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Thank you, Gene Sinclair. All of my instructors the salts were envious. Precom detail in San Diego, then aboard with the yard birds in early This is Onrush, ready over This is a ship I will never forget! I was assigned to A Division. Now in San Antonio , TX. It was an experience I'll never regret or forget.

Now I serve as Vietnam Era Representative for ussnewjersey. Anyone from my hole send me an e-mail. We crossed the Atlantic in 5 days and inched up a Fiord not much wider than the ship to Oslo, Norway South to Gitmo and a couple of days trying to kill the seagulls on Vieques with the 16 " guns If you have any information please e-mail me, I never got a chance to meet him and my father barely knew him. Any stories would also be great. Naeb I was a sergeant onboard in during recommissioning in the Mardet.

I have not seen the ship since I'm taking my daughter, son in law and grandson to see the ship sometime in Chapman TC1 was an original plank owner. Served on the New Jersey from Dec. If anyone remembers him please send me a email. Proudest 3 years of my 9 year career. Looking for old shipmates in B Division, hope everybody is doing well. Snipes rule the underworld! I was part of the last crew, - I still remember when the Missouri took our glory or our opportunity the give the old girl one more ribbon for the Gulf War.

Take care BB shipmates. Whiting, NJ My memories were in growing up in Newark. Every Armed Forces day in those years 0f thru my Newark friends and I would get a bus to Bayonne's Navy Yard to tour the ships and see what was in the drydock. Great growing up memories, with an uncle that was a U. Army Major in the First Army that entered Berlin. He sent me German uniforms and helmets seized from warehouses, and I played Germans; with the back yard neighborhood kids. He sent over a huge Nazi flag, top material you could make drapes with.

I was cautioned one time about displaying the flag that we might be bombed in Newark if planes spotted that flag in my 6-family neighborhood yards. We had a nation united then. Served until September, I made our famous West - P ac that included the great ports in Australia.

I think our final cruise was one of the best I had ever been on. The days I spent on The Jersey will always be some of the best memories I will ever have. I still brag about my time on that ship today. Does anybody remember when we got stuck in the Gulf because Iran threaten to sink us, so we waited for the USS Long Beach to escort us out.

Good times had by all. Would like to hear from anyone serving in those years. I would like to know if there is any info of the last crew. I turned the lights out!

I was looking for this website to try and find old shipmates. I remember many places, but I need your help trying to find some of his old friends or old Duty Rosters.

Thank you for your help and God Bless our Military for Freedom. Memories that will never be lost. Worked in S-1 Div. Haven't stepped foot on the ship since '89, but certainly looking forward to it. Discharged, having made DC1 exam , this experience set me up for the rest of my life. I served onboard from June - January I a m a Plankowner and Shellback. Wonderful and absolutely powerful ship. Miss those days and the many members I served with.

What a beautiful sight that was. So inspiring, so powerful. I never forgot that. My brother Mark Shearer was one of the amazing soldiers that served our country. Thank you all for your years of dedicated service. I am so proud to be an American. Their assignment was to classify all 1 , men, and assign them to their duty stations. Mom is now 93, and is still cognizant of all the events and details of her assignment, which was even before she married. If you look at the New Jersey ships log book, the first one, you ' ll see two women, dead center, in the commissioning photo.

My Mother is the taller of the two. We have the book, as well as an original commissioning photograph. She is very proud of her service to her country as a WAVE and had to leave because, even though she married, she became pregnant with my oldest brother, and at the time, the WAVES didn't allow expectant mothers on duty , married or not.

A lot has changed since then , I ' m sure you ' ll agree. I'm looking for the ships present list on that date, Yokosuka , Japan. Where can I get it? He passed away in , so it was incredible to come across this recently. His name was James J. Augusta, he was a deckape during Viet n am. He sure loved The Wagon. If you are out there Augie, give me a blast , Seaman Sob from the Parks.

Just stopping by to say "hi". As a Signalman, I was involved in sending this U. Attached to this historic ensign was a white tag that I signed confirming it was flown during this historic mission and the BIG J's involv e ment in her third war..

T o view the auction, cut and paste this link. Some of my best memories were aboard the Big J. I was a personnelman seaman E-3 when I reported and we were slammed every Monday morning until we had a full compliment of sailors in January If anybody has contact with any of the sailors from this era please have them contact me.

I would like to hear from them. I was in M Division, Engine Room 3. I'm proud to say that I was part of the last crew to serve and sail on the last cruise she ever took. It was one of the best times of my life as a young man and it was on this ship were I became a man. I will never forget the memories and the men that I served with during that time period and I miss them all, what times we had.

Any of the men that were serving with me in M Division at that time, I would love to hear from you. Met the ship in Norfolk, VA while loading ammo after she had just been recommissioned. Got off in Bremerton, WA just before decommissioning. Proud to have served. The memories will last me forever. Visited the ship in August and it was without a doubt the most moving experience - thanks to Ken Kersch who was an excellent guide and host while visiting with my wife and daughter.

Will have to go back real soon. Best to all my buds from '68 - ' Let's get in touch. I've always loved old warships and really love this one. I was in the Roger Division, I worked on locks and doors and ventilation before air conditioning.

I can't believe how it has changed, hope to get aboard again on a self guided pass. Hope to hear from some of my ship mates, I know a lot are dead now. Served in M Division.

Would love to hear from old friends and shipmates. While waiting to board the ship I was sent to gunnery school. I can tell about helping build the ship because I stood fire watch for the welders. I was also a plank owner assigned to the 6th Division and was on the 40mm guns, then transferred to the SS division and was there until January I loved that ship because it took me to the South Pacific and brought me home safe with eleven Battle Stars.

I served with a group of great sailors. Still have memories of Subic? Ah, good ole Olongapo City. Pan Am's Club, good live bands. Hello "Josie" almost my wife where ever you are! Lots of former crewmembers are friends on Facebook. They were gr e at times , would l ove to hear from some of the old BTs.

Kelly Parker , Fireroom 1. He died in , his name was Robert Banks Weldon. I have old Navy pictures but I would like to have a little bit more of his history. I enjoyed hearing his stories but now that he is gone I would like to pass them on to his grand children, so I need to know a little more info if any can be found.

He now resides in Winchester, KY. Played for the New Jersey Jokers softball team, best times of my life. GM Brad Buchannon just got a hold of me through this website, it was great talking about the old Joker days. Anyone from E division or any other friends from those days please get a hold of me, I'd love to hear from ya Mattson 1 East Buttonwood St. Mattson served as a Docent on the ship from until health issues slowed him down in the Summer of He passed away on the evening of January 12, a few hours after his beloved wife, and my mother, Carolyn left us.

I've missed this great ship, and a lot of friends. I was a member of the M-Div. I made Third Class Petty Officer. Give me a shout. Moore 35 Ave. I served on the recommissioning crew of the Big J from - I was in the 3rd Division and had a great team of guys. Looking to hear from some of my old shipmates.

Give me a shout! I was a reserve, MR Riding the Battle Wagon was a life time dream that came true. In boot camp I put on my dream sheet I wanted to ride a BB and was laughed at and told they would never be on the high seas again. If you like talking haze gray, please call Randall I served on the USS New Jersey in and was on board when the truce was signed in when we had been bombarding North Korea with fire from the inch batteries. Later in early s I published a book partly based on my experiences on board the battleship.

The book is titled "Grand Tour" published by iUniverse. Today as I play golf on American courses with the many Korean golfers who have caught the bug I wonder how many of their grandparents or parents might have personally experienced the might of the Big J.

If you knew George and might have pictures from those days, please e-mail me. We went to WestPac, and I'm very proud to be part of it. I never forget the great times I spent aboard. Great crew in E Division except for 1 person , otherwise, had a great time aboard and a great WestPac tour. He passed away many years ago, but my Mother is still alive. I am trying to find information about medals he might have earned while he was in the service.

Kotch Krause Rd. I also toured the Missouri a year prior. Between the two I received a well rounded view of the Iowa class ships. I can not imagine what life aboard must have been like, especially during war time. Hats off and sincere thanks to all veterans!

I'm not sure in what capacity or the exact time. He passed in and I found myself looking for more information on his service. To those who served, thank you. It cannot be spoken enough, thank you. Looking for Edward J. I was stationed on the Jersey from - She was the greatest command I ever served under.

I had the time of my military life serving on her. Take great care of her for me. Hawthorne 4 Ermine Ct. He served from to in the 4th Division. He is currently 88 years old.

He is referenced in the War Log as Where's Willie? If any of you recall working with my dad he certainly would enjoy hearing from you. Please e-mail me and I will see he gets your mail. Would like to hear from some of the guys that I worked with. I grew up with stories and photos and my father's pride.

He still has a hard cover copy of the "Salvo". He was on the Governor's boat welcoming the ship as she came up the Delaware to where she has been so lovingly restored.

I didn't expect the intense emotions I felt when I finally got to actually see her. To be with him as he stepped foot on her again for the first time in so many years. To listen to him and watch him remember Then, when we got to the ship's museum where there is a photo of the entire crew Dad thinks its the only one ever taken And sure enough, there was my Dad, right in the center of the photo on the wall of the museum!

If you happen to get there, you can't miss him My Dad has had hearing problems since being positioned right under the "big guns". He was sent to the doctor on board and he knows there is a record of being treated. He says they used to put cotton in their ears during firing.

Some of the cotton got stuck and traveled down his ear canal and needed to be removed by the doctor. What he needs is a copy of that report.

The local VA says they can't find any records. He needs help as his hearing has progressively gotten worse over the years and is now at its worst ever. Can anyone help us locate those records? Any help or information would be appreciated.

Thanks so much and happy Memorial Day to you all. Thank you for your service. What a wild 3 years THAT was! Find me on facebook or e-mail.

Moreno White Dawn St. Battle Just wanted to say high to all you ship mates. I served on her from around to I was in the second Division. She was a great ship and I am proud to have had the opportunity to serve my country in Korea aboard such a great ship. Hope to reconnect with friends from B Division.

Walk tall, carry a big stick. On May 23, I raised the commission pennant during the commissioning ceremonies. After shakedowns and a few battles in the South Pacific, at Kwalalien I was transferred to OCS in the states via the Washington, which lost 70 feet of the bow.

I went to Union and Holy Cross College, the rest is history. I am now 84 years old. Lennon Potomac Dr.

I did a lot of work in the Big J's engineering spaces. Before she was turned over to the Navy on her fourth recommissioning I steamed her from the 1 engine room. With that being said, I may have come across a few of you that were there during that time in the yard. She was the best ship I ever worked on, of course the Mo was in the yard at the same time. I've worked a number of ships but those two I was proud to have been on. Looks like we all agree that it was at least our best times in the Navy, if not our lives.

Thanks to all who have served, and take care. Marine Corporal with the original crew that boarded the NJ on Sunday, May 23, as part of the original crew which was the day it was put into commission. GySgt Brown was our Guard Chief at the time. I'm looking for friends who served with me in the Galley. I am now CSC SW retired and sill willing to communicate with friends from my most beloved battleship.

Anyone who served with him during those years let me know. I just turned 82, still in good health. Now living in South Texas, my home state. I sure would like hearing from any and all Jersey Crewman.

One other friend I get an Xmas card from Edward J. Murphy in Mystic, CT. Let's all say a prayer for all of the Vets from all wars and our men and women who are doing a Hell of a Job Today! Petrola Parker St. Odya Brandy E. Had a great tour of the ship. Roethler Morgan Ridge Rd.

Nothing but good memories. The first time we fired the inchers I thought we took a hit! I was assured that we didn't and that we had fired our guns! Top side I went only to witness the awesome sight of about 10 more rounds, lbs of black powder, 2, lb projectile, 2, feet per second, and a range of 28 miles Well I could talk all day. If you want to talk BB call - Marty. Worked in Engineering Log Room, under Cdr. Fryer and the last Officer Cdr. Captain Tyree was in charge when I went aboard.

Put her in commission and out of commission. I was an E4 Boilerman. Wish I had the video of it now. They played it over and over on Ship TV. I was sick of it then but would love to see it now. He reenlisted for a third term during that year. Please contact me if you know where he may be. Getting closer at finding you guys. I'm looking for Junior Booth Betson. He was stationed on the New Jersey during the 2nd World War.

Would like to hear from people serving during Korea. Been there, Done that, is what we us to say in first Division. After that all the rest is history. We were one of the northern most outposts in Vietnam. I was the first to spot the New Jersey.

I was on top of the small 25 ft. I saw this large, low ship with a huge crane on the stern and knew it had to be her. I alerted the others in the tower. I have heard the rounds come over, they sounded like little jets. She was awesome and the North Vietnamese backed away pretty quickly.

Shortly after I left; the New Jersey fired over 1, rounds defending the tiny tower and the 25 marines there. There were no roads to Oceanview and it was in such a remote spot, all would have been lost if not for the New Jersey. So, from the Marines on the ground who were your eyes, a big thank you. He said he used to help the Marines out from getting in trouble coming off of liberty. I was in the Marine Corps, but never got to serve on BB which would have been awesome.

Gardner, served on the New Jersey as a fireman during Korea. He passed in August of I am looking for anyone who knew him, who could share some stories and possibly pictures of him during his time on the ship.

Please contact me if you can help. God Bless our Troops! My dad loved being in the military and when he was forced to retire due to medical reasons after only being in for 14 years he fought like hell to stay My daddy has since past just recently and I have found myself in the Navy following in daddy's footsteps just as I always intended There was never a day that I could have imagined my dad being more proud of me then the day I graduated boot camp I've been in for almost a year and with any luck hope to be stationed in Mayport or Virginia when I get orders as soon as I'm through with ET'A' school My dad was an inspiration to many He passed away on March 16th of He said he was in the main fire control Engine Room 2.

He said he remembers an Admiral Connors. If this triggers a memory, e-mail be. I'm trying to find his photos to post. Served onboard from October to December I was the Steward, Officer's Wardroom and met few of the crew.

There were many officers, but I served Captain Snyder, who impressed me as a real personal and dedicated leader of the ship. He never talked much about what his job was on the ship and he didn't bring or send home any photos so if anyone is out there who can let me know how to find out anything about him please let me know. I would like to get some photos and info to put on my wall to honor him Lisbon, Portsmouth, Greenock, Oslo.

Battle station was SPS-6 space on O6 level. I remember watching the World Series in the ET shack; last compartment aft on the starboard side. Lots of fond memories Hope to get to the ship in the near future. Fair winds and following seas to Big J and all shipmates. Old e-mail address no good anymore. I served aboard from October - in the print shop.

Recommissioned on November 20, We were hit by shore batteries on my 24th birthday, May 21, One I will never forget. Snoddy Montauk Ln. Please add to Mailing List. I spent several days ashore with the clean-up crew before I finally got to the Big J, what a thrill and an honor to serve on this ship. I am a historian and am working on a book about the Big J. I would love to hear from anyone who served on this ship. God Bless the 47! We also put the names of the guys in that space on the stairs down to the space in order of rank from top to bottom, changing them as men left or were promoted.

Harold the Duck was my our mascot and was painted on the lockers on the lower level. Does anyone know if any of this still exists or when you saw it last? I left in Lebahn, passed away in Omaha, NE. He always felt that it was a privilege to have served aboard such a wonderful command. His ability to mentor the young men under his watch is one of many things that he will be remembered for, along with his zest for life, devotion to his family and that unstoppable smile.

For those of us who have had the opportunity to have known him, know that his sprit will live on thru all of us. Anyone know where I can get it, on DVD preferably. I was on that Cruise, and it really brings back a lot of memories. I didn't know it even existed. I was an IC3 in E-Division. What a magnificent sight she was. I never realized how beautiful a Battleship could be.

At that time she was visiting my beautiful Australia. The streets of Kings Cross, in Sydney were aligned with American sailors. How handsome and proud these men looked in there blues. Little did I know that I would end up being one of many young Australian women that would follow the ship home from this WestPac tour and become the wife of a New Jersey sailor.

The year was , a year I will never forget. A year later I was married, a year after that our daughter was born. I have many wonderful memories, of the ship, and friends gone by I wonder where you are these days, are you married, do you have children.

I hope your life has been happy and fulfilled. I hope you are safe where ever you are. To Charles Burns, the handsome young sailor that gave me away on my wedding day at the Long Beach Naval Chapel on May 21, , where are you, and where is Larry Johnson? My good friends I owe you both so much for the wonderful life I have had. You are always remembered and if you are out there, my family and I would love to hear from you.

Thank you BB for everything you have meant to me I am truly proud to have been the wife of a New Jersey sailor Would like to get in touch with former PAO personnel among others. Remember, rest well, yet, sleep silent, until the call again comes for Firepower for Freedom. I was there for Beirut when we were deployed for 11 months.

The Big J shot her guns while we were there in support of the Marines and I have Nothing but good thoughts and praises for my experiences on her.

Hope to get a chance to visit this summer. I live in Philadelphia, PA and I see her everyday. I go onboard often and she is still in fighting shape. Was onboard while in dry dock, recommissioning and Beirut. I would love to hear from those of you who served in 6th Division or anyone on board from - I was on board from - Maryville, TN I served on the Big J from - , it was the best duty a sailor could have and I still to this day say that only a Battleship Sailor is a true Sailor.

Paauwe was one of the first crew members. I can probably get some pictures from my mom to be posted if interested, please e-mail me if interested. He was wounded on a 40mm gun AA mount in battle, I believe in Korea. His shipmates called him Zeke, he was a Printers Mate, I'm sure you would remember him. He had many scars on his face, hands, head and legs. He retired from the Portsmouth Navy Prison in the late 60's or early 70's as a prison guard after 20 years. He died of a coronary in at The last time I was onboard it was in December and wow I was in supply.

I worked in the ships store and barber shop. I was a little brother to some and a bother to all, probably. I had a blast! Came out of Beirut with more medals than my company commander in boot camp, ha ha! I used to skateboard on the Tomahawk decks!

Anyone who remembers that 18 year old punk rocker that filled up soda machines, give me a shout! Miss all of you and not a day goes by that I do not remember the best ship in the world! Bet you didn't know we had surfboards on that ship! Take care to all my brothers. I was the only Fightin Fifth shipmate there. I cannot begin to tell you how great it was to walk the decks that 40 years ago I served on with joy and great satisfaction. I would love to hear from anyone, and especially those who were in the Fightin Fifth Division, to go back and remember those great days.

Would love to hear from any of my former shipmates. I would just like to say hello. Hauser 41st St. We fired the 5 inch guns once during my days in ship's company and that was in target practice. My most lingering memory is cleaning the teakwood deck by holy stones, sand, lye and water. It was the best time of my life. After my discharge, I contributed photos and stories to the publication of the book "New Jersey", U.

It is the history of the Jersey. I read that there was a lot of pushin and pullin going on in 3 Fireroom. Anyway, I am in contact with some of the 2 Fireroom crew and it has been great to hear and chat with these shipmates.

It was a moment in time I will never forget. Thanks, I hope to visit someday and see the boilers we steamed. You guys in 3 Fireroom might have done some pushin and pullin back there but we was steamin haze gray and under way.

It was all good, we were the best BTs that ship ever had. I didn't make it into either cruise book, don't know why. You guys look me up. Shout out if you were on board at that time. He was originally from Baltimore, MD. He and his wife Marilyn, who survives him, also became an extra set of grandparents for my children. If anyone would like me to pass on any messages or memories to his wife, who is not computer savvy, please feel free to contact me at the above address.

I would love to correspond with anyone who served on the ship during that time. I am looking for a roster for 1st Division during those dates or a cruise book, if anyone can help that would be great. Still keep in touch with Smitty and look forward to hearing from anyone that was there. I really enjoy the posts from all the Big J vets. Take care and have a great New Year.

I would like to correspond with anyone who served on the New Jersey during - , especially men in Roger Division. Obando, Gomez I remember. If there are any OSs or EWs from that time period drop me a line.

Would like to do a little get together. Maybe go over the formula for a target angle and a scouting problem on a maneuvering board. Obando, remember Marina, in Sydney? I have a client who served on the Jersey back in and we are trying to locate records of gunnery practice where the inchers were fired. We have been to www. Can you help or know of someone who can help? We are trying to help this man with a VA Claim. My wife, sister-in-law and brother-in-law also accompanied me.

We all had a great time, and would really look forward to having the reunion on the ship again in the near future. I think that means more to us former crewmembers and shipmates that traveling around the country taking tours.

I will definitely attend the next reunion that is held in NJ or Philadelphia so we can go onboard the ship. Had a lot to learn - I owe a great deal to this ship and to her crew. Now it's time to retire - hard to believe neither of us will ever go to sea again.

I've got a great collection from that incredible period. The NJ docked in Brisbane, Australia that year. If anybody knows where he might be living right now and has an e-mail address, would love to hear from you. GA I was a boiler technician third class in 3 Fireroom from to I stood messenger, checks, lower levelman, saturated burnerman, pumpman, superheater burnerman, and BTOW. Remember when we ran aground in Pearl and we had that Full Back Bell and were the only ones that stayed on the line?

Man that was steaming. Looking for the fellas from OI Division and anyone else who remembers me. Served on board from March - November I attended this past reunion and really had a blast. You can contact me any time. There was only 3 from this time frame at the reunion, we need to get more involved.

This was a great lady and she does not need to be forgotten. Me and my wife were adopted by some of the electricians from the Vietnam ERA. Home , Cell I do want to hear from you. Would love to hear from others during the same era. Phlegar Gyro Dr. I was an MM2 in 2 Fire Room. My son and I saw her in Camden in , it brought back a ton of memories.

I am the Grandson of Clifford Knudsen. He worked in the boiler room. He is alive and spunky at the young age of He tells me all the time about his war years. The gentlemen that served during that period of time are hero's. I can never imagine doing what they did. Please e-mail me anytime. I would love to hear stories.

I have had great interest in the USS new Jersey for many years and it's great to see that "Grandpa's Battleship" lives on. My Grandfather was James J. At General Quarters I was in the powder magazine under Turret 1.

In I published a book on my experiences, titled "Grand Tour". The book is based on my experiences in the U. Navy contrasted with my great grandfather's service in the U. If anyone is interested I can scan and e-mail a copy. The best time was becoming a Golden Shellback on the New Jersey. I have encountered another of these rings and wondered how many crewman made them. All my best to the bravest generation of Heroes this country ever produced.

I was in 6th Division for 2 years and finished in the Chaplain's office. Looking for e-mail for RP3 Joel E. I would be happy to hear from anyone that does remember me. O'Connor and Barnes send me a note. May School Dr. Did tour in one of the inch gun turrets.

If anyone remembers a little skirmish during one of the elongated shellings with a crewmember getting busted in the chops for dragging around a torn powder bag please look me up on my sons e-mail address. I am now 83 living alone and would love to hear from my old shipmates. Webster served aboard this great Lady - during Korea. I grew up hearing about this ship.

I did get a chance to go aboard her during her last tour of duty when she visited San Francisco. I hope to make a trip to see her again some day. Visit our webpage at: Boyer 36 South Main St.

Gilbert II Onboard from - in 3rd Division. Assigned to Turret 3 Powder Magazines. Miller Canton, OH Cannot believe the detail of restoration to this fine lady! I am planning a trip to visit her this summer '08 with my son.

I remember as a small boy his ship coming in to port and the junior officers grabbing my sister and me and feeding us milk and cookies in the wardroom. Recently while on the way to Biloxi to volunteer after Katrina, stopped in Mobile, AL and walked the decks and passageways of the USS Alabama, she was awesome but not as impressive as the restoration shown in your photos of your lady.

I cannot wait to step onto the deck of this warship. Seeing the work, and reading the ships log online, I am awestruck by the continuing love affair with her crew and their ship, from WW II duty to present.

Maybe a few of you might have served with my Dad. I have always felt a kinship as a Navy kid, lived in Norfolk and San Diego and would like my son to know more about his grandfather, Dad passed away Having my son see the environment Dad experience in his young adult life may give him a closer kinship with Dad.

Your work on the 'Jersey will undoubtedly instill a pride in a job well done. I am looking forward to seeing your word firsthand. I then left for A-school. That was one of the best days I had in the Navy. Todd Please add to Mailing List. One late afternoon and evening, the first week in February, ; the USS New Jersey fired rounds of continuous fire from her 16" guns over the Marine Compound into Syria.

Job Well Done to the Sailors and Marines who served aboard her! Forth Commissioning Crew and Plank Owner. Served - EW1 - OI Division. Being part of her crew is something that I will never forget and will cherish. I'm trying to locate SM2 Vandine since I just recently discovered I have his Shellback card in my possession and would like to get it back to him.

Would love to see those 16 inch guns fire one last time. Any SMs out there? Drop me an e-mail. Hammond - Peck - Miller, I would love to hear from any of the signalman. Master at Arms 2nd Class. Best years of my life, now that I look back. Did not realize it then. Take Care Big "J". His name is Alex Schandl. If anyone has an e-mail for him or a way to contact him I would greatly appreciate the help in getting word to him that I am trying to locate him.

Many thanks for your help and all that you have done for our country. Proud to have served with a great bunch of guys and the most decorated wagon in the fleet. The AA gun fired at an F4 overflight and we called in a fire mission. We were given 5" adjustments and the 16" guns in effect. The Syrians did not have a chance. I need to verify the date of that fire mission.

Anyone out there who can help direct me to the correct Log Entries of the New Jersey would be forever in my debt. It was a great day and an even greater experience serving on the worlds only active Battleship. We will all remember our time together, the good times and the hard times.

Enjoy today and remember your shipmates, those of us who are still keeping her memory live and those who have passed away. I hope to see many of you again, and some of you for the first time in nearly 40 years, at the reunion this September in Philadelphia. It will be a special day, for all of us Vietnam Era crewmembers, when we step aboard her once again.

Would like to hear from any shipmates. Tracy Brown Ave. First assignment B Division then M and last A Division, which I was assigned to the boat shop as an engine man, great duty. Crew member on the 30' motor launches, then the 2 officers boat and finally the Captains gig until the Big J was decommissioned in I told the recruiter I wanted to travel and did I ever!

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He ripped my pantyhose and then I felt his big cock sliding between my feet. I was almost ready to cum but he stopped and began to tease my wet pussy before he slid his cock in deep.

He fucked me really good and came all over my toes. The best part was when I took off the blindfold I realized that he was a total stranger!

I guess this stranger was a gift and the best one my husband ever gave me! Jump In Gia Derza enjoys a summer day with a dip in the pool and some smores before getting facialed.

Peeling down the straps of her dress, Steve sucks her big fake tits while playing with her pussy. Canela moves to a nearby chair and bends over doggystyle so Steve can eat her ass, then fuck her doggystyle.

The Latina babe's tight pussy feels so good that Steve cums twice! Caught With Her Panties Okay, I know sniffing panties is a thing, but sniffing your stepmoms panties is a whole different ball game.

So when my stepmom catches me jerking myself off into hers, I am super embarrassed. Luckily, she is a very understanding woman.

She sits down on her bed and tells me she wants to help me correct my behavior. She wants to work out a deal. She will not tell my dad if I give her my semen. She sucks my cock and then slides my pervy peen inside her chacha. What a dream come true. She has these sexy tats that run down her arm, some big fat titties, and a rotund ass to match.

So, you cannot really blame her neighbor for spying on her from time to time. He knows when she is going to be cooking in her panties, so he likes to sneak a peek any chance he gets. But this time, he gets caught in the act. Lucky for him, Ivy is not ashamed of her body.

Deep In the Heart of Industrial Marrickville

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