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Barker Bill's Trick Shooting. Pro Yakyuu '88 - Kettei Ban. The dealer is mad. When that happens, you get to hearing the same music in the background more than you want to. If she raises, you must match that i. The game can get tough and the dealer can quickly deplete your bank if you're not actually paying attention to what your cards are and how much she's bidding. The nude women have some type of movement, usually a facial expression.

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Battle Stadium - Senbatsu Pro Yakyuu. All you need to know is what cards you get. So, as long as the numbers appear clearly, you've got no problem. And the numbers, except for six and eight, are always distinguishable. Of course, all the playing cards have the same number of symbols hearts, spades, etc.

But, I know you're eager to find out: During the gameplay, you're playing, of course, against the dealer. In this case, the dealer is a female. Actually, you get to choose from three female dealers: Ruka, Mari and Ayomi.

During gameplay, the dealers are shown on the screen as headshots only. But the developers game the women some unique expressions. When the dealer wins a hand, her face will smile over and over again and she will laugh at you. If she loses a hand, she will get a piss-off expression. She also trash talks every time you raise the stakes. And when you're winning a lot of hand and are about to see one of the various girls start stripping, the dealer will stick her tongue out at you and the screen will shake.

That's when you're taken to the stripping woman. Every dealer is accompanied by two stripping women, who, one at a time, will remove articles of clothing as you win.

The graphics of the stripping women are about what you'd expect for 8-bit. They're very plain, but it isn't difficult to make out the firm, rounded tits with erect nipples. And, if you're lucky and a bit imaginative, you can even see the shadowed outline of pussy on a couple of the women.

The nude women have some type of movement, usually a facial expression. Some wink or blink; some smile. And some facial expressions come off as poorly designed and therefore creepy. Sometimes the dealers are really tough to beat. When that happens, you get to hearing the same music in the background more than you want to. The music isn't bad at all, but when you've been playing for more than 30 minutes with the music as the only sound hitting your ears, it's easy to get annoyed.

I admit, I turned off the volume because it became a burden on my ears. The sound effects aren't bad. The trash talking from the dealer is a nice addition, because I found myself trash talking right back. Her laugh and anger sound effects keep the game interesting, making you get emotionally involved in the outcome of particular hands. The game is hinged entirely on the winning and losing of hands and the amount of money the two of you bet.

The hand is dealt at that point and the process of poker begins. You are dealt five cards, as is the dealer. You are given the option of betting or passing. If you bet, you get to choose how much: The dealer then either drops out of the hand which means you win , matches your bet, or matches your bet and raises. If she raises, you must match that i. CALL to continue with the hand -- of course, you also have the option to drop the hand which means you lose.

At this point, you are allowed to select which cards you'd like to get rid of.

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