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This "feature" seems to change each time you visit the website, however the links shown in the graphic above, are displayed each time, so you can click on the link for the paper you want to read. A FREE community showcase of the arts: Smaller step diameter is 3. Today, I work just a bit outside of the home just for fun, of course , and the Mr. Now he is a workhorse on our property in the Mountains! Hi Jim, Here you captured one of the fundamental, yet often neglected, considerations during the vacation home selection process and one of the many pleasant and reassuring aspects of Midwest living in general. I didn't count the cost of the hydraulic hoses since I already had those.

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Call for more Information: Hatfield and McCoy Trails. The award-winning Hatfield-McCoy Trails offer something for every skill level, from the scenic mountain views of Pinnacle Creek, to the tight and twisting trails of Dingess Rum.

The Mountain Breeze Motel. As seen in Off-Road Adventures magazine - Click to read the article. In the heart of the Hatfield McCoy trails you'll find this 16 room single level motel located inside the town limits. You can unload your ATV and not use your truck until you are ready to go home. Mountain Ridge Trails Resort.

Mountain Ridge Trails provides over acres and access to another acres! Gentle rolling hills, extreme rock climbing, mud pits and hills that can challenge the best riders. Dad and I have had a real great time with this project. You should hear her purr. Not perfect, but wow! This tractor has just recently been completely restored to it's original condition in November of It is truly a part and will always be a part of our family Ford 8N - Sleeve - Ran a few beads the lenth of the cylinder and welded angle iron to tap it out Ford 8N - Parts And Pieces - Discovered on a stone wall and brought home for repairs.

It cost me about 56 for the 2 hydraulic cylinders on ebay , 50 for the smallest double-acting valve I could find from surplus center and maybe another 20 for the black pipe and fittings. I didn't count the cost of the hydraulic hoses since I already had those.

Anyway it works great and I wanted to pass it along to others. I have many other pictures but not sure the best way to upload those.

I'll try to get more info here to help other. The right side cylinder is mounted the same and I have connected the two cylinders in series so that as pressure is applied to one cylinder its output is used to drive the other cylinder the same distance.

Erskine blower on back. I never looked up the ser to find the year, The owner thinks it is a model,his dad bought it new. It does have the star beside the ser ,steel sleeves I believe. She purrs like a kitten and not too hard to look at. I'm posting it again so it will be next to the 'after' picture in this gallery. Ford 9N - Cutout Relay Modified 1 - I gutted my cutout relay and replaced it with a bridge rectifier from Radio shack.

More than that and the front of the tractor lifts and then load drags the ground. See more details on www. Trailered it home, My wife said,'It will never run. Happy Holidays To Everyone! Thanks to everyone or looking,commenting and sharing Tractors!

It's the same on the other wheel as well. The tractor has been in the family since new but all have past away that knew what they were for. The holes are too far out to reach brake drums. Doesn't appear that anything was ever bolted thru the holes. When I pushed it up on the trailor months ago, with two flat tires. I had no idea what a terrific feeling it would be to work on and use this old tractor when it was finished.

Happy holidays to all. I have posted both of these before but here is a shot of both. As you can see they both are sharp tractors and for those of you who don't like the grey Ford 9N 2N's I hope this will show you how good they look.

Dont get me wrong, red and light grey tractors look good also but only if they were made from mid 47 and up ha ha. I did most of the Ford 2N last year and finised it up this spring, and did the complete Ford 8N this summer! I've already started on the next Ford 8N and an early 39 Ford 9N and hope to have them done this summer. And my thanks to YT board for letting us share our photo's and stories. Jason Grooms Ford 8N - Tractor is all original and is used on a regular basis on our small farm for mowing, spreading manure, etc.

I am the second owner, having purchased it more than twenty years ago after the death of the original owner. Using the Ford because the Farmall would not start. Found out when we started picking that the tralor would not work. Trial and error I guess. You would be surprised on how many bolts that were not painted from the factory. All bolts were plated but only items that were assembled were painted for example the seat,dash panel,tool box,hood,gas tank,dog legs,radiator,fan blade,steering wheel,fuel line,fenders,rear rims, 3 pt items, head lights ect were dip painted then put on tractor so these bolts remained unpainted.

This touch when restoring one will realy stands out. It had a spun crank, burnt valves and dead animals in the rear and hydraulic section via a busted top cover. Fronts; Titan Multi Rib Implements in x Rears; Titan R3s in Left side; Note the plate size and location of fender. Also note the 'ear tab' below the axel trumpet, so you can attach a stabilizer bar. Note that the leveler knob will hit the bar, but just raise or drop the implement, and it can be adjusted. Also note the seatbelt receiver.

Side view; note the angle is slopes back. It's too high for a normal garage door by about 4'. I do not remember exactly where I got this picture from, but possibly the Smith's site. This is not my tractor, although I wish it was! The first 9n's had a 2 wire generator that required a voltage regulator rather than a cut out.

I'm not sure when they switched to the one wire with cut out. Any info would be appreciated. This was the second design generator changed in and used thru I'm not sure when they changed. Any info would be appriceated. Since the brakes are on opposite sides of the transmission, This device allows the clutch to be disengaged when the clutch pedal is half way down, and to disengage the clutch AND activate the left brake when the pedal is pushed all the way down.

I always thought it was very clever. She's been really busy today getting rid of all the snow in my driveway. The snowblower works well but it's a bit tricky using a one-speed PTO coupled to the one-speed reverse gear.

Going in reverse is tricky too. I'd really like a cab on the old girl but I'm not about to go drilling holes in her. I still like my colours better than the factory grey. Note in front of the pine tree is a Dearborn Utility blade. Behind the pine is the rest of my Dearborn equipment. I've been working on it and got it running real good. Bought some new implements and have been doing small jobs with it around our property. It is a My cousin Bobby is driving, with Dad coaching from the fender.

My oldest sister , Kathryn, is running up the side of the road behind cousin John. My sister, Evelyn, is standing next to my Mom, who is looking through the mail she just took out of the mailbox. Photo was taken in Forest County, PA, in the summer of That's my oldest she prefers the term 'first-born' sister, Kathryn, sitting on the seat. Photo was taken in Forest County, PA, in Found in neighbors backyard Ford 9N 3 - Next project. Found in neighbors backyard Ford 9N 4 - Next project.

Found in neighbors backyard Ford 9N - Next project. I just purchased will start restoration when I get it out of the Snow. Montana winters are long. Instead of using the normal 3pt toplink, this bracket allows the saw to rotate forward as the lift is raised so the saw doesn't point back towards people in transport mode.

We wanted to know what you guys thought about it. Ford 9N - I put wider wheels and bigger tires on this the other day. Who manufactured these step plates? If you can send a photo, my address is jermac ncweb. Also on the bottom of the tank there is no little divit for the anti rattle rubber. It is a little beat up but I feel lucky to have the original lid. It is not rusted and I think I can fix it up.

It has only one of the original clips so I need to find some spring steel so I can make a few from the original pattern. Any info would be appriciated. But it is a original 1 wire 6 volt generator.

Left is 2 wire,Center is 1 wire with small pulley, Right is 1 wire with regular pulley. Note the lug on the side and one lug out of the back. This is one hard baby to come by. On left is a Ford with power steering, On right is a Ford 8N. Ive, done a lot of work on both tractors, they both run great, 3 points are strong.

The Ford 8N has been converted to 12 volt. Both painted very nice with original decals etc. The Ford 8N is the 5th tractor Ive done.

I,ll be selling it soon, asking Looks great, has many new parts, 5th tractor I,ve done in 3 years. Has original rear chanel rims. Sheet metal was in very good condition before being painted. Sprayed with a gun not hand painted. Runs, drives great, 12 Volt. Will be selling for Ford 8N - This sprind was found on the floor while doing rear end and hydraulic repairs on a Ford 8N.

Can anyone tell me where it belongs? Gas Tank - Here is how I ran my new re-build with a temp. Hopefully I wont get to criticized with my setup. Thought they were interesting and thought someone might know how they were used.

The pre-cleaner is made so that a pint jar fits it. The breather cap has a screen underneath. Both are in good shape. Trying to find out how it happened and how can I repair it? Still has the masking tape on. No decals or trim yet. It took me about two months to finish it!! The paint was in ok shape, but dirt, grease, and chipping paint was just painted over. Plus, I did not like the orangish-red color. It is now a true Red-Belly. Still working on the sheet metal.

It is done with Tractor Supply enamel paint with hardener added and painted with an air gun. Not only does the modern farm woman find the Ford-Ferguson Tractor, with its automotive type controls, as easy to drive as the family car, she also changes implements with no more effort or complication than shifting the attachments on her vacuum cleaner.

Note the hole horizontal drawbar part 9N and the drawbar stays part numbers 9Nupper; and 9Nlower and the chain and wedge assembly WARNING badge part 9N must be used otherwise major damage will result.

The clevis bracket is held onto the tranny case with four studs and nuts. The drawbar is held in with a pin. Yes I know it's the wrong color. It was this color when I bought it but was in really bad shape. Took it apart 1 day to find a leak and replaced waterpump, decided to paint that, then the motor looked bad, painted that and well 6 months later after replacing most of the tractor here it is. It's going to be all gray one of these days! My 3 kids on her. Mechanically in pretty good shape but runs real bad.

It was able to limp into the shop under it's own power. Carb rebuild, head gasket, new gas tnak, new wiring, dist rebuild, wires etc, etc and she's running a lot better but probably needs engine rebuild.

Will run a few months first and see what else needs rebuilt. So I brazed it up, roughed it with a disc grinder, filed it flat, then a couple minutes on the belt sander finished it up. Sure quieted the 'Beast' down. Some one must have custiomized it years ago???

It has Chrome on a lot of parts??? Badges, knobs and most lever tips. And the generator is very small. Plus the rear axles don't look the same as my Ford 2N. The gas vavle has a lever instead of a knob?? Also there is a goofy looking metal shield thing on the muffler. There also was a snap in type metal plate under the gas door. I hope I didn't give to much for this thing?? Thanks Jason Ford 2N - Me soundguy Raytasche, Don-Tallahasses, and my2N in the pic at the starke show, march 13, bradford county fair grounds.

Has script fenders and proofmeter. I bought this tractor in October There wasn't one pc. I searched and found an original hood in Washington state, and two original fenders 20 miles from my home. I had a body shop prep and paint all the sheetmetal. When we use Duke for hayrides, he sure turns a lot of heads and draws many compliments. Duke is something my whole family is proud of.

Look closely at the part numbers - HF on one side and T on the other. Ford 8N - This picture was taken about Our neighbor had hired a young man about 18 yrs.

My neighbor had gone inside for lunch one summer day and when he came back outside this how he found his tractor. Strangely enough, the young man was nowhere to be found. He used the stepladder to put the chain around the tree and the front axle to keep the tractor from going all the way over while he worked at getting the bent up trailer tongue disconnected etc.

The tractor was owned by a potatoe farmer in Canada and he was the original owner. The lights are sealed beam style and are held in place by three wire spring clips similar to the worklight clips, only larger. They are mounted on pie-wedge shaped brackets vertically which allows them to sit in tighter and up higher. Also, the wiring came through an outlet hole on the back of the housing.

The mouinting bolts were not hollow. I rebuilt the tired ol' engine and it's served us well ever since. Does lots of duty towing Studebakers around when need be. Serves to keep weeds under control and work a big garden year-round. We're moving it into place with our old Ford 8N and a King Kutter carry all.

If you want I can get a good pic tommorrow. I will need to paint it up nice when the weather gets a tad warmer and after the earth plowing is done. The chrome on the hood is from an old F-5 pickup just 'cause I like chrome. Soaked in mineral spirits for 24 hours and it's easy to read part no.

Then, the sheet metal goes back on. Uses one or two of the holes in the seat spring, a smv sign, and two standard SMV mounting kits, and a rubber 'cork' as a bumper against the toplink draft spring to allow it to move, but not bounce. Been two years since everything was redone. Ford 8N - Tappet Holding Tool - Homemade tappet holding toolI use these hook-shaped tappet-holding tools see photos for adjusting the valve lash on my 8N flat motor.

The right-hand version stops tappet rotation when decreasing lash; the left-hand version stops tappet rotation when increasing lash. The 4-hole design of the tappets combined with the 6-sided adjusting bolt results in various alignments between the tappet-holding tool and the adjusting wrench that allows adjusting bolt rotation at specific locked positions. Ford 2N - I'm no artist, but this should give the general idea ref. The over all diameter is 25' and each weigh approx. I wire wheeled them clean and shot them with primer.

The left wheel has some pitting from 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock but both are VERY solid. Notice that the sidewire is 'x' gaped, meaning that it does not go all the way over the centerwire. They were both for other people, the last one was my Aunts and this one was for a neighbor. I did a complete overhaul on engine all electric items, carb, brakes,rear rims, all tires and tubes, radiator,hydrulics,bearings, bushings,complete paint with every part down to bare metal.

Even completely rebuilt the mower. I had in parts and charged to Restore. All this for This tractor mows around 15 to 20 acres every week and has done so since the early 's. It was just very tired and ready to have some new life added to her. I've found out that its much easier to paint these tractors up on a trailor, it beats laying on the body shop floor plus the ventiation is much better.

Thanks Jason Grooms Ford 8N - Here is the before restoration pictures of my Ford 8N Ford 8N - I bought this tractor for running in excellent condition, However the appearance was not so nice. I use this tracor now for everyday use on my 9 acres of land. Other picture is backside showing rivets. Now I will put a new head gasket on and see if it clears up my unusual compression readings. All I need is the lights, bumper, decals, front rubber - and of course the touch ups on the knicked spots during re-assembly.

I just completed an overhaul my first mechanical work! It's been frustrating and fun and now it runs like a dream! Still a few detail items to take care of but she'll mow grass all day. This is the 6th different one. Many new parts and hours of hobby? Labor went in to it. They take up a lot of your free time. Sanded primed and painted with a spray gun. All mecanical work done, drives and operates like new.

Also need to have fluid replaced. It's the nicest one I've seen in person. It also has a Sherman Combo. Thought you guys might like it. I've never seen anything like it. This is as she sits in KS. I'll get her hauled to ATL early June.

Going to need lots of help form you all on the board. When I got this tractor the motor was stuck so bad that the liners came out with the pistons. This loader was on the tractor, but the hydraulic cylinders were bad, so I replaced them with two way cylinders. Does anyone know what make the loader is? Ford 8N With Funk Bros. It needs some attention cosmeticly but runs good and fast but is too light to pull much as it tends to just dig in.

The 3rd time I mowed with them on the tractor, the right front fell apart. The welds broke and it had to happen at the farthest corner of the field! It is not a cut-down or converted automotive hub. Has the number cast in on the back.

Tractor also came with a loader. Anybody know who made this hub?? Although it's muddy in this picture I was testing a brand new camera , everything works including the headlights. It's still a 6 volt system and cranks great. Many hours of labor! I chose to build my own. Anybody can do this if they can scroung the materials.

Which Sherman is it? My Dad's first tractor bought in , now moved to the city. He would have been smiling too if he could have been there June 5, The loader is a Model Skyline by Davis. Ford 8N - Passed this coming back from vacation.

Been sitting for about 7 or 8 years. Now my son and I are restoring it. It's not rrestored but it looks and runs good. After one mowing, I love it already. How can something so old still be so good. The bottom gear rail has 28 teeth on the largest gear and 18 teeth on the smallest gear the one on the very bottom of the pic. The output shaft to the tranny is missing.

I believe its a 'step-up' but not sure. The one on the left and the middle are step-downs notice the smaller bottom gear at 18 teeth 8N - Sherman - 3 Front View - The step-up is on the left and the middle and right one are the step-downs. Notice that the step-downs do have cable pulls and are red. The step-up is on the right and the step-down is on the left.

Notice the much smaller 18T gear poking out from the bottom of the step-down versus the larger 28T gear of the step-up 8N - Sherman Output Shafts - The shaft on the left is for a step-up unit and has 18 teeth. The shaft on the right is for a step-down and has 18 teeth.

Was told it is probably for a Ferguson or Pittsburg corn planter. Finished the restoration in 4 months Ground up in time for the Hughson, California parade. Keep garaged and dusted. Read to begin a resoration. Ford 8N - got it from my great grandma when she passed on. My almost complete Ford 8N and my Ford Cobra.

I haven't done much to Doris yet, but she runs pretty good so far. Haven't stalled her in deep grass yet! One is a with power steering, and the other is a 8 N. These are the 5th and 6th tractors that I have restored. Lots of time involved in restorations but there worth it.

During it's life it has been used to cultivate our garden,power a 5 ft mower deck and plow snow in the winter with a 6 ft blade. The serial number on the motor is 9N with stars on either end. However, on the Ford emblem there is a 2N in about 12 pt.

Several other components of the tractor seem to be of a newer vintage also. Can anyone help me identify this tractor? Is it possible that the tractor has a newer body and an older motor? Thank you for any advice you can give me. Starts and runs great. It is the the seventh Ford 9N-2N in my collection. So far i've got a and two 's. Also I just got an early single bottom Ferguson plow with a smooth tail wheel. I will post pictures of all these things It and my are the only ones that don't run as of now, but the engine has been done for a couple of months though..

Thanks Jason Grooms S? It isn't show quality, but nice enough for me. Now where does this part go?? Always regretted selling the Ford 9N. Now I sold the Polaris and purchased this Ford 2N and have no regrets. This one has aluminum horizontal bar grill, smooth hubs and 32 in. The owner is driving it.

Not exactly the best looking tractor at the show. He worked his off to get it done for the show. I have posted all of these before but here is a picture of all of them at once.

This tractor will dig a ditch and keep on pulling. One picture is it right after it was restored, and the other before it was restored, and it has a rake on it. And the i put on here, if you look to the right of the before picture of the Ford 8N thats what the looked like.

As the engine ran great, I'm sure it was rebuilt at some time. The loader is a Davis Skyline model, 2 way bucket. Andys behind the wheel. If most people knew what these ole Ford 9N-2N tractors looked like when they rolled off the show room floor, we would see a lot fewer ugly red belly Ford 9N-2N's.

All you true Ford 9N 2N guys know this and the rest just don't matter. Just love to stir up these guys!!!!!!!!!!!! Just love stirring up you guys that don't know better Ford 8N Custom - Found this pic somewhere on the net. Discussion about unusual paint jobs brought it to mind. One thing I have found out is that it is cheeper to buy restored rather than to restore.

But then again you can't put a price on pride and enjoyment. Hopefully these will become 'before' pictures! It's my way of getting my feet wet in the tractor hobby. Thanks to all of you who are and will help me with this. I have more photos. I am happy with the finished product. It sat in the weeds and rusted away until I had a lot of fun restoring this old tractor. Thats my daughter driving it now, just like I did when I was a youngster 35 years ago.

It shows the date code on a Marvel-Schebler B carburetor. The '7 52' stamped off to the side indicated that this carb was made in July of Similar date codes were stamped on Ford carburetors from to the end of the x00 and x01 series.

Ford 8N Funk - Not my Funk, but found this on web. I never changed the rear tires, they had a sever flat side to them, but I just aired them up and cleaned them with a pressure washer, wire brush, and a lot of Armour-All. The front tires where rusted to the rims so tight that I had to cut them off with a recipocating saw.

Now it's time to get to work. Also note exhaust manifold Took a year to fix but it was worth it. She will be driving in the Calhoun Tractor Show. It looks to be a very well done farmer modification. Kind of adds a new look without the steering wheel huh? This 4 wheels in tandem trailer is equipped with a transmission, a winch, and a brake. Everything is powered by the PTO of the tractor. For more details, search for 'remorque PTO' on google. This is the first one of these I've seen.

He used one years ago for cleaning horse stalls and spent the past few years trying to locate another. The tractor itsself is powered by a hp Mercury flathead V8, which helped cut the barn cleaning times in half.

Except for the 3 sides of the building that need repaired before we got him to put new brakes on it One on each side of the tractor. It has a Ferguson nameplate. Front left side of head there is a raised flat spot for that purpose its near the neck for the upper rad.

Drill the middle of the flat boss there is plenty of meat there. I moved the amp gauge and put the temp gauge in the hole in the dash were the amp gauge was. You can get a nice gauge for less than The blockhouse, below, gives a good sense of how hard you had to work to protect your property in those early days of the 19th century. The house and blockhouse, as well as the surrounding gardens, are immaculately kept and interpreted by staff in period costumes telling the story of life on the frontier in the early 's.

There's also a restaurant and bar. Skiing in Sault Saint Marie Ontario means Searchmont Resort, just outside of town, for downhill skiing and snowboarding. And, of course, if you're visiting Sault Ste Marie Ontario for winter sports, don't forget the miles of snowmobile trails around the area. With a Polar Bear Swim in the frozen river, night time concerts, skating, laser show, horse-drawn wagon and sleigh rides, dog sled rides and helicopter rides, fireworks and much more, there's something for everyone.

In summer, the HUB trail provides a great way to get about the city and surrounds by bike, rollerblades, jogging or just plain old walking.

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