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The romance of America's great push westwards in the 19th century has contributed to paddler making a comeback in recent years, with the construction of new tonnage some genuinely in steam for tourism on lakes and rivers.

In the s, a large number of paddlers were built, albeit for static use as casinos and restaurants, as it was found that in many States, ships were exempted from the strict gambling laws in force in most US states. Numerous so-called "mock" sternwheelers have been built, where diesel screw propulsion vessels have had an ornamental paddle wheel fitted, which turns only in the wake of the vessel.

However, there are also numerous genuine modern diesel-powered sternwheelers built in the old style offering cruises at many places throughout the USA. Many thanks to Mr Watt. Built in by Bergeronmachine Shop at Braithwaite, Louisiana. Currently she undertakes scheduled harbour cruises at A range of "Special Event" cruises are offered on selected national holiday days. She linked Memphis and West Memphis, across the Mississippi River, primarily as a passenger ferry but she also carried light cargo.

In after a rapid decline of traffic due to a shift to road transport she was sold to Mr C. Out of season she offered passenger sailings throughout much of the Mississippi River system. In fact she had a very varied life during World War II - as a tow boat and as a night club for the military!

Soon afterwards, however, she was sold once more - to the Steamer Avalon Inc who used her as a passenger "tramp" steamer on the Mississippi and its tributaries. This business came to an unfortunate end after the season when the company could no longer afford her annual overhaul not helped by having had to pay out a significant sum to settle legal claims from passengers after she had hit the Emsworth Lock gates on the Ohio River in She was bought at auction by Jefferson County in which Louisville is situated and the boat was renovated partly with the help of volunteer workers and public donations, re-emerging under her current name, "Belle of Louisville".

She has received continuous maintenance since then despite a setback in when she sank at her moorings in an act of sabotage by a disgruntled ex-employee. She was back in service in In she was declared a National Historic Landmark. Small stern-wheeler offering two-hour educational trips covering a wide range of subjects from may to October and based at Lambertville NJ on the Delaware River.

Former Portland harbour tug, built and operational until Bidamon, the husband of the late widow of the renowned Joseph Smith. On making ourself known -- not by signs, grips, winks and profanity -- as visitors often attempt to do here -- we were hospitably received, and were soon introduced to the late Mrs.

Smith and her three sons -- Joseph, Jr. We had not been in conversation with this gentleman five minutes before we were firmly impressed with the fact that like Louis Napoleon whom we met in Paris in he had been greatly umderrated by newspaper writers.

Like Louis Napoleon, Mr. Smith feels that he has got to sustain the name of the hero that has gone before him, that he has a destiny to fulfil, and like Louis Napoleon -- unless we err in our judgement -- he will yet astonish the world by his natural energy and self-reliance.

Both he and his mother are uncompromising foes to polygamy, and claim that if they ever re-unite the Mormons in their name, that they will only claim the rights and liberties granted to other religious denominations. Smith was born on the 6th of November, , and will, therefore, be but 28 years of age this coming fall.

He lives in a neat little one story dwelling opposite the Mansion House, has three acres of land, facing the river for his garden, has an accomplished wife and one child, a daughter three years of age, and enjoys the confidence and esteem of the citizens generally to such an extent that he was elected Justice of the Peace without opposition.

When in connection with this fact it becomes known that the citizens are all opposed to Mormonism, and that there are but two avowed Mormons in Nauvoo, it must be admitted that the compliment is one of no ordinary value or meaning.

Bidamon -- nee Smith, is a woman of perhaps sixty years of age, straight as an Indian, has bright piercing eyes, a fluent tongue, and displays that native vigor and energy which, when found in a mother, invariably produce children who make their mark.

Smith stated that of the people who went to Utah there were but two classes fools and knaves. Those of the first class, were humbugged into the belief that a reformation would be commenced by the self-constituted leaders who were rotten in morals, reputation and inclination; while those of the latter lived only for their base, wicked passions, and went to Utah with the firm resolve of indulging in those passions regardless of christianity, morality or decency.

Alexander Smith is about eighteen years of age, and somewhat resembles Joseph, Jr. David Smith is fourteen years old, has a classic but pensive countenance, and is by inclination an artist. In architectural and fancy drawing he would bear no bad comparison to many of our professors. This letter is already too long, but we cannot close it without one word about masonry.

It has been stated that all Mormons were masons. A few of the Mormons were members of eastern lodges. They instituted a Lodge in Nauvoo, and as they commenced work in violation of the laws of the Grand Lodge, their charter was at once withdrawn, and they afterwards introduced a new ritual, interspersed with Mormon obligations, so that the Mormon Secret Society called Masonic was as unlike masonry as the monthly meetings of a New York fire company are unlike a Cape Cod Camp Meeting.

No person who was a member of one society could work his way into a lodge of the other. We have just returned from a visit to the Temple in company with Joseph Smith, Jr.

Piercy's book , Route From Liverpool to Great Salt Lake Valley, gives an illustrated glimpse of the Smiths at Nauvoo, a few years prior to that provided by the Herald's correspondent. After closing our Nauvoo letter, with sketch book in hand we commenced our trip through the Mormon city to make drawings of such places as interested us. Walking slowly we were overtaken by a company that had just crossed the river from a large passenger steamer at the levee on the Iowa side.

Thinking we might perhaps make some rich notes by being an outsider, we replied in expressive signs with our fingers, eyebrows and lips to questions propounded that we were deaf and dumb, and could understand only the language of the pencil.

In this way the communication was kept up for a few minutes, when one of the company, from Missouri, exclaimed: We now close the description of our Nauvoo, visit, and of the large amount of information that we gained thereby, with the remark that although Joe Smith, Jr. Since our visit to Nauvoo, we have learned the names of all the leading Mormons from the infancy of the society, and among these we find some of the highest integrity and spotless reputations; people, in short, who for reasons no doubt satisfactory to themselves, have for years kept aloof from the society -- waiting, perhaps for the trumpet of Joseph, Jr Warren, Ohio, Wednesday, July 4, Young Joe did not make his appearance, for the reason, we suppose, that he is not well enough posted in the tomfooleries of the faith to make a respectable prophet.

A report was in circulation Sunday morning that a large number of believers were to be baptized in the Elk, above town, in the afternoon, and we were planning to turn out in mass and see the ceremony, but the report was a hoax.

Not a solitary baptism crowned the labors of the devoted apostles, and the throng of backsliders and incipient Saints scattered away over the slope, no better off I fear, than when they come together, but with glorious prospects of "a good time coming" looming up before them like an Iowa forest in mirage. Brother Gurly and brother Briggs had preached themselves hoarse, and thrown off balderdash enough to last the faithful several months no doubt, and to awake a keen sense of the ridiculous among the Gentiles.

These apostles read the Bible and the Book of Mormon, and "mix things" in proportions to suit themselves, and a more senseless arrangement of fragmentary ideas and indiscriminate butchery of the Queen's English it would be hard to find.

Some of my readers will laugh when they learn that Calvin Beebe and James Orton, of this city, have been duty appointed to look after the Saints during the absence of the apostles. Cleveland, Friday, August 31, The Mormons who want to restore it to its pristine spendor are those who refused to follow Jo.

Smith to Nauvoo, and who scout at the wife theory of the Mormons in Utah. The people are called upon to hold meetings through the county, and to take immediate and decided measures to counteract the Mormon movement, and the excitement among the people in that region is represented as increasing daily, the public peace being threatened, and another Mormon War, like that of several years ago in the same locality, being almost certain, if the proposed movement of young Joe Smith is carried out.

His gathering of Saints to Hancock County was so small as to be practically unnoticeable -- and subsequently the RLDS altogether abandoned the literal gathering of Israel upon the American continent as an article of faith. This change in religious policy had earlier been advocated by William Smith: Brigham Young is a greater tyrant than Nicholas of Russia.

I am satisfied that his downfall is at hand, for the division has already commenced. He has written many books, and says there is a revelation of God against this people. He says that the judgments of God are to come upon this people, Brigham and the authorities of this church, within the year , and that God is going to destroy the wicked leaders of this people.

The people around him, almost all, believe in him as a true prophet of God. They expect to be ordered to leave every day. Letters came here by the Pony Express, May 29th, that an order was issued in Washington, May 21st, to call the troops into the States from this place, and ever since the Quartermaster has been making preparations to start when the order comes, but it has not arrived.

There are thousands of poor people here who wish for the troops to remain until they can obtain teams to take them away, and if the troops leave they will not know what to do. There are many, yes, very many poor families who wish they were out of Utah. No man who knows how poor people suffer in this Territory, but those who experience it The text is taken from a fragment of the original, and from a reprint, published in the July 17, issue of the Chicago Tribune, which begins with this editorial preface: The Mormons and the War.

The Mormons are neutral in the war, but profess loyalty to the Union. At the celebration of the 4th of July at Salt Lake City, one of the leading speakers declared: We do not wish to parade our loyalty, nor render fulsom adulation to men or empty institutions, but the Constitution of the United States has ever been respected and honored by us. We consider it one of the best national instruments ever formed. Nay, further, Joseph Smith, in his day, said it was given by inspiration of God.

We have ever stood by it, and we expect when the fanaticism of false blantant friends shall have torn it shred from shred, to stand by the shattered ruins and uphold the broken, deserted remnants of our country's institutions in all their primitive and pristine purity. Shall we join the North to fight against the South? Shall we join the South against the North? They have both, as before shown, brought it upon themselves, and we have had no hand in the matter.

Whigs, Democrats, Americans, and Republicans have all in turn endeavored to stain their hands in innocent blood, and whatever others may do, we cannot conscientiously help to tear down the fabric we are sworn to uphold. We know no North, no South Homan, the correspondent of the New York Herald, lately drowned near Hilton Head, and well known in Detroit, was at one time a printer, working at Palmyra, and one of the few engaged in printing the first Mormon Bible from the manuscript furnished by Jo Smith.

From his connection with the publication, and his intimacy with the Prophet and Harris, the moneyed man of the enterprise, bringing to bear the large amount of shrewdness and intelligence of which he was possessed, he had an inside view of the first start of Mormonism, such as probably no other man ever enjoyed.

He ever maintained that the Bible was a work of Smith's own creation, and gave him credit for a good deal more sagacity, and so far as he was concerned, honesty than the outside world was ever disposed to accord to the ill-fated Prophet. See also the Cincinnati Gazette of March 3, There are indications that serious trouble may yet grow out of the condition of affairs among the Mormons in Utah.

Recent letters represent that the Mormon leaders, and as many of their followers as are able, are in rebellion against this law. The whole church is in deadly rebellion against this law. Of course no Federal officer, military or civil, can hold friendly relations with them while they thus continue in open defiance of his Government, without being guilty of complicity with traitors; but so far from regarding himself a criminal, Brigham Young carries himself with the utmost haughtiness, insisting that the Federal commander in Utah shall recognise him as his superior.

The position and pretensions of the Mormon leader thus bring them in direct antagonism with the United States, and one party or the other must submit. General Connor, the present commander of the Federal forces, in that region, maintains that the only possible peaceable solution of the difficulty will be found in encouraging and protecting by force, the free utterance of thought and opinion among the people, which will weaken their spirtual despotism by a multiplicity of sects, and take from the leaders their political supremacy, and in opening the rich mines in the neighboring mountains, and thus out-numbering them at the polls by a mining population.

Meanwhile, as we learn from a letter in the Chicago Tribune, the increase of the Mormons by emigration goes steadily forward. Trains numbering as many as 5, people, have recently crossed the wide desert which divides them from.

When once there, they are as effectually walled in as if in prison, and read nothing and hear nothing but from Mormon sources. They are set back in the scale of civilization more than a century, and their preachers give them little besides a gospel of work. In Utah, which claims a population of , people, with a metropolis Salt Lake containing some 20, people, there is not a single book-store, and scarcely a book is ever sold, while newspaper literature, except such as the Mormon organ supplies, is equally meager.

Columbus, Ohio, Saturday, March 4, Mormon and Mormonism in Hancock County, Ill. We learn from the Carthage Republican that rumors are current that five or six hundred Mormon families are expected to arrive in the vicinity of Nauvoo during the coming spring and summer.

It is alleged that they are wholly adherents to the young Jo. Smith, now residing at Nauvoo. There are already in that county some three or four hundred persons who adhere to the Mormon doctrine, most of them reside near Nauvoo and attend the preaching of the young prophet. Their meetings are held a two story brick building near the river, which was formerly known as the Lord's store house. Thus far the Republican has heard no complaints of these people whatever.

What may transpire upon the coming of the large body expected, time will determine. I have spent seventeen days here for the purpose of studying the anomalous condition of affairs in Utah. Last June, in Brigham's long conference with the Colfax party, he professed a desire that the conversation should be entirely frank on both sides. He assured us that polygamy was not an original, vital feature of their faith, but a later revelation, and to most, a privilege, not an obligation.

And without distinctly saying so, he left the clear impression upon the minds of all of us that the Mormons saw it must succumb to contact with advancing settlement and civilization, and would ere long find some excuse to abandon it. I do not say that he willfully deceived us; but he certainly gave us this idea. Ashley, of Ohio, Chairman of the House Committee on Territories, here a few days later, had two interviews with Brigham, and if the San Francisco papers report him faithfully, he left with the same belief J.

Ross Browne, the well-known tourist, and author who was here still later, formed the same opinion. In this faith, I endeavored to write of the people and leaders with the utmost kindness; to say nothing of their disloyalty in the past; nothing of the grave crimes alleged to have been committed in the name of the church; nothing of the revolting details of polygamy, which all the Gentiles poured into my ears.

If they were willing to abandon the one illegal and obnoxious feature of their social life, which they call a part of their religion, it seemed wise not to reopen any old issues, or hold them to strict accountability for any thing done while they were smarting under supposed religious persecution. But Brigham simply deluded us. Within a few hours after the interview with Mr.

Colfax and his friends, he solemnized three polygamous marriages. One of the bridegrooms was Mr. The other parties will be named if the statement is authoritatively denied. The public tone of all the leaders has radically changed. They preach that Polygamy is their religion, that they will adhere to it, living or dying, even by force of arms, if necessary; that the people and Government of the United States are their bitterest enemies, and desire to destroy them, but must be resisted to the death, if they adopt violent measures.

I have heard sermons here so disloyal that they brought the blood to my cheeks; but first let me quote from two which I did not hear: At Toole City, Sunday, August 28, several of the leaders addressed a congregation. Portions of their remarks are thus reported by James W. Gibson, a soldier in the United States service. He is ready to make affidavit to the literal accuracy of the report; and Colonel Milo George, of 1st Nevada Volunteers, commandant of this post, vouches fully for his veracity.

Among other things he said: In order to do so, the party in power had laid aside the Constitution entirely, and were the main ones who rebelled, and the South was right. The Northern army burned and destroyed every thing in the South, and abused, by force, all their women.

They would be here some day to treat the fair women of Utah in like manner, and all, both old and young, should have plenty of arms. When they approached, God would fight the battles, and the Saints would be victorious! He said our Government was not at peace; and he damned it, and hoped to see the day when it would sink to hell. Nothing in the shape of a free Government could ever stand on North "American soil that was opposed to Mormonism and polygamy!

The following sentences are from the "sermon" of Brigham Young: The Mormons had the law in their own hands and would do as they pleased. He had his soldiers, and rifles, and pistols, and ammunition, and plenty of it, and cannon, too, and would use them.

He was 'on it! He Brigham was the real Governor of this people, and by the powers of the Most High he would be Governor of this Territory forever and ever. If the Gentiles did not like this they could leave and go to hell. Nine-tenths of the people of the Territory were Southern sympathizers; the North was wrong, and this people sympathized with the South. On Sunday, September 24, there were regular church services at the Bowery in this city, where the summer worship is conducted, and the congregation ranges from 3, to 6, Brigham was absent on a Southern tour, and Heber Kimball presided.

I did not attend the morning services, but five gentlemen from New York who were present assured me that Heber's remarks were intensely disloyal. Among other excuses for his bitterness, he said to his hearers: Colfax never said any thing of the kind, but such statements serve to embitter the people, who receive as Gospel truth whatever their leaders tell them.

In the afternoon I found the Bowery densely crowded. Upon the platform sat Heber" wearing his hat, which he seldom lays aside and several other church leaders. The preaching, as it invariably is, was extemporaneous. Heber called up speaker after speaker, and all responded without hesitancy or preparation. I believe it is their theory that the Spirit of God inspires them.

The method has made all the prominent "brethren" fluent speakers, and developed their capacity for thinking on their legs. Whenever Heber thought one had talked long enough, he checked him whenever he thought one venturing on dangerous ground, he cautioned him. When Brigham presides, he often checks Heber. Nearly all Mormons of capacity are sent, sooner or later, to some foreign country, to preach the Gospel, of the Latter-Day Saints.

The first speaker this afternoon was Elder J. Byrd, with bald forehead long, flowing hair, and long beard which swept his breast. He appeared in sable broadcloth and black kid gloves. He had just came back from a mission of three years and a half. He had tried to do his duty faithfully, and had led some into the kingdom though he found about nine-tenths of the people infidels, disbelievers in the bible.

It was not pleasant preaching abroad in the open air, where he was liable at any moment to have a buckshot thrown at his head; but God had kept all the promises He made to him at the outset. At first every one asked him about the great American war, which had now ended, or rather, ceased for a time. He told them all that it would last while he stayed abroad.

On the very day before he left England they received news that "an assassin or somebody had killed President Lincoln; and on the day before that, intelligence of Lee's surrender. The war had ceased only for a time.

Thirty years ago Brother Joseph Smith predicted that war would begin in South Carolina and spread throughout the world as a punishment for its wickedness. All over Europe now the most stupend-i-ous preparations ever witnessed were being made for war.

Hardy, a native of Massachusetts, who is the husband of four wives, was next called upon. Tall, closely shaven, with thin face, heaven-ward nose, and straight brown hair, he also appeared in black. His brief exhortation was made with some clearness and force. As all the leaders do, he dwelt much upon the wonderful growth and prosperity of the Mormons, as evidence that they are specially protected by the Almighty.

Suppose he had; he would have been no worse on't than Christ was, when he was persecuted. It would not have hurt him any more than it hurt Stephen, when he was stoned to death. God would carry them through. The longer he lived the more he narveled at what God had done for them; the prospect looked brighter and brighter; religion seemed bitter and better. The next speaker was Bishop A.

Raleigh, in a suit of brown linen, a medium-sized, smooth-faced man, evidently popular with the congregation. But if I keep on speaking I shall probably say something. I am helping in every possible way to build up the Kingdom of God.

That's the job I have on hand -- to work in the domestic affairs of God's Kingdom. We can't all be teachers and prophets; but we can all serve Him by doing our duty, wherever it lies.

So was my father. He fought in the revolution for its liberties, and to build up the Constitution and its laws. I am in favor of the Constitution; but it has been departed from. We will bring the country back to it. I have never feared the result in the little brushes we have had with Uncle Sam, or rather he with us. I knew we should come out all right. We mean to have our rights. Let them talk about this 'twin relic. But the time is coming when we shall ask no odds of them. We don't ask any now -- here.

Let them come to overpower us if they want to. We will show them when they get here -- or, rather, a little before they get here. Only don't let us go to bring them; let us stay here and mind our own business. He asked me, 'where do you get your iron? So it will continue to be. If we are wise and keep our plates turned up, the porridge will run into them.

They pretend to rule us. They send out Governors for us. As long as they suit us, we keep them; when they don't, they soon get a ticket of leave. We shall discomfit our enemies. We shall see our Church -- the Kingdom of God -- spread over the whole land. I expect to live to see that. Our children will see it spread over the whole earth.

That is my prophesy. It is God's truth. May God bless us all. That expedition, from the abandoned wagons and arms it left behind, supplied tlie Mormons with iron and guns, in addition to enriching them by the money paid tor wheat aud other supplies. Financially, it was a Godsend to them; and its result greatly increased the power and prestige of their leaders among the masses. David O'Calder was next called up, and made a brief, Christian address, upon the practical duties of life.

He was followed by Heber himself -- who was formed in a coarser mold than Brigham, and with far less caution. Once he said to a Gentile in this city: I pray that they may go to Hell across lots!

To-day he arose without it. His "sermon" was a remarkable jumble; one-third Adminidab Sleek, and one-third John C. Calhoun in disloyalty, not ability , one-third circus-clown. The following report somewhat softens its ruggedness and coarseness. I am a little jovial; it is my way; my fathers were. And I tell the truth, and everybody who hears me knows it. Do you think God will associate with anybody who lies?

They thought what I said was foolishness. They think what the brethern have said this afternoon is foolishness. But so it always is. The things of God must be foolishness to those out of the kingdom. We believe the Bible. To the Gentiles present. We believe this Book of Mormon. It was written on plates, and its place of burial revealed to Joseph Smith by the Angel Moroni, the only angel who has appeared on this continent, and of which the Indian tribes are relics.

God revealed it to me thirty-three years ago. We were instructed to teach to this generation only repentance, remission of sins, laying on of hands and baptism, Not sprinkling -- there is no such word as sprinkle in the Bible; but immersion -- to be buried in the liquid, as John was buried. How could he be buried if he was only sprinkled. The burial is typical of death, and the coming out typical of the resurrection.

That was the trouble between the North and the South. The Abolitionists of the North stole [our] niggers and caused it all. The nigger was well off and happy. How do you know this, brother Heber? Why, God bless your soul, I used to live in the South, and I know. Now they have set the nigger free, and a beautiful thing they have done for him, haven't they?

My father bled in the revolution for our liberties. I, his son, have been five times robbed and driven out by Gentile persecutors, I and my brothers, Charles and Samuel. They threaten to come here and destroy us. I am the boy that will resist them. There are 50, or 75, people in this valley, to whom I have preached it in other lands.

That's the reason you are here. We had been driven out from Kirtland O. Joseph Smith said 'Go,' and I went. I preached God's truth. Any man who is not willing to be saved as I have been, will be damned. I first baptized two sick women. They had to be carried in beds from the carriages to the water.

The doctors had given them up. But when I baptized them, both recovered, from that hour. One was brother George Watt's mother; the other was sister Wormsley. Many were healed by touching the hem of my garments. I did not know it, but they was. Why, as I told you this morning, I have got property enough. I didn't steal it. I worked for it.

I am a working feller. If you don't believe it, come up to my house and see; come and help me a little, I will start the sweat on you. I will raise the dander on your jacket. Come and grind wheat with me I am a miller. I am a blacksmith -- learned the trade of my father. Come up and I will show you.

I am a potter. I learned that trade. You don't believe it? Then come up and see if I don't mold you into something.

And I am as good a carpenter as there is in this Territory. They are a great deal more plenty than they used to be They are disgusted with the corruption and oppression of the United States. To the Gentile hearers: Some, who settle here, want to steal our wives and daughters.

Before they came, we were at peace. We never had a lawsuit till the Judges came. And as for the stinking lawyers -- why a lawyer is the damndest thing in the world! He is even worse than a priest. Officials are sent among us. All of them but two or three are hostile, and Want to destroy us. Does it make much difference? Let's see; have we a Governor now, or is there one coming? A Voice -- "There is one coming.

All the Governor has to do is to pay the Legislature and administer justice. Are the Governors our masters? No, sir; not for me; they are our servants. We have our Apostolic Government. Brigham Young is our lender, our President, our Governor. I am Lieutenant Governor Ain't I a terrible feller?

Why, it has taken the hair all off my head. I lost it in my hardships while going out to preach the kingdom of God, without purse or scrip.

Oh, don't be scart at me! Come up to my house and see me. I will give you some peaches, and make you happy. I have two sons abroad preaching the Kingdom of God. Brother Byrd says they are good boys. It makes me proud to hear it. I want the time to come when I can send out fifty of my sons to preach, all at one lick. Come up and see me. I will give you some peaches. I will give some apples. I would give you some meat it I had it, but I am about out.

I don't hate you because you are strangers. May God bless all good men and women; that is my blessing. May God bless the strangers. And so ended the Sunday "religious" services. I am assured that they are fair specimens of the Mormon preaching, though less hostile to the Government than the average.

Though it was not stated in so many words, the plain, direct, only inference from the language was that if any possible attempt should be made to render the Anti-Polygamy law operative they would resist it by force of arms. According to statements published in the Mormon papers, and the concurrent testimony of all Gentiles whether in civil life or connected with the army, the Mormons are perfecting their military organization which extends throughout the Territory, drilling the people, and of late, with peculiar earnestness and zeal, obtaining all the arms and ammunition thev can purchase from discharged soldiers, miners and others.

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