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His family later sued the N. A police officer in Illinois made his triumphant return to the force two weeks ago, just seven months after being diagnosed with brain cancer. A new study on rhesus monkeys finds that a propensity for risk-seeking might not just be a personality trait, but a function of a specific part of the brain.

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The average American child spends 3. Investors have a longer-term perspective for the use of their capital, which is another factor that often distinguishes a speculator from an investor, Savage adds. Gambling and speculating are not the same thing. Risk also separates gambling from speculating, Savage says. She notes that speculation is the assumption of a risk that already exists, whereas gambling is the creation of a new risk.

For example, a farmer who grows corn and a cereal producer who makes cornflakes are each faced with certain inherent business risks. For the farmer, the risk is that a bumper crop will push corn prices lower because of the excess supply. For the cereal producer, the risk is that a poor crop will increase the price of corn, forcing him to pay more for the bushels needed to make his cornflakes.

A speculator may step between these two commercial parties and assume the risks inherent in their transaction. For example, by entering into a futures contract with a farmer, a speculator would promise to buy a specified amount of corn at a predetermined price so the farmer doesn't risk a bumper crop drastically lowering his price.

The speculator would hope for a poor crop so that he can buy the corn from the farmer for the contract price and sell it elsewhere for a profit. These days, for speculators, those risks frequently concern interest rates and foreign exchange rates. Gambling is speculation taken to an extreme. By picking up the dice, a gambler is creating a new risk for himself, namely the risk that the outcome is not in his favor. A gambler may hear a comment that farmers are predicting a bumper crop and decide for this reason alone to purchase a futures contract.

Or he may hear a hot tip on Facebook and buy a stock with no understanding of the risks involved. When you start gambling, your risk calculations go out the window, Woodard says. This figure is up As the crow flies, it's about seven-tenths Indian Gaming Marketing Press Releases. Foxwoods Supports Legalized iGaming in Connecticut Connecticut -- Connecticut was not initially viewed as one of the states most likely to legalize internet gambling in Following a public hearing on March 15th, This figure is up 8.

At the HighFlyer Zipline, a new attraction opening this week on March 15th at In researching a story on the subject a few years Weird Al, the bug-eyed, curly-headed, accordion-wielding parodist, has become so successful that some of his songs For the month, Mashantucket Pequot tribal casino operators Connecticut -- Foxwoods Resort Casino recently announced a partnership with PariPlay that lays the groundwork for on-premises, real-money online gambling.

Indian Gaming Casinos Gambling. That was clear when the Tonto Apache Tribe that runs the Cop justified in shooting casino garage jumper Connecticut -- A prosecutor in Connecticut says a police officer was justified in firing shots at a year-old man who then jumped to his death from the fourth floor Indian Gaming Casinos Marketing Miscellaneous. Foxwoods Resort Casino to add Stony Creek brewpub Connecticut -- The merging of craft beer into the mainstream continues.

In many ways in my mind, you can't get much more different cultures that those of craft If you missed any of it on your local Patch, here's a roundup of some of the top California is far from Nashville, but the economic hardships brought on by the Dust Bowl in the s The new outlet will be the Indian Gaming Casinos Law Enforcement. These attractions stream from secure casino studios and casinos direct to players via an Well, now players of online Resort officials say their Rainmaker Proceeds from the bar crawl went to The United Way.

For the month, the casino owned by the Mashantucket Mak, who has worked in the casino industry for It was reported on Monday around 11 a. Jon Marr, chief of Mashantucket Indian Gaming Accident Casinos. A new report says the Report Connecticut -- A newly released tribal police report says a woman who fell off an escalator at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut and later died lost her balance The tribe plans to put Electronic bingo or slot machines?

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