[FS]Poker (SA-MP 0.3e RC5 and +)

Page 1 of 7. How silly of me, I gave the same link for the utilities, fixed. PlayerTextDrawAlignment playerid, txd, 2 ;. All times are GMT. Find More Posts by mgd.

Los Santos Roleplay

Zsolesszka Apr 1st, 2, Never. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up , it unlocks many cool features! OnPlayerCommandText playerid, cmdtext [ ]. PlayerTextDrawFont playerid, Start [ playerid ] , 4 ;. PlayerTextDrawColor playerid, Start [ playerid ] , - 1 ;. PlayerTextDrawShow playerid, Start [ playerid ] ;. PlayerTextDrawFont playerid, txd, 4 ;. PlayerTextDrawTextSize playerid, txd, PlayerTextDrawColor playerid, txd, - 1 ;. PlayerTextDrawSetSelectable playerid, txd, 1 ;.

PlayerTextDrawShow playerid, txd ;. PlayerTextDrawFont playerid, txd, 1 ;. PlayerTextDrawLetterSize playerid, txd, 0. PlayerTextDrawSetOutline playerid, txd, 1 ;. PlayerTextDrawSetProportional playerid, txd, 1 ;.

PlayerTextDrawAlignment playerid, txd, 2 ;. PlayerTextDrawBackgroundColor playerid, txd, ;. I'm giving you FULL permission to modify, rename, gut and pillage to your heat's content. You may even re-release it to these forums if you happen to make game alterations or bug fixes.

You can even remove my name and say you came up with the whole thing, just remember to think of me when you do it. This is pretty much my LAST contribution script-wise toward my year journey here on sa-mp, it's time I move on to learn and do other things, It's been fun guys.

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