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Once completed, I tried to fire up the game - but still no luck. Check out the tax stamps. I also noticed that someone before me had attempted to repair the power rectifier board see the one new bridge rectifier. The backglass was in excellent condition, and the playfield and plastics were in pretty good shape too - though very dirty. New white rubbers make the game almost look brand new. Up for sale is a Late 's Bally Black Jack pinball game.

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You can't really see in this pic, but the medical tape found inside the machine was used to wrap the ball shooter. The rubber tip was gone, and the end of the ball shooter had completely mushroomed.

To clean the plastics and posts - I just put everything in the dish washer for a couple cycles. A little bit of Novus2 works wonders on the playfield. The left side has been cleaned Again, notice left vs right. I also cleaned up the cabinet, though it really could use some touchup paint. Starting to look good! Wow, what a difference!

So with the playfield cleaned, it was time to turn my attention to getting the game to work You can also see how the corrosion has made it's way to the connectors - those will probably need to be rebuilt as well. The new parts are here!!! A brand new MPU board! Out with the old corroded board New white rubbers make the game almost look brand new. After plugging in the new MPU board, it still would not boot.

So I started to follow the excellent Bally on-line repair guide I found here. The first thing they recommend is to rebuild the power rectifier board.

As I mentioned earlier, it seems someone already attempted this Well, I decided to cut off their work and start from scratch. New bridge rectifiers are soldered to the board Once completed, I tried to fire up the game - but still no luck. After struggling for a while, I figured it would just be easier and probably better to go ahead and buy a new power rectifier board.

Check out the cool LED status lights on the top of the new board. So I started the process of switching all the wires from the transformer to the new board. I also figured that I should go ahead and get a new solenoid driver board, as I noticed a couple coils were 'locked on', and I wasn't getting clean high voltage for the displays. Well, even after putting in three new boards, the machine would still not boot.

I traced the problem to bad connectors. Based on the batter corrosion, I had known that I would probably have to rebuild them. Up for sale is a Late 's Bally Black Jack pinball game. Over all it is in Great Shape physical. The back glass has one small scratch; the playing board is in good shape with a few chips from the ball hitting the board see pictures ; and all the rubber on the game board is new.

I lifted the board up to replace a bulb and the game tilted, now it will turn on and work for a few minutes and then it acts like it tilts out. I have talked to a few people that repair these and they said it sounds like i pulled a wire loose when i lifted the playing field. But i have know idea which one and i do not feel like checking them all.

The only other things that is wrong with this game is it is missing the "kick out solenoid " its on the right side of the board, the ball rolls in it, sits for a minute and collects points then it is supposed to "kick the ball out" but it doesnt because t is not solenoid. The solenoid is good i was told how to manuel check it. It may be a bad wire? This game was alot of fun but we dont have the space for it or the money to have someone fix it.

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