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Meanwhile, we got into going to different places we won the Mid-Day Merry Go Round in Knoxville, Tennessee, and then when we had our first record hit. A few personal favourites with potential to add hard-to-find mixes and additional material below. The address is where I have lived continuously since , and it is the address that I supplied in my one previous purchase from the company. Has anyone else had the same issue? The responses to the Michael Jackson article 32 of them are indeed there, and most of my recent posts have belatedly appeared.

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It's a really big deal, really amazing. It's a gift that has no price. So, I felt indebted to him. As you might guess from Pacheco's song, Carolina is from Barranquilla, further north on the Colombian coast than the regions that are home to bullerengue. She began her musical life as a singer in a metal band, then studied classical music at the university, where she also first performed folkloric music. But when she witnessed bullerengue at a festival, she fell in love, and dedicated herself to learning the style from the people who lived and breathed the music:.

Uno tiene que vivir esa experiencia. One has to go where the thing is really done, go to the little villages, sleep on the ground, drink unfiltered water, get sick to the stomach.

One has to have lived this experience. I went there with a friend. We spent the entire festival crying, but a type of crying where we couldn't explain why we were crying. When Carolina moved to New York, she found herself in a community of Colombians as dedicated as she was to digging deeper into their Afro-Colombian cultural roots. The group has undertaken study trips back to Colombia, learning with the masters and immersing themselves in the fountain of culture from which their music springs.

But, New York City is home: From sessions in the park, to a host of public performances, Bulla en El Barrio quickly became a staple here. Bulla en El Barrio proves that bullerengue has traveled far without losing its roots, and can travel further still. Spain Friday, September 28, At the end of the sixties and early seventies, the serious and traditional flamenco world and the Rumba scene from Catalonia collided with the modern pop sounds which came from abroad.

Enterprising producers adopted those new musical trends: Long-haired session musicians armed with electric guitars and drums started to get involved with flamenco and rumba singers, creating an explosive sound: Funky and heavy grooves, acid guitar, horn charts, delirious vocals.

This is totally The Meaning of Life. I'm totally losing my shit over this comp. There've been some good Spanish-language-related 60s and 70s comps around for years, but this is best batch of tunes I've heard, all new to me except for the Chango. It's a bit better than the comparable comps from Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, and Iran I've heard in the past year or two, but not as good as the very best of this general genre e. Selda, some of the Brazilian stuff, Ilaiyaraaja, R. There is no greater purpose to life than flailing one's limbs in psychedelic syncopation, an essential daily practice for which I have furnished my living room in an extremely minimalistic fashion to leave a very wide open dance floor.

They just perfectly demonstrate the shear massive scope of musical brilliance that exists in every country and at every point in history.

There's always stuff like this playing in a bar, on a street corner, or even being cranked out by an overly slick music industry, somewhere on Earth. It's amazing and kind of frustrating to know that no matter how much you listen to you're only getting a small fraction of what's good out there.

Thankfully compilations like this are there to at least give us a hint of the kind of thing we missed by virtue of not hanging out in Spanish bars in the '70s.

Jamaica Thursday, September 27, At the time of this albums original release in deejay Trinity was, alongside his pal Dillinger and Ranking Trevor at the height of his powers and popularity.

One of Jamaica's most popular DJs, Trinity was omnipresent in the roots age, flooding the sound systems with versions and full-length albums. Initially taking the moniker Prince Glen, in the toaster cut his first sides for Winston Edwards, several in combo with close friend Dillinger. The newly named DJ recorded several popular sides for the label, the biggest being "Hang on Sloopy. A full-length, Shanty Town Determination, followed, with the Clem Bushay-produced split Clash set with Dillinger also arriving in By then the floodgates had opened, with Trinity cutting sides for nearly every producer who asked.

However, it was Joe Gibbs who oversaw Trinity's signature smash, "Three Piece Suit," which entitled another full-length. So many producers, so little time.

Trinity's "Eventide Home" proved timely, but exhaustion was beginning to settle in. Regardless, 's Bad Card and Full House were fine sets, but a follow-up didn't arrive until 's self-produced Teen Jam.

However, 's Best of Trinity compilation seemed like a final chapter. The following year, though, the toaster turned singer for the Telephone Line set, then retook his old moniker for 's Hold Your Corner.

Trinity has also made occasional forays into production, overseeing fine records from Natty King and Luciano. Although his profile has lowered over the years, Trinity never fell completely off the radar, and with the strength of his roots-era recordings, it's unlikely he ever will.

Panama Thursday, September 27, Panamian 7" with bonus tracks not on the Panama! Both tracks featured on this rare and limited 45 release offer a glimpse of the unique tropical music created in Panama during the fertile decades of the s and '70s.

The choice of tracks was heavily influenced by the collectors, DJs and Latin music aficionados that Roberto Gyemant, compiler of the Panama! The Soul Fantastics flute driven track ''El mismo'' is a dancefloor driven soul workout with heavy influences from the States.

Jazz flautist Felix Wilkins leads the charge and therein takes the track to a huge crescendo lending itself to the same school as the stone cold b-boy classic ''S.

L'' by Burning Spear. The original breaks and beats of Panama! Los Silvertones do their thing with their ode to Arana in, ''El baile de la Arana'' - a boogaloo inspired jam, funk driven and sure to provoke some heavy hustling on the discotecas. Germany Wednesday, September 26, According to all maps and witness accounts, Germany does not officially have any tropical forests.

This is of no concern to Schulte however, who has unearthed many stunning examples of tropical drum music recorded there. Perhaps the number of botanical gardens and palm houses in Germany confused musicians into mistaking the climate, or maybe it was just a happy blend of escapism and multi-cultural integration within musical scenes that spawned such a curious output of undefinable tribal folk jazz.

Most of the tracks picked by Schulte were released on small labels in the late 80s. The musicians involved were mainly traditionally schooled, born and raised in Germany. At that time to be interested in foreign folk music might have seemed a gimmick to some, what with the emerging world music boom already snowballing into the mainstream. But these songs, while they may be based on musical traditions from foreign lands, deal much more with introspection than exploitation.

Schulte himself points to his "general fascination for music that describes places where the artists have never been. Songs about the jungle or the rainforest made by people that know the rainforest only from television and books. Somehow I think you can hear their mythical imagination and fantasy in those tracks, he explains.

And while Austrian band Sanza stands out with their interpretation of the traditional folk song "Sounouh", many of the inclusions take an avantgarde stance towards their visions of the tropics.

And while there is certainly a European approach in the production techniques on many of these recordings, the artists created something beyond all templates. In fusing folk music traditions from various corners of the world with avant-garde jazz improvisation and a distinctly European sound, they carved out a path of their own. Dusseldorf-based Jan Schulte has been following this path with his own productions in the past years. With the inclusion of two exclusive edits he also engages and re-examines these tracks and incorporates his own musical expression into the mix.

The Salon des Amateurs resident DJ combs his collection of exotica to produce a compilation of globe-trotting ambient and drum-driven dancefloor cuts. Now, Schulte combs his collection of globetrotting German oddballs to produce Tropical Drums of Deutschland, a compilation that hangs in the balance between cultural appropriation, kitsch, and the kinds of fourth world sounds that are currently in vogue in electronic music.

The latter half of the compilation utilizes those titular tropical drums less for texture and more for tempo. Running water also features here, though in this baffling instance, it comes from a flushing toilet. Without Discogs, it would have been easy to guess that Schulte had slyly made all these tracks himself; the well-paced set deftly traces an arc through ambient rainforests and gong baths into imaginary rituals and drunken drum tracks.

Sounds that once seemed cheesy have aged into a form that now sounds strangely contemporary. A Cuban in Mexico Wednesday, September 26, Kiko Mendive was a comedic actor who found the Mexican film industry to be a fertile ground for career success, and later in life wound up working on Venezuelan TV.

Along the way, he hooked up with several top orchestras, including those of Silvestre Mendez, Arturo Nunez, Ismael Diaz and Homero Jimenez, and worked with arranger Perez Prado, early in his career. This disc opens with a sensationally bold Prado arrangement on "El Caballo Y La Montura," which is a good indicator of the high caliber of all these recordings. Mendive apparently modeled himself quite closely on Cascarita's act, and it was when his idol also moved to Mexico that Mendive decided to relocate to South America -- the country just wasn't big enough for the both of them, it seems.

Perhaps at the time his work may have been derided as derivative, but as the decades have passed, and their rivalry has receded into obscurity, all that's left is some really great music. This is another great Tumbao album, one of my favorites of recent vintage. Independence, Virginia Wednesday, September 26, But Wade played in smaller, more intimate settings as well.

Wade was one of the nine children of Enoch and Rosamond Carico Ward. In , the Ward family moved to a farm on nearby Peachbottom Creek, where Wade was to spend the rest of his life. At the age of 11, Wade began to learn clawhammer-style banjo, with his fiddle playing following five years later.

Eventually, Crockett and Wade formed a musical duo. With Crockett on the fiddle and Wade on banjo, the brothers played for various festivities around the local area, mostly providing the music for house dances. In order to fit in with the Edwards, Wade began utilizing fingerpicks and the newer, up-picking banjo style.

After the death of Van Edwards, Wade kept the group going, employing a variety of musicians. Other issued recordings followed: All are currently in print and available either as CDs or as digital downloads. Wade Ward died at the age of 79 on May 29, , at his home overlooking Peachbottom Creek, Virginia.

Saltville, Virginia Tuesday, September 25, Hobart was surely one of the most important traditional banjo pickers ever recorded, a player whose music strongly influenced and inspired many revival banjoists. He was also a straight-ahead singer of old-time songs and ballads, sometimes with guitar accompaniment. For anyone interested in traditional American 5-string banjo styles, this is an essential recording.

He was the oldest of four brothers in a family of eight children born to King and Louvine Smith. Hobart says that his is the seventh generation of Smiths in Virginia since his ancestors came from England.

Thus it is probable that many of the Old World songs in his family have had a long development in America since they first crossed the Atlantic.

The name of Hobart Smith and that of his sister, Mrs. Texas Gladden, first became familiar to folksong collectors through their recordings made by Alan Lomax for the Library of Congress see Discography.

This recording, however, represents Hobart Smith's first solo album, it was made in the studios of Chicago's WFMT by that station's program director, Norm Pellegrini, in October of , during Hobart Smith's fall concert tour.

The selection of songs and instrumentals was influenced by the desire to present a cross-section of Hobart's repertoire and to avoid repetition of material previously recorded on other labels.

One important dimension of Hobart's music which is not represented is his very personal piano style. A second recording is planned which will feature the piano as well as unaccompanied ballads and hymns. During Hobart's visit to Chicago, several evenings were spent sitting with friends, singing, making music, and just talking. Much of this informal music and discussion was taped and from these reels we have excerpted Hobart's own story and his views on the music he plays as he told it in his own words.

In compiling the notes for these songs, I have called upon the services of Mr. Harlan Daniel of Chicago, originally from Stone County, Arkansas, who is one of the leading collectors of and authorities on the early commercial recording of folk music. Most of the discographies listed here were contributed by Harlan. The early phonograph records were, in fact, the first adequate documentation of folk music, since it is now recognized that just noting the tune and the verses on paper is barely half the story.

It is also true that these early recordings had a strong influence on the tradition, in that they spread certain songs and styles of singing and playing throughout the South, in particular, and in many other parts of the country where these records were played on the radio.

Hobart Smith's most active years as a "functional11 musician in his community were during the time that these early recordings were most popular and many of the artists on these records, such as Clarence Ashley, Clarence Green and Kelly Harrel, were his friends and contemporaries. In describing Hobart as a "functional" musician, I mean that he supplied the music for the social functions of the community — square dances, religious meetings, birthday parties, weddings, and so forth.

To do this job, Hobart had to be very much in tune with the musical "aesthetic" of his community and up until the time of his meeting with Alan Lomax in , he was probably not aware of the significance of preserving the older traditional songs. As he states in his autobiographical account: Almost all of the selections on this record reflect the older tradition to which Hobart has, happily, returned and represents the period of from about to One of the most sadly overlooked masters of Appalachian folk music, Hobart Smith may not be widely known outside of those who happened to either see him at a '60s folk festival or the nascent folkies who were directly influenced by his driving, energetic banjo and guitar styles, but he arguably remains one of the most virtuosic performers his genre and era produced.

Known as a quiet man, he clearly enjoyed the spotlight, transforming into a foot-stomping showman with rousing tunes and carefully embellished tales that identified him as the genuine article for a generation of musicians obsessed with such a cultural pedigree. A precise player of his own intricate arrangements of traditional old-timey tunes, Smith was an amazingly eclectic artist.

Whether turning out deeply soulful country-blues on guitar, channeling Earl Scruggs-like energy on complexly nuanced banjo tunes, diving into hauntingly rhythmic fiddle tunes, or lightening the mood with jaunty piano tunes, his music is always stamped with an ear for fluid melody and hypnotic rhythms.

Born in in Saltville, VA, Smith was immersed in the authentic Appalachian musical culture, sharing a musical tradition seven generations old by the time he arrived. As such, Smith's father had him playing the banjo by the age of seven, the guitar by the age of 14, and the fiddle, mandolin, piano, and organ within a few years. By , he was gaining employment on the minstrel show circuit and had started his own string band to play at a variety of social functions from auctions to prison camps.

At an indeterminate point, the influence of the blues crept into Smith's musical vernacular, coloring his rendering of traditional tunes forever thereafter. By the time he befriended Clarence Ashley in whom he greatly respected as a musician and was probably influenced by on some level , he was nearly earning a living as a musician, although he would still have to find employment as a farmer, wagoner, house painter, and butcher.

By , Smith had begun to play the day's commercial popular music and had gained such regional renown that he and his sister, Texas Gladden, were invited to play before Eleanor Roosevelt at the prestigious White Top Festival in Southwest Virginia, making such an impression on the first lady that the two would be invited to perform at the White House.

In , Smith recorded 40 tracks for Alan Lomax and the Library of Congress, resulting in a set of English ballads; banjo, fiddle, and guitar pieces; and Virginia murder ballads, not to mention a relationship with Lomax that would prove beneficial in the coming years.

Eventually, Lomax would introduce him to Moses Asch, resulting in the recording of a soon out of print album for Asch's pre-Folkways disc label. Even so, the album went on to become quite influential on the burgeoning folk revival scene in New York City and Smith was convinced to focus solely on his traditional repertoire. As the years wore on, Lomax continued to record Smith, introduce him to folk festivals, and conduct extensive interviews to present the depth of his musical legacy.

As artists such as the New Lost City Ramblers' Tom Paley, John Cohen, and Mike Seeger, as well as Jody Stecher, Hank Bradley, and Fleming Brown took in his performances during the folk festival boom of the s, Smith was finally embraced as the musical genius he was and would again enter the recording studio for Folk Legacy that fully indulged his love of odd and obscure traditional tunes.

Still, by the time Smith seemed on the verge of capitalizing on his unique talents, his health began to fail him. In , his status as a true giant of traditional music growing with each performance, he passed away without fully benefiting from his prodigious talents. Although his legacy has been carried on by those his music touched in his lifetime, renewed interest in Hobart Smith's music resulted in the excellent Blue Ridge Legacy release in Kentucky Tuesday, September 25, Very good copy of the Carter Family.

Well, at least they took from the best. Influenced by the legendary Carter Family, the Phipps Family was known for its personal yet deeply traditional style. This album includes ballads, traditional hymns, and two originals: Kathleen's "Forsaken Lover" and A. Their music was very much like the Carter Family whom they performed with on several occasions.

I conducted the last interview with A. Phipps only a few months before his tragic death. Transcript of interview with A. Really, ever since I was big enough to sing I'd been in it with my father and mother and brother and sisters.

We all had a quartet. That's how we got together me and my wife; with new music parties. That's about how I'd have to start out with it.

And then we got married and started raising a family, and we still hung right in there with our music. But it was during the depression and we were cramped for money and we had to just go ahead and work and do what we could do to keep food and clothes on and what not.

It was such a hard time. Usually set for 20 shots per game The puck is returned on a conveyer belt. BG , BG , target. Shuffle Play-Mate, United, s exact date unknown , Flyer. Very similar to United Circus Skee-Ball-Ette , Gottlieb, , one player, skee ball style manikin game. Length is 11 or 14 foot lengths a 4 foot section could be added to a 14 foot base game to get 18 feet. Ball does not hit pins but instead travels beneath them and hits lane switches.

Available only in 7 foot "jumbo" playfield length. Top Hat shuffle alley , United, , six players, Game , Game. Tropics Bowling Alley , United, , lengths from 13, 16, 17, 20 and 24 feet. United Bowling and Shuffle Alleys Chronological. All Bowlers from here on are six player games with score reels. Because United games got more complex, there was less backglass real estate available, so the girls were gone! Other Brands of Bowling Alleys. Bally Baseball , Bally, s exact date unknown.

Strikes and Spares shuffle alley , Bally, , no moving parts, Flyer , Flyer. Note Exhibit Supply also sold a conversion for this game to turn it into a bowling alley ball bowler. Game , Game , Game , Game. All American Basketball , Chicago Coin, , puck bowler with a basketball theme and scoring, backglass animation that shots balls into a basket in the backbox via kickout holes.

Americana shuffle alley , Chicago Coin, Bango , Chicago Coin, A novelty shuffle alley with no pins. Big Strike shuffle alley , Chicago Coin, , game.

Bowl-A-Ball , Chicago Coin, , 3" balls. The first roll-down style bowler. Not really a ball bowler, though it does use balls. The balls roll back down the lane and fall into a tray. Note the addition of lighted pins on the alley non-moving, with an added solid red panel infront of the original BG pin lights , and the professionally repainted cabinet but not the backbox. The background to the backglass is a different color than the above Bowling Alley, so perhaps this update was done by the factory.

Bowling Classic shuffle alley , Chicago Coin, date unknown. Slide the puck down the alley just like in bowling, but there are three "zones" for the puck to hit at the back of the alley.

As the game is playing, small plastic balls are being lifted inside the backbox, behind the backglass on the right side. When the balls get to the top of the lift, they are pushed out onto a metal slide that makes them roll down towards the left side of the backglass. The metal slide is made up of three separate metal pieces, each representing one zone on the alley. As the ball is rolling, the player slides the puck and aims for the zone where the ball is currently rolling.

When the puck hits the back of the alley, the metal slide is "opened" and the ball drops down like in a pachinko game. Depending on which hole the ball falls into at the bottom of the window, you get that many points. During the game, the balls continue to cycle through, rolling down the metal ramps. The key is to have good timing to drop the ball just right into the highest scoring hole. Twenty shots per game. Champagne bowling alley , Chicago Coin, Citation shuffle alley , Chicago Coin, Double-Score Shuffle Alley, Chicago Coin, , early shuffle with score reels, strikes score as 30 points, spares score as 20 points, certain frames score double the pin points.

Esquire, Chicago Coin, , BG , game , game. Fleetwood bowling alley , Chicago Coin, , lazy susan swivel score rack, Galaxy shuffle alley , Chicago Coin, Gayety shuffle alley , Chicago Coin, , flyer. Gold Mine shuffle alley , Chicago Coin, Match-Bowl-a-Ball, Chicago Coin, late s exact date unknown , ball bowler, single game. Game , BG , Lane. Miami Shuffle , Chicago Coin, Mardi Gras bowling alley , Chicago Coin, Park Lane shuffle alley , Chicago Coin, Prestige shuffle alley, Chicago Coin, , Flyer.

Prince Bowler bowling alley , Chicago Coin, about exact date unknown , large score reels, 4. Riviera shuffle alley , Chicago Coin, , BG. When the puck hits the contacts it adds one to the count. When 8 are counted the frame advances one. When the 8 frames are played, the game ends and the pins pop up, ending the game.

Made specifically for the Detroit area. Does not use rollover switches but the puck hits the pins. BG , Game , Pins. Red Dot shuffle alley , Chicago Coin, Shuffle Horseshoes shuffle alley , Chicago Coin, early s exact year unknown , 2 players, Game. Shuffle Horseshoes shuffle alley - 2nd version , Chicago Coin, early s exact year unknown , 2 players.

Instead of hitting bowling pins, there are lighted horseshoe stakes at the end of the alley. If you slide the puck right, you can get a ringer just like in a real game of horseshoes.

Vary your shot slightly and have your puck hit just to a side of the stake and you can get awarded varying points.

A "blow" is not getting close to the stake, and you get zero points. Ski-Ball , Chicago Coin, , skee-ball game, a shuffle alley using a ball and skee-alley scoring, 10 foot.

Ski-Score deluxe , Chicago Coin, , a ski-ball type bowler with 3" wood balls, 4 frames per game with 2 or 3 shots per frame. Starfire bowling alley , Chicago Coin, , Super Bowl shuffle alley , Chicago Coin, Some of this material was recorded but never actually broadcast. What do you want first; the good news or the bad news? Heard a rumor about a reissue of the Yes album Fly From Here. With lead vocals by Trevor horn, remixed by horn and with an unreleased track…anyone heard of this one?

There is confirmation of it here http: Pretty happy about this if it happens. I think fly from here is actually a good album, especially the title track suite and with Trevor horn singing it can only be better.

Would love a new album too mind you. And if it comes out at the same time as ARWs album then all the better!! Slightly off topic, those of a certain age may have heard TV star Keith Chegwin has died. Cherry red are reissuing Jon and vangelis pages of life remaster in Jan.

The 8th of December deadline for creating copyright extension releases of unreleased recordings has passed, and this is the outcome: As for Bob Dylan, there is no further unreleased material. It is a decision that they may come to regret. The new disc will have 13 songs, 10 of them previously unheard songs. A new Felt re-issue project is available for pre-order. A few personal favourites with potential to add hard-to-find mixes and additional material below.

Still sounds extraordinarily bright and airy. The album came in three versions; vinyl 8 tracks , CD 11 tracks and most annoyingly the MC 16 tracks. Most of these mixes hard to find. The originals all such bad pressings! Plenty of incredible and creative mixes floating about that should be heard again.

Got something for you here…it looks pretty cool too…. Weasel Kills Beaver 5: Military Moves In 1: Weasel Attacks Pete 3: Jonesy And Gray Debate 5: Henry Returns To The Cabin 4: Boys Find Josie 4: Jonesy Gets Files 2: Soldiers Find Henry 2: Henry Tells Owen 2: Owen Rescues Henry 1: Jonesy Calls Henry 2: Picking Up Duddits 2: Duddits Tells Story 3: Curtis Takes Chopper 3: Curtis And Owen Battle 2: Gray Go Away 3: Charly The Kid 3: Out Of The Heat 2: Disc 4 Night 1: Main Titles — Night 1 1: Memory Of Dad 5: Scary Stop Sign 2: Read Between The Lines 1: A Scary View 2: Danny Holds Back 2: Give Me A Holler 1: A Near Fall 2: End Credits — Night 1 0: Disc 5 Night 2: Main Titles — Night 2 2: The Usual Suspects 2: Behind The Door 5: Are You Gonna Hurt Me?

A Key Is Missing 2: Boy On The Stairs 1: Not My Shade 0: End Credits — Night 2 0: Disc 6 Night 3: Main Titles — Night 3 1: Someone Got Their Fuse Blown 5: Drive Through The Snow 2: Between The Eyes 3: Take Your Medicine 4: What Could You Know? End Credits — Night 3 0: Main Titles — Night 1 [Mix 1] 1: Nice Day For Croquet 1: Main Titles — Night 3 [Mix 1] 1: What Could You Know [Mix 1] 2: The Dreams Begin 2: On The Road To Kansas 3: The Trashman In Vegas 1: By The Stream 3: Mother Greets The Multitudes 1: Beginning Of The End 3: Streets Of New York 0: Trashy And The Dark Man 1: Sewing The Canvas 1: New York No More 3: Boulder To Vegas 3: Trashy Lights Up 1: They have all circulated unofficially with full sound quality.

But not available to customers in Europe? Only listed on the US store and no shipping option for anywhere in Europe. Lots of talk on the site always about the quality of specific recordings and formats. Very interesting database covering dynamic range. Any news on this? Vanished almost as soon as it appeared. Several of the b sides from the period are not that bad too.

Sadly,Dudgeon and his wife died in a car accident. Aaron, he did, but I doubt there will have been an urgency to remaster it as there is so little love for it, even I believe from Elton himself. I doubt it will ever be remastered and reissued in the future either. If you want to copy on CD, suggest you bag one on eBay, where you can get one for less than a tenner. Worth the price for Slow Rivers alone.

Is there any already created Elton John 5. The live and studio tracks are newly remixed. The first disc has the original album plus single edits, unreleased songs and alternate takes. Is there a way to jump straight to the bottom of this page without having to scroll all the way down? It takes ages on my phone and ipad!!

Cherry red doing a great deal for all Yes fans. Might have to take them up on the offer! Warner has been holding the surround mix on the shelf, so why not use it? Can anyone give me a list of all athlete,s non album tracks? That would be great. Poor bugger must need the money…. Less well known is that Warner Music was required to, within 3 years of acquiring Parlophone, to divest themselves of one-third of the artist catalogs of Parlophone Label Group. Incidentally, Warner Music sold off some recordings that had always been part of Warner Music.

Do you know if that just includes the 2 solo albums? Or also the conspiracy albums and anything else? New Steve Hackett live box coming early next year.

Looks pretty great actually. Lots of tracks from wind and wuthering. Cool cover and title too!! In case anyone is interested there is a new Cliff collection next week called Stronger Thru The Years. Bit of an odd track listing so maybe not the usually selection of the hits. You could do a post telling us what you be on your wish list for next year and also open up comments for your readers for what we would most like to see get the SDE treatment or reissued in ….

I realise that there are now fewer CD pressing plants than there once were, but when an independant record company is taking preorders and charging customers 3 months before the intended release date, there is certainly adequate time to secure the services of a CD pressing plant. New Macca track included in this short video…includes sections of Standing Stone and previously unreleased track Botswana…sounds like it could be off McCartney II or Fireman to me….

Their response to my e-mail inquiry: The address is where I have lived continuously since , and it is the address that I supplied in my one previous purchase from the company. Before offering a limited, numbered edition product for preorder, an internet merchant should ask the manufacturer if they are willing to supply the product. The dishonesty of Pop Market has cost me the ability to ever have the Bruford box in my collection. Lying to the customer is not the answer.

The lone Ebay seller offering the Bruford boxed set is in Japan, and is scalping the product at two and a half times its intended selling price. Amazon is about to open in Australia, speculation has it before the end of the year. No news officially, especially on what product categories it will start with but one would expect books and music will be in the mix. Our market is ripe for a shake up, especially in the sort of products featured on this site.

One hopes for some really great deals in the early days so readers might like to keep an eye open. Paul, might I suggest that you look to include Amazon. Neither was any other dealer. We will see if a re-scheduled release date is announced. Not sure where your info comes from, Philip. It was a limited edition of only Unfortunately I think you will find they are now sold out of the limited edition. Early bird carches the worm! Hopefully, the music and remixes will appear on some unofficial download site.

By the way, Burning Shed lists it as out of stock. Caiger now promises a 3-L. We shall see, but be cautioned that whatever unreleased material Caiger adds will Likely be alternate mixes, remixes and alternate backing tracks. In other news, a professional recording of a Small Faces concert has been found, but complex legal issues make its release unlikely.

Too bad, since it contains a few never before heard Small Faces original compositions. The tape is apparently not held by Rob Caiger. Phil Collins box set coming of all 8 studio albums but without the bonus discs.

Not sure who this is aimed at…seems a bit pointless to me!! In NZ, but thankfully my delightful Mum popped down to Sainsburys for me for the two new Madonna coloured vinyls. Out of interest anyone got any idea what other releases came out at the same time as the two Madonnas? Jones disowned the album. Also includes the booklet that was available with Singles The upcoming release recordings , presently being mixed and compiled, will likely contain even more songs than the collection itself equivalent to a 4-CD set.

That would be good, because I opted to not buy the collection. Maybe a box set one day and throw in looking back with Love but I seriously doubt that will ever happen!! The essential Ray Parker jr coming soon with the Searchin for the spirit 12 remix of the ghostbusters theme appearing for the first time ever on cd!!

Reason enough to pick up if you ask me!! The world seems to have a need for more Madness compilations — http: Disc 9 is entirely devoted to BBC sessions, most of them previously unreleased. Johnny Cash Unearthed box set available on vinyl for first time ever.

Bananarama fans in the U. It looks like the trio will be announcing U. Similarly, you may want to consider other potential such Categories that could enable effective and more productive and efficient search for and discovery of relevant content: The current right-hand navigation bar is due to take the next step, I think. The disc are turning a sick nicotine like yellow colour and will not load properly. There are links on the DGM live forum as to how one can order a replacement.

Following instructions from the helpful moderator Alex, I emailed the incredibly responsive Bartosz in Poland who has confirmed shipment of a replacement for my faulty disc. Even though I had evidence of my purchase some three years ago, he took me on trust. Thanks for all your hard work. Luckily, the corrected disc plays fine to this day. Experience Hendrix the Hendrix family company recently renewed their license to Sony Music, but they have no new product with which to launch that new contract.

There is nothing that could be added beyond what is in the previous release. While there was roughly two and a half hours of Rolling Stones BBC session recordings, only 50 minutes of it has circulated unofficially with full fidelity. Perhaps the reason to keep the tracklisting secret, is to stop UK public domain labels from assembling a musically identical compilation. Hello Paul, Fantastic website and thank you for having created it!!! I wish I had your job.

Thank you for your time and really, I wish I had your job. Rick Wakeman- the Journey: Focuses on the early records but track listing looks not bad.

I have tried to buy three David Bowie boxsets at Amazon. As only two items could be bought from Amazon. Pretty useless offer made by Amazon. Paul you need to publicise the Heroes disaster on the new Bowie box. In all formats at 2min 50sec of the song the sound level drops dramatically. This would be the biggest,most inexcusable stuff up I have ever seen in 50 years of collecting music. Also check all the Amazon review pages for the box. The process of getting this set manufactured has been especially protracted.

Has that really been 15 years?? Still a great record that. May pick it up if it has extra discs with the b sides and EP tracks. I was right but this seems super expensive!! Maybe there will be a cd only release without all the guff.. Generals and Majors Living Through Another Cuba Love at First Sight Rocket From a Bottle No Language in Our Lungs Towers of London Paper and Iron Rock is Going to Help Me Features stereo album mix by Steven Wilson with bonus tracks many featuring Steven Wilson mixes.

Nme has a great story right now about an unreleased Beatles demo on sale on eBay right now. You can hear a snippet over at nme. Hopefully this can be bought by the right people and cleaned up for release cause it sounds amazing!! I know that more information about The Beatles recording sessions has come to light since that book, but the owner of The Beatles recordings will not permit Lewisohn to revise or update that book.

For anyone interested in that Creepshow 2 soundtrack…here is the link to the site, lots of cool stuff here. Steve Howe also has a new album called Nexus coming soon. He recorded this with his son Virgil Howe. Although Virgil did just die recently unexpectedly and Yes have cancelled there upcoming tour, not sure if the album will see the light of day now, but hope Steve releases it as a tribute. Virgil is best known for the theme song to Better Call Saul.

I have a few of the Dylan radio releases and sound quality not great but still worth having. Could this be a streamlined version of the very expensive 35th Anniversary box set? Paul Just looking at something else on Amazon this morning and happened across a new Tim Buckley box set on Rhino, due out in a couple of weeks.

This seems to be an enlarging of the Original Album Series box to eight albums, in this case, all the Elektra albums, plus an outtakes CD originally issued by Rhino Handmade. It seems to be one of a series of enlarged box sets as I also spotted a Dr John box now seven albums , and on by Bread now six albums.

Blue Afternoon and Starsailor though were not too great, were you able to get them of course! Since this was first listed on the UK and other European Amazons they have added a note that it is encoded in the North American region format and will not play on Bluray players encoded for Europe and Australia!

At the time it was first listed the Bluray was shown as European region. People may have preordered this on the assumption they might actually be able to play it. Maybe in week of release or some time before this you could note this and warn people about this change.

I could say something about how ridiculous this is and that an industry that shows so little respect for its customers deserves to fail but I think I may be preaching to the converted. Fantastic site by the way. Out 24th November having been held back from last year. Preorder has started and will be released on Oct 6th. Living in F E A R edit 2. One Tonight Live 3. Released in October apparently. This special edition can be found at Lexer Music http: Cheers for the heads up about the Led Zep 1 2 vinyl deal and also the Led Zep 3 2 vinyl as well — Fantastic and much appreciated.

Some of the concert recordings are previously unreleased. Have a look at this: Paul, have a word. Anyone who has a say in the release of box sets… Can you put the details of the release on the side of the box? An artists name, the title of the set?

You just need to scroll through the pages to find the ones priced at 7. Blancmange autographed box set back in stock at Amazon? Paul or anyone else for that matter! A new concert movie from the period will be out at the same time called Trouble No More.

Limited Edition of sets. The 8 songa have been newly remixed. Now, the negative news about this set: What are the compilers thinking? Frontman Alvin Lee passed away some years ago. It will also be offered as a 2-L. The tapes were surrendered to Jimmy Page, who now owns them. The songs will be newly remixed. These are not mere licenses, but outright purchases. Why Warner is divesting themselves of these artist catalogues is not clear.

Whether there is any new content that could be added to these albums remains to be seen. The first released products will appear later this year. The photo shows the 5 disc edition whilst the description lists just the original album. Massive vinyl sale at Recordstore. Not for me but some nice deals. Great interview with the great Anthony Phillips here. He talks about Esoteric, the 5.

Feels Good To Me: One of a Kind: Live at the Venue: Recorded in London The 4th Album Rehearsal Sessions: Previously unseen archive visual material.

Complete band date sheet with contemporary critical reaction. The Acid Queen Go To The Mirror Tommy Can You Hear Me? Smash The Mirror I Can See For Miles 4. Who Are You 5. Forthcoming Neil Young original album series sets. Take What You Need: Tambourine Man — Chad and Jeremy 8. Love Minus Zero — Noel Harrison 9.

Visions of Johanna — The Picadilly Line Absolutely Sweet Marie — The Factotums I Shall Be Released — Boz Down Along the Cove — Cliff Aungier Tears of Rage — Country Fever Just Like a Woman — Joe Cocker Lay Lady Lay — Sandie Shaw.

A compilation of cover versions of Bob Dylan songs recorded by British artists in the s. The sleeve note contains a detailed track-by-track commentary by Elektra Records and Sandy Denny biographer Mick Houghton.

Steve Miller Ultimate Hits tracklising: Steve Miller Is going to release vault material under his new license to Capitol Records. These 8 tracks will be a combination of live tracks, studio alternate takes and demos. This is really something to look forward to. When a major record company pays significant money for a license to reissue a back catalog of an artist or group with a huge back catalog, you would think that the record company or their attorneys would insist that it be written into the contract that archival releases, expanded editions, boxed sets or previously unreleased audio or video content must be delivered as part of the deal.

Clearly, Capitol Records naively believed that such material would be included in their license for The Bee Gees catalog…. It was nevertheless posted on the DP O site that it looked like a release date for this year….

But Miller has been very restrictive with vault material. Instead, Miller compiled and submitted a 3-CD hits set released with almost no unreleased material barring one concert track and one new song. Have they changed the cover to the new Van Morrison album? Amazon have a different sleeve, not sure if its a different edition? Avril Lavigne to release first three albums on heavyweight vinyl for the first time in September.

Any information on the set so far? No bonus music whatsoever. Klein died many years ago. This edition includes a selection of rare and unreleased material from the time and pages of new artwork alongside an essay on the album by Robin Turner. Something Like A Mama Nifter — 5 A Nov 97 2. Bruce Lee — Ricks 1st Dobro Mix 3. UW Orange Bed — Sept97 4. Skym — A A Nov 97 5. Jumbo — Diff Bass 2 A Nov 97 6.

Push Upstairs — Alt 1 A July 98 7. Please Help Me Yeah Plan — From A Cups — Salt City Orchestra Remix 2.

Jumbo — Futureshock Vocal Mix 4. Push Upstairs — Darren Price Remix 5. King Of Snake — Slam Remix 6. Bruce Lee — Micronauts Remix 9. Bruce Lee — Buffalo Daughter Remix. Bruce Lee — Futureshock Remix 4. King Of Snake — Martinez Remix 6. Push Upstairs — Adam Beyer Rmx 2. Will be a double picture disc set. Thanks once again for this information. You know a lot about The Rolling Stones, where did you find this information? You also know very much about other bands like The Who. Starting at this point in their recording career, Mick Jagger decided to not add polished vocals or in many instances, any vocals to a song, unless it was being seriously considered for release.

During these sessions, the group would record the basic tracks onto 4-track. Bootleggers got hold of those abandoned tapes, mixed them down and issued two 4-CD sets.

Nearly 10 hours of Rolling Stones…. We never do get to hear the last and best take of each unreleased song, and what if any vocals and guitar solos were added after the 4-track to 4-track reductions. They made the correct choices. The Rolling Stones have more releases in store. And the group is nearing completion on 15 new songs now at the mixing and editing stage for a new studio album, to be released in , to coincide with their return to UK concert stages.

Thanks for the information about The Rolling Stones. It would make more scence if they had ad bonus tracks to this release. Steve Howe has a new 3 disc set out on August Stephen stills and Judy Collins have recorded a duet album together. This has the potential to be awesome…Dylan, traveling wilburys, Cohen covers among the track listing.. Both mixes featured alternate take vocals, because of changes that the group made to the multitracks subsequent to the finalising of the original stereo mixes.

With all due respect to Mr.

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