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The Sopranos were a key faction in the DiMeo crime family, running two separate crews led by Johnny Boy and Junior, and also had longstanding ties with the five New York Families particularly the Lupertazzi crime family. Despite DiMeo's long reign as Boss, it is implied throughout the series that the two Soprano brothers were the key players of North Jersey. The unrest of is hardly referenced, but it was a historical time for the family. It might be related to the convictions of various New Jersey mobsters during the time period and the instability it caused.

Many DiMeo crime family members and associates were arrested, causing the biggest blow to the family since its formation. It was during the unrest of '83 that Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero , a cat burglar and associate in the Soprano crew, "stepped up" committed a murder for Johnny Soprano. Bonpensiero became a member of the DiMeo crime family soon after. Johnny Soprano died of emphysema in Before his death, he requested that his son become the capo of the Soprano crew.

Tony was a relatively young man to be a capo at the age of Tony's transition into captain was aided by the loyalty of Bonpensiero, longtime Soprano soldier Peter Paul "Paulie Walnuts" Gualtieri , and childhood friend Silvio Dante.

Tony would also avoid a long stint in prison when he missed a failed hijacking involving his cousin, Tony Blundetto. Caught by the police, Tony B. At first, Tony said he was robbed by two black men, but he later admitted to Dr. Melfi and to Tony B. In , longtime capo Richie Aprile was sentenced to ten years in prison. He gave control of his crew over to his younger brother, Jackie Aprile. Ercole DiMeo was convicted and given a life sentence in prison in It was assumed that Junior would take over when DiMeo died or went to prison since he was one of the oldest and senior mobsters in the DiMeo family.

DiMeo was impressed with Jackie Aprile 's leadership abilities, the Aprile crew had been the top earner and best-run crew of the family for years. The years of Jackie's tenure as Boss — are generally considered to have been peaceful, prosperous years; Jackie was a well-respected and much beloved Boss who didn't "eat alone," much to the contentment of his Capos.

When Jackie Aprile was diagnosed with stomach cancer in , Tony Soprano , his closest friend and Junior's nephew, basically took over Jackie's responsibilities, again to Junior's displeasure. Uncle Junior and Tony were, at that point, at each other's throats because Junior plotted to have a rival, Gennaro "Little Pussy" Malanga, killed in Malanga's favorite restaurant, Vesuvio, a restaurant owned by Tony's childhood friend Artie Bucco.

Tony foiled Junior's plans by ordering Silvio Dante to set fire to Artie's restaurant to prevent the hit from happening. Also, Tony's nephew, Christopher Moltisanti and his associate Brendan Filone , were hijacking trucks from Comley Trucking, a business that paid protection to Junior. Junior's enforcer, Mikey Palmice , killed Brendan, and hired Russian hitmen to perform a mock execution on Christopher under Junior's orders. When Jackie Aprile died in the summer of , and tensions between Junior and Tony were at an all-time high, it was assumed that the two would go to war over the top position.

Tony instead deferred to Junior, giving him the official title as Boss of the renamed Soprano crime family. However, Tony would serve as the power behind the throne with support of both the other family capos and their main conduit to the Brooklyn-based Lupertazzi Family, underboss John "Johnny Sack" Sacrimoni. Tensions flared up between Junior and Tony after Tony's mother, Livia Soprano , revealed that Tony was seeing a psychiatrist and had been meeting secretly with his capos in Livia's nursing home.

An assassination attempt on Tony was made, but Tony luckily escaped with just an injury to the ear, leaving one hitman dead when the other accidentally shoots him while aiming at Tony. The FBI revealed to Tony that his mother's retirement home was bugged and let Tony listen to the tapes in a failed attempt to get him to flip.

The tapes revealed that the assassination attempt was concocted by Junior and made it sound like his mother was in on it, too. In retaliation, Tony ordered the deaths of key members of Junior's crew: Junior Soprano was spared when he was indicted by the federal government, along with underboss Joseph "Beppy" Sasso and capo Lawrence "Larry Boy" Barese, and because Tony wished to keep him as the lightning rod that took the hits for the Family.

Tony then took over virtually all of Junior's business and became the Boss of the now renamed Soprano Crime Family. Gigi Cestone went to the Aprile crew.

Tony named Silvio Dante as his consigliere, and promoted long-time soldier Peter Paul "Paulie Walnuts" Gualtieri to captain of his old crew, renamed the Gualtieri crew. Patsy Parisi went to the Gualtieri crew. Although Junior had been stripped of nearly all power and was under house arrest awaiting trial, he still retained the title of Boss as Tony wanted the FBI to think they had indicted the head of the family.

Two of the factors that brought the two closer together was when Junior informed Tony of Richie Aprile's plot to kill Tony, and take over the family, and when Junior was diagnosed with stomach cancer in However, Tony continued to punish Junior through business arrangements, and only allowed him to earn on a "subsistence level".

Junior managed to beat the disease before the RICO trial against him started. After years of investigating Tony Soprano at one point trying to turn him into an informant and failing to connect him to the murder of associate Matthew "Matt Drinkwater" Bevilaqua which was tossed out when an eyewitness retracted his statement upon learning one of the shooters may have been Tony Soprano , the FBI arrested Tony in when it was discovered that he had been extorting Davey Scatino.

While busting out Scatino's sporting goods store, Tony had been receiving stolen airline tickets, discovered by way of information given by turncoat Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero and Tony's giving one of the stolen tickets to his mother, Livia. The case fell through when Big Pussy "disappeared" and Livia died of a stroke. The FBI continued to build a case against Tony, but fell on difficult times when a wiretapping of his basement was compromised when Tony's daughter Meadow Soprano took the lamp they had bugged and because of the deaths of several FBI informants.

In , the RICO trial against Junior Soprano ended in a hung jury, but the government moved to schedule a re-trial, meaning Junior had to stay under house arrest. Due to his diminished position in the family because of the house arrest, longtime Junior Soprano loyalist Robert "Bobby Bacala" Baccalieri was named acting Capo of the Junior Soprano crew after it became clear that his elderly, senile Capo, Murf Lupo, wasn't up for it anymore. In the meantime, the Soprano Family continued to stay in a period of transition, with Richie Aprile , older brother of Jackie Aprile, taking over the previously defunct due to the death of Jackie Sr.

Aprile crew after his release from prison in Richie became a threat to Tony's power, crippling associate Beansie Gaeta and disobeying Tony repeatedly when it came to selling cocaine on garbage routes. Richie also came to Junior about overthrowing Tony, but Junior decided that he would be better off with his nephew. When Gigi Cestone, a Soprano crew soldier set to take over and spy on the Aprile crew, dies of a heart attack, Tony has no choice but to install rival Ralph Cifaretto as captain.

Tony had longtime problems with Ralph, despite the two having grown up together along with Jackie Aprile and Silvio Dante. At one point, Tony, in a fit of rage, hits Ralph after the latter murders a Bada Bing dancer named Tracee. Ralph also took under his wing Jackie Aprile Jr. Complicating matters is that Ralph is the family's best earner, running lucrative construction deals such as the Esplanade Construction site and HUD scams in Newark.

When a racehorse owned by Ralph and beloved by Tony named Pie-O-My dies in a stable fire, Tony becomes convinced that Ralph cruelly and intentionally killed the horse to help pay medical expenses for his hospitalized son wounded in an accident while playing with a friend with the insurance money. In a fit of anger and outrage, Tony attacks and kills Ralph.

Christopher then helps Tony dispose of the body, dismembering it and placing the several body parts in different dump sites. Tony blames Ralph's disappearance on the New York family—specifically Johnny Sack, who had had a beef with Ralph over a characteristically tasteless joke of Ralph's about Johnny's wife, Ginny, told at a Soprano mob family dinner.

Vito Spatafore was named captain of the Aprile crew in Christopher, already considered young to have been "made," was named acting Capo of the Gualtieri crew while Paulie Walnuts was in jail facing a gun charge later dropped.

In addition, Tony names Christopher his successor, a move that is severely compromised when Christopher is discovered to have a serious heroin addiction and is sent to rehab.

It is during this period that the working relationship between the Lupertazzi Crime Family and the Sopranos reaches a rocky point in , when the two families join together to control the Esplanade construction site in Newark, New Jersey. Disagreements over the split of the money of the Esplanade, plus the HUD projects that Tony was keeping secret from Lupertazzi and the displeasure of Johnny Sack with Ralph Cifaretto, nearly cause the two families to go to war.

Johnny Sack and boss Carmine Lupertazzi blame one another for the conflict, and each of them reach out to Tony to whack the other as a means of ending the conflict.

In both cases, cooler heads prevail and the two families work out a deal. One problem in his family was solved when Feech La Manna was sent back to prison after stolen flat-screen televisions were found in his garage by a probation officer, presumably called on the orders of Tony Soprano. The other problem was complicated when Tony B. When Angelo was killed in retaliation, Tony B.

Faced with threats of war and torture from Johnny Sack and Phil Leotardo plus unease in his own family, Tony Soprano was left with no choice but to kill Tony B. He had a head injury after being hit with a boom microphone and knocked down the courthouse steps. Several mini-strokes over the years increasingly diminished his capacity and led him to shoot Tony in the abdomen, mistakenly thinking that Tony was his already deceased nemesis "Little Pussy" Malanga.

The shooting of Tony Soprano set off a media frenzy, with reporters stalking the Soprano house and outside the hospital where Tony lay in a coma. Junior Soprano was arrested and questioned about the shooting, which he insisted must have been a self-inflicted gunshot by Tony, whom he labeled as a "depression case".

The captains of the Family agreed to cut all ties to Junior and allow Tony to decide what happens to him. Junior was judged to be mentally unstable and was sent to a mental rehabilitation facility. With Tony incapacitated, his consigliere Silvio Dante took over as Acting Boss of the Soprano Crime Family; however, Silvio was unable to handle the pressure of being boss, and had an asthma attack that put him in the hospital.

Tony, after a near-death experience, would awake from his coma soon after, just in time to settle a dispute over the future of Barone Sanitation with Johnny Sack and Phil Leotardo. Tony refused at first, but had a change of heart after talking to Johnny Sack at his daughter's wedding.

Tony conducted the execution of Millio with caution, bringing in two men from Naples to carry out the hit on Rusty and his soldier, Eddie Pietro. More complications occurred in the organization when Vito Spatafore , the top earning captain of the Aprile crew and cousin-in-law to Phil Leotardo, fled New Jersey after his homosexuality was revealed. Carlo Gervasi was named by Tony as the replacement point man for the Family's construction interests.

After hiding in New Hampshire for months, Vito returned to New Jersey, approaching Tony about starting up a separate operation in Atlantic City involving prostitution.

Tony considered the request, but ultimately decided that Vito needed to be taken out in order to placate Phil Leotardo, who was incensed about Vito's lifestyle. However, Phil got to Vito first, breaking into his hotel room and watched while soldiers Dominic "Fat Dom" Gamiello and Gerry Torciano beat his cousin-in-law to death. Tony, realizing that Phil was sending the message that New York can do whatever they want, decided to hurt Phil financially as payback for Vito.

Tony reasoned that a war with New York would prevent his family from earning. However, when Fat Dom went to Satriale's on a delivery stop and made jokes about Vito's death and implied Carlo was homosexual, Silvio and Carlo killed the New York soldier.

Tony's response to Vito's murder was to blow up a wire room held by Phil in Sheepshead Bay — Benny Fazio was on the scene for the explosion. At a conference with Gerry Torciano, Albie Cianfiore, and Butch DeConcini, a decision was reached to take out a high-ranking member of the Soprano crime family. Butch was particularly vocal in his desire to kill Tony, but Phil had more sense than that, and decided against it. Phil had a massive coronary soon afterwards and FBI Agent Harris informed Tony that someone on his crew could be in danger.

In an attempt to clear the air between them, Tony paid a visit to Phil's hospital bed, telling him of his own near-death experience. During his disagreement with Phil about an asbestos removal project, Tony reminds him of their discussion in the hospital but Phil snubs him.

Tony retaliates by taking two members of Phil's crew off a project payroll, after which one of them threatens Tony's daughter Meadow. Tony retaliates by curb-stomping him on a wooden step in a restaurant in front of Butch DeConcini, shattering all of the threatener's teeth.

Phil refuses to meet with Tony after this incident and war between the two families seems imminent. It becomes clear that there is no compromise available between NY and NJ, and as a result the wheels begin to turn. The likely idea is that if Tony is killed, Silvio will take over and make peace, and Gervasi will be rewarded.

Silvio responds by strangling Burt Gervasi at his house with a garotte. Soprano knew what had to be done, and arranged for Phil Leotardo to be executed. At the same time, Phil had a war-room discussion where he arranged for New Jersey to be wiped out.

Phil gives orders to "decapitate the leadership" of the Sopranos and "do business with what's left", and orders contracts on Tony Soprano, Silvio Dante and Robert "Bobby Bacala" Baccalieri. The Sopranos attempt to hit Phil went awry however when Phil's Ukrainian mistress and her father were mistaken for Phil and were mistakenly killed by the non-English-speaking Italians who were brought over from "the other side" specifically to perform this contract.

The hits on the Sopranos in New Jersey took place with more finesse, however. Bacala is killed at a model train shop when two assassins ambush him. Word comes down that Leotardo has vanished, and the Soprano Family decides to do the same. In the ensuing carnage, Silvio Dante is shot multiple times but Parisi escapes. Silvio is rushed to a hospital where he is left in a coma. Tony and some soldiers head to a safe house to hide, as the search for Phil continued.

Tony, surrounded by bodyguards, attempts to sleep while holding an AR rifle in his arms, which Bobby gave to him on his 47th birthday,.

During this meeting the New York Family agreed that Phil Leotardo's decision to go to war with North Jersey was a bad one, has gone much too far and that consequently the New York leadership would back off.

Butch did, however, give Tony implicit permission to take Phil out should he find him, without retaliation from Butch and New York. Butch also agrees to financially compensate Bobby's widow.

Since Tony had previously given FBI Agent Harris information on two Arab men that used to be small-time associates of the family, Harris eventually told Tony that Phil had been making calls from a pay phone at a gas station in Oyster Bay. The Soprano family began patrolling the area's gas stations looking for Phil. It wasn't long before Walden Belfiore , a soldier in the Gervasi crew, caught up with Phil at the gas station.

Phil was shot in the head and chest in front of his wife and grandchildren. His vehicle was in gear and, while Phil was on the ground, the driverless SUV ran over his head. It is currently unknown of who took over the Curto crew after the passing of its Capo, Raymond Curto. Domenico Ercoli DiMeo, a.

By the events of season one, he is boss in name only and never demonstrates any influence over the family. When the death of Giacomo "Jackie" Aprile is reported in season one, the television news reporter states that Aprile was the acting boss for the year-old Ercoli "Eckley" DiMeo , which makes DiMeo more than 80 years old if he is still alive at the end of the series.

DiMeo ran the family from sometime in the s until he received a sentence of life imprisonment in , at which point Giacomo "Jackie" Aprile became acting boss of the family. Jackie already had full control in the first season of The Sopranos ; at one point he said, "I may be acting boss while the old man's a guest of the government" out of deference to DiMeo.

DiMeo was apparently a major force in his prime. He served as a mentor to Tony Soprano and, according to other characters, early on envisioned both Tony and Jackie as eventual candidates for boss. DiMeo also took a liking to Tony's father Johnny Soprano , and it is likely that Johnny would have been acting boss had he not died of emphysema in Beppy Sasso a member of the DiMeo crime family and was the underboss at the time that the show started.

He was indicted on federal racketeering charges, along with recently named boss Junior Soprano and caporegime Lawrence Barese. Sasso has the shortest on-screen time of any character, answering the door of his house in a robe. He is described as an "ailing underboss" in the fictitious media reports surrounding the DiMeo crime family.

It is unknown when Sasso became underboss. There is speculation that Junior Soprano promoted him when Junior became boss in , but that is unlikely since he is described as "ailing underboss". He was likely underboss for either Jackie Aprile from onward, or for long time boss Ercoli Dimeo prior to He spray paints a drawing of a penis on a painting that Johnny Sack said once hung in the office of Fiorello LaGuardia.

He serves as a bodyguard and driver for Tony Soprano during his recovery from a gunshot in Tony calls him Penne Arrabiata as in the pasta dish penne all'arrabbiata , on account of his getting angry Italian: He is first runner-up in Mr. Teenage Bloomfield and cousin of Gina Annunziata. Tony picks a fight with Perry at Satriale's to regain the respect of the family following his injury, selecting Perry specifically because of his muscular build and hot-headed nature. Perry knows the ramifications of beating up a mob boss, yet he still tries to fight back.

Tony beats him to the ground and gives him a broken nose. Tony later pays Perry off as an apology for the altercation, although Perry states that he was in the wrong. Perry takes advice from both his father and from capo Carlo Gervasi.

He renews his duties by accompanying Tony to the Feast of Saint Elzear and to Christopher Moltisanti's belated bachelor party. Annunziata is driving Tony when he discovers the corpse of Fat Dom Gamiello at Satriale's, but he remains in the car. Matthew Bevilacqua nicknamed "Drinkwater" based on the English translation of his last name was Sean Gismonte's partner-in-crime from West Orange, New Jersey and an associate working under Christopher Moltisanti in the Gualtieri crew.

Ruggiero's Neighborhood", Bonpensiero is overheard on a FBI wiretap that Bevilaqua's family is involved in the construction business. Matthew also mentions that he and Sean attended Pace University Lubin School of Business and are licensed stock brokers. He bought marijuana from a drug dealer at The Bada Bing. Matt worked with Christopher in various aspects of organized crime including the Massarone construction site, a pump and dump stockbroking scheme at an Over-the-counter finance brokerage house in Bayonne, New Jersey involving an internet company called Webistics, assisting with Junior Soprano 's executive card game, and some burglary jobs with Chris and Sean.

They stole a Porsche Carrera from the office building that they were running the pump and dump stock scam from and beat up a stockbroker for suggesting a different stock option. Matt threatened to stab the office manager of the brokerage in the throat with a letter opener if he told Chris Moltisanti about their actions.

The office manager reported them anyways. Silvio referred to Matt and Sean as, " Chip n' Dale " after the cartoon because of their ineptness. Matt tells Christopher that he sees no point in getting married because he can get all the women he wants and always hire someone to wash his dishes and iron his shirts. He drives a Buick Regal that he abandons after Sean is shot and killed in the passenger seat during the failed mob hit on Christopher Moltisanti.

In "From Where to Eternity" when Paulie talks to Tony about his experience of seeing a psychic, Tony inquires why he didn't ask the psychic where they could find Matthew.

Matt and Sean were marijuana -smoking slackers with an often naive approach to mob business. Despite their general lack of talent, the duo desperately wanted to move up in the ranks of the family.

They tried to impress Tony whenever possible, but eventually angered him by attempting to directly discuss criminal activity with him at the toilets in a men's room, unaware of the threat of wiretapping.

Then, hoping to gain favor with Richie Aprile , Matt and Sean decided to make an assassination attempt on Christopher, who they knew Aprile disliked. Attempting a drive-by ambush in the parking lot outside the stock brokerage firm, they hit Christopher twice but were unable to kill him.

Before collapsing from blood loss, Christopher was able to return fire, killing Sean while Matthew fled to seek protection from Richie Aprile, who reacted angrily and chased him away. He tells Tony that it was all Sean's idea to shoot Moltisanti. There was an eyewitness to the murder, and this is one of the few crimes that the FBI can directly tie to Tony throughout the course of the story, although said eyewitness retracted his statement upon learning that one of the shooters may have been Tony Soprano.

The newspaper identified Matthew as a Soprano crime family "associate. In , Black Jack Massarone, construction magnate had become a federal informant and wore a wire concealed in a baseball cap to several meetings with Tony. Massarone was later murdered. A former soldier in the Soprano crew worked alongside Johnny Boy Soprano.

Chris compares the ruthlessness of Pat to Jake LaMotta. Unlike many of his contemporaries, he was able to retire from "the business". He had hiccups for an entire year approximately and contemplated suicide. Tony Soprano calls him Uncle Pat but they are not blood relatives.

Tony Blundetto remembers riding a tractor and cutting down brush with a scythe and watering Pat's tomatoes. On the farm, they also hunted wild turkeys and zucchinis. Tony Blundetto remembers that Pat used to nocturnal and almost an insomniac in his younger years. The development is later put on hold when the Environmental Protection Agency goes after the developer for not having the special permit.

He seems to have a knowledge of ornithology , identifying a double-breasted American robin at the psychiatric hospital when visiting Junior. He congratulates Chris on his sobriety. Pat has difficulty remembering where the Johnson brothers were buried as they were murdered a very long time ago suggested before when Italian Swiss was bought up and buried in an otherwise unmarked grave.

In his younger years he used to drink Italian Swiss Colony and was drinking a bottle the night he buried the Johnson brothers. Tony Soprano uses a contact at a phone company to track down Blundetto at their uncle's former farm. Soprano kills Blundetto there with a gauge shotgun in order to prevent his torture at the hands of Phil.

Soprano then gives Sack Blundetto's hiding place. When Phil arrives later, he finds Blundetto's body lying on a pile of wood on the front porch. In the series finale, Pat is seen visiting a decrepit Junior Soprano in a New Jersey mental facility. He there encounters Janice , whom he suspects is attempting to con Junior into giving her the last of his money.

Pat later visits Tony at the Bada Bing to report Janice's suspicious behavior, before going back to Florida. An associate of Christopher Moltisanti and a heroin addict. Christopher enlisted him to accommodate the Italian hitmen provided to Tony for the hit on Rusty Millio. Corky was chosen primarily because he speaks Italian and would therefore be able to communicate effectively with the hitmen.

Christopher paid him for the job with heroin. Corky performed well, delivering weapons and instructions at a remote spot without revealing much about himself, and the hit went smoothly. Christopher delivered the second half of Corky's payment at the Feast of St. Elzear and included more heroin as a substitute for some of the money. Corky injected the drug in Christopher' car, which initially prompted Christopher to encourage him to get into rehab.

However, Christopher was eventually tempted into joining him. The target this time was Phil Leotardo , but Corky was not as successful. The hit was botched badly and Yaryna, Phil's housemaid and mistress, and her elderly father, who looked remarkably like Phil, are killed instead.

When Corky heard from the hitmen that the man spoke Ukrainian to his daughter, he mumbled "whatever. He served as a driver and bodyguard for Tony as a soldier of the Soprano crime family in In the episode "Irregular Around the Margins," Frankie was one of the parties that restrained Christopher when he came after Tony with a gun at the Bing Frankie threatened to break him like a wishbone during this incident.

It is his wife's house that Tony, Carlo and others stay at while in hiding from Phil Leotardo. Soldier of Paulie Gualtieri crew who accompanied him on a robbery of Colombian drug dealers in Shot a Colombian who was trying to stab Paulie. Later seen visiting Tony as he recovered from his shooting at the hands of Junior Soprano, his uncle.

Brendan was addicted to crystal meth , and often used it with Christopher. Comley Trucking was under the protection of Uncle Junior , who demanded restitution. At a sit down, Uncle Junior tells Tony to keep Brendan and Christopher's "loose cannon" behavior under control. In a nightclub, Brendan tries his best to convince Chris to neglect Tony and Uncle Junior since they were both being denied a rise. While they were at the nightclub Brendan and Chris both see Martin Scorsese and his entourage pull up in a limo and enter the club.

Early the next morning, Brendan urges Chris to get ready for the next heist, a truckload of high-end Italian suits. Christopher tells him that he has decided to go along with the rules instead. Always high on crystal meth and unable to comply with orders, Brendan, this time without Christopher, hijacks another Comley truck with two cohorts. In the process, the driver of this second truck is accidentally shot and killed by a ricochet bullet when one of the thugs drops his gun.

Once Tony learns about this mishap, Brendan and Christopher receive a lecture about leadership and are ordered to return the truck to Comley. However, Uncle Junior isn't satisfied. Because of this, Junior orders that Christopher receive a mock execution — and a real one for Brendan.

Brendan is shot clean through the eye " Moe Greene special " while in his bathtub by Uncle Junior's trigger man, Mikey Palmice , as Junior stands by.

In the aftermath, Christopher and Adriana find Brendan's body in his bathtub and Christopher calls for harsh retaliation against Palmice. Tony decides to confront his uncle and Mikey for their methods by beating Mikey to the ground and stapling him with some tickets. He then goes to have a sit-down with Uncle Junior about his orders. He is one of the main concentrations on television when Jeffrey Wernick is interviewed about the murder charges. Wernick reveals that Filone was a loyal soldier and associate and his murder was as yet unsolved.

The amount of media attention and coverage Brendan receives after his murder makes Christopher annoyed and jealous. Later, when Jimmy Altieri attends a funeral, he notifies Uncle Junior of how sad Brendan Filone's mother was at his funeral.

Junior reciprocates by telling Mikey and Chuckie about Jimmy's remark, noting that this is the kind of thing they are talking about behind his back, namely the "Brendan Filone hit". Later, in retaliation for the attempted hit on Tony, Mikey Palmice is killed after Chris and Paulie Gualtieri chase him down while he is jogging.

Mikey tries to blame all the recent events on Junior, even Brendan's death, but Chris replies, "My friend Brendan, you shot him in his bathtub naked, no chance to run. In season two, after Christopher is shot by Sean Gismonte and Matthew Bevilaqua , he has a near-death experience in the hospital where he goes to "hell" and explains that he saw Brendan Filone and Mikey Palmice playing cards with a bunch of Roman soldiers and Irish men.

Chris also mentions that Brendan and Mikey are friends in hell although they were enemies when alive. Paulie assumes that Chris went to purgatory and tries to reassure him that it isn't as bad as hell, although Paulie becomes obsessed with his own fears of ghosts.

With the exception of Paulie's concern, most of the other Soprano crew chalk up Christopher's experience as a hallucination. An Sicilian Camorra associate of Furio Giunta. Furio and Gaetano joked about the two being homosexuals , speaking Italian so Sean and Matt did not understand. It is unknown how long Giarizzo stayed in the country or his role in the family as he has not appeared since.

Sean Gismonte upon seeing him, refers to Gaetano as "greaseball wop. He was Matthew Bevilaqua 's partner in crime and an associate in the Gualtieri crew in But Christopher comments, " Other than waxing his car, what did you do? They are roommates in a small apartment and smoke marijuana together. He refers to Tony as "Mr. He was reprimanded for beating a stockbroker and stealing a Porsche Carrera from the parking lot of where the stock brokerage is. Sean Gismonte is later found out to be a cousin of Louis "Louie" Gismonte, a fellow pound incarcerated mobster who was serving time with Richie Aprile in New Jersey State Prison and worked in the license plate machine shop with him.

Looking to move up in the ranks, Sean and Matt attempted a hit on Christopher as an attempt to win favor from Richie Aprile. The hit was botched and Sean was killed in the ensuing gun battle. Corky is a Soprano associate who mainly acts as an arsonist who is skilled at making the cause of his work appear accidental. He assisted Silvio in starting the fire which burned down Artie's restaurant in He made the fire look like to the arson investigators to be from a faulty Flame supervision device on the gas stove in the kitchen something Artie doesn't agree with , commenting that the stove was brand new.

Tony later suspected that Ralph Cifaretto had hired Corky to light numerous fires, including the fire at the stables which killed Pie-O-My, a horse owned by Ralph that Tony took great interest in. He was sweeping up at Satriale's when Tony returned after recovering from his injury and later showed Phil Leotardo into the room. He continued his role as a doorman, admitting Anthony Infante to his meeting with Tony at the Bada Bing. It is unknown whenever the hijacking took place.

Thomas Maccarato didn't appear in any other episode of the series. Dickie was in the U. Navy as was Hugh and saw action in the Naval battles of the Vietnam War and later served time in prison, making it unlikely that he spent much time with his family when he was alive. Dickie was killed during Christopher's infancy, right outside the house while bringing TV trays home. Barry Haydu, who had just retired from the force. Tony delivered Haydu to Christopher Moltisanti as a part of his process of bonding Chris to him and slowly easing him up the family hierarchy.

However, when confronted by Christopher, Haydu denied ever having heard of Dickie Moltisanti and claimed that someone was "obviously" setting him up; however, he inadvertently admitted knowing Dickie Moltisanti by stating "Look, whoever told you I had anything to do with his death is lying!

Haydu's last words are "I'm sorry! The Irish guys were winning every roll. Dickie tells him that " he loses every hand of cards he ever plays ," and that every night they murder him the same way he died in life and that it hurts worse every time.

Paulie tells Christopher that he wasn't in hell as Moltisanti believed but was in purgatory. He also sees Brendan Filone and Mikey Palmice also in the same bar and they were friends. Tony remembers Dickie as a "stand up guy" and describes a lot of his positive qualities to Christopher. Dickie once took on a whole crew from New England and brought the war home to their turf.

Tony also remembers that Dickie was killed because of a beef with Jilly Ruffalo, a man he knew in prison. Jilly murdered Dickie's cellmate and Dickie gouged out his eye in revenge. Junior Soprano mentions that Phillip wears a hairpiece, although his baldness is never shown.

He is also Tony Soprano 's cousin on his mother's side. Phillip alludes that he has been a fugitive in the past by telling Gigi about saving money where he can when wanted by the police, but it is never mentioned what he was a fugitive from.

The two brothers were extremely close and Phillip would follow his brother into a life of organized crime in the DiMeo crime family. While a wife is never mentioned and no children, he is also the uncle to Patrick Parisi and coy with revealing mob information.

Tony Soprano ordered the hit to silence rumours which in reality was factual gossip of Tony's troubled personal life at the time that "Spoons" had been spreading that Tony had tried to suffocate Livia Soprano.

He also implied that Junior Soprano and Livia Soprano had extramarital sex following the death of Johnny Boy, which disgusted Junior at the implications. Philly also later appeared in one of Tony's dreams while he was sick with food poisoning.

Tony was shown to be sorry and regretted having him killed. His death is thought to be an attempted carjacking as reported by police in the news. Former soldier in the DiMeo crime family ; he was possibly in the Soprano crew as Johnny Soprano knew him although Tony Soprano said he didn't know him well and Febby thought his name was "Teddy" not Tony.

He entered the Witness Protection Program in after being arrested for dealing heroin. But he was eventually kicked out of the program. He later becomes a bonded and certified travel agent who is the proprietor of his own agency outside of Waterville, Maine and his address is said to be 38 Washington Street in Kennebec County, Maine. He promoted cruise line trips and train excursions.

Tony is at first not positive with the recognition as he hasn't seen the man since Tony recognized him living under the false name Frederick "Fred" Peters while visiting Colby College in Waterville, Maine with Meadow, while Peters' daughter is also considering attending. Tony waits for Febby to leave his travel agency, and when he does, Tony strangles him to death with a piece of wiring, leaving his body in front of his business, to signify that the Mafia had found him, and it was not just a random killing.

Febby was an amateur wood sculptor, a skill he learned in a prison wood-shop, but had a problem carving lifelike lips. Christopher says he thought Febby's bust of Frank Sinatra was actually that of Shaquille O'Neal , and Tony realizes he's found Febby when he sees a bust of Ronald Reagan in his office with very large lips. At the time of his murder, Febby had a daughter who was around the age of Meadow Soprano , and a younger daughter.

At the time of his death he was remarried, and had served as a volunteer fireman , and dealt some drugs locally. He had the chance to shoot Tony the previous day while accompanying his daughter to an orientation day at Colby College but cancels the plan because of the presence of two elderly bystanders outside their motel room.

While Tony is garroting him, he lies and tries to use Meadow's presence as an excuse for not shooting him, but Tony doesn't care and kills him anyway. In the printed version Tony orders him to drop the gun once he has the wire around his neck in the episode he simply drops it and their conversation is longer with Petrulio pleading that he has kids to which Tony replies "other guys got kids and they took the time". It is also left unclear until the last second as to whether Tony will kill him or not as his pleadings result in Tony relaxing his grip on the wire.

Febby then tries to pull away which results in Tony losing his temper and killing him. Comparing this version to the final one, it is possible to see the edits made to achieve the final version. George "Georgie" Santorelli is a bartender at the Bada Bing. He was occasionally involved in the crime family's activities, including helping Christopher move the body of Emil Kolar, a Czech-American mobster Christopher had whacked in the pilot episode, and also swept the Bing for bugs following rumors of federal indictments.

He was well liked by Silvio Dante , who owns the club. This is seen in the season 3 episode " University ". While Georgie seems harmless, affable, and compliant, it appears as if he is somewhat slow mentally. Georgie is the one that tells Christopher that while on the operating table after the car crash with Tony that Adriana was moaning Tony's name, which leads Christopher to believe that Adriana was cheating on him with Tony.

Georgie's mental impediments would later make him the catalyst for many of Tony Soprano 's sudden, violent outrages in a few different situations, as he had a tendency to exhibit excessive incompetence and spout inappropriate commentary at the worst times, which leads to Tony beating him with objects: Tony repeatedly hitting him over the head with the phone when he kept repeating "Hello?

In "University", Georgie is also hit in the eye by a chain while Ralph Cifaretto is emulating a scene from the film Gladiator. After Tony hits him repeatedly over the head with the cash drawer causing permanent ear damage, Georgie says he is quitting.

However, it appears he is convinced to stay or return to work as Georgie can later be seen working back at the Bing in season 6.

A friend and AA sponsor of Christopher Moltisanti , "Murmur" is reportedly an expert at forging documents. Attended Raymond Curto 's funeral, to Tony Soprano 's chagrin. He has also shown that he has the ability to do some muscle work as well, as seen by his and Benny Fazio 's quick kidnapping of J.

Present at Christopher's pitch meeting for Christopher's movie project Cleaver. Also with Christopher at an AA meeting when the crew first learned of Vito Spatafore 's homosexuality , although Tony dismissed "Murmur" from the back-room discussion of the news at the Bada Bing.

James earned the moniker "Murmur" for having a heart murmur during child birth. He was once friends with a Vietnam War veteran that drank formaldehyde just to get high. While there, "Murmur" and Christopher tried to intimidate Ben Kingsley and robbed Lauren Bacall of a gift basket she received at an awards ceremony. He was also responsible for informing Tony that Phil Leotardo had a heart attack - Tony had warmed to him a little by this point and rewarded him with a club soda.

In , in the episode "The Blue Comet," "Murmur" unknowingly informed Paulie and Silvio, by showing them a newspaper article on the murders of two civilians, that Phil Leotardo is still alive and the job to kill him failed because the hitmen had misidentified their target.

Father of Bobby "Bacala" Baccalieri. When asked about his father's age when he died by Junior Soprano, Junior thought he was 71 making him born in while Bobby Jr. Soldier in Junior Soprano's crew in his younger days, he owned and worked as a barber part-time in a barber shop cutting hair, the shop was a front for his illegal businesses, he sold it after he retired from the family.

In " Soprano Home Movies ", Tony mentioned to Bobby's son how it was unusual that he never whacked anyone, considering his father was "the ' Terminator in that respect", suggesting Bobby Sr. He told Bobby Jr. Tony tells Bobby Jr. Returned to New Jersey from semi-retirement in because he still saw his oncologist in New Jersey as a patient. With blood in his Lymph nodes , in cancer staging he has 3b lung cancer. He had lung cancer after a lifelong smoking habit. His brand choice of cigarettes were Camels.

Despite Bobby turning down chemotherapy treatment saying that it's worse than actual cancer, Junior suggests that he go see his oncologist , Dr. Kennedy and possibly try Continuous positive airway pressure therapy. Tony surmises after hearing that Junior has been diagnosed with stomach cancer that he didn't want Bobby Sr. The hit was ordered as retribution for the savage unprovoked beating of Bryan Spatafore, brother of Vito Spatafore. Vito was a made man in the Aprile crew at the time.

Mustang Sally was Robert's godson but he felt he had always been a problem so he had no reservations about the job and was glad to be of use. He tells Tony that the only connection he has to Mustang Sally is that he's the man's namesake. Junior compared Baccalieri's sense of duty to Theodore Roosevelt when he made a speech after being shot by John Flammang Schrank in Despite his poor health and shortness of breath on exertion, he was able to overwhelm and kill the much younger Mustang Sally and his friend Carlos.

Died after choking on blood brought on from his lung and losing control of his car and crashing into a signpost while leaving the scene of his final hit in Staten Island, New York. Following his death, Bobby Jr. Junior Soprano who was worried about his cancer metastasizing , inquiries about whether it was cancer itself that led to his death or the car accident. Junior gets permission to leave his house while under house arrest by the courts to attend the funeral but later backs out, depressed about his own cancer diagnosis.

Tommy is an elderly soldier in Junior Soprano 's crew who is responsible for looking after him as his dementia worsens. He allows Junior to wander out of the house. Mikey Palmice mentions to Jackie Aprile Sr. It is never made clear if these are two different DiPalmas. He's the godson of Robert Baccalieri Sr. Although he is a godson , Salvatore calls him "Uncle Bobby". He is verbally and physically abusive and very possessive with his girlfriends and has anger management problems. He likes watching Sally talk show and wears his hair long.

Ralph Cifaretto says that Salvatore threw a hot dog vendor off the second-floor mezzanine at Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey for serving too many onions on his hot dog. Tony and Ralph Cifaretto question Vito if Bryan owed Mustang Sally any money implying Salvatore was a loanshark or had some disagreement with him. He is callous and has a morbid sense of humor, joking about the attack on Bryan Spatafore with Baccalieri Sr. Tina and Mustang Sally argued in the street and when Tina urged Bryan Spatafore, of Spatafore Bros construction, who was standing by his truck waiting for a companion, to take her home to Somers Point, New Jersey.

Mustang Sally hit Bryan in the forehead with a golf club and beat him to the point where he was in a coma. Bryan Spatafore's brother, Vito Spatafore, was a made man in the Aprile crew at the time. Although it's not appreciated by his godfather, he associates with Hispanics or as Bobby Bacala Sr. Despite his godfather being 69 or 71 years old and suffering from lung cancer, and Intile being much younger 42 years old Bacala Sr.

Esposito is a bodyguard of Junior Soprano. Appears outside the old Vesuvio, in " Pilot " and takes part of the wiseguys mob during the Columbus Day riots in " Christopher ". He is arrested for public disturbance at the protest, same as Pasquale Parisi. Elderly soldier and former capo of Junior Soprano's crew, replacing Philly Parisi following Parisi's murder carried out by Gigi Cestone. After displaying signs of mental and physical enfeeblement that affected his capacity to run the crew's business, Junior had him replaced by Bobby Bacala.

Murf is often ridiculed by Junior for his slow reactions and driving like an old woman. Anthony is a soldier in Bobby Baccalieri 's crew. Alongside his captain, he collected proceeds from John Stefano's Joey Perillo illegal asbestos-dumping operation in Corning, New York , and delivered them to Tony Soprano. Seen in the series finale delivering what appears to be the proceeds from Bobby's last collection while Tony is on the lam from Phil Leotardo , possibly promoted to caporegime.

His nickname may have been taken from real life mobster Venero Mangano. Donald, referred to only as Donnie is a low-level associate from Rahway, New Jersey of Mikey Palmice and a close friend who Mikey states "is always reliable" and served time in East Jersey State Prison supposedly with Mikey referred by him as "Rahway State Prison" with the contract killers he is handing the job to.

He drives a Pontiac Firebird. Palmice uses him as an intermediary to seek out contract killers and organize a hit on Tony Soprano. Donnie's contract killers fail to fulfill the job, as there are too many witnesses on Midland Avenue in Montclair, New Jersey in which angers Junior Soprano.

Donnie arrives at a clandestine meeting and after Mikey and Chucky talk to Donnie for a moment, Donnie makes a joke saying "I hear that Tony Soprano's own mother even wants him popped.

Junior reacts poorly to this joke and has Mikey call Donnie back and execute him on the spot. Beppy is an elderly soldier in the Junior Soprano crew, full name Giuseppe Scerbo.

He agrees with Junior on the need to kill Pussy Malanga , and sides with Junior when Tony tries to persuade Junior into changing the location of the planned hit. Scerbo appears briefly in " Whoever Did This ", seen walking out of the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey courthouse with Junior, who comments on how " You get a full chicken and it's enough to bring home and get two meals" , when Junior complains about how they missed the "early bird special".

Later in the episode when Junior is hospitalized after falling down steps, he tells his lawyer, Harold Melvoin: Beppy also visits Junior during Season 6 while Junior is committed to a state-assisted elderly facility.

He is shown "kicking-up" tribute to the committed Junior, and even hatching a scheme to help Junior escape from the institution. However, because of Junior's use of debilitating prescribed medication, the plan never materializes.

Joe Pucillo, the actor who portrays Beppy, is the uncle of series creator David Chase. Chucky is a soldier in Junior Soprano 's crew and a friend of Mikey Palmice. Once it was confirmed that Junior and Palmice organized the failed hit on Tony, the sentiment was that Junior would want to finish what he started.

At this point, Tony decided to retaliate. Being that Mikey was now "too high up," the thought was that Chucky would be the most likely person to pull the trigger the next time around. As such, he was taken by surprise at a marina, while in his small boat, and killed by Tony when he reveals a hidden gun in a fish he was carrying and shoots Chucky several times in the chest. Tony and Silvio Dante take Signore's corpse out on his runabout and dispose of it.

Mikey's wife, JoJo Palmice , doesn't like Chucky, calling him a "sick fuck". Cestone's actual first name is never mentioned, although "Gigi" is a derivation of the names "Gianluigi" and "Luigi". He is involved in the garbage waste business to some capacity and at the time of his death was involved in a very large freon disposal and Refrigerant reclamation deal.

Former soldier in the Junior Soprano crew, defected to Tony Soprano 's crew in following the execution of Philly Parisi the acting capo of Junior's crew while Junior was incarcerated. The hit was ordered by Tony as revenge for Philly spreading rumors about Tony's mother with regard to Tony and Junior's feud. It is suggested that he was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts but later moved to New Jersey and has relatives there that he sees when he is a wanted fugitive.

Gigi was picked up by Philly from the airport, and Philly drove him home. Before exiting the car, Gigi shot Philly twice in the head and, deafened by his own gunshots, made off in another vehicle being driven by Paulie Walnuts.

Gigi was quickly made part of the inner circle of Tony's crew unlike fellow new member Patsy Parisi. Gigi faced some awkward moments around Patsy as the latter expressed his grief over the loss of his own twin brother Philly.

Gigi made a final transition in the fall of when he was promoted to the position of capo over the Aprile crew, following Richie Aprile 's "disappearance" making him the only made guy in the DiMeo crime family to serve in three different crews. Ralph Cifaretto took every opportunity to make his life difficult as he had hoped to receive the promotion himself and, Cestone showed clear dislike of Cifaretto. Ralphie compared Gigi's rise in power and leadership abilities to Lee Iacocca.

It was also Gigi's idea to have Bobby Bacala Sr. When Dominic, the manager of a massage-parlor bordello starts holding back in paying protection money to Tony, Gigi suggests that it's Dominic's Filipino wife and not Dominic who is the problem. In a flashback scene in the episode, " Gigi died in the episode " He Is Risen ", from the undue stress of putting his children through college and trying to control a resentful and recalcitrant Ralphie.

He had a fatal heart attack while constipated on the toilet in his social club. At his funeral, Paulie mentioned that he had an undiagnosed Congenital heart defect. His crew found his body and called an ambulance but he was dead on arrival. Ralph was subsequently made the captain of the Aprile crew.

He knew Richie Aprile before he was incarcerated in Gave Richie Aprile an envelope of money and told him he has children of his own and was now recently made a grandfather. He is given insults by Paulie because of his massive height the actor Squicciarini that plays Cippolina stands at 6'5 and massive weight and says that Frank is a "medical curiosity" implying that he has a Congenital anomaly or birth defect.

He got into a short verbal altercation with Paulie Walnuts, commenting on how Cippolina's envelope of money is probably filled with single dollar bills and insulting Paulie's mother. While doing this and Pussy Bompensiero tells Big Frank to "get lost.

Bobby was a member of Richie Aprile's crew who used to collect garbage from Raritan Township, New Jersey , who talked to the man who had trash dumped in the driveway by a dump truck. It is implied this is the front company that Richie and Junior Soprano use to traffic cocaine. The man complained about prices and service, so they dumped trash in the driveway of his Nutley, New Jersey deli thinking "he wanted it back".

While the business is called "Zanone Bros.


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