Part of Section 9's plan while evacuating their headquarters is to leave several prosthetic bodies laying around in the hopes that they'll be confused with those of the actual members. And here is perhaps the best typology of all. The last episode involved suicide and the Doctor's god complex being thrown into very sharp relief. Cooper told himself, it was difficult to make the Moon appear glamorous. No, something more — Jabba Table Manners:


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Security procedures delayed ambulances from arriving on the scene by several minutes. The incident did not delay the launch of STS-1 less than a month later, but the pilot of that mission gave an on-orbit tribute to Bjornstad and Cole. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Space Shuttle flight.

For the gene, see STS-1 gene. John, we can't do more from the launch team than say, we wish you an awful lot of luck. We are with you one thousand percent and we are awful proud to have been a part of it. This is the world's greatest all electric flying machine.

I'll tell you that. I think it is only right that we mention a couple of guys that gave their lives a few weeks ago in our countdown demonstration test: John Bjornstad and Forrest Cole. They believed in the space program, and it meant a lot to them. I am sure they would be thrilled to see where we have the vehicle now. Retrieved 28 November Retrieved 19 October Retrieved 31 March Entry Guidance Training Manual. Retrieved 22 August Why do you drop water under the shuttle as the engines start?

Archived from the original on 15 May Passing in silence, passing in shadows". Retrieved 22 January Retrieved 16 February Retrieved 8 January After the flight, mission commander John Young was shown those videos. His reaction was severe. The pitch control thrusters might or might not have been enough to provide control. The shuttle might have tumbled out of control and disintegrated at very high speed and altitude STS-1's Young and Crippen". Retrieved 30 July Retrieved 12 August Retrieved 17 July Retrieved 3 March Retrieved 13 August Retrieved June 29, Retrieved 28 February Retrieved 27 January The New York Times.

Shuttle Columbia's First Fatalities". Space Shuttle Columbia OV Kosmos Molniya-3 No. Manned flights are indicated in bold text. Uncatalogued launch failures are listed in italics. Payloads deployed from other spacecraft are denoted in brackets.

Retrieved from " https: Webarchive template wayback links Articles with short description Use dmy dates from May All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Wikipedia articles incorporating text from NASA Use American English from January All Wikipedia articles written in American English Articles containing video clips. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

It's called RainCube for "Radar in a CubeSat," and it uses tiny instruments to provide real-time look inside storms. In September, the satellite also captured images of Hurricane Florence's first rainfall. In other words, the experiment has been successful, though most likely far from over. See, the hope is to use a whole fleet of RainCubes to monitor severe storms. The two small STARS-ME satellites will be connected by a meter cable, and a robotic device will travel along it between the satellites.

That's a tiny representation of what a full-size space elevator might someday do running from Earth all the way to spacecraft in orbit. An undisclosed issue brought the countdown clock to a halt 94 seconds before the targeted launch time of 5: The webcast of the French company Arianespace, which boasted more than 3, viewers at that point, suddenly went silent as a scrolling banner relayed that the launch was on hold.

With the galactic core of the Milky Way, you can see Saturn above the constellation Sagittarius. Near the Milky Way's colorful, dusty arc, a flare from the Chinese Earth-observing satellite Formosat-2 also known as Rocsat-2 passes overhead.

Originally scheduled for Sept. Managers rolled the H-2B rocket out to its launch pad ahead of a launch attempt Sept. We are then shown that the Lord President ordered the "sound of drums" implanted in the Master's head in an attempt to establish a link between him in the present day and the time-locked Time Lords. We are then taken back to the ship, where the Vinvocci reveal they are simply scavengers, not a salvage team. The Doctor begins fixing the heating of the ship, and Wilf is getting lost somewhere in the bowels of the ship.

He sees the Church Lady again, who talks to him about being a soldier. He pulls out his revolver from his jacket apparently he retrieved it while the Vinvocci were trying to unstrap the Doctor and turns to the woman, but she has disappeared.

He then goes to see the Doctor, who is still fixing the heating. Wilf goes on a short spiel about how he always wanted to see the Earth from space, and is happy that he is now an astronaut. Then Wilf begins to talk seriously with the Doctor, offering him his gun, ordering the Doctor to "not put [the Master] before the Human Race". The Doctor thinks for a moment, but declines. We go back to Earth where all the Masters are concentrating on the source of the drums.

Then we are taken back to the Time Lords and the Lord President, after saying "Link Established", throws a small diamond at the projection of Earth to make the link into a bridge. Then the scene cuts back to the ship, where we are shown the diamond shooting across the Earth sky. The Master is then shown, now hearing the sound coming from the shooting diamond, ordering his clones to find and retrieve the diamond.

It is revealed that it is a very special kind of diamond. The Master is ecstatic. We cut back to the Doctor on the ship as a message broadcast from the Master. He addresses the Doctor, and makes it clear that he knows what the source of the drums is, and he says the name of the diamond, a White Point Star. He grabs the pistol from Wilf, the one he had adamantly refused earlier, showing us that he is willing to break all his rules to stop the Time Lords from returning.

Wilf is confused, the Doctor's fear doesn't go well with his description of the Time Lords so far as great people. Wilf asks him why he's so scared, and the Doctor reveals "that's how [he chose] to remember them". The Doctor quickly restarts the ship saying he was repairing a bit more than the heating and orders Wilf and Cactus-Man to man the mining lasers.

Cactus-Woman is annoyed and tells the Doctor that he is not allowed to commandeer her vessel like this. His reply goes simply:. There's an old Earth saying, captain. A phrase of great power and wisdom, and consolation to the soul in times of need. The Doctor takes the ship straight through the atmosphere and locks on to the Master's Evil Lair, the Naismith mansion.

Eventually they are almost upon the Master's lair, and Wilf asks the Doctor if they will all survive, saying he doesn't mind and won't stop him, he just wants to know. The Doctor doesn't reply. The two dissenters have their hands over their faces or, as the Lord President says, "like the Weeping Angels of old.

They the Doctor, Wilf and the Vinvocci are soon almost colliding with the Naismith mansion, the Doctor pulls the ship up and takes Wilf's pistol, leaping from the ship and somehow surviving a massive drop through a glass roof on to an incredibly hard floor. He is not in time to foil the Master's master plan, and is witness to the Time Lords returning. The Lord President, accompanied by several other Time Lords, comes into view in a blaze of white light.

The Master grins maniacally and reveals that before, he could remake the entire Human Race in his own image, and now, he could remake the Time Lords.

The Lord President is completely unaffected, then uses his gauntlet to reverse the Master's actions, returning the entire Human Race back to normal.

Then, the Doctor makes a disturbing reveal: The Master didn't just bring back the Time Lords. He brought back Gallifrey. Cut to a view far from Earth, we see Gallifrey fade in to existence almost on top of it. We then see the salvagers' ship, without Wilf, they flee, realizing that Earth is now about to be knocked out of orbit. Cactus-Man tries to mention the Doctor, but Cactus-Woman is having none of it. While all the restored humans in the mansion are running out , Wilf runs in , hoping to help the Doctor.

Instead he notices one of Naismith's minions, trapped in one of the control booths. Wilf goes into the booth, allowing the the terrified minion to escape, at the cost of getting himself trapped. Back in the mansion, the Master moves onto Plan B: Unable to take over the Time Lords' bodies the same way he did the humans, he simply plans to celebrate the Time Lords' return and have them owe him one. The Doctor tells him that the Master wasn't there during the final days of the War.

The Master is a-OK with that scenario until the Doctor reminds him that even the Time Lords can't survive all of them at once. The Lord President then explains his plan, if you could call it that. The Master asks to join them, but the President has no intention of letting his "diseased" pawn share in his glory. Just then, the Doctor stands up, pointing his pistol at the Lord President.

A Mexican Standoff of sorts takes place. The Master eggs the Doctor on, saying that if the Lord President were dead, Gallifrey could be his for the taking. The Doctor swings the gun back toward the Master.

The Master realizes that the psychic link holding Gallifrey outside of the Time War exists in his head and with himself gone, the planet and Time Lords would vanish. However, he knows that the Doctor would never really pull the trigger. Just so, the Doctor swings back to face the Lord President. For the first time, he notices one of the women with him; a Council member who voted against returning to the universe-at-large. She lowers her hands from in front of her face, revealing herself to be She motions with her teary eyes to something behind the Doctor and, moments later, the Doctor again faces the Master.

This time, he tells him to get out of the way. With the signal from the diamond gone, the Time Lords and Gallifrey begin to vanish. The Doctor refers to the Lord President by his name — Rassilon — and Rassilon then threatens to kill the Doctor , to which he replies, "I know. The Master steps forward, telling the Doctor to get out of the way. He uses his lightning blasts to strike down the Lord President over and over again, walking forward and vanishing with the other Time Lords back into the Time War.

The Doctor lies on the ground, half-sobbing, half-laughing, saying "I'm still alive! But just then, someone knocks four times. With a look of dawning horror on his face, the Doctor turns towards the source the sound; Wilf, who is still trapped in the control booth, and knocking on the glass, anxious to be let out.

The Doctor, examining the device, notices that it is about to overload and flood the booth with a very deadly amount of radiation, and even the slightest bit of interference will set it off.

Even using the sonic screwdriver is out of the question. He ultimately concludes that the only way for Wilf to escape would be for the Doctor to enter the other booth and let him out, but that means he will have have to take the full blunt of the radiation himself. Wilf urges him to leave him behind, telling him he is an old man who has lived a full life already, while the Doctor has a brief Heroic B.

The nuclear booths shut down and the doors to them swing open. The Doctor stands and calmly walks out, seemingly fine. But when Wilf comments on the Doctor's cuts and scrapes, they heal before his eyes and the Doctor explains that the regeneration process has already begun. The Doctor takes Wilf home and tells him that he'll "see [him] again. He also stops in on Joan Redfern's great-granddaughter. He returns to the present day for Donna's wedding and gives Wilf her present: A lottery ticket purchased with money the Doctor borrowed from Donna's late father.

After some final goodbyes, he leaves. Making sure to keep his face hidden in shadows, he wishes her a happy new year and says that he thinks she's going to have a "really great year". Ood Sigma appears, telling him that "the Universe will sing you to your sleep". This song is ending, but the story never ends. The Doctor takes one last walk around the TARDIS, stopping just as the music reaches a pause before the crescendo before speaking his Tenth incarnation's last words: With a final scream of exhaustion the Doctor completes his regeneration and we are introduced to Matt Smith for the first time as the Eleventh Doctor.

He goes through the typical self-examination common of all new Doctors, making sure he still has legs, hands, lots of fingers "ooooh! No, I'm not a girl! Cue ending credits and the end of the Russell T. Davies era of Doctor Who. Technically, it starts with the regeneration, as Steven Moffat was allowed to write the first scene of "his" Doctor. And don't worry too much about the Master's fate - he came back seven years later, along with his future incarnation.

The Master describes growing up on Gallifrey as "a life of duty" rather than an actual childhood, and the Doctor doesn't disagree. Don't cross the road without looking. This is an inside joke on RTD's part. He noted that since they always closed down the street when shooting The Sarah Jane Adventures , the actors never looked when they crossed the road. It was revealed the drumming in his head that had tormented him his entire life and led to him being totally unhinged was in fact put there by Rassilon for his own purposes.

At that point, some just really wanted to give him a big hug, so when he went out in a vengeful blaze with that " get out of the way " it made them feel worse. The other dissenter who voted against Rassilon's plans never looks up, and is wearing heavier robes, so it's difficult to tell whether they're male or female.

Amnesia Missed a Spot: Donna buys Wilfred a book about Joshua Naismith and has no idea why. Essentially Species Extinction, after the Master turns A planned Metaphysical Annihilation of time itself by Rassilon.

The Master's resurrection is brought about by The Immortality Gate likely works in a very clever and outer space way. Some kind of Time Lord tech to get around the Time Lock. Just to make it perfectly clear what was about to happen.

A Real Man Is a Killer: Wilf angrily repudiates this view when the mysterious Woman observes that though he served as a soldier, during the Mandate in Palestine, he never killed a man. Don't you say that like it's shameful! Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: Rassilon's plot for the Time Lords in the last part of the Time War is to leave their bodies and become pure consciousness. The Master makes Agent Smith look like an amateur in the self-copying-over-everyone department.

Rassilon kills a Time Lady who speaks out against the Time War, and even worse, dares suggest that maybe the Time Lords should die. Back for the Finale: In the final fourth of the special, the Doctor sees every ally and companion from the Russell T Davies era for the last time. Back from the Dead: The Master is revived by his disciples.

Batman Grabs a Gun: The Doctor, after some convincing from Wilf, takes his old service revolver and points it at the Master and Rassilon. The Master, because he Came Back Wrong , is always constantly hungry. Everyone on the planet is returned to normal and the Time Lords are dragged back into the Time War, but the Doctor is only saved by the Master whom he had tried to save charging Rassilon and being time-locked as well. On top of that, the Doctor reluctantly saves Wilfred at the cost of his own life, but lives long enough to see all his companions to a happy ending.

With Donna and the Doctor. Donna's in her wedding dress the very first and last times we see her. Ten's first and last full episodes were both Christmas specials. Guess where his second to last and last scenes are. Russell T Davies' tenure as the showrunner and main writer of Doctor Who begins and ends with the Doctor meeting Rose in The establishing scenes of the first and last stories of this miniseries feature "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" in the background, first sung by Victorian carolers and then played by a military band.

The end of Part 2 is one Call-Back after another. Most of Ten's companions show up in addition to those who appeared earlier in the episode: Even Alonso makes an appearance. The Lord President is Rassilon. The Master's "drumming in the head" is actually a signal sent back in time through the Time Vortex, which he stared at as a child, to give the Time Lords a chance at escaping the Time War.

In the penultimate scene, Rose advises Jackie to dump her latest boyfriend, and suggests that maybe Jackie will find someone better. And, of course, the Doctor wishing Rose she has a " really great year". The Master, thanks to Lucy messing up his resurrection.

His head flashes to reveal his skull, he's always hungry, he's far hammier than usual at least until he steps into the Gate and he's won the Superpower Lottery at the cost of Cast From Life Span. The Doctor, on the Master's superpowers: Wilf's revolver is essential to saving the day.

A three-year one — the Moment was first mentioned in this episode, and it would eventually appear in " The Day of the Doctor ". The Master, who is also chewing on other characters. You can see him spraying. He's played by Timothy Dalton, so it's a given. The Doctor too, when he rages against the dying light. The first part involves Christmas stuff, but considering the lack of anything Christmassy aside from the date and the Master's obsession with Christmas dinner , combined with the bleak tone of the story , it's OK if you didn't guess it in the first place.

Lampshaded by one of the characters Mr. Naismith in the story: The Doctor is less than thrilled about being wheeled down a flight of stairs while still strapped to the restraint chair. The bar Captain Jack's in is filled with alien races the Doctor's encountered over the last few years there's a Jud oon , a Hath , an Adipose , some Raxacoricofallapatorians, etc.

At the beginning of Part I, the Doctor tells Ood Sigma that he married "Good Queen Bess", called it a mistake, and noted that her nickname was no longer May explain why she's less fond of him in the future. And they came from the same spaceship that crashed at Mt. Snowden, just like the Magno-Clamps from that story.

The Master's last words to Lucy. At one point in the movie, when the Master is attempting to take over the Doctor's remaining lives, his head begins shaking in a super-fast motion, interlaced with split-second cuts of the Doctor's head on the Master's body. The overall effect is almost identical to, though somewhat less polished than, the one used in the specials.

Also Rassilon's plan to escape the Time War by ascending the Time Lords to beings of pure consciousness beyond Time itself is reminiscent of the Beast's nature as a being of thought who existed "before time". This also indicates just how far the Time Lords had fallen, and why the Doctor would go to such lengths to stop them.

The Time Lords' plan to escape the War by ascending to a higher plane is similar to what the Celestis actually did in the Eighth Doctor Adventures , with "destroy the universe" added as a side-effect. Lord President Rassilon refers to his plan sacrificing the entirety of the cosmos so that the Time Lords themselves can escape extinction as the "Final Sanction" when the High Council votes on it. The Raxacoricofallapatorians in " Aliens of London " were defeated mainly because they couldn't receive these codes quickly enough.

He got them pretty quickly. The Doctor's mention of his marriage to Queen Bess is a nod to the end of " The Shakespeare Code ", where the Queen arrives and instantly declares the Doctor to be her enemy, for reasons he didn't know at the time. One of the Silver Cloak members mentions phoning Netty, confirmed via Word of God invoked to be Wilfred Mott's girlfriend who suffers from Alzheimer's and helped defeat the Mandragora in the novel Beautiful Chaos.

Donna's wedding dress doesn't have any pockets. Also, her fiance Shaun barely speaks a word in her presence. Eleven checks his ears after regenerating and notes that they're not too bad. He also notes that he's still not ginger. The Doctor lampshades his constant encounters with Wilf, suggesting something is forcing them together.

The Woman also makes note of it, telling Wilfred he "stands at the heart of coincidence". Turns out it's because Wilfred is the man who brings about the death of this version of the Doctor. The Master, after he comes back wrong, displays wrongness both in how he eats and in what he eats. Y'see, when the Master turned Earth's human population into his clones, their clothes didn't change with their bodies.

We've now got about three billion Masters dressed in women's clothing, and we see some of them. The Doctor is mentioned as possessing something called "The Moment" , which is apparently what he unleashed to burn everyone and end the Time War. The Master's incomplete resurrection gives him everything you see below under Superpower Lottery.

Yeah, it burns his life energy, but he replenishes it by eating people, becoming even scarier and more awesome. Knowing the Master, having a reason to kill more people is probably a bonus to him. Originally, the music in the scene where the Doctor says goodbye to Rose one last time was planned to be a Dark Reprise of "Song for Ten", but was ultimately cut. Luckily, it made it onto the Specials soundtrack. The proud "This Is Gallifrey" theme from series 3 returns, albeit as a darker, more militant piece to reflect the grim situation of Rassilon and the Time Lords.

The Doctor is well aware of his impending doom and how little time he has left, and so he goes and wanders the Universe for several years before finally deciding to meet his end. All the while, he keeps saying he is going to die. It's explored even further once the prophecy is fulfilled and he goes on his farewell tour. The Narrator credited as such appears briefly halfway through Part One, and is revealed at the end of the episode as a Time Lord. The Master going on and on about all those delicious types of food that he wants to devour.

In " Journey's End " it was established that Donna will die if she remembers her time with the Doctor; there's an entire scene dedicated to how important it is that she never remember. In this episode a year later, it's revealed that the Doctor was being somewhat melodramatic as he had in fact installed a buffer to prevent her from suffering any harm if and when she remembers and just forgot to tell her family.

In fact the act of remembering her previous life is actually pretty beneficial as it knocks out a bunch of Master clones with no harm done other than unconsciousness and hypothermia the second one could be from being outside during Christmas time for so long. Then again, installing such a safeguard probably isn't an exact science, and the Doctor might have been unwilling to bet on it working to protect her. Did I Mention It's Christmas?

The first non-festive Christmas special. In the words of Joshua Naismith, "Christmas is cancelled! June Whitfield's Minnie "the Menace" Hooper, who hinted about making out in a police box and flirted with and groped the Doctor. The Master, the Doctor, and even Wilf get all tied up in this two-parter. Don't Explain the Joke: It leads to a nice little moment where the Doctor unwittingly echoes the Master's "It's a gas mask" scene: Joshua Naismith's life revolves around his daughter.

Kidnapping a guy and stealing a "Immortality Gate" from the ruins of a secret agency all for the sake of a Christmas present is pretty creepy.

Several times in rapid succession with the same gun. Dreaming of Things to Come: The Master's return is heralded by psychic nightmares afflicting the entire Earth. Even for the Doctor, diving out of a spaceship without a Jet Pack or parachute to crash through a glass dome onto the floor between the Master and Rassilon is pretty impressive. Earn Your Happy Ending: The point of the Doctor visiting his companions is him invoking this trope.

Bidding them all final, and indeed personalised, farewells is his reward; he even gets to see Martha and Mickey or cause Jack, especially Donna, and even Rose theirs. Heck, even Jackie gets an implied one, if you recall that, yes, she eventually did do better.

Good on you, Pete! Easily Thwarted Alien Invasion: The return of the Time Lords is as ominous as it gets

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