Tony Ruberto Wins 2018 World Poker Tour Maryland at Live! Casino Main Event

Jeff Banghart opened for , and Ricky Green defended big blind. Please do not post any private information unless you want it to be available publicly. Show more posts Loading We got the final 10, table wanted to chop up so that no one had to pay taxes, then we rechopped at the end. I play home games. Local player Fabrice Soulier was his heads-up opponent.

Marti Roca De Torres – €1,115,207

Poker Pro Defeats Field of 554 Entries To Win His Second WPT Titlte

I got this text from a local place I play at sometime. Don't miss this one. They think this degenerate is some kind of a draw for people. Tournament had all the usual crushers and some alternates. Final four chopped it evenly. Top people based in hours got a seat in the tournament. Final four chopped it evenly the Nugget one? We got the final 10, table wanted to chop up so that no one had to pay taxes, then we rechopped at the end.

Whats the reg your talking about initials Yours must have been before i started playing there, bc I played in the last two freerolls at LDL. Whats the reg your talking about initials asian guy whose name starts with E. I can't fault the guy for not wanting to chop. I never did either. The money is for 1st. I get wanting to keep the recs happy, But I'm not chopping for that reason only. Unless it works out in my favor due to being short or something.

I would always be polite about it, but pass. Sometimes would do small single-table tournaments. After three days of competition across the felt, three players remained: The three players agreed to chop both the remaining prize pool and the non-cash awards, as follows:.

Andrew Flaherty punched his ticket to Day 2 in the first flight, bagging up 83, over the course of Day 1A. Corey Blevins emerged from Day 1B with the overall chip lead, bringing , chips with him to start Day 2.

Garnet Farron also advanced to Day 2 from Day 1B, bringing 71, chip to the final day of competition. At the end of the competition, we asked Farron what he planned to do tomorrow.

Farron said he was supposed to work at 5 a. Flaherty said he picked the right time to be unemployed--Flaherty spent the last month on a tour of the Pacific Northwest as a drummer in a band playing multiple gigs throughout the PNW region. Unfortunately, we weren't able to speak with Blevins about his plans. The biggest hand of the tournament for Garnet Farron was when his pocket tens spiked a set against Brandon Zallar's pocket aces and Michael Lech's ace-king in a three-way all-in, which saw Lech exit the tournament in 13th place.

Farron later came from behind with ace-nine of hearts against his Matt Riffel's ace-king to send Riffel to the rail in 6th place. Flaherty's first pivotal hand was when his ace-queen of diamonds cracked Matt Donaldson's aces when 34 players were left. Donaldson survived to make the final table, but the hand kept Flaherty alive. A second key hand involved a rivered set against Doug Miller. And a third key hand came against 4th-place finisher Brandon Zallar.

Flaherty knocked out Zallar during 4-handed play with ace-king of diamonds against Zallar's ace-queen offsuit, propelling Flaherty above 3 million chips. As for Blevins, we could only find one hand throughout the blog where Blevins went to showdown with a hand.

Elio Fox – €1.4 Million

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