Saving you the time and difficulty of drilling through heavy gauge steel with expensive drill bits. User is advised that Isotope elements, such as Carbon, are required to recharge device. They pay for themselves after about a half dozen frames. This new piece of plywood will become your actual frame pattern Fig. A router table and either a belt sander or disc sander are also handy but not absolutely necessary. All fiberglass components go through our 12 step total cure process.

Ranch Rush

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Poor conductor of heat, so excellent for cooking and fire poking. No more burnt fingers! Stonewash over torch anodization for good looks, slick mouth feel, and ease of cleaning. All corners, points, and edges nicely smoothed over, for comfort and TSA compliance.

Tired of wussie little eating utensils? Want flat wear that will last you through the apocalypse? Want something that you can ram through a zombie skull? Here you go, baby. And while this is a man-sized spork, the ladies dig 'em too. This is the last eating utensil you'll ever need. Available in 48", 60" and 72" widths; 32" depth X 59" height. The aerodynamic face opening with airfoil provides uniform air flow into the fume chamber. A constant volume low flow hood with VaraFlow baffle system efficiently directs the air flow through the fume chamber to the exhaust outlet with minimum turbulence.

Integral one piece composite liner, glass smooth, all coved corners for ease of cleaning. Unitized construction reduces weight for ease of installation.

High Efficiency sash management provides for energy savings. User Protection with sash in lowered position, fumes are kept safely away from the user. Energy Efficient vapor proof LED light fixture with polished stainless steel reflectors, and light switch on left column, all factory installed. Air Flow Monitor continuously monitors face velocity air flow. Here are the results after a 3 hour wait in Test B. Top row, left to right. The real interesting results are what followed.

I then took the pieces and wiped them all down with a clean cotton rag. I didn't use any chemicals, just wiped them off so they wouldn't be so oily, since I usually don't leave a ton of oil on my guns. I then re-sprayed the pieces and let them rust overnight. After 43 hours, the Break-free sample was rusting and the Eezox sample was still essentially rust-free.

The discoloration at the bottom is mostly salt crystals. One interesting thing I noted about the Eezox sample was that the salt spray did not bead on the metal.

In Test B all but the Break-Free developed a lot of rust. I really thought that Break-Free would be a marginal performer, and personally thought that strike hold and Slip would be the best, but I was wrong.

The Stike-Hold piece had rust within an hour. The Rem-Oil and Slip piece did very well in the first portion when a good amount of oil was left on the piece, but after wiping them down with a rag they rusted quite quickly as well.

After the first overnight exposure, four out of five test pieces in group B were rusted heavily. The only piece that was not rusted was the Break-Free sample, and since it was also included in test group B I decided that at this point testing on group B would stop. Group A was then resprayed with the saltwater solution to increase the difficulty of the test, and the testing continued. I am not paid by any of these lube manufacturers, and bought every lube at full price from a retail establishment, with the exception of Eezox, FP10, and Militec.

I received small samples of those products on request. Here is another photo of a test performed in by Jeff Johnson. Click here for full-size photo. Products Tested Front Row: Guns of the Week.

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