China Clay Dunes Commem Comparison

I have a few footnotes. Hobbyphilic Pair Sep 8, The twelve chips I had stacked into a nice, solid stack. The color matching between the colored part of the inlay on those with a faux-shaped inlay and the chip itself is quite accurate, though it is apparent upon cursory examination that the inlays aren't true shaped inlays. China Clay Dunes Commemoratives vs.

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Geek Market Trades Geek Store. Tags separate by space: However, if you really, really like poker chips for gaming, I recommend splurging on a set of full-sized ones. I don't find carrying around regulation-sized chips to be too much of a burden. Only disadvantage is that these don't have denominators printed on them for non-poker players.

The Golden Camel UberBadge is a mystery. Nobody knows where it came from or how it got there. Burster of Bubbles, Destroyer of Dreams. Just imagine the red offboard up here. I have been looking for something that I can spray-paint gold, silver, and copper for coins in a game So, the four sets are, from left to right: Anyone figured out a "neat" way to put denominations on these chips?

Stickers or labels of some sort? Thanks for the pictures and review! I didn't realize I needed them until I came across this thread. I have two sets of China clays and none have broken from normal use. I played the Milanos on my craps table for almost two years, no breakages. Here is an impromptu list subject to change Scale of resistant to breakage 10 means near impossible to break in half China Clays -- 6 CPC 7 BudJones 8 Paulson 8 Metal slugged - 9 Ceramics 10 Obviously, if you leave certain chips in the sun for three years, they'll crumble.

This is for new chips. Don't know if that's of any value, but those are my thoughts. By the way, thanks for watching! BadChile Sitting Out Sep 8, My Milanos are pretty well used bought here , drops on a concrete floor has broken a couple but nothing from ordinary use or drops on wood flooring or carpet, and even most concrete drops do nothing.

I just have a policy that if you drop a chip and it breaks you owe me face value of the chip, encourages people to be careful. Joined Nov 4, Messages 2, Likes 2, Location chip harvesting.

I find my older China clays are flaking badly which leaves an annoying pile of chip crumbs on the table after using them.

Quicksilver Full House Sep 8, They arent that fragile but they are the most fragile of the chips on the market yes.

My guys throw chips around on the craps table and there is some chipping that occurs. Mostly on the lighter colors. I have yet to have one break however. Zmasterben High Hand Sep 8, WedgeRock Full House Sep 8, I hope you're proud of yourself.

View attachment With that being said I own three different china clay sets that have seen a decent amount of play and I have never had a chip break on me ever. Thanks for all the feedback guys. And indeed yes, I was watching hobbyphillic. For instance how Majestics compare to Milano, Either of those two hold up very well to all kinds of damage. The earlier the China clay the softer the material. Cc's from Palm Gaming offer a much more paulson like feel than any newer style like majestic, CPS, Milano or dunes chips which are more akin to plastic in feel and sound.

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