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Perry 2 , [nb 49] George B. A person who gambles at a social game of chance on equal terms with the other participants therein does not otherwise render material assistance to the establishment, conduct or operation thereof by performing, without fee or remuneration, acts directed toward the arrangement or facilitation of the game, such as inviting persons to play, permitting the use of premises therefor and supplying cards or other equipment used therein. Sometimes I can't believe this is the life God chose for me, and it has been very hard for me to finish my book, the last chapter has been extremely difficult to write because I am still waiting for that happy ending to happen, and, I wish I had that happy ending in my life right now to share with you, but, as is, all I have on the last page of my book, is what the title says, "I'm Still Standing". Nearby Restaurants See all 2, restaurants in New Orleans. Richardson 's largest commission; advent of his characteristic Richardsonian Romanesque style; used to care for the mentally ill; grounds designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.

New York Constitution and Consolidated Laws

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I really want to know how much I am appreciated for what I do. Sometimes I can't believe this is the life God chose for me, and it has been very hard for me to finish my book, the last chapter has been extremely difficult to write because I am still waiting for that happy ending to happen, and, I wish I had that happy ending in my life right now to share with you, but, as is, all I have on the last page of my book, is what the title says, "I'm Still Standing".

Welcome To The Westchester News The Westchester News is the most trusted news media on the internet, all the corrupt politicians we expose on this news, they all get indicted, we get the facts from our unlimited database of reliable sources. We have the very best News Reporters and Partners. General Electric Research Laboratory.

July 17, Classical Revival structure; built in ; housed the W. Gurley Company, a maker of precision measuring instruments. Office of paleontologist James Hall , a leader in research on the geology of North America during the 19th century; designed by Vaux and Olmsted. Largest cotton mill complex in the world when it opened in ; one of the finest examples of a large-scale textile mill complex outside New England.

Estate of railroad magnate Edward Harriman ; also known as Arden. December 22, Home of Franklin Hough , considered the father of American forestry. Hudson River Historic District. December 14, View of Catskills across river from here inspired Hudson River School artists; small towns with much land use and architecture preserved from past eras.

Frederick Clarke Withers -designed first institutional building in the U. Huguenot Street Historic District. One of the oldest continuously inhabited neighborhoods in the current United States of America Taos Pueblo is another. One of the finest American houses that combines the architectural traditions of England and America; one of the few surviving works of Philip Hooker.

May 29, Henry Knox during the American Revolution. Lake Mohonk Mountain House. Distinctive resort on Shawangunk Ridge ; site of conference that led to establishment of Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague. First archeological evidence of an Archaic c. Only known surviving radeau simple flat-bottomed ship with cannon , sunk under feet 30 m of water during French and Indian War. January 7, Home of physicist-chemist Irving Langmuir , winner of the Nobel Prize during his research career with General Electric.

July 4, Manitoga Russel Wright House and Studio. February 17, House and studio of industrial designer Russel Wright. Designed by Wright and his wife to be sustainable and blend in with surrounding environment. February 24, Considered the most important building of architect Frank Lloyd Wright 's early career.

Lewis Miller Cottage, Chautauqua Institution. December 21, Home of Lewis Miller , founder of Chautauqua Institution , located on grounds. November 11, Vincent Millay House Steepletop. Home of Pulitzer Prize -winning poet Edna St. Example of a Long Island oyster dredging sloop, and only extant one that operated purely on sail power.

Mohawk Upper Castle Historic District. Historic district including the Indian Castle Church as well as archaeological site areas. April 8, Morrill Hall, Cornell University. First building of Cornell University. January 29, Home of telegraph inventor Samuel F. Morse in his later years; preserved by subsequent owners. Mount Lebanon Shaker Society. Main Shaker community established in U. William Sidney Mount House. Home and studio of painter William Sidney Mount. April 1, New York State Barge Canal.

New York State Capitol. Built in two different architectural styles; one of ten U. New York State Inebriate Asylum. December 9, First hospital built to treat alcoholism and view it as a medical problem rather than a character flaw.

Sixteen-sided building on Union College campus considered outstanding example of Victorian Gothic architecture. Built in ; asserted to be "one of the finest surviving examples of English domestic architecture in America". Old Main, Vassar College. Second Empire building was the second building of one of America's first women's colleges. Oneida Community Mansion House. Built in for the Oneida Community. Local militias held off pro-British Indians and Loyalists in Battle of Oriskany , one of the few battles of the Revolutionary War in which all participants were natives of North America.

Home of author Edward Eggleston , one of America's first realist novelists. Home and gravesite of Thomas Paine , author of Common Sense. January 12, Joint effort by two states to preserve scenic beauty of west Hudson Palisades and protect them from development and quarrying. First stromatolites in North America discovered here; fossils of marine algae were fully described by pioneering female paleontologist Winifred Goldring.

Historic house, water mill, and trading site; at one time, one of the largest slave holdings in the colonial North. December 19, Site of Battle of Plattsburgh , where U. The only publicly owned amusement park in the U. Jackson Pollock House and Studio. Home and studio of painter Jackson Pollock and his wife Lee Krasner beginning in Early skyscraper design; collaboration between Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler. May 11, Estate of the oil tycoons, the Rockefeller family ; also known as Kykuit.

Home of Elihu Root , U. Large-scale Greek Revival house. Elbert Hubbard -founded home of a key community in the Arts and crafts movement. May 16, Gothic Revival church designed by Richard Upjohn. January 16, Gothic church by architect Richard Upjohn. One of the earliest Adirondack Great Camps ; a major influence on later ones. Saratoga Spa State Park. Site of only active geysers in Eastern U. Schuyler Flatts Archeological District. Archeological district with artifacts from 6, years of human habitation; now a local park.

Home for many years of William Henry Seward , statesman whose long career was capped by the purchase of Alaska as Secretary of State. November 24, Log cabin built by John Burroughs and son as nature retreat. January 30, Home of Gerrit Smith , 19th century social reformer and presidential candidate.

John Philip Sousa House. Home of legendary bandleader and composer John Philip Sousa. August 11, Elizabeth Cady Stanton House. Home of 19th century feminist Elizabeth Cady Stanton. October 16, Home of Alcoholics Anonymous cofounder Bill W.

January 14, December 29, Fieldstone cottage built as retreat for Franklin D. Roosevelt , with his input; one of the first American buildings designed to be fully wheelchair accessible. April 11, Designed by George B. Post to accommodate both a functioning bank on the first floor and an auditorium.

Properties associated with Harriet Tubman , a conductor on the Underground Railroad. United States Military Academy. Commonly known as West Point ; oldest continuously occupied military post in the nation and alma mater of many U. Utica State Hospital Main Building. First hospital for the "insane poor"; archetypal Greek Revival building. January 1, Workplace and home of Maria Mitchell , important 19th century astronomer and pioneering woman in the science.

Home of Madam C. Walker , first known African-American millionaire. Headquarters of Washington during the final years of the Revolutionary War; Dutch stone house; oldest building in Newburgh; first-ever property designated as a historic site by a U. Home of Elkanah Watson , Revolutionary-era diplomat, founder of the county fair and early promoter of canals.

Last remaining Louis Comfort Tiffany stained glass installation in its original form. Castle Clinton National Monument. Statue of Liberty National Monument. Saratoga National Historical Park. Stillwater , Schuylerville and Victory. Site of the Battle of Saratoga , the first significant American military victory of the American Revolutionary War. Women's Rights National Historical Park. Seneca Falls and Waterloo. Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site. Eleanor Roosevelt developed property; place that she could develop some of her ideas for work with winter jobs for rural workers and women; includes a large two-story stuccoed building that housed Val-Kill Industries ; would become Eleanor's home after Franklin's death.

Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site. Sagamore Hill National Historic Site. Home of the 26th President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt from until his death in Colonial church used as a military hospital during the American Revolutionary War.

Theodore Roosevelt born on this site on October 27, Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site. Includes pleasure grounds with views of the Hudson River and Catskill Mountains , formal gardens, natural woodlands, and numerous support structures as well as a room mansion; completed in ; perfect example of the Beaux-Arts architecture style.

Federal Hall National Memorial. First capitol of the United States of America ; site of George Washington 's first inauguration in ; place where the United States Bill of Rights passed; original building was demolished in the nineteenth century; replaced by the current structure, that served as the first United States Customs House.

General Grant National Memorial. Mausoleum containing the bodies of Ulysses S. Fir Coast Guard cutter. Lighthouse tender that served on west coast; last working vessel in the fleet of the United States Lighthouse Service , ancestors of today's Coast Guard buoy tenders ; at NHL designation it was intended to become a museum ship in New York, but it is unclear if the ship ever visited; recently [ needs update ] sold in California.

Largest lightship ever built. Originally listed while she was primarily in Maine; sojourned for several years in Oyster Bay, New York. Arrived in Boston May 11, Home of scientist and FM radio inventor Edwin H.

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