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Yes it did have a casino atomosphere, some of the same machines I have always loved to play. I am still baffled by this. On other occasions the trustees decided they needed to do more than give a handout for food or rent. Residents had considered incorporation in but had not pursued the idea. User-defined colors Preset color patterns. Boise has never suffered gladly any opposition to what it sees as the wise and moral thing to do. Read page 46 from this plan.

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In , Marjorie Moon, later the publisher of the Garden City Gazette , profiled an aspect of the village rarely seen or understood by most Boiseans. Towns in the frontier West had rarely been sticklers for building codes. People who failed to meet middle class standards of propriety were guilty, in the eyes of many Boiseans, of slothful indolence and deserved neither sympathy nor tolerance.

The reaction of Boise officials? Get rid of it. Convert it into something useful, such as an industrial area, according to the zoning proposal.

Not until the s, tantalized by the lure of money from the federal Model Cities program, did Boise make any attempt to respond to the needs and interests of River Street residents.

Its founders utterly rejected the notion advanced by Reverend Hartzell Cobb, president of the Boise Ministerial Association: In May, , at one of the very first public meetings of the new village, the question arose whether it might not be best to join Boise. On other occasions the trustees decided they needed to do more than give a handout for food or rent.

No one reading the Boise paper would have any inkling that Garden City represented a town far different from Boise. Not only did it enjoy, at least temporarily, a level of municipal wealth unlike anything Boise had ever experienced, Garden City, from its very beginning, also chose to regulate itself in ways which Boiseans have always failed to understand.

In June, , the Statesman compared Garden City to a boy who had eaten too many green apples. The trustees did enact a building code in the fall of , but they continued to make decisions inexplicable to many Boiseans. Why limit casinos to one per block? How could one rationalize banning all junkyards from residential areas when the whole village seemed like one huge junkyard? Boise had only a few years to indulge in the luxury of dismissing Garden City as an inconsequential travesty.

The chickens first came home to roost in as Garden City confronted a future without gambling. The leaders quickly decided on two major departures from previous patterns. The first departure, in effect, continued the wide-open approach begun with gambling. State law might prohibit gambling, but Garden City would continue accepting businesses rejected by Boise. Prior to Garden City used its zoning powers to minimize the intrusion of marginal businesses and those offending middle-class householders.

Thereafter, it threw open the door to any business it could possibly accommodate. In September, , Guy Robinson, chairman of the Garden City Planning Commission, recommended rezoning the entire village for industrial use. Two weeks later, Gerald Sherwood, the commission secretary, removed all doubt about its intentions: The implications of this industry-friendly policy can be seen in the handling of junkyards. The trustees had previously looked askance at them.

In , they banned junkyards from residential areas. Under the new policy junkyards soon cropped up all over the town. Three or four months ago they had all agreed to do so, but time has passed and nothing has been done. So, it seems to have been thrown into our laps to do something.

Boise prided itself on being a clean and attractive city. Rarely has Boise shown any awareness that a city must have a place for recycling establishments, such as wrecking yards and low-end used furniture stores, and for start-up businesses able to survive only in low-rent areas such as those provided by Garden City. Boiseans have applauded that effort, without asking where the displaced businesses might go. Boise has never suffered gladly any opposition to what it sees as the wise and moral thing to do.

It might not last because the legislature that approved it, didn't really do their research, and thus didn't know exactly what they were approving. And since you went, you can probably tell that it has a more of a casino atmosphere, something that wasn't wanted by the legislature. Still, it's definitely fun for now. Yes it did have a casino atomosphere, some of the same machines I have always loved to play.

What impressed my sister and I when we went was how friendly the people are that work there. It was a fun place and we will be going back. Originally Posted by onlymystory. This seems to me to be illegal, but I hate to ruin anyone's fun. I would caution that if only one establishment is offering this, then there perhaps is a problem.

Not to mention the odds are probably slim. Even Wendover is quite nice this time of year. And you can have a beer while you lose your paycheck. To just confirm, slots are not allowed in Idaho outside of the Indian Reservations.

If Garden City has some sort of exemption, someone please inform me. Oregon has video keno and video slots in select bars and restaurants, acting as part of the state lottery. Montana has limited casinos with electronic machines, but they are restricted to small retail establishments. Washington allows big Indian casinos, but otherwise limited to small casinos that are mostly table game establishments.

Outside of the Indian reservations, I believe Idaho's gambling opportunities are severely limited. And you can't even buy a lottery ticket in the state.

Slots were legal in Idaho well into the 50's. I can remember seeing them in the downtown hotels in Idaho Falls as a child. Punchboards, another game of chance, were even more popular. I am still baffled by this. Casinos with slots are not legal in Idaho outside of Indian Reservations. Can someone please identify this Garden City casino, its address, and official name?

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