Are there any roulette systems that work?

Other websites provide free betting strategies they claim are the best roulette system ever, but only work at specific casinos. Do you consider back to back repeaters, streaks……thanks Splash. The Paroli The Paroli betting system is designed to take advantage of hot streaks, which could occur when you play roulette. Especially when you consider how long a single spin takes seconds. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Roulette Computers (Hidden Electronic Devices)

Roulette Systems That Work

Place your bets to win is easy with the Zcodes System from here https: Zcodes System is a remarkably exact plan because the predictions are manufactured by evaluating up many appropriate factors; the accuracy of the predicted outcome is incredibly high.

You'd find it extremely difficult to element in therefore several elements and make the forecast as effectively on your own for even one sporting event, not to mention a whole day's betting's worth. Zcodes is continually being updated. It's a full time income, breathing, sports trading system. Zcodes System does the difficult meet your needs because is really a program that hold it fresh.

Yes, but it depends - are you doing it online? It works really well, as long as losing streaks don't go beyond times in a row or more. Granted, the odds of betting red and it turning up black ten times in a row is mildly astronomical, but it DOES happen, don't let anyone fool ya. But if you combined strategies, say, Martingaling with result recording to predict outcomes loosely akin to card counting in BlackJack , then odds can be wildly increased in your favor.

But you either gotta have 5 brains to do it, or you need a computer. The one I found at www. Try it out on a "play money" account in an online casino before you try it with real money, and you'll feel easier about experimenting with it. Once I learned that, I haven't lost with it yet! That'd just be hella-dumb. I hope this helps! Make Money Use Roulette Reaper! Is there a betting system? Yes Does it work? Depends on who you are talking to. I got this from the site listed below: The idea is to place a 1-unit bet on even odds.

If you win the bet, keep the 1-unit profit and place another 1-unit bet. If you lose, place the same bet, but double the units. Continue to double your bet with each loss until you win. Like you said in your question - it takes a lot of guts to try this though. Related Questions Any reliable roulette systems?

Who has a good Roulette system? That's the genius behind these Super-Scobe-Strategies. Here is the Super-Scobe-Trend-Finder on outside even-money bets. If one of the propositions has hit two times in a row two reds, two blacks or two highs, two lows or two odds, two evens , you bet with that proposition on the next spin.

If it wins again, keep betting it. In fact, keep betting it until it loses and then wait for two more hits in a row.

You only choose one "even-money" proposition to wager on — not all of them. If one of the propositions has hit two times in a row two reds, two blacks or two highs, two lows or two odds, two evens , you bet against that proposition on the next spin. If you win, keep betting against that original proposition.

In fact, keep betting against it until you lose and then wait for two more hits in a row. You only choose one "even-money" proposition to wager against — not all of them. Keep that in mind. If you are a daring player, you can also use either of the Super-Scobe Strategies on the other outside propositions — for example, the columns bet. Here we watch all three columns. Whichever one hits twice in a row, you bet that one on the next spin and you keep betting it until you lose.

Or you bet against that column on the next spin choose one of the other two columns and you keep betting against the column until you lose. The Super-Scobe Strategies will not be able to make you a long-term winner at roulette. I wish they could. But they can reduce the amount of money you bet into a high house edge by reducing the number of decisions you experience.

That is a good thing. You will also note that as you are waiting to employ either the Super-Scobe-Trend-Finder or the Super-Scobe-Anti-Trend-Finder, your heart is racing and your excitement is building because you desire strongly to get into the action. Since many casino players gamble for that adrenaline rush, you'll be getting plenty of it as you wait impatiently for the two hits in a row to occur.

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