Can Dice Control Be Proven?

The easiest decision you can make to improve your odds at the casino! The initial conditions, from grabbing, gripping and setting, must be as stable as we can humanly make them to have a chance to make craps a positive expectation for the expert player. Don't kill the other video poker players! The best italian online casino bonus , like bonus senza deposito are no deposit casinos, choose where would you like to play for free. Which makes more for the casino? Most importantly, without the pyramids and extra randomness, you can see more clearly what you are doing wrong and understand what is happening with your dice as you thrown them.

Testing the notion that “precision shooters” can gain an edge at the craps tables

Tips for precision shooting practice for beginners and novices

Anyway I took a break got something to eat and sat down to rest my feet that were killing me. Went outside for air cause it was so hot in there; then I came back in and didn't do so good.

I figured I was too tired and should leave rather than stay and lose. On my way home I was thinking that if I could throw the dice with less spin, more flat maybe? So that's my plan to get the rubber down today and hopefully it emulates the same bounce which by the way is unbelievable.

I feel like if I can replicate that I have a better shot at doing this with success. It was definitely like going to school which I expected but I did learn plenty. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The reason the casino wants you to use only one hand to set and deliver the dice has to do with dice cheaters who bring in their own dice and substitute them for the casino's dice.

It's tougher to do such a switch using only one hand. You were playing on a very bouncy table and your idea of lowering your shot and using less spin is probably the way to go.

And you have to throw the dice really soft — and I mean really soft. There are many different kinds of bounces on various fabrics, too many to handle here, but in my advanced book Cutting Edge Craps: Advanced Strategies for Serious Players! I go into all the various types of fabrics and what kind of throw is needed to beat those fabrics — and all of them can be beaten with the proper throw. This book will be out in the fall of and is published by Triumph Books, a division of Random House.

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Dinner at eight The magnificent seven Mother knows best Stranger than stranger Watch out! There are no professional dice controllers. Controlled shooters can call out their numbers.

Almost no controlled shooters can do that. A kill shot lands as if it were glued to the layout. Controlled shooters do not rely on luck at all. Does it happen to them for good or ill? The longer a roll, the more luck can get involved here or there. You do not make close to perfect releases all the time; dice hit chips or faults in the layout or the back wall in such a way that they become randomized.

However, the small edge a dice controller has is not due to luck, but skill. Dice controllers only tend to talk about their good and great rolls. Still I know of none in my group who do that. They are aware of the ups and downs. Sadly there are plenty of downs with those ups. Dice controller just sounds more powerful to me.

Is there a question 10? May 19, Threads: April 1st, at 9: Jul 14, Threads: April 1st, at So what kind of SRR would a student need, as a minimum , to have an edge? If you have an SRR of 1: Shooters without axis-control must use the Hardways set, where the dice show hardways all around — 2: The second method for proving you have dice control skill is to pass the SmartCraps tests.

S martCraps is a software program that analyzes throws to determine if the shooter has axis control. The SRR does not in and of itself measure axis control; in short, you do not need axis control to have an edge at the game. When you use the Hardways set, if the 1 or 6 spot shows, that is an off-axis result for that die—but one such result cannot end in a seven out. With axis control you are shooting for certain specific numbers. For example, the use of the 3V dice set looks to hit sixes and eights.

A shooter could have an SRR of 1: My new book Cutting Edge Craps: Advanced Strategies for Serious Players explores axis control in depth—who has it, and what to do when you do have it.

The passing of either or both of these tests is flat-out verification that the shooter does have the ability to change the game.

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