Boom, Headshot!

All Americans owe them a moral debt that cannot be repaid. Looking forward to more MyGeek! Probably a carryover from the original BattleTech where the maximum limit on head armor was the same that is, quite low for everybody regardless of size category. McCain, after all, dumped his ailing crippled wife for a young beer heiress and then went on to choose a ex-beauty pageant Governor as his running mate. It should also be noted that when John Hartigan committed suicide, he shot himself in the head even though he had already been shot in the back Sin City heroes tend to walk away from other shots with ease. McGoliath did not manage to slay our new president, David. Well I am adding this RSS to my e-mail and can look out for a lot more of your respective exciting content.

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Enseignement QickeWno Fno labolycee l? Rage is a hell of an anesthetic. Contrary to the first game's relatively realistic Pretty Little Head Shots with small entrance and exit wounds through the helmet, headshots on Cerberus troops in Mass Effect 3 cause the entire head and helmet to disappear, leaving behind bloody neck and a bit of exposed spinal column. Mass Effect 3 's multiplayer mode managed to zigzag this trope. Originally, bosses did not suffer from head shots, with the exception of the Geth Prime, which did due to a bug.

A path removed this and some other similar bugs and people complained that it removed the incentive to aim, as the bosses where the main targets you needed head shots on. A latter patch added weakpoints for bosses in, but at a much lower bonus.

While not as powerful as other pistols available, it has the largest headshot bonus of any weapon in the game. This essentially means that as long as you can aim for the head, it is guaranteed to kill in two shots if not instantly.

In Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria , the battle system lets you break off parts of monsters depending on what part you hit. If the part you break off happens to be the monster's head, it's instant death, unless the enemy is a zombie or skeleton or something. One gun has this technique. The effect is simulated by a chance of inflicting Curse damage. In Persona 5 , the default Non-Standard Game Over for missing a deadline ends with a mysterious man Goro Akechi blowing your brains out in captivity.

In the true ending, this is how your Ultimate Persona Satanael disposes of Yaldabaoth in the end. In Dark Souls , getting a headshot with a bow causes extra damage. All of the ranged weapons in Phantasy Star Online 2 have the passive ability to deal increased damage to most enemies by scoring a headshot, which is accompanied by a distinctive sound and hitspark. While the head was weak, it is still stronger than the neck which only had a few hitpoints.

Xenoblade has Sharla's Headshot art. While the name is mostly for flavor, fitting with her sniper side and working regardless of the enemy having a head or not, the spirit of the trope remains. The attack has a very high damage output, especially for a medic , and is the only attack the team has that's capable of inflicting Instant Death on the enemy.

Sometimes, Sark will put up a wall to prevent the party from fleeing. But a reaction command allows for Sora to climb that wall, leap off, and use the Keyblade to stab Sark in the head for a One-Hit Kill.

Later played straight in subsequent Deer Hunter games, notably Deer Hunter Classic formerly Deer Hunter , where only the final animal you kill gets the special slow-motion insta-kill bullet cam. Head shots are handled realistically in this series, all guns have meaningful recoil and idle sway meaning that you do have to adjust your shots at a distance especially if aiming for the head.

Also head shots are always instant kills unless the enemy soldier's head is shielded in some way, and there is no gore so even with higher powered guns such as the Barret M82 sniper rifle there are no flashy results. There's even a multiplayer mode for the hardcore enthusiasts, where head shots are the only shots that deal any damage.

Metal Gear Solid V , in keeping with the Darker and Edgier feel, averts the "no flashy results" part, with a headshot with any weapon except the tranq guns resulting in a massive blood spray and very nasty wounds. In '" Man Hunt '' when you shoot an enemy in the head with a shotgun their head explodes with bits of brain and skull fragments raining down. She's a sheriff carrying a sniper rifle. Every eighth shot she fires is He also has a Headshot skill that is generated at a random chance that does additional damage and makes his target so dizzy they move and attack slower.

In the remake of the original Resident Evil , blowing off a zombie's head was one of the ways prevent a zombie from resurrecting as a Crimson Head as opposed to burning it or blowing off its kneecaps. The headshots were random when using a handgun, but pointing a shotgun at a zombie's head was much more reliable. Additionally, Chris Redfield is more likely to secure a headshot than Jill Valentine. It is actually possible to shoot off the heads off Hunters, Chimeras, and Cerberus, especially when using the Samurai Edge Bloodshot , getting a headshot will result in the unfortunate target's head bursting like a squeezed zit, even if you're using a dinky.

Considering how guns in the game are rare and mostly situational weapons, this is an efficient way of using them. In Cold Fear , the only way to kill a zombie is to shoot their head, or else they won't stop coming after you.

In Deadly Premonition , headshots do more damage, interrupt enemies' attacks, and earn you bonus Agent Honor.

Averted with the Dead Space series of horror games. Oh sure, feel free to ignore the multiple warnings of "Cut off their limbs" written in blood across the walls of the ghost ship Ishimura; watch as your delight turns to horror as the now headless space zombie continues charging at you to claw you into iddy biddy pieces. Literally so in the Fatal Frame series: Unfortunately, this usually means you're staring right at the ghost's face as he or she is about to touch you.

The final boss in the second game must be destroyed this way. The bad news is that your opponents are psychically mutated, so sometimes headshots don't work. The good news is, you can increase your critical rate the probability that shooting a mook in the head kills them. Their heads explode in disgusting gore, if they aren't ripped into pieces by a weaker shot first.

Unless you were using a particularly powerful weapon, it was nearly impossible to kill any Ganados without shooting them in the head, and even then in Professional mode it would still take around nine headshots to kill them. The only other way you were encouraged to shoot them was in the legs, so you could run up and melee them in the head. Unless they have a mask on, in which case it takes around 60 headshots to kill them.

With the exception of the Wii version, where Leon's hand is as steady as you hold the Wiimote, there is fairly realistic gun sway. Even more annoyingly, if you pointed a gun at a Ganado's head for too long, they'd anticipate the shot and start covering their faces or move out of the way. Strangely, despite being able to take multiple bullets to the face, anytime an enemy was killed by an attack directed at its head, their noggin would graphically blow it up, complete with a nauseating splatting sound and chunks of head laying on the ground strangely, this often doesn't kill them instantly.

This includes everything from. Likewise in Resident Evil 5 headshots are powerful enough to take heads clean off but enemies can take a few seconds to die resulting in still being hit or it can turn them into a more dangerous enemy. Subverted with the Regenerators and Iron Maidens, where shooting them in the head does almost nothing. Even if you use an extremely powerful weapon, or blow it's head off, it'll just regrow in a couple seconds.

Subverted in Dead Space. The Necromorphs can be decapitated with a headshot, but that'll just piss them off. Played straight when facing human enemies in Dead Space 3. Remember the zombies in Quake? Rune 's zombies are just like that, except since the game has a medieval fantasy setting, your only real options are fire and decapitation.

Since normal blows just make them fall over for a few seconds and you can't decapitate them while they're down, you don't have access to fire weapons for many levels, and only a spinning jump-slash will reliably decapitate them plus they're otherwise just harmless but annoying goombas , zombies get really old REALLY fast.

Gears of War cannot be forgotten, seeing as a head shot sometimes results in Marcus Fenix at least in the Campaign saying Boom Headshot. Or other witty things such as, "look Ma, no face" in Gears 2. Everyone has headshot quotes including Baird's "Sorry, was that your spine? Especially needed when enemies started wearing flak jackets, which could take dozens of rounds to penetrate. Nothing says 'I hate you' like a headshot with the lethal taser.

Take cover, or your head's gonna be chunky salsa. S4 League features critical hits, which generally only occur when a player's shot connects with an enemy's head. On the other hand, S4 League 's entire setting revolves around unashamedly presenting itself as an online 'sport' played in virtual stadiums over the internet.

In Total Overdose , head shots give the most style points, and are the only way to rack up combos for multiple kills. The most points are awarded for delivering a headshot while airborne, twisting degrees and getting another headshot before hitting the ground Lost Planet makes this the only way to liberate weapons from human enemies. Also, the Machine Gun does double damage if bullets hit the head. Played mostly straight in Monday Night Combat , with a minor aversion: Invoked by name as a ProTag and earned for scoring ten headshot kills in a Crossfire match.

If you aim correctly even with the pistol, you can blow an enemy's head off. You even get rewards for collecting heads. You can get a sniper rifle later on to make this easier in Transformers: In Multiplayer, it's worth a score bonus. Likely will remain the same in Transformers: Battlefront games give a bonus weapon and medal of "Marksman" to a sniper who gains 4 head shots within one life.

Snipers can often become Goddamn Bats because of the head shots. The trooper's weapon doesn't instantly kill somebody if you shoot them in the head, but a head shot does more damage to an enemy than a body shot. As no one is really wearing armor in the game, Red Dead Redemption rewards this with increased damage.

This generally turns rifle hits into one-shot kills, and being able to activate Dead Eye mode makes it all the easier to line up a shot to the head. The player is also rewarded with rather graphic damage models showing large holes blown in the victim's head, something that is not done for hits on any other part of the body.

Playing its campy zombie inspiration straight, John must shoot the Undead in the head to put them down for good. That, reducing them to a fine red paste , setting them on fire , or dousing them with holy water are all viable ways to end an Undead menace, but the headshot tends to be the go-to choice for players.

In addition to the usual complement of machine guns, rockets, and the like, the player carried a handgun which could shoot at a ninety-degree angle to the direction of travel. Kills with the handgun were preferable because they not only killed the opponent instantly, but left the opponent's vehicle intact to be scavenged at the end of the mission. Amusingly, the MechWarrior games the computer games, at least allow you to score headshots on Humongous Mecha.

The head is a discreet section of the 'mech with its own armor, and generally has very little protection. It's tiny, but an instant kill if you do manage to destroy it. Probably a carryover from the original BattleTech where the maximum limit on head armor was the same that is, quite low for everybody regardless of size category. Weapons that could do enough focused damage to take out the head in a single shot were given a very high value compared to other weapons in the Battle Value system, used to calculate the overall effectiveness of a 'mech.

In the BattleTech Mech Commander video games, shooting a mech in the head tended to kill the pilot as well. If the mech was destroyed any other way, the pilot would usually eject the head as an escape pod and survive. Some 'Mechs have notoriously large cockpit hitboxes in their respective games, including the Jenner, the Catapult, and the UrbanMech.

It was not uncommon for players to hit the heads of these models of 'Mech without actually trying to, and killing the target in a few clustered headshots instead of slugging it out with them. Don't get any ideas that it's easy though, because unlike humans, the actual 'head' on mechs may not correspond exactly to where one would assume the head is.

Headshots are difficult enough that Mechwarrior Online considers getting a single headshot kill to be an achievement, whereas most other combat achievements require doing a particular strategy or technique at least fifty times.

In the Transformers game for the PlayStation 2, there is a specific Mini-Con upgrade that allows for Sniper rifle Head shots that are OHKO's for a great many units, though it does take 3 Headshots for the Heavy units, and a couple of Enemies have no head, being non-humanoid Mecha. The Twisted Metal reboot introduces the Sniper Rifle as a weapon pickup. The longer you keep an aim on the target, the greater the damage will be dealt. Yes, its possible to destroy Juggernaut this way.

The catch is that the charging time is freakin' long, not to mention hard to take aim in a fast-paced game. The Sawed-Off Shotgun sidearm and the Shotgun pickup from the same game.

Shooting at the target's windscreen earns you the Point-Blank bonus which deals massive damage. It's essentially headshoting a car. This started creeping into the console version of starting with Grand Theft Auto III , which gave you an Mtype that could be freely aimed other weapons either fired wherever you faced or targeted centre of mass.

Both 3 and Vice City also had sniper rifles although those would be instant kill even if you shot them in the foot. San Andreas let you aim any weapon manually, so even your lousy 9mm starter pistol can get headshots in.

It seemed to vary on whether the victim's head survived such treatment, though. Auto-target aims at center of mass, while holding the auto-target button allows you to move the crosshair slightly.

It becomes laughably easy to get headshots in this way, making many of the game's missions incredibly easy. Grand Theft Auto IV: In "Predator", the player has to kill all three targets , the surviving O'Neil Brothers, with a headshot. In "Meltdown", Michael has to save Amanda and Tracey by killing their captors with a headshot. Headshots seem to do more damage in Bully too, when using the slingshot at least.

A fully-charged shot to the head will drop almost any student. In The Godfather game headshots are a One-Hit Kill , allowing you to go through enemies more efficiently. Given that Tommygun and shotgun users show up quite early and you don't become Made of Iron until quite a bit later, this is important.

You can even go through mob wars using just your. Bonus assassination missions sometimes asked for headshots; this meant even more cash. Now consider that sharp projectiles sometimes remain visible in an enemy's corpse While it is certainly possible to kill things by severing their heads, in practice not only are called shots to the head with a ranged or thrown weapon considerably harder to achieve, but arrows and crossbow bolts will bounce off even a low-grade helmet.

Melee attacks to the head, on the other hand, are significantly more reliable. Using pistols gives a 4x bonus, as is manually targeting the auto-target aims for center of mass but can be tweaked to aim for specific body parts. And targeting some body parts gives you more Balls than others fits the trope because the head is a high-value target—it and the nuts have the highest value. On the flip side, taunting a wounded enemy gets Balls as well.

Killing and taunting gets even more making it sometimes preferable to avoid the headshot, at least right away. Macross Frontier invokes yet inverts it even more with the Vajra when one of them gets its head blown off, leaving our heroes all thinking that the Vajra has been killed. Turns out it wasn't, and that the closest analogue to the brain the Vajra have is actually located in their digestive tract , right in their center of mass. The Grand Finale plays it straight though, with the death of the Big Bad who had inhabited the head of the err Taking out the head killed the Big Bad but left the Vajra Queen thing alive, due to not having any vital organs in the head.

To be more specific, they decapitated the Queen with a missile salvo before Alto blew the helpless Big Bad and the head via unexplained secondary explosions away with a shot from Michel's sniper rifle. Mind you, the Big Bad was a human-sized target that was hit with a Valkyrie's rifle. As if that wasn't amusing enough, the first series reverts and then re -inverts the trope during the final battle: Amuro shoots the Zeong in the torso, thinking it a kill shot, only to realize upon seeing the head detach and fly up that the cockpit had, for once, been placed there instead.

In turn, Char fires back and blows the Gundam's own head away, to which Amuro boasts that all Char did was cost him his main camera and vulcans. Kycilia Zabi shoots her brother Gihren in the head as payback for Gihren committing patricide. Char, in turn, takes out Kycilia by shooting her in the head with a rocket launcher as she tries to evacuate A Bao a Qu on her flagship. Lady Une is no slouch in crazy headshots either.

In G Gundam it's an Enforced Trope , since the rules of the Gundam Fight tournament say that losing your Gundam's head is instant disqualification ; any other damage to the machine can be repaired without penalty. For a more literal version of this, England's warrior Sir Gentle Chapman almost takes France's fighter George de Sand out with his sniper rifle, but just grazes the head of George's Gundam due to age and illness hampering his skill.

Destroying a Mobile Suit's head is ironically usually a non-lethal way of taking it out of the fight, since the actual cockpit with a few exceptions is almost always in the abdomen. As noted with Amuro and the RX above, some models have backup cameras and sensors, and can continue fighting even without a head.

One of the more notorious cases came in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ , when the Zeta Gundam got its head shot off, and Iino decided to replace it with the head of a salvaged Zaku II until a proper replacement could be built, resulting in the infamous "Zeta Zaku".

However its head was made of a less sturdy metal since Dr. Hell had not enough alloy. Logically, he aimed for it. Another example happened in one of the first chapters, when he was told Bikong O9 weak point were its horns. In Psycho-Pass , Rikako gets shot in the face with a shotgun point blank. Kiddy Grade pulled one off too in the finale.

Yes, you heard that right: Lumie headshotted Alv with her own arm. Happens to Johan Liebert from Monster twice. Lampshaded by Martin mocking a gunman for not shooting someone in the head. That someone was him. Justifiably so in Ghost in the Shell: As a significant amount of individuals have cyberized brains that can be transplanted into fully prosthetic bodies even if the rest of the body is gibbed, completely annihilating the brain case of a cyber-brain is often the only way to completely "kill" a person and is often heartily encouraged.

Golgo 13 almost always goes for a head shot. In the Cowboy Bebop episode "Ballad of Fallen Angels," a Red Dragon mook who takes Faye hostage gets a bullet right through his skull from Spike, setting off a furious Church Shootout that ends with Spike and Vicious clashing for the first time in the series. The villain of "Sympathy for the Devil" also gets a bullet in the head. This bullet, however, is fashioned from a gem that was created from the energy released by the Gate explosion, the same energy which broke Wen's circadian rhythm and made him essentially immortal and unaging, and using it has the effect of rapidly aging him to death as Wen's true age is returned to him.

Ami's dad in Occult Academy manages to decapitate a chupacabra in episode Cao Cao survived but is missing an eye thanks to it. Deed proved to be more durable than expected , requiring a second head shot from Vice. It doesn't kill them though. Subverted in Attack on Titan , many Titans get their heads blown off by explosive cannon shells, but they survive and regenerate.

The only way to kill them is to slice or punch, if you're the Rogue Titan off a small area at the base of the neck. Turns out that Titan brains are located in their spines.

Then played straight later on in the series, with the arrival of the 1st Central Squad. Their custom Cool Guns are designed for blowing a sizable chunk out of a human target's head, which they quickly display by shooting several unlucky soldiers in the head. Zero , Inaho and Asseylum both die in this manner.

They get better in the second season. Inaho comes back equipped with a cybernetic eye to replace his damaged eye and Asseylum is seen again alive in stasis. In issue 10 of Mega Man , After defeating Heat Man and taking his weapon, Mega Man shoots him point-blank in the face, with an evil smile.

Light and the others that something was very wrong with Mega Man. Subverted in the Marvel G. Joe comics where Scarlett survives a point-blank shot to the head. As expected, Sin City does this a lot to gruesome effect. Since it often averts the Instant Death Bullet , almost any quick kills involve bullets to the brain.

Wallace was notorious about this; most of his kills being headshots. In fact, in the climax, he killed an entire warehouse full of assassins with headshots. Miho, likewise, often hit mooks in the head with her throwing-stars and arrows or simply stabs in the head them with her swords. In fact, in one darkly humorous moment, she shot a neo-Nazi through the chest with an arrow and he remained standing, marveling at the entire situation while the rest of the villains ignored him.

She then finished him off with a shot through the head. Dwight also killed Ava Lord with a shot to the forehead. In Silent Night , Marv killed the madame running the child-prostitution ring with a headshot. In Marv's first story, he wakes up in a hospital after receiving several bullets to the chest.

He complains that, in order to kill him, the bad guys should've shot him in the head — and enough times to make sure. It should also be noted that when John Hartigan committed suicide, he shot himself in the head even though he had already been shot in the back Sin City heroes tend to walk away from other shots with ease. There are aversions, however: When Jackie Boy's gun exploded, the slide went right through his forehead but he was alive for a few more minutes, prompting Miho to finish the job by chopping his head off completely.

Dwight was shot in the face with what appeared to be a glancing hit and while he needed immediate medical attention, he remained conscious and survived with a little surgery. Preacher is in LOVE with this trope. The results of headshots are always shown in the most graphic detail with skulls being obliterated, along with showing the victim's brains and eyeballs flying everywhere.

Including a few darkly humorous scenes in which characters are shown surving headshots despite having their entire jaw completely blown off. However, because of their lethality, the Autobot Ethics Committee banned them and ordered him to turn in all the bullets and modified guns he'd produced.

When he's packing to join the Wreckers, he decides to "accidentally" switch one case and bring it with him. He also reveals to his team that he was shot with a prototype of the bullet that's slowly burrowing through his head and will eventually kill him.

Hardhead is shot point-blank in the face by a mind-controlled Nightbeat and shrugs it off completely while pointing out that he has a Meaningful Name. In Justice League Superman spends so much time boasting how he's going to kill a couple of aliens that they shut him up by doing this.

Wallflower of the New X-Men: Academy X was shot through the head by a sniper as part of Stryker's preparations to attack the Xavier School in the aftermath of House of M. Wolverine 's adamantium-reinforced skull prevents this. Shooting him in the head is only likely to piss him off. As a consequence, a headshot is just as messy for her as it would be for any normal person.

However because of her Healing Factor she'll get back up again, and then come gut you. She delivers them, too. X she drills a helicopter pilot right between the eyes Laura was on the ground, the chopper pilot was in the air. She also uses this as an execution method with her claws against a Purifier goon during Second Coming. Deadpool splatters Werewolf by Night 's head with a shotgun for sleeping with his wife. Till All Are One: Has Ironhide defeat Bruticus by launching a rocket into the giant's visor blowing his head apart and forcing him to separate into his individual components.

Iron Man is forced to do this to Mallen in the Extremis storyline to take him down for good. Tony's so pissed off having done this that he kicks Mallen's lifeless body in total spite. This is also how Obidiah Stane dies. Confronted by a recently returned Tony Stark armed with the Silver Centurian Armor and unable to fight Tony with his massive armor, he blasts his own head to spite Tony and rob him of a victory.

One Batman Black And White story tells of a boy who decides he's going to kill the Batman and goes into detail about how he'll do it, sniping him while he's preoccupied. Hero Begginning , when Henry Freeman's mom protests the Combines pointing their lasers at him, they shoot her and laugh at her. Despite this apparently destroying her head "haha stupid humen girl with no head" , she's able to tell Henry Freeman to run away before she dies.

In Revenge Road , Hikaru shoots Madoka in the head, killing her instantly. She thinks Madoka has to die for stealing Kyosuke away, but doesn't think she deserves to suffer because she was her friend for a long time. As for Kyosuke, she's nowhere near as merciful with him.

In Chapter 20 of Team 8 , Kurenai is killed by being hit in the head with a kunai after breaking Tsukuyomi. This is Jerome's fate, thanks to the police. Tali shreds a commando's faceplate with a flechette shotgun followed by a heavier round to finish the job, and Legion follows up shortly thereafter with a "sickening 'pop'" from his railgun-amplified Widow. War of Equals , Race landcruiser commanders stick their heads out of the hatch, making them prime targets for snipers.

Frostbite has a few instances of this with Frickin' Laser Beams at close range, resulting in a number of exploding Breen heads. The Rise of Darth Vulcan: The titular Villain Protagonist ends his brief fight with Tirek by shoving a crude gun, forged by his Diamond Dog blacksmiths, into Tirek 's face and firing off both barrels point blank.

In canon Worm , Taylor Hebert only uses guns a few times, but she finds herself unusually capable. In Recoil , she actually gets real training, and she becomes very capable. Headshots are now the order of the day. Later Tomson himself is killed this way by his boss. In the climax, Ramirez Arvenga gets his head blown to smithereens by Sheriff Rango of all people , just as the coyote is gloating that the chameleon is too spineless to kill anyone.

Fragments ; Sweetie Belle takes a point-blank shotgun blast to the face courtesy of a Twilight-possessed Blackjack when visiting Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons. She gets better when Twilight uses her soul to bring Sweetie back to life. The titular character does this to Sark using his disc, which causes chunks of data to bleed from his head.

The most notable example however was when Quorra shoots one of Clu's mooks, leaving a rather graphic headshot during the dogfight scene. Mystery Team implies the effects of a cherry bomb hitting someone in the face. Jiang by shooting her in the head.

Jackboots on Whitehall showed you can even do this to marionettes! One of the most famous examples occurs in Maniac! In the Transformers Film Series , Optimus Prime seems obsessed in destroying the heads of his enemies. Throughout the course of all three films, he decapitates Bonecrusher, shoots Demolisher in the head, tears Grindor's head in two, shoots off half of Megatron's face with his own cannon , tears the skin off The Fallen's head, rips Shockwave's eye out of its socket, shoots Sentinel Prime twice in the head, and finally tears off Megatron's head and SPINE.

The remake also has a scene where a character unerringly picks off a string of zombies with headshots, but he's a gun-store owner doing it from a safe rooftop, with a high-powered sniper rifle, while the zombies aimlessly mill around below.

And it's all just a morbid way of killing time. Everyone in The Zombie Diaries seems to know that the only way to stop the zombies is to shoot them in the head. Expecting this, Gordon attempts to trick the secessionist Loveless into shooting "[his] heart, that has loved this country so much", as Gordon is wearing the bulletproof vest he just invented.

Shoot him in the head. In The Matrix , Trinity disposes of an agent this way by shoving the gun right against his head. Awakening , an escaping Selene is shot in the head by a guard. Being a vampire, this just pisses her off. She proceeds to drain said guard, which quickly heals the wound. In Thor , the titular god performs one of these A non-lethal variation occurs in Home Alone , where Kevin McCallister manages to drive away Marv by shooting him between the eyes with a b.

In Open Range , Butler has just had time to gloat about killing Moose and injuring Button for a second when Charley puts a bullet between his eyes. Anything else is considered annoying. The opening sequence of Lord of War ends this way. Averted in Premium Rush. Corrupt Cop Robert Monday walks around almost normally for a while after being shot in the head. It takes about a minute for him to realize what happened, and another minute for him to start stumbling and die.

First Class , Magneto kills Sebastian Shaw by telemagnetically pushing a coin through his brain. Harry Hart delivers quite a few of these in Kingsman: The Secret Service , and dies by being on the receiving end of one of these, courtesy of Valentine.

In the sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle it turns out these things are survivable: Statesman has developed Alpha Gel and nanomachine technology to cure headshots, at the cost of amnesia that requires reliving a traumatic experience to regain their memories. In Harry's case it was the prospect of shooting his beloved dog Mr. Pickle, and in Whiskey's case it was finding out his wife was dead. By the way, that gunshot to the head Whiskey got came from Harry, who realized Whiskey was a traitor.

Frank Booth is shot in the head with a gun. We even get to see brain matter shoot out of the back of his head. Can't say the bastard didn't deserve it.

In The Suicide Theory , Steve uses headshots frequently, as he is a trained hit man. Three men he shoots go down with Pretty Little Headshots , while Percival, who hired him to help him commit suicide, survives three shots to the head. During a melee, a mook runs up behind Batman and shoots him in the back of the head at point-blank range. Fortunately his cowl is bulletproof, though Batman flinches in visible pain. John Wick could alternatively be titled "Boom, Headshot: Chapter 2 somehow manages to kick it up a notch, with over headshots , Despite lying wounded and bleeding on the ground, the Machine Gun Woman saves Santiago by firing a shot that takes off the top of Panguinao's head; sending it flying high into the air.

Happens no less than four times in Momentum. In a movie where characters seem to be Made of Iron , it's better to make certain they're dead. Characters with firearms training occasionally double tap their target if they can get away with it. The most impressive headshot in the series, however, was in Small Favor , when Kincaid dropped two Denarians with one shot, through their heads.

In Cold Days , Harry finishes off an Outsider after winning a Battle in the Center of the Mind by shoving his gun through its mouth, and firing a spell through it as he pulls the trigger.

Worm , when Skitter executes Coil. When The Tick Tock Man is shot in the head, the low caliber bullet only grazes the person's skull, a fact which allows someone to revive the person, later. Before the beginning of Thomas Bernhard's grim novel The Lime Works , the main character, who is a typical Bernhard character in that he's a dark and tortured Ditzy Genius , has shot his paraplegic wife in the head with the carbine he fitted to her wheelchair so she could fend off burglars.

The fact that real soldiers are trained to aim at the center of mass is also touched upon: Everyone, even the experienced marksmen, has to re-train themselves to shoot for the head. Real soldiers are also trained to fire at the head in situations exactly like those described in the book, though, as part of failure drills, especially at close range. It's even lampshaded in an entry detailing how a Chinese Army unit was up against a horde of zombies, but put them down quickly and efficiently from long range with their snipers, never realizing they were zombies.

The Chinese snipers were trained to always aim for the head, so the zombies never got close to them and the soldiers didn't know what they were dealing with and had no reason to try and find out. At the end of Honor Harrington "Ashes of Victory" Thomas Theisman puts an end to the Committee of Public Safety's Reign of Terror with one of these and one of the most immortal lines in science fiction.

At the end of Fevre Dream by George R. Martin , the Big Bad , thousands years old vampire Damon Julian, is killed with a point-blank headshot. From both shotgun barrels. In Space Marine Battles , the Space Marines seem to prefer this, which combined with the fact that bolt rounds are explosive, leaves most of their targets headless. Lampshaded In The Hunger Games trilogy when Peeta mentions his father liking buying game from Katniss because she always shoots the bird in the eye, thus preserving the edible part of the flesh - presumably included by the author to show what a good shot her heroine is, but one wonders how anyone, even such a star as Ms Everdeen, could guarantee to shoot at a bird on the wing so accurately!

Shattered Continent features these extensively, due to the abundance of things on Neue Erde that a center-mass hit will only slow down. He sticks with a. That means the bullet rattles around the skull like a "pinball", shredding grey matter the whole time. Combined with his habitual Double Tap , it makes him frighteningly efficient at killing. The title character of the Dan Shamble, Zombie P.

He keeps the unsightly exit hole concealed with morticians' putty, and wears a hat over the entry hole. Outside the courthouse she's shot in the head by a high-caliber rifle as the name of the episode implied. The shot makes her head asplode. Another episode deals with a victim possibly killed in this manner, but the team have to figure out how many gunmen and who the victim was.

It might have been JFK. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The General, via Simone, at the end of the Season 8 comic. In the sixth season finale of ER , a cop on the scene of a mass shooting is shown doing CPR on someone whose brains were splattered all over the concrete.

This is the show's typical subversion of Worst Aid , since Dr. Kovac comes by and tells him to stop. We'll never get her back with a head wound like that! She does so by shooting through a pane of glass while he isn't looking. Reid manages to take Hotch's ankle-holster gun while being kicked, and then shoot straight through the sniper's forehead. Queen Battle Walkthrough Scourge kills Xanxicon with a headshot.

Featured in a First-Person Shooter game near the end of the short film. Theon's rescuer kills the leader of his pursuers point-blank with an arrow to the face. A peasant who makes fun of Cersei gets a taste of this from Gregor smashing the poor bastard's head to the wall. On Rookie Blue Andy is talking to a young woman when suddenly the woman gets shot in the head and Andy is splattered with the woman's blood and brain matter.

The woman is brain dead and the doctors keep her body alive only because she is an organ donor and they need the police investigation to be closed before they can perform the transplants.

A hostage situation in Blue Bloods is ended this way when Frank Reagan kills the crook with a knife to his daughter's throat. Jamie Reagan stops a criminal from blowing up a room full of people this way in "Occupational Hazards". In Degrassi High , this is how Claude commits suicide. Snake, who found the body, mentioned later that only half his face was left. The last season of Highlander had an episode where a guy was wearing a bomb vest wired to his heart rate.

The female immortal bounty hunter guest-star shoots him in the head she tells him that by shooting him there, she will have a few seconds before his heart stops and the bomb goes off , then tackles him out the window and into the water, where the bomb won't hurt anyone else.

In the Mystery Science Theater episode featuring Gunslinger , heroine Rose delivers the final blow on antagonist Cain by shooting him in the head. However, thanks to a bit of Special Effect Failure NCIS provides interesting variations of this.

In one episode, Gibbs stops a computer by shooting it. When the computer boots back up again, Gibbs shoots the monitor to permanently shut it down. This is what happens to the suspect that killed Chris Pacchi.

At the end of Season 2 Kate went out this way, courtesy of Ari after Taking the Bullet for Gibbs by means of body armor. The event is recreated with Gibbs's ex-wife Diane by Sergei Mishnev. From a half-mile away. Remember when I said my boss was a sniper? Deconstructed in , where Jean-Pierre Harvey gets shot in the eye during a police operation in response to an armed suspect, suffering severe brain damage that leaves him mentally and physically crippled before he passes away.

In The Wire Chris Partlow, The Dragon for sociopathic druglord Marlo, trains his soldiers to shoot for the head if they're close enough and have a clear shot, or low enough that they'll be able to kill or incapacitate even a target that wears a Bulletproof Vest , as several of the drug dealers and stick up artists tend to do.

We see it play out several times, perhaps most memorably when Chris and Snoop distract Bodie, so that one of their men can sneak up behind him and shoot him in the head.

In the first episode of Firefly , Dobson, an Alliance agent, holds River hostage. He gets about halfway through his "nobody move or I kill her" rant when Mal , without even so much as breaking stride on his way back onto the ship, whips his revolver out and and puts one right in Dobson's eye socket. The supplemental comic books reveal that Dobson somehow survives this, and gets tasked by the Hands of Blue with retrieving River, giving him a shot at revenge.

He fails, and gets shot in the other eye by Mal, along with a few more just to make sure he stays dead this time. He's a vampire, so he survives, but ends up with temporary Laser-Guided Amnesia. LaCroix has to help maintain the Masquerade by whammying the doctors with the idea that it bounced off Nick's 'very thick skull'.

Hank does this to one of the Mexican assassins sent to kill him. Made harder by the fact that Hank's been shot and is more or less paralyzed except for his arms. Made easier by the fact that the assassin is literally standing directly over Hank in order to kill him with an axe it's kind of a thing with him , and messier by the bullet Hank used to put him down: Hank himself ultimately meets such a fate at the hands of Jack Welker. He's not the first person to meet this fate at the hands of Jack, as Jack had earlier ended Declan's life by shooting him in the face.

Ultimately, Jack dies the same way Declan and Hank died. This is how Sherlock gets rid of Magnussen in " His Last Vow ", after the latter is dumb enough to reveal that there are no hard copies of his Blackmail material, and it was all kept in his head.

The Next Generation has a shocking example in the first season episode " Conspiracy ": One phaser beam focuses on Remmick's head, melting the flesh off of it before blowing it to pieces.

Non-videogame examples

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