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Garry's Mod сервера c картой zs_c17_street_b2. Рейтинг серверов

A Map for Garry's Mod

A few of the secrets will be in comments below. Community Bowling V5 Secret Knife After pressing a series of 3 buttons in the correct order and then placing a card in the vending machine, the secret knife room will open as shown in the video below.

Community Pool Classic Secret Knife This video shows each of the 3 buttons you need to press in order to get the secret knife.

Behind the crates in the corner on the bottom level. In the corner of the pool to the left when looking at the security door. In the men's bathroom stall closest to the pool. The door is the stall closest to the spawn in the women's bathroom. If the innocents collect all 9 diamond blocks and place them in a furnace by the lighthouse, a diamond block will pop out which if carried to an upper floor of the lighthouse and placed in a chest, will win the innos the game.

The following pictures are the different possible spawn locations of the diamonds blocks: On top of the furnace for the blocks. To the left of the furnace on the ground.

Down a few steps in front of the furnace. Beneath a tree by the beach. Next to the cliff by the traitor room. On top of one of the ledges of the traitor room. By one of the breakable entrances to the bottom of the lighthouse. Behind a tree near the nether portal. On a little platform behind the traitor tester. On a cliff facing towards the traitor room. Inside of the traitor testing room. For this one you have to hit the diamond ore with your crowbar to make the diamond block appear.

Inside of the underground cave behind the prior diamond block. Further inside the underground cave opening to the sea.

On top of the room next to the nether portal. In front of the nether portal. Various islands in the nether. Another island in the nether. This one is by far the hardest to reach. While with some luck you can get it by a combination of discombobs and shooting, it is much more of a sure thing to strafe jump around the little room seen on the right side of the picture, climb the ladder on the back of the room, and then crouch jump across the yellow lanterns and back with the block.

These are then placed in the furnace next to lighthouse. Once all nine blocks are placed a diamond block pops out of the furnace. This is placed in the chest at the top floor of the lighthouse. BeautifulButterfly , Jan 14, Informative x 7 Like x 4 Useful x 2. Minecraft B5 Brick Blocks Barrier The second secret in this map is the purpose of the brick blocks in the nether.

One can take the brick block on top of the chest as well as the two sand blocks once you put them in the furnace and they turn into bricks and places them in the path of the TNT mine cart traitor trap to stop the mine cart.

Here is the brick block along with the two sand blocks. Here is where you place the brick blocks next to the lighthouse. This is what it looks like when the barrier is complete. And here is the barrier stopping the TNT minecart traitor trap. Minecraftcity v4 The only secret on this map is the cake room. It features homage to the map makers, a central cake, and a nether portal at the back that takes you to the opposite side of the map by the pig pen.

The cake room can be opened by turning a series of torches blue in the correct order by pressing 'E' on them. The five torches in order are as follows. The first torch can be found in the sniper tower across from the ladder. The second torch can be found in the boathouse.

It is on the farthest left side of the far wall when you enter through the doors. The third torch is in the basement of the big house, to the right of the TNT block, but before the ladder. The fourth can be found behind some breakable blocks at the end of the underground water tunnel closest to the pig pen and the creeper trap. The final torch is the right torch on the bookcase that eventually opens to the cake room in the big house. Informative x 2 Like x 1 Useful x 1.

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I take absolutely zero credit for any textures, models or brushwork within this map. This map currently supports the following: You are betting with your life while playing this - Please read the rules outlined on the board carefully Board Game Objective and Rules: The Board Game requires 8 players to sit on 8 stools respectively.

Once All 8 Players are seated, the game will start and your player pieces will begin on the "1" on the board. Look at the centre of the board and you will notice the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 with their own respective colors. This is the sequence of turns the game runs on. On your turn only, Roll your die press mouse 1 once and in the centre of the board, you will see your die change.

Move your player piece that amount. The first player to reach the "20" on the board game wins! Everyone else will die. If everyone dies, the board game ends.

The board game can only be played once per round. I only uploaded it into Workshop, so it will be easier to download for everyone. I agree to remove this item from Workshop if original author or Valve decides, so I won't get banned. Sanbash 25 Aug What is the name of the music?

Garry's Mod сервера c картой syn_heat_wave. Рейтинг серверов

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