Great to know I could help! Celebrities are the exception, as long as you respect rule 1. But you cannot get more than 32 slots without a license. I have a 57 mbps download and 27 mbps upload, seems good, as i usually get low ping in multiplayer games. Had some minor issues, but they are now fixed.

Welcome to Reddit,

If I accidentally deleted your Teamspeak, then you are free to create another - I won't always get things right. However, if a server is visibly being used, it will never be deleted. If you are using your server, it will be permanent or until I go bankrupt, there are major problems, or somebody directs a large attack at me. Minor issues from time to time.

Caused by my back-end database getting things in a twist when 2 servers get created at the same time. If there's a white page when you click create server, please immediately contact me - it takes around 5 minutes to fix. Previous problem happening a lot. I'm manually fixing the database every time it goes wrong. If you get a white page, just try again in a couple minutes. If you are not able to create a server for over 10 minutes, contact me.

Currently at full capacity - when I get back home, I'll delete all inactive servers and work on increasing capacity if the donations are adaquette. Also, thank you for the gold! My first gold ever. Thanks to donations, I will be opening another, slightly larger instance in Bristol.

This should add more server slots. If things don't go wrong, it will be ready in around an hour 2: I am also constantly deleting inactive servers from the current server, so if you are wanting a server but missed out, keep trying from time to time as there may be slots available.

Seen a few clients called usernames that are the same as mine or very similar to mine connecting to servers. If this happens, please ask for verification that it is me, such as a PM on Reddit or a comment on my Steam as there's quite a chance he's trying to do something malicious. Finished deploying new server! This one has more resources and should provide around more server slots.

Had some minor issues, but they are now fixed. It should be enough for most attacks unless someone really wants to cause problems for whatever reason. I have added automatic deletion of servers.

The script checks if the server has been connected to more than a few times in 10 days. The script will completely ignore servers with people online or servers that have had at least a few people joining within the last 10 days. Oh my dude, thank you so much. I really needed a TS server for my friends, to talk and so on, and you've helped me out superbly. I'm unfortunately not financially capable enough to pay for a TS server, but you, you've made life so much easier.

It's amazing for you to do this, thanks so much. Great to know I could help! Since you are short of money, please do not feel you need to donate. This is what this service is for. In case anyone did not know though. You can host your own TS server from your house at no cost. I have been running mine for twoish years now off an old unsused mac mini G4 I had laying around. I tinkered with the idea of moving it to my Raspberry Pi Zero but running it through Debian isn't the most streamlined of processes at the moment.

Oh definitely I wasn't trying to diminish what you are doing at all. I personally have mine plugged straight into my router so unless my internet goes out it says up all the time. We are currently at 47days up uptime, last time I took it down was to update it. Before then it was a little over days IIRC.

Though is fairly easy to run a higher cap TS server. I knew a guy who spent a few days and got a nonprofit license and upgraded his to slots free of charge. No way he was ever going to have anywhere close to people in there but it was nice to have. Either way its cool what you are doing.

Chances are there are gonna be some people who are going to benefit from this. That must have been quite some while ago, because nowadays its quite a bitch to get a NPL-licence unless you have a big gaming community with an active forum.

This was back in early when DayZ was getting fucking huge. His core "community" was maybe ish people that played on 3 DayZ servers and a minecraft server. The TS would have those people in it basically all the time with random people hopping in and out, sticking around for a few days before moving on. I always hear people talking about how much better Discord is, but they never say why it's better. Teamspeak has text chat for each channel, the whole server, and each user.

And you can have an unlimited amount of channels on TeamSpeak without even getting a free license. I still don't see any advantages. TS3's chat is the closest to IRC which is maybe not beautifull yet log system is something which is missing in "modern chats". In fact, it also has a different style option which looks more like IRC compared to the default one. Well, you should just type "irc chat" then "discord chat" on Google to compare, the result is kind of obvious as I clearly spoke about the chat itself and not its features.

I'd have a lot of argument in favour of TS3 or Mumble security beeing the 1 reason, amount of plugins for TS3 would be second but keeping logs in a format which is read-able by humans and scripts is a must have in communication softwares, but we are loosing it because of "nice looking" chats.

But there is already an unofficial API for discord with an official one coming. The unofficial API already has several discord plugins and more will come especially once the official API is completed. It's pretty unfair to write off the program just because of TS3's sheer number of plugins when I doubt you'd use many of them.

Curious the latency though. My guild uses mumble because it has super low latency. Lower than TS, Vent, and obviously skype. Latency is fine, you can change server region , so that helps. A lot of that is pretty disingenuous, unfortunately. What the hell is "Advanced Text Chat"? It's okay yet I really dislike their permission system. It's way too basic if you want to do anything more advanced than the whole 'general admin, mod and user' thing.

I stick to running a TS3 server off of one of my servers because it's always got room for the tiny resources TS3 uses. It's a small server running Linux. It's pretty much used for nothing but game servers though as I have no use for a site or email server. Discord has been my favorite so far.

Never have a problem with voice cutting out which I do in a few others it's currently free, and it doesn't seem to be very resource intensive. They are well on their way to being the best VOIP software for gamers. Plus my friend, who doesn't have a working PC mic, is able to use his phone and ear buds for voice chat with me on the desktop app.

We did this with razer comms and there were all kinds of connection problems. Also, the fact you don't have to download a dedicated app, you can just use it inside your web browser so you can text chat on your guild's server or whatever while at work or school if you have PC access. I don't use the web browser, but it's nice that it's there.

Since it first came out before MS aquired it I have never liked it. I gave it another try recently for over a week to chat with some ARK: SE friends who use it and I just can't stand anything about it I use Dolby Axon, and you being a past user, what made you switch? For me it does everything I need of a voice chat to do, but that's just me.

We just got disconnected a lot while using it. It's been awhile since I've used it though. I liked a lot of things about it. It's up there in my list of favorites. The directional voice was a cool idea too. I honestly prefer teamspeak more after using discord only for a month. Teamspeak has plug ins, more options and bots, from what I have seen, discord does not.

Discord is only good for it's text chat IMO. Only reason I would use it is if I was playing with somebody who doesn't know how to work a computer or if I could not get a teamspeak server. There is a music bot for discord, and there is an unofficial api out and an official one is comming up. My friend hosts a team speak server through typefrag and he hasn't payed for it in months but it's still up and running. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Does this happen often? It seems that they would be more on top of things regarding ontime payments.

Desync between their databases and actual running servers. According to them the server doesn't exist, so it slips through the net, and since it uses so few resources, it doesn't get noticed by a human quickly checking over things.

Thanks man, created a 10 slot server for me and my friends. It works great, really nice of you to do this. I was able to create one. I help host a pretty active MC community and was actually thinking of renting a TS3 server, so thanks!

I will be donating soon, just because of how awesome you are. For now, take my upvote! Glad to know I could help. If you do decide to donate then it will likely open up another server slots for everybody if it's enough to make up an extra server bill. Didn't even read that part in the description lol. I'm a bit new to this stuff. I wonder, could you not distribute TeamSpeak servers onto game servers that are underutilized or on ones running games with a low footprint?

If you have no idea how to run Linux servers, there are many tutorials online. One of the best things you can do if you need a TS server for cheap. This is a very viable solution if you have the money. But you cannot get more than 32 slots without a license. Oh right, forgot about licensing. You need a community site and everything, it's a nightmare.

A quick question, is it useable globally? Ahh my bad, didn't really understand the whole thing to begin with. But it's all good now. If he talk to other people in NA yes, but he was asking if the server would work as good in SEA as in NA, which it doesnt because you get high ping. Is there any reason not to use Mumble over TS? Last time I tested Mumble had a better sound codec, less latency and a smaller memory fingerprint on server and client side iirc. Defenitely won't be there that often, there are already a lot of people who offer a channel or two on their servers for free.

Anyways nice offer and if you would have asked me a year ago i would have loved this. Still gonna be joining from time to time to find some players i can queue with. Will help the community, if not too many ppl shut them down in password required channels. U can register here: Nah, it's still confusing.

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