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Laps Gallant, Laps Carlson. Chris Bonneau, 15, Bonneau Sterling Cling, 34, Cling Colton Hardy, 74, Williams Asa Kesterson, 18, Kesterson Tye Mihocko, 5, Mihocko Tyler Merrill, 88, Merrill Tyler Most, 3, Most Johnson, 8-Reinbold, 9-Dennis Gile, Most Unprecedented is a word you don't hear that often in racing that much.

After all, if you've been around for a while, you see records that may seem untouchable, or so many of us thought. When Kody Swanson and the DePalma Motorsports teamed up in , they basically created their own record book, one of which Silver Crown participants will be chasing for years and years. Saturday night at Eldora Speedway, Swanson completed his fourth USAC Silver Crown season championship in one of the most dominant seasons of all, capturing the title by a grand total of 82 points.

Not a single time throughout the season did the Kingsburg, Calif. It was August 18 before Swanson even had a race where he finished outside of the top-two! Prior to that, he began the season with two-straight runner-up finishes - two races in which he led a chunk of late in the going. Then, he proceeded to reel off five victories in a row during a midsummer stretch that saw him win four times on the pavement and once on the dirt, on half-mile speedways and on one-mile tracks, at Ohio's Toledo Speedway, the Indiana State Fairgrounds, Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis, Wisconsin's Madison International Speedway and Indiana's Salem Speedway.

Regardless of where you saw the series run, the No. The five-in-a-row broke a long-standing, year-old record of four-straight Silver Crown wins set by Jack Hewitt, who also made car No. Sometimes it seems that as fast as the world moves, some things seem to stay the same.

The last of those five wins, at Salem, was the ultimate. Kody drove to his 24th career victory in the Silver Crown Champ Car Series, overtaking the top spot on the all-time win list. Hewitt had previously held the record for just shy of three decades. All the personal accolades are nice, but the one that Kody may very well be the proudest of is the record achieved for DePalma Motorsports.

The Lima, Ohio-based family gave him a shot six years ago when his racing career was at a crossroads. As crazy as it seems now, Kody was still seen as primarily a "pavement specialist" at the time and was tabbed as the driver for the blacktop while he searched for rides on the dirt to prove himself as a capable shoe.

He recorded a 2nd, 5th and another 2nd in the first three pavement outings for DePalma during that initial season together in For , Kody was handed the keys to both the pavement and dirt rides and he hasn't missed a beat since, reeling off 21 wins together in the past five years and the four season titles. Each of the five years Kody has been the full-time driver for the DePalma family, they have won the championship. It's a season-long goal for Kody and the DePalma's every year, and Kody takes a lot of pride in the chance to drive this car for this team and be able to make history together.

But the following year, I got the chance to run for them full-time and we won our first title together - my first and theirs. It's so special to get five-in-a-row for them to become the first in history to do that. It's great to be a part of this, but I try so hard to do a good job for this team. To be a part of this team record is as special as anything else to me.

When the time came for him to set foot in his USAC Silver Crown car for the season finale, he made it his life's mission to not let another golden opportunity slip through his fingers. This racecar was bad fast, and I had a bad fast sprint car too. But the driver stepped on it in that one. Leary's hunger was palpable after finishing second in the sprinter.

You would've had to use a jackhammer to crack that lingering "What if" thought out of his head throughout the lap Silver Crown finale. He wasn't going to let anything go to chance; he was going to put this race in his own hands and be on the attack on the cushion.

Although, the cushion at this particular moment of the night was an unmovable concrete wall. The guy who can throw his nut sack over his shoulder and just haul it around here is normally the winner.

I'm just glad to be standing down here and have the car in one piece after banging off the fence for the 50 laps. On the third lap, David Byrne flipped into the catchfence between turns three and four to bring out the first red flag. Chris Windom, the victor of the two most recent series races, had a rear end break on him just as he was poised to snag the race lead on the seventh circuit. A lap later, defending race winner Tyler Courtney's bid to sweep the three USAC divisions in a single night came to an abrupt end after tagging the turn one wall and flipping.

Both Byrne and Courtney were uninjured. As he had done throughout the night, Leary was on a mission, sliding into second past Jerry Coons, Jr. By the time the two hit the back straight, Kevin Thomas, Jr. Thus began what would be a familiar refrain for the remaining 33 laps - Leary and Thomas side-by-side!

As the two found their distinctive grooves - Leary heaving his car around the top against the outside wall and Thomas keeping his car straight as an arrow through the middle - they were able to cut Cottle's lead down substantially from a second-plus to pretty much nil within a handful laps.

Leary pulled the bow first, sliding by Cottle momentarily in turn two on lap 30 with Thomas crashing the party as well. Cottle re-emerged with the lead at the line as the trio crossed the stripe three-wide. Shuffle, repeat, shuffle, repeat like an old five-disc CD changer your grandparents might still own, that was the name of the game. Thomas initially gained the lead on lap 31, controlled three laps before Leary blasted by around the outside. Two laps later, Leary repainted the turn one wall with rubber after blasting the concrete, allowing Thomas to sneak back by for another three-lap stint at the front.

Leary again was pestering Thomas around the top, coming back to snare the lead on lap 39, but for nary one trip around the half-mile - by a half-car-length - before bouncing off the turn one wall again, handing the race back over to Thomas for one lap. Leary once again roared back to reclaim the lead the following time around, then led for four laps before battering the turn one wall again, allowing Thomas to take the advantage with six laps remaining.

Leary was relentless, ripping the topside around Thomas off turn four coming to the stand with three laps to go, beating Thomas by the mere diameter of a wheel. Thomas, never doubting, made one last ditch run at Leary into turn one, nearly getting the deed done, but Leary cleared Thomas by as much as the thickness of a five o'clock shadow exiting turn two.

All that stood in Leary's way between he and a first series victory since Terre Haute in was a triumvirate of lapped cars.

However, they were all hugging the bottom, which was more of a bugaboo to Thomas' middle line than it was to Leary skimming the fence. Leary was untouched the remainder of the way to win his second career Silver Crown race by a half-second over Thomas, a second-place finisher for the third race in a row. Pole sitter Cottle finished third in front of an impressive fourth-place run in Jason McDougal's series' debut while new, four-time series champ Kody Swanson rounded out the top-five.

This is a dream come true tonight. Shane Cottle, 81, Williams Chris Windom, 17, Nolen Brady Bacon, 6, Klatt Kody Swanson, 63, DePalma Tyler Courtney, 97, Lein Jason McDougal, 9, Dyson Kyle Robbins, 7, KR Justin Grant, 91, Hemelgarn David Byrne, 40, Byrne Aaron Pierce, 26, Pierce Mike Haggenbottom, , Haggenbottom Jacob Wilson, 07, WBR Aaron Schuck, 53, Five-Three Chris Fetter, 89, Fetter Dave Berkheimer, 31, Berkheimer Bill Rose, 66, Rose-NT, Leary 8 , 2.

Shane Cottle 1 , 4. Jason McDougal 7 , 5. Kody Swanson 5 , 6. Justin Grant 12 , 8. Brady Bacon 4 , 9. Kyle Robbins 11 , Jacob Wilson 16 , Austin Nemire 15 , Bill Rose 20 , Steve Buckwalter 53 19 , Matt Goodnight 9 , Mike Haggenbottom 17 , Dave Darland 23 , Travis Welpott 14 , Chris Fetter 18 , Dave Berkheimer 21 , Aaron Pierce 22 , Tyler Courtney 6 , Chris Windom 3 , Courtney flipped on lap 8 of the feature.

Courtney launched his assault from the outside of the third row and quickly cracked the whip as he moved up through the field to second behind teammate Justin Grant by the fifth lap and brought along a challenger with him in Spencer Bayston.

Courtney and Bayston exchanged sliders as they tussled for the runner-up spot, while Bayston, the reigning series champ and race winner, showed no rust and no hesitation in his return from a leg injury suffered in an August sprint car crash.

However, Bayston's bid for a repeat win came to a crashing halt on the tenth lap as he was tucked in behind Courtney in turn one. Bayston emerged from the mangled wreckage, but was transported to a local hospital for further evaluation.

On the ensuing restart, Courtney wasted no time, delivering a slider immediately into turn one past Grant. Grant retaliated and made a run back at Courtney as they battled side-by-side for the remainder of lap 10 before he tried his hand at returning the favor in turn one. Instead, Grant slid up the hill in turn two as he attempted to slide up in front of Courtney, but it wasn't quite enough to slow down Courtney, who plucked out a straightaway lead down the stretch.

Nothing would interrupt Courtney in the waning laps as he powered away for a 4. To do it during 4-Crown is even cooler. Rico Abreu, the winner of the midget portion of the '4-Crown,' was involved in an accident during hot laps that also included Chris Baue.

Brady Bacon, 76m, FMR Jason McDougal, 15, Petry Alex Bright, 77, Bright Hank Davis, 42, Franklin Chase Jones, 33, RayPro Andrew Layser, 35L, Bright Chris Baue, 35x, Baue Rich Drangmeister, 18, Drangmeister Tyler Courtney 6 , 2. Justin Grant 2 , 3.

Logan Seavey 13 , 4. Tanner Carrick 12 , 6. Holly Shelton 1 , 7. Tucker Klaasmeyer 15 , 8. Ryan Robinson 11 , 9. Jason McDougal 14 , Brady Bacon 4 , Hank Davis 19 , Sam Johnson 16 , Chad Boat 3 , Zane Hendricks 9 , Chase Jones 20 , Alex Bright 18 , Andrew Layser 21 , Chris Windom 17 , Spencer Bayston 7 , TV, marking just the tenth occasion a driver has reached at least 10 series wins in a season and the 10th of those select drivers in that club to win at Eldora during their banner year.

Tom Bigelow 14 wins , J. Now you can add a little "Sunshine" to that list. However, the ride to get there on this night was a tad turbulent early on as the team ran into mechanical issues that forced them to swap out the engine for another bullet following qualifying.

Leary left that fairytale ending hanging in the balance momentarily. Courtney started from the pole position, but it was "4-Crown" USAC Sprint Car winner Robert Ballou who eked into the lead from his outside front row starting spot to lead the opening lap with Leary and Courtney in tow. Courtney threaded the dot of the i around the outside of Leary in turn two. Leary then snagged the concrete and spun completely around down the back straightaway and somehow, someway, avoided catastrophe as the entire field missed him, allowing him to restart, although he would now have to come from the tail in 22nd.

Following the restart, Courtney made his surge, sliding past Ballou entering the third turn. Ballou countered with an uppercut to the chin and clung to his grip of the lead as the pair crossed the line. Courtney reloaded and fired his next shot, sliding to the lead past Ballou entering turn one. By lap 10, Courtney's advantage was a full-straight ahead of Ballou. Ballou's bid to get back into the game hit a literal snag on the 14th lap when he clipped the turn two outside wall and spun around to a stop, ending his evening earlier than anticipated.

That moved Justin Grant into second where he and the hard-charging Leary took a full head a steam at running down Courtney. Grant found the demise of his night in the same spot that took caught Leary and Ballou earlier in turn two.

Grant's car churned against the concrete along the back straight before grinding to a halt with four laps remaining. Leary was in second behind Courtney for the lap 27 restart, but a challenge to Courtney's throne was discarded almost immediately as Courtney blitzed to a good jump when action resumed.

It was all to Courtney's advantage, however, as he drove away to his tenth series win of the year and joined Jack Hewitt, Kyle Larson, Jerry Coons, Jr. Leary finished second ahead of Chapple, who scored a career-best third-place result.

Point leader Thomas was fourth ahead of Chris Windom. Second Heat Winner , C. Robert Ballou, 12, Ballou Dakota Jackson, 3, Jackson Timmy Buckwalter, 7, LNB Carmen Perigo, 21, Stehman Chad Boespflug, 98, NineEight Dickie Gaines, 44x, Soudrette Corey Smith, 66s, CS Nick Bilbee, 17, Bilbee Joe Liguori, 44, Liguori Ty Tilton, 42, Tilton Aric Gentry, 10, Gentry Scotty Weir, 22s, Simon Bill Rose, , Kissel Cole Ketcham, 41, Ketcham Brandon Whited, 15, Whited Matt Cooley, 19, Cooley Josh Cunningham, 63, Cunningham Mike Burkin, 79, Mahoney Chad Wilson, 14, Wilson Barney Craig, 71c, Craig Ken Drangmeister, 27, Drangmeister Tyler Courtney 1 , 2.

Leary 4 , 3. Isaac Chapple 10 , 4. Chris Windom 3 , 6. Chase Stockon 7 , 7. Dave Darland 14 , 8. Nick Bilbee 19 , 9. Dickie Gaines 16 , Brady Bacon 9 , Carmen Perigo 15 , Shane Cottle 21 , Dakota Jackson 11 , Matt Westfall 18 , Dustin Ingle 17 , Ty Tilton 20 , Justin Grant 6 , Jason McDougal 12 , Robert Ballou 2 , Aric Gentry 22 , Timmy Buckwalter 13 , Laps Ballou, Laps Courtney.

Series point leader Charles Davis Jr. Johnson, Tye Mihocko and Andy Reinbold. Johnson 51 Martin , 2. Tye Mihocko 5 Mihocko , 3. Asa Kesterson 18 Kesterson , 4. Dennis Gile 13 Gile , 5. Colton Hardy 74 Williams. Mike Martin 16 Martin , 3. Mason Keefer 7 Keefer. Matt Lundy 98 Lundy , 2. Kyle Shipley 0G Shipley , 3. Chris Bonneau 15 Bonneau , 4. Sterling Cling 34 Cling , 5. Rick Shuman 25 Shuman. Tyler Most 3 Most , In Friday's qualifying session, the Kansas, Illinois native recorded a lap of Cottle will be joined on the front row by Jerry Coons, Jr.

Coons' Nolen Racing teammate Chris Windom, whose won the two most recent events on the Silver Crown calendar, will line up third alongside Brady Bacon. On Saturday, pits open at Matt Goodnight, 39, Justin Grant, 91, Hemelgarn- Bill Rose, 66, Rose-NT. In addition, there will be an open practice at the track on Thursday, September 20th, starting at 7: Fourteen different drivers have claimed victory at Canyon Speedway Park and a complete series track win list is at the end of this release.

Buckeye, AZ has a stout point lead over the competition. To date, the five-time Arizona Sprint Car Champion has also posted eight heat race victories, four Beaver Stripes Passing Master Awards, two hard charger awards, sixteen top finishes, and feature laps led on the year.

Tye will have his sights on gaining valuable points with his first wins at Canyon Speedway Park. At press time, Michael has one heat race victory, one Beaver Stripes Passing Master Award, one hard charger award, twelve top finishes, and 10 feature laps led on the year. To date, Matt has one heat race victory and twelve top finishes to his credit. To get to the track, take Lake Pleasant Parkway, then 1. Advance tickets are on sale and can be purchased by calling For more event information, visit www.

Includes non-point shows R. Johnson, 9-Charles Davis Jr. Spectator gates will open at 5: Please give photo credit to Doug Allen. He helped hundreds of drivers in their careers. When you think about it, there was nothing he did not or could not do. But, I think the reason most drivers want to win it is the fact that he helped everybody. He just wanted to make the sport better for everyone and that is exactly what he did for a very long time.

Even though he passed away quite a few years ago, his impact is still felt in the sport and it always will be. It is an honor to host his memorial race at The PAS. Both of Williams PAS victories this year came after Gardner and Roa tangled and crashed in their heated battle for the championship. I will take them any way I can get them. It sure feels good to get over here on the victory podium.

Gardner is the all-time leading winner in the race having taken home the hardware in , and last year. He posted his wins in and Things are quite different in the Young Guns drivers with no prior sprint car experience where Eddie Tafoya Jr.

Children 5 and under are free. The first year dirt oval track is located about feet outside the fourth turn at The PAS. Admission to the kart race is free. For fans who do not want to buy advance tickets, there will be plenty available for everyone at the ticket window each race night. Perris Auto Speedway wants to thank its corporate partners for the season. To keep up with all the latest Perris Auto Speedway news, photos, gossip and receive special offers, please use the following links:.

For more information on these productions you can contact them by calling , E-mailing mailto: To get to the track, take the freeway, exit on the Ramona Expressway and go three miles east to the fairgrounds.

For directions on MapQuest, the address to enter is: The spectator gates at "America's Premier Dirt Track. A complete series win list at Perris is at the end of this release. Saturday's event honors Glenn Howard who is considered by many in the industry as a "racer's racer. Howard's So-Cal Performance was recognized as a major parts supplier to racers across the globe for many years.

After his term was over, Howard remained active in motorsports until his passing in September At press time, the Victorville Champion has two Woodland Auto Display Fast Time Awards, three heat race victories, eleven top finishes, and 24 feature laps led on the year. To date, the Rookie of the Year has one feature win, one Woodland Auto Display Fast Time Award, three heat race victories, thirteen top finishes, and 33 feature laps led.

One-hundred miles, tire and fuel conservation and being in position at the end usually dictate how the race will unfold. TV at Eldora Speedway is about as close to a sprint race as you can get. It's 50 laps around a half-mile, all out, for the finale of the series' 48th season. Kody Swanson has virtually locked up an unprecedented fourth series championship.

With a point lead and a max of 76 points on the table, all the Kingsburg, Calif. At that point, Swanson is basically playing with house money, taking the pressure of "points racing" out of the equation and allowing him to affix his sole focus to the steering wheel and the pedals as he searches for his first Silver Crown win, the only dirt track on this year's Silver Crown schedule that he hasn't yet won at.

Only three drivers have recorded a win at Eldora on their road to a championship when the "4-Crown" has been the finale: Tucson, Arizona's Jerry Coons, Jr. Coons scored his wins in and for two different teams. He's still angling for that first Silver Crown win for Gene Nolen's team, which too is eager to breakthrough for the first time at Eldora.

Barriers that have stood in the way of Nolen and victory at a track that has eluded his pilots have already been busted this year by Coons teammate, Chris Windom.

Capturing Springfield was a first for both Nolen and Windom. The Du Quoin score was the first for the team there this millennium, following wins in and Windom, the two-time "4-Crown" Silver Crown winner and series champ, finished second in He joins an interesting list of drivers to earn their first Silver Crown triumph at the "Big E: Action Track in April in his Hemelgarn Racing mount.

Friday's event will begin at 6pm with World of Outlaws practice and qualifying, Silver Crown practice, stock car hot laps, followed by Silver Crown qualifying, all preceding the opening ceremonies and the remainder of the night's racing activities. On Friday, pits open at 1: Leary seems more than poised for a breakout performance this Saturday in the 37th running of the "4-Crown Nationals" presented by NKT.

TV at Eldora Speedway. He's led in four of the past six races for a total of 69 laps, 38 more than any other driver during that span. The results have been there: Yet, none of those include a 1st, a cage stand, a check or one of the other many spoils of victory. Darland, of Lincoln, Indiana, has been a revelation this year, scoring three victories and is fifth in points.

Windom, of Canton, Ill. Ione, California's Grant punched in a W back in The points race is tighter than a Chinese Finger Trap, with no driver in the top-three able to separate themselves from each other at the top.

Cullman, Alabama's Kevin Thomas, Jr. His venerable Dynamics, Inc. Tyler Courtney runs second in the standings behind Thomas and is having a banner year that includes a series-high nine wins. A victory Saturday at Eldora would put him on an exclusive list of drivers who've won double-digit races in a single season along with Tom Bigelow 14 , J.

Courtney's current tally of nine wins in a season is tied for the tenth winningest season in the history of the series, equaling Parnelli Jones , Roger McCluskey and Rick Hood One thing all those drivers have in common is that they've won a USAC National Sprint Car feature at Eldora in the very same year they accumulated double-digit wins.

Courtney has yet to win at Eldora this season and Saturday marks his last shot. Bacon and Windom won the two most recent trips to Eldora back in May of this year. Midgets on the high banks of Eldora Speedway are breathtakingly spectacular and that's what this Saturday's 37thrunning of the "4-Crown Nationals" will surely provide when the USAC P1 Insurance National Midgets make their lone annual trip to the legendary half-mile.

Series point leader Logan Seavey may technically be a Rookie as he eyes his first career midget start at Eldora. But the year-old Sutter, Calif. In that race, the USAC National Midget champ swept the night, recording fast time, winning his heat, and then dominating the feature. Rico takes over the helm of the straight No.

Action Track, all within a nine-day span. Chris Windom, a past winner in the Sprint and Silver Crown portions of the "4-Crown," joins in a third Petry car for a run to add a third prong to his crown.

Phoenix, Arizona's Chad Boat knows how to get it done on the fast, half-mile dirt ovals as evidenced by his three career victories on the Belleville Kans. He's currently fourth in points with two wins on the season. He finished fourth and led a lap back in Justin Grant, of Ione, Calif. His teammates are a stacked bunch too! Angola, Indiana's Zeb Wise has turned some heads this season in his Rookie campaign, winning in August at Lanco in Pennsylvania to become the youngest winner in the history of the series, then followed that up with a charge from 18th to 1st in the Pursuit Race during the "BC Back in , the ride captured the "4-Crown" with Bryan Clauson at the wheel.

Thomas is looking to notch his first career Eldora Speedway win. September 16, - Quincy, Illinois - Quincy Raceways. Mitchell Davis 37 Raymond , 2. Jeremy Hull 24 Hull , 3. Andy Baugh 6B Baugh , 4. Bart Andrews 69 Trone , 5. Mark Billings 60E Billings , 6. John Heitzman 43 Heitzman , 7. Jeff Sparks 55 Sparks. He's also made three Silver Crown starts as a driver, finishing 13th at both Springfield and Du Quoin.

However, Dyson has a conflict that will not allow him to be behind the wheel of his Silver Crown car as a driver, instead competing in a Trans Am race at Virginia International Raceway where he is competing for a series title. We met with Jason and visited him, then went up to the stands and watched him win his heat race from fifth on the grid, then he went out and won the feature.

I thought that was a pretty solid audition! Broken Arrow, Oklahoma's McDougal was victorious in just eighth start on that September 1 race, proving he is a quick study in his first year in sprint cars. Now comes another big test as McDougal jumps behind the wheel of a Silver Crown for the first time ever. I'd never been to a Crown race until this year and they're pretty awesome. It's a long race and you've got a long time, but I've got some patience.

And I think I'll be pretty good at conserving my tires. Jason Goff 19J Goff , 2. Many of these benefits are offered at little or no cost to you. Health and wellness information, flu shots, free cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure screening, vision screenings, smoking cessation information, and health risk assessments. This one-on-one relationship with a trained financial coach helps employees to identify financial goals, map out a plan to achieve them, and provides employees with the information, support, and resources needed to implement their financial plans.

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