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I was very surprised at how vivid the colors were. Playing Card Pennant Banner. Playing Card 13" Centerpiece. I got this as a Christmas gift for one of my bosses who loves to hit the casinos on weekends. Red Dice Balloon Weight.

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Casino Room Decorating Kit. Casino Hanging Fan Decorations. Slot Machine Door Cover. Card Suit 18" Cascade Centerpiece. Card Night 9" Plates. Card Night 7" Plates. Card Night Lunch Napkins. Card Night Beverage Napkins. Card Night 9 Oz. Card Night Table Cover. Card Suit Table Runner. Playing Cards 3D 12" Centerpiece. Playing Card Photo Frame Kit. Playing Card 13" Centerpiece. Deck of Cards Favor Boxes. To The Photo Booth Sign. Mini Playing Card Cutouts.

Slot Machine Centerpiece - 15". Playing Card Suit Cutouts. Card Suit Table Cover. Slot Machine String Decoration. Casino Cutouts - 4 Per Unit. Blackjack Cutouts - 4 Per Unit. Card Suit Glitter Cutouts. Playing Card Pennant Banner. Playing Card Whirl Decorations.

Casino Card Suit Confetti. Casino Club Serving Tray. Playing Card Garnish Picks. Glow 12 oz Cup. Red Glow Shot Glasses. Only 19 left in stock - order soon. Gave this as a gift to my grandma who lives at the casino.

Buy this product if you go to the casino. I love this product and will always use it when I go to the casino. You just fold the bills small and slip them in. The bills can get crowded so you must side them over or either fold them smaller. Go home a winner. It was a good feeling coming home with money this time. Every time I won money I would cash out and fold my winnings and slip them in the box. If you are like me; I would always leave the casino "empty".

I slipped my money in the box and felt good at the end of the night, instead of feelings upset with my self for losing it all. I used these for my mom's casino themed 60th birthday. I had one on each table. Everyone loved them and took them home as party favors. They are wallet size but they are thick steel and probably too heavy to lug around all the time.

These have to be some of the coolest glasses around. I was very surprised at how vivid the colors were. The pictures do not do these glasses justice. I put ice cold water in to see what they looked like without the amber glow of your favorite beverage in the background and I was amazed to see that the pictures are multi colored.

Great gift for any man cave whether it is poker night or not. The color also stays around a long time after the glass is empty. This is due to how thick the glass is. These feel like true pub glasses. Bought as gift, recipient has worn them a few times and seems to like them. Good quality, nice pattern. I loved these for the two days they lasted.


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