Create a Speed Gauge and Watch Icon in Photoshop

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In fact, its movement temporarily formed a natural dam that twice closed off nearby Russell Fjord from the bay, but the intense water pressure building within the fjord-turned-lake has thus far been enough to not explode through the wall of ice. The largest tidewater glacier in North America, Hubbard Glacier measures 76 miles long and plunges 1, feet into the depths of the bay. Its immense beauty and phenomenal blue hues are enchanting, even from afar.

But it is when your cruise ship draws closer that its towering surface really impresses, dwarfing even the uppermost deck on your ship at a whopping 40 stories high.

During your scenic cruise, friendly Park Rangers will join the ship to share their knowledge of this amazing place and host a fun Junior Ranger program for kids. Skagway was the gateway to the gold fields for the thousands who flocked to Alaska and the Yukon with the hope of striking it rich. Over years ago, the White Pass route through the Coast Mountains and the shorter but steeper Chilkoot Trail were used by countless stampeders. Many a would-be miner perished on the treacherous Chilkoot Trail.

Hotels, saloons, dance halls and gambling houses prospered. But when the gold yield dwindled in , so did the population as miners quickly shifted to new finds in Nome. Today, Skagway has less than 1, residents. It still retains the flavor of the gold rush era. In , it was slow going for Joe Juneau and Richard Harris as they searched for gold with the help of Native guides.

Eventually the mines closed, but the town Joe Juneau founded became the capital of Alaska and the business of gold was replaced by the business of government. Some 30, people live in Juneau. Its total area makes it one of the biggest towns, in the world. Today Juneau is famous not only for gold and government but also for its breathtakingly beautiful glaciers and stunning views of both water and mountains.

Located on an island, Ketchikan began life as an Indian fishing camp. Ketchikan, with its abundance of salmon, is also a sport fishing paradise. Sightseers will be impressed with both the scenic town and its surroundings, especially Misty Fjords National Monument.

This morning we say goodbye to our floating luxury home and make our way to the airport for our flight home. Create a new layer. Draw a circle using the elliptical marquee tool and fill it with color.

Now open the blending options for this shape and apply the following effects on the layer. Apply a silver gradient to the stroke. This gradient is a preset with photoshop. Now draw another circle within the outer circle on a different layer.

Fill this layer with any color. Now apply a stroke to this newly created circle with the below shown settings. Again draw a circle on a new layer, above the previous circle, but this time of comparitively smaller size. Apply the stroke settings to this circular layer and fill the layer with a gradient of your choice.

Here I have used two dark shades of red. Also apply some stroke to this layer. Using the line tool, draw a small line shape of width 3px and foreground color white, for the dial markings of the gauge. Corresponding to each mark, add some number, as shown below. Next draw a small circle in the center and apply the following blending options to it. Also draw the needle for the gauge using the line tool of about px width.

Finally, add some drop shadow to the needle. Similarly create another small circle in the center, above the recently drawn circle. Fill this one with red color and apply the same blending options, as applied to the previous one. Your outermost circular layer will be selected.

With the shape selected, create a new layer and fill it with white color. Next for the number display, draw a small rectangle and apply the following blending options to that layer. Next to get the shadow effect, just draw a thin ellipse, crate a new layer and fill it with black color. In the similar manner you can create a watch also. Just change the number and position of the marks on the dial.

Create a 2 more needles, but thick then the previous one. To create the date display, draw a small rectangle on a new layer and apply the following blending options to it. The designing method is good. Very nice, step 10 was a little confusing, but otherwise a nice little project for us beginners. I spent 20 minutes and made a very professional looking speed clock using this tutorial. This would 1 be faster, 2 permit for more accurate spacing of tics.

It would be MUCH easier though to create this in Illustrator, because of the transformation commands that would allow you to create the tic marks with just ONE command! Great tutorial, thanks for putting it together!


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