arrived but I thought my mom might need me. If I top myself, I hurt my son.

If I stay — I hurt my son. I want to leave. There is no point. I feel awful for my son. I never wanted to bring him into this but his mom insisted. I NEED to leave. I NEED to get free of this. I am living the exact same life as you one excruciating minute hour day and week after the other but I do it for my little girl.

Thinking what is the point of this kind of life. And then i reflect that life is precious, and if i think there is no point in my life, then maybe i should just dedicate my life for others, and happiness of others.

And when i start to give more n help others more, i start to feel happier. Lastly, reach out, and talk to others. If there is no one, you can always reach out online like this one. There will always be people who care. May you be well and happy my friend! You are stronger than you think you are. Talk to someone, maybe see a psychiatrist or psychologist for help. Talk to your wife about it. You may not realise it, but there are many options. Try to reach out to at least one or two of your old friends who you felt most comfortable with.

I think one of the worst factors of your life is the stagnation you feel. Your endless routine contributes to your sense of hopelessness. I hope this does not discredit my advice but I am a year-old girl who has struggled from major depression for the past 5 to 6 years.

I understand the sense of agony, the feeling of nothingness and the prayer that all the suffering will go away. You need to look inside yourself and find that one thing that you think you can live for. Your isolation from your friends. Your irritability you snap at your son. Your sense of hopelessness. The first step is to talk to someone about your struggles.

I mean, this comment section alone is full of people who can potentially help. I am currently going through the same thing. My bother is terrible to me and hates me—for the fact that he will need to share the wealth of my money driven father. Despite the fact that he has been horrible to me, I allowed my father and mother to live with me nad my family over different time frames. Naturally, I am only as good as my next favor.

Also dealing with a money digging niece who is also waiting for them-my parents to pass. If I were not related to them, I would certainly never associate with any of them—with the possible exception of my mother.

It is so hard to trust others and have a healthy relationship with anyone when you are raised on mistrust and hate. You are such a good person just by reading your post it is obvious that you have a good heart. As for your family, karma is a. I am considering suicide. I have 2 sisters. They are completely money driven. Our parents inherited several million from an Aunt. Both of our parents were abusive to us all in different ways when we were little.

There was physical, emotional and sexual abuse. My sisters play along with my folks that we had an idyllic childhood so as to say in the will. I wrote out everything that they had done to us that I could remember. I had 3 or 4 outside documents of proof of what happened — medical documents, handwritten letters from family members, etc. I scanned it all, created a private blog and sent them all the link and the password.

I was able tell as each member of the family logged on and read the truth. The 4 of them opened the documents 74 times before I removed it. I want to stay with my grandmother……my grandmother is like my mother…she cares for me more than anything….. Can you talk to your grandmother right now? Let her know what you are feeling. She may be able to help you in this situation. I wish I could help you. Try to remember that things usually get better as we grow up although the teen years are particularly demanding!

I hope James answers your post soon. In the meantime, I care. Get some money together and get to your grandmother now. Buy a bus ticket and go with the clothes on your back only if you have to. Are you still with your grandmother? I just logged on to this site and saw your post. I use to work with children with medical needs, until I had children. But I doubt it. Your thoughts are your own but you are not alone.

Most have been crushed only to feel similar to you. I completely comprehend what your getting at, sadly your point comes across—in my opinion—as self serving, justifying an ill emotion with an emotive justification.

And to that end I am not surprised in the lack of replies that might have proven helpful. But of this I am certain, somewhere, someone is far off worse. I hate my existence and only live for my children.

You are so right when you stated that life is like a slow moving river of crap, punctuated with moments of joy. The constant is the shit. Sure is hard to have faith in a loving God. My best to you, your family, and your angel in heaven. But I pray not so religious but I have strong belief that God eases your pain and create a new reason for you to want to live again.

This is an extremley painful passage ,but like all the other things in life ,your grief will pass. I share your pain ,at least let me do this for you for one day ,so that you can take a break. How awful of you to give people false hope by saying that grief will pass. Not if you truly loved someone. Rhonda — Hannah was not giving anyone false hope. For some, maybe the grief never goes away, but for others it does.

I lost my mother when I was I still love her with everything that I have and when I think of her there is only love and joy in my heart. No two people experience grief the same way. This original article makes a valid point; there is a font of negativity in me that is the thing upon which I actually wish death.

My beating heart causes me no suffering. However, I have tried for decades and in multiple ways—medications, therapy, career changes, location changes—to kill this font of negativity, and I do not know a way to make it die. I do not know how to make the negative emotions die. Thus, I fantasize about killing myself. Are you feeling any better these days? And why do people always say: I feel so badly right now that I can barely get out of bed. It lifts for spells, and then drops back down like a sledgehammer.

Does thinking of all the child army conscripts in the world make me feel better? Does it make me feel better to think that hidden beneath the still, smooth surfaces of the people around me on the bus are abscesses of alienation, inoperable malignancies of self just like mine? I already think about the armies of children, about the ubiquity of desperate loneliness. These thoughts are a major contributing factor to my death-wish.

But thanks for reminding me of them! Thankyou for sharing your hear. I know that feeling so well. That feeling of waking up knowing that life will never be good and carefree again that fear everytime you have a little moment of peace and happiness that something will happen to take it all away again and that you will end up back in the deepest darkest lifeless life.

You survive almost out of habit, but not living. Oh if only my heart would stop beating, simply stop beating and end it all, ALL! No diamond James, no diamond, just dust, worthless black dust. David Wow you shared your feelings so much better then I. It really hit home. That is how I feel,exactly The jumping in front of a truck. The jumping off a building.

I add one thing. How are you now? Did you make it? I wish you strength to carry on. So when you loose that… I wish you to heal a little bit, just enough to be able to smile when the sun rises in the morning, and kiss you wife and hug your other kids, and look forward to your midmorning cup of coffee and the little chat with colleagues.

I am totally emersed in a slog….. I still wonder how people keep it together, I will like to check out but often wonder if my husbnd can handle the kids alone.

I Feel like my life here is much like a purgatory. Where I have died yet still alive. Fading out most of my days. Being grateful another day is gone. I am not here anymore. The best parts of me are gone.

I hope you feel better after reading this. Will you do that? For example, I refuse to watch the news anymore because things such as suicide or murder come up so often, and I will cry like a blubbering baby, let me tell ya. My little sister, the child that I raised died and to me she was my daughter and I loved her so much. My life is over, it feels to me. I just wanted to say that I feel just like you do.

That not only makes sense but it can take me somewhere — I can actually tease out both the problem and then attend to it instead of feeling overwhelmed…. Guest, thanks for writing. Its been a very hard few weeks, few months, few years, past decade, the world has gone through.

Heck, I probably have them every day. But taking it day by day, and realizing what is it this moment that is truly creating the darkness can help us unveil the light that was underneath. I am sorry for your loss. When someone takes their life it is never easy to swallow, and even harder to understand. Live your life and learn to reach out to those that are still here. Recently I had a friend that took his own life.

He helped me coach a basketball team which his son was on. The hardest part was the took his two sons with him, the son that I coached. He was a good friend and father, so it really came out of no where, which makes it even harder. He was going through financial troubles and a very rough divorce, but it was still very unexpected. It makes me hug my father and the people that are close to me in my life much tighter. One day its here, the next day it is not. Sounds like your friend had a real rough time and we never really know until its too late to help.

James You Nailed it! If you have effect you have worth. If you have worth you can contribute to someone, something. Cause you have worth and tomorrow the liar who owns up to his misgivings has worth as well. Once I was feeling extremely bitter and tired and lonely 3 days ago ….. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach.

The world you desire can be won. I think she is more about inner competence than outer competition. I picked up phone atleast twice …but couldnt muster up the courae to call back. I dont know why.. You can keep your memories just as you have them. But maybe she would be very grateful to hear from you today. Not every day we can make an impact. If you pick up the phone and type ten digits that might be the easiest way you can make a huge impact today.

I worked through it but I was probably as close to dead as the living can get for a few years. I worked through it, too, but it was hard. Beautifull Article, I read all replies, some of them so sad they made me cry.

I really need to tell you that there is a lot written about human emotions in Scientology, you can find it in http: And you can also read a lot about human behaviour in a way it has never been written before.

As someone who has never really felt normal, yet has always believed in himself, and who has rarely if ever received positive normative judgment from society,….. I typically feel dead. This is why I love reading you James, you are real with no BS! I only need your prayers To God to let me die. This is so well put — we want the pain to die, the sickening feeling of loss and fear and failure and loneliness. But all our instincts drive us toward life. This distinction is priceless.

And worth remembering, for a friend, or for ourselves. Very timely post given the tragedy that has happened out in L.

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