Trans Catalina Trail, Days 1 and 2: Avalon to Blackjack Campground

The Blackjack Campground is located towards the center of the island, ft above sea level, and several miles from both Avalon and Two Harbors. As we get closer, Marnie points out what she thinks is a Bison in the campground! I feast on a fully loaded Bison burger while Marnie enjoys a tri-tip sandwich. Avalon has only one campground — Hermit Gulch, and for those of you with kayaks, sailboats, and motorboats, there are about 22 private boat-in only campgrounds located between Avalon and Two Harbors. Still, there are chemical toilets on site, picnic tables, and barbeque and fire ring.

Day One: Avalon to Blackjack Campground (11.2 miles)

Catalina Island Campsites Near Avalon

Most of the campsites at Blackjack Campground are situated under large trees which provide shade during the warm summer months. One of the big attractions to Catalina Island is the buffalo that roam the island yes, you heard me right, buffalo. There are 11 campsites in Blackjack Campground. Each campsite includes a picnic table, fire ring, access to a barbecue, drinking water, and a bathroom.

Blackjack Campground offers amazing views of the rolling hills and mountains that make up Catalina Island. Looking to get away from the Southern California smog? Blackjack Campground makes a great fairly easy weekend getaway from Southern California city life or a fantastic backpacking adventure.

If you are not looking for backpacking, as long as you pack light, you can take the ferry from San Pedro or Long Beach to Catalina Island, and then take a shuttle from the harbor to Blackjack Campground. It is fairly easy when backpacking Catalina Island in the winter time to walk ten miles across the island and not see another soul the entire time, providing you the ultimate in privacy and seclusion. The best campsites at Blackjack Campground are on the south end of the campground.

These campsites are separated from the rest of the campground by a small hill, providing a more private camping experience. They just want to go about their buffalo lives; east some grass and play with their buffalo friends. If you do mess with them, they may charge at you at speeds of 35 miles per hour or more. Santa Catalina Island Company Twitter: Highs in the summer can exceed 90 degrees. Hike the Trans-Catalina Trail , which is runs the entire length of the island and connects all of the campgrounds.

There are two trail heads in Avalon that will get you there. The first is the true trail head at Renton Mine Road. From there, you follow the road past the Inn at Mt. A TCT sign marks the Road. The second option is to leave from Hermit Gulch Campgrounds, which is located on Avalon Canyon Road on your right as you head up towards the famous Wrigley Botanical Gardens. Follow the Hermit Gulch trail up Divide Road.

Here is a fairly comprehensive blog post by a group that did the hike to Blackjack campground, on to Little Harbor 7 miles , returned by Safari Bus to Blackjack Campground, and finished with a 12 mile hike to Two Harbors, read it here. Call TENT to book your reservation. Groups of 20 or more should call ext. You can also book online free!

I wish I had a better one for you! But, its short and it does show some pretty good shots of campground. In general, Blackjack campgrounds get good reviews. The setting is quite beautiful, and the views of the island and out to sea are well worth the trip. The facilities are comparable to any of the other campgrounds on Catalina Island, with a Park Ranger available to help out if needed. The most common gripes seem not to be with the campground itself, but with the hike to or from Avalon.

Outdoor enthusiasts may be disappointed with having to share much of the hike with buses, since much of it is actually the main road to the airport in the sky. There are a total of 5 campgrounds on Catalina Island, and 9 boat-in only campsites.

Blackjack Campsites There are a total of eleven individual campsites, each capable of sleeping a party of eight or less comfortably.

How to Get to Blackjack Campgrounds Getting there can be done in a number of ways, Black campgrounds are quite accessible and family friendly.

Camping on Catalina Island

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