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When he had undone the ropes Andy picked Sally up very gently, carried her to the bed and gently laid her on her back. Your sheer talent never ceases to amaze me. What made them cut and run? Evan dragged a chair up and sat down beside Miko but focused on John. Not knowing the answers to these questions was annoying in the extreme. So I need to know who should be replaced on the mission as quickly as possible in case I have to do any recruiting. John blew out air between his lips.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I would NOT recommend this book to just anyone. That being said, if you have a taste for "Sin City," this is a must-read. Konik paints vivid pictures of cunning, baffling, and hilarious individuals that are willing to lose it all on any given day. He extensively covers all the major games of chance, including some that are lesser known.

He obviously knows these games on a personal level, and it shows through his words. Konik's choice of language is probably the biggest shortcoming of this book. He uses word choices that is beyond appropriate for this particular audience. My guess is that most readers of this book are unfamiliar with words of such magnitude as "perspicacious" or "verisimilitude.

In summary, it was really funny and lighthearted, but could have used additional editing. This is one of the many "gambling milieu" books that have hit the scene over the course of the past few years; although, unlike many of the others, Konik's effort features strong writing and a furious pace. Upon finishing it, I took a look at the page numbers because I couldn't believe it was over. It wasn't that it was too short, the real problem was that it was too good. In small chip size pieces, Konik addresses the infamous world of gambling.

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There are very few winners in this field of endeavour. But if you want capitalism you must have gambling. You cannot have one without the other. Notice how first rate nations like Germany, Australia, USA and China allow gambling whereas third rate countries like Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Papua New Guinea have outlawed this very interesting pastime in the name of morality.

I have probably given this book out as presents to at least a half dozen people since it's release. This book was ranked 2 on the Wall Street Journal's list of the 5 best books on gambling. This book opens up with the ultimate risk taker, Brian Zembic. A man who will take a bet on everything, and lives up to it. We read bios on Trump, Walsh, Jordan, and Woods, but here we read "mini-bios" on a differnet style of person.

You read about how odds are made, how blackjack is played, and how comps get you paid. But don't think its just about this, they are stories that put you inside, and you don't want to leave.

Obviously the book leans towards people who enjoy the art of gambling, but also to those curious about why they don't gamble. My favorite story in the book is the very last one, "The Hand That's Dealt". Konik knows how to paint a picture with words. The story takes place at a poker table, but it's the furthest thing from a poker story. Overall, without a doubt, Excellent. I am a fan of Konik's magazine work. He avoids some of the pitfalls that trap others who try to cover gambling related topics.

Many writers stick to one type of gambling e. Some writers either get wound up in numerical minutae or gloss over the numbers all together, leaving their opinions unsupported. Konik's writing is more transcendant. He gets all over the gambling world; covering players, venues and games. He balances strategy details with human interest anecdotes. All the while, he seems to retain some skepticism when retelling the stories of some admittedly shady characters. This is a great book for anyone interested in informative gambling anecdotes.

So why did I give it only three stars? A lot of these stories are reprinted from previous magazine work. If you regularly read Cigar Aficionado, you've already read much of this book. Knowing now what the content is, I'd still probably buy it again. On the plus side, if you haven't read Konik's work, and want a sample before buying this book, go to the Cigar Aficionado web site and look into their archive of gambling articles. Weir, but how exactly are the civilians going to maintain settlement security when only twenty, so far, have managed to qualify to handle a handgun and twelve managed to fire a P without injuring themselves?

Settlement construction and repair? How long will the day last? Can I count on your people to do six to ten-hour shifts in rotation on such things as guard duty, settlement patrol, and also depend on them to do research on whatever we find of Atlantis? Will your people be doing clean up before or after they spend time on guard duty or helping to prepare meals for over a hundred people?

How many of your people have ever been on a mission off-world? Two also qualified with an AK John wondered if Weir had bribed Kate Heightmeyer for a clean bill of mental health. He glanced at McKay, who was staring at Weir in ill-disguised horror. John focused on Woolsey. At least I was useful there.

Overseas, we had some contractors, but they were almost entirely all former military or other government employees if you catch my meaning. I figured it would be too much of a hassle to shop when I was in California or when I went home. John had to make every appearance of trying to make things work with Weir no matter the eventual outcome. They filled up on coffee, she grabbed a piece of cake for each of them, and they went to her office. She had a small table with two chairs in the room along with her desk so they went to the table.

He sat back in the chair and but tried to keep his posture relaxed. I believe the mission to be foolhardy and ill-conceived but the President of the United States asked me to undertake it, and I agreed to do so.

It is my duty to keep the expedition safe and to see that our mission to find and secure Atlantis is successful. Was my ancestor captured and studied? Or was he or she merely seduced by an alien? She wet her lips and moved forward slightly, displaying more cleavage than John had ever known her to do.

They were here before—Atlantis was built here. What does that mean for us? Did they seed Earth with life? Did they do it on other planets in Pegasus? That the expedition essentially becomes an invading force? John noted that her fingers were trembling. She picked up her coffee. How many organizational decisions did you make?

How many missions took place during that period? How many involved armed combat? Was anyone injured or killed during your three months of leadership? Did you even have to sign off on the ordering of supplies? So please spare us the embarrassment of trying this again. He stocked up T-shirts, lounge pants, socks, and his preferred fitted boxers. John wondered how Rodney had enjoyed landing in his teenage body pre-Internet. He bought some snacks for his quarters then they hit a Waffle House to eat a bunch of food that was terrible for them.

Weir complaining and making every appearance of being insane. The next meeting with Weir happened shortly after breakfast along with a request for Sam Carter to join the expedition as the military leader. The Air Force officer looked deeply uncomfortable, and John was curious as to why. Weir, Colonel Sheppard is infinitely more qualified to lead a military force in an isolated location for a protracted amount of time. I also have no interest whatsoever in going to Pegasus long term.

If the city is discovered, I would like to visit and be privy to any scientific data that the expedition recovers. I trust that Dr. McKay will continue to be an excellent asset to the SGC. John watched the Air Force officer leave but stayed relaxed in his chair. There was no need to throw his weight around—physically or otherwise. Weir was working her way towards a conclusion that everyone but her could see coming. Was it the two of them causing too many waves or had the expedition on this world had a fractious start to begin with?

He had to think that it was the changes that he and McKay had made. Would their Elizabeth gone off the rails if Sumner had started asking the questions he should have? Not knowing the answers to these questions was annoying in the extreme. Provided, of course, she made it through the gate. Woolsey cleared his throat.

Colonel Sheppard, it has been decided that you will lead the expedition. Weir will remain part of the mission as an Ambassador for Earth. McKay will continue to be the Chief Science Officer.

McKay for a discussion about the state of the medical supplies for the mission. Weir, these decisions are final. I will not allow myself to be drawn into sort of debate. Colonel Sheppard, do you have any issues? Thank you, in advance, for your service to both this organization and to Earth. He left without another word, and the three of them were alone. John sat down and rubbed his face with one hand. I just wanted some damn supplies!

Twenty minutes later, he was stripped to the waist in a pair of BDUs, repeatedly punching a bag that Bates was dutifully holding. Major Lorne is an excellent kickboxer. You got a problem over there? Franks, go do something productive before I find something for you to do. John waited until the kid was situated and started punching again. They said it was a mistake to come back into a command chain where I was enlisted. John was still thinking about his options actually so he said nothing while he pounded on the bag.

Finally, he decided to be blunt because fuck politics. He followed McKay home again. Minutes after arrival, he dropped down on the couch in the safe room and let his head fall back as Rodney engaged the security.

Or murdered her and used the device. His John had a vision problem that prevented him from joining the Air Force. She had the dimensional mirror on this world destroyed as soon as they figured out what it was.

But the first staff meeting proved to be a difficult adjustment for her, and it showed. She became visibly more upset with each decision John made regarding resources and personnel. John had added them to the list for security check and psychological evaluations when both McKay and Kusanagi both nodded their agreement. Weir had frowned at him and sat back in her chair in what amounted to a pout.

I encountered no problems in the requisition for additional supplies. Are you certain we need to waste space in the mission payload for such supplies? Porter, you were in charge of getting us two crated Xs. Woolsey and the President on my fourth email request. Zelenka and myself, we should have the first one assembled inside of an Earth month—depending on how terrible things go on the other side of the gate.

Jack grinned then sobered. Your circumstances are going to be isolated enough as is without cutting yourself off from even the smallest of comforts. McKay requested that I clear space in each pack for coffee. No one complained about the sacrifice of space.

Only two civilians have failed to qualify to carry a weapon—Beckett and Weir. Beckett is morally opposed to carrying a weapon, sir, and Dr.

Weir has refused to even consider it. The rest have all been assigned a 9mm and holster and two clips. Parrish will supervise Biology, Botany, Chemistry, and Environmental Sciences but they are also all on tap to work for Captain Harris upon arrival to ensure our environment is sound for both us and our food supply.

Porter will be Deputy Chief Science Officer as she has the most cross-discipline experience outside of myself. Zelenka will handle Electrical, Communications, and Aerospace Engineering.

All of my people know to coordinate the use of enlisted personnel in the labs with Major Teldy. We made sure of our people are capable of functioning in multiple roles on the expedition to ensure the success of our mission. John refrained from laughing though he had to admit the footage of the ship was impressive as hell.

If the city is on or underwater like the mythology suggests then, I need some people on the mission who can get in the water and work. John frowned at her. Weir, and officially the ambassador for the expedition. McKay has given you a position in the social sciences department, as well, I believe. He joined the Navy as an officer and has served his country with distinction since then. The position does give him limited authority over the military—appropriate authority as it applies to the science that takes place on the mission and the overall safety of the expedition.

No one is getting a free ride on this mission, Dr. Weir, you either work where you are assigned or stay here. He turned to Anne as the door shut with a sharp little bang. The childish behavior was starting to grate on his nerves, and he wondered why Weir was so reluctant to stand her ground with him. I heard there was hand waving and pacing and carrying on. John tapped his pen on the table in irritation.

John took off his shoes and wiggled his toes in his socks before opening up the box. McKay set a beer down on the table and snagged a piece of the pizza. As long as the city is at least as functional as it was in the previous timeline, I can limit her ability to act. I have to think Janis was directly responsible for the choice that brought us to this world which means that Atlantis is waiting for us. Nothing is certain, but this life is already better than what we left behind.

He snagged another piece of pizza and took a big bite. I sort of hated him. Besides, it just hurt. I told him no and I also told him not to bring it up with you. He was a real jerk apparently. Rodney reached out and grabbed the can.

But every change I made was one more step away from the path that brought you to me to begin with. I know you think I was reckless with the timeline. Rodney laughed and leaned in. There never really has been. Our marriage was falling apart before that so-called accident, John. He opted to have a meeting in one of the large training rooms an hour before dial out rather than a dramatic self-serving speech in front of the gate. John made it a point to greet each person by their name, ask if they were ready for the trip and if they had any concerns.

Both McKay and Weir lingered at his side through the whole process. Once he was finished, and the members of the expedition were as relaxed as they could be, he stepped up to the podium that had been provided. I want to thank each and every one of you in advance for your courage and grace under pressure.

We are as prepared as we possibly can be for the unknown we face in Pegasus. McKay asked me to remind you to check your packs and make sure you have your allotment of coffee and the USB drives you were given to carry. Each of you should have five pounds of coffee and ten USB drives. So take care of them. He watched the wormhole engage, and he took a deep breath as it stabilized.

He flicked the safety off his P and beside him McKay followed suit. The MALP went through. John stepped through the gate and McKay followed. Weir and Lorne came through behind them, and they moved out of the way of the gate so that the rest of expedition could come. They worked quickly, and Lorne had people sorting the supplies as soon as they came in. John moved away from that and walked to the stairs. They lit up under his feet, and he paused.

He wondered if he could feel it. He reached out and touched the panel of the console in front of him. Light bathed his face. Rodney looked up even as he was enveloped in a very familiar golden light. The moment he could, he jerked the scientist free of the console. McKay touched a console much like the ones in the outpost and was hit with some sort of light.

The size of the complex is currently unknown, and power appears to be limited. It took five minutes to get the rest of the expedition and their supplies through the gate. The wormhole winked out. Anyone else getting it? John walked around the perimeter of the room, above the expedition on the upper deck. One room is preferred. If you have the gene, be careful and touch nothing unless you have no choice.

Try to mentally prod doors before resorting to making contact. Harris looked up from his place on the floor beside McKay. He sat down at a makeshift table where Lorne and Teldy were. All the civilians are down for the night, and I have guards on both entrances to this room. We had a few bouts of nausea, but no one threw up. The environmental conditions are very close to Earth norm.

Environmental Science has already confirmed that radiation on the planet is twenty-five percent lower than what is normal for Earth.

Weir, I was told all the civilians were down for the evening. Weir, is your curiosity more important than the lives of our people? Considering what has already happened—our exploration of this facility will be done by the numbers. He walked across the large room that would eventually be turned into their main storage area and found his pack just the opposite side of McKay. John glanced towards Chase Harris, who just inclined his head. John settled down on the air mattress and took a deep breath as the city settled in around him.

There was an awareness under the technology that had either been missing or damaged in the universe he and McKay had been born to. Sheppard reached out and let his fingers brush the floor—he was rewarded with a little rush of heat. John swallowed hard and took a deep breath. The city had never spoken to him directly before. John woke up to the sound of McKay complaining. It was music to his ears.

He rolled his head and opened his eyes. Rodney was sitting up and glaring at Miko Kusanagi. The woman had a cup of coffee in one hand and a bowl in the other. He hated sleeping in clothes. You got mind-fucked by a piece of Ancient technology yesterday. McKay took the oatmeal. Several people were listening in.

Ancient tech as a mental component and the console probably just had some sort of overload. It impacted me because I was touching it and I have the gene. Porter, Zelenka, Kusanagi—haul ass over here and report. The rest are waiting for reports to come back in so we can start setting up space to work. Rodney paused and looked around.

There is a suite of rooms in this tower that seem to be residential quarters. There is a bathroom and all of that. I figured we could share that until we can spread out. Get with Heightmeyer and Commander Grant regarding roommate assignments. Let people bunk together if they request it and do assignments on the rest.

We might not get so lucky the next time. Privacy might as well be a myth at present, and it was grating. He really needed an office and a locked door so he could get some real answers from McKay. By lunch, John had an office thanks to his admin, an Air Force Lieutenant that Lorne had hand-picked for the job. Sean Taylor was scarily efficient and once he had John ensconced in the office above the gate room—no one got past him without a reason. The younger man had stationed himself at a desk—taken from where John had no clue—outside of the office and proceeded to given a scary impression of a dragon.

Teldy has reported that Weir has tried to leave her group three times since they started and disobeyed a direct order not to touch anything once. Anne is very patient with civilians. Both towers have been cleared, and I have the rest of the men going in behind the search teams to clean and prep the rooms for occupation. We should be ready to move out just before dinner. Heightmeyer handled the civilian assignments—two or three per room because there were more men than women.

There are a few couples on the expedition so, of course, they asked to bunk together. Everything is settled on that front. Taylor directed the placement of furniture. John typed out a few notes and checked off the items on his list that were done. He believes it to be research labs of some sort. John frowned at him. What kind of man are you, Lorne? He let Lorne take the lead, but he was super excited to see the Jumper Bay again.

He walked into one of the docking pods and let his hand trail along the surface of the Jumper. The test will have all the safety measures we can devise, Major. Taylor is setting up a conference room not far from your office, sir. Have you had a meal, recently? John grabbed a sandwich, soda and a bag of chips from the make-shift mess.

Half way up the stairs to his office, he heard Weir. She was getting huffy with his admin which was irritating all on its own. She turned to face him and the look he got from Sean Taylor spoke of relief and immense frustration. How can I help you? Make sure everyone is in place. John sat down at his desk as Elizabeth closed the door. It was kind of amusing, for him, to sit down in the chair that had been hers in the previous timeline.

He unwrapped his sandwich and made a plate out of the paper so he could open the chips. There is a tower on the far side of the city that has shown up in my research that would be far more beneficial for the mission. McKay is doing exactly what I asked him to do. Two, all of my people are following my orders and their first mandate on this mission is to protect the civilians—even from themselves.

No one has any business, whatsoever, exploring on their own. This is not a playground but a city built by people far more advanced than we are. We have no idea what sort of security measures are in place—for all you know a non-gene carrier could be killed for trying to activate a device. They restricted their technology using genetics for a reason, Dr. We tread carefully, we explore slowly and steadily. We minimize risks, and we keep our people alive.

Every single report generated out of the Ancient Outpost had a section dedicated to how the technology they found there was largely unstable due to being abandoned for thousands of years.

We currently have nowhere to go if this city becomes unlivable for one reason or another. Who exactly are you interested in sacrificing in your efforts to discover the secrets of Ascension? She flushed and stood. They did listen to me. Do your job, Dr. Weir, and follow instructions. She stalked out of his office without a word and John sighed as Sean left his desk, gently pulled the door shut, and returned to his duties.

John frowned as he stared at the space that Taylor had set up. He stood, sandwich in hand, and walked to the door which he opened. He patted the wall next to his chair. The city pushed back with amusement which stunned John enough that he shoved half of his sandwich in his mouth without even realizing it.

The conference room table was different, but he attributed that to Sean and what the younger man considered a proper table. He was seated alone in the room when McKay entered. Rodney set a coffee mug down on the table, a tablet, and an energy bar. Sean Taylor entered last, and the doors all slid shut. I have non-gene carriers collecting it for the Science Department.

For safety reasons, I also have it under guard. Focusing on Captain Harris, John set aside his empty coffee cup. McKay waved his own. This has cream and sugar, as the Colonel prefers. McKay cleared for our use. Considering some of the equipment on the walls in the space, I agree with Dr. McKay that it was probably utilized by the Ancients as a medical facility. I currently have no questions or concerns. Depression is a concern and so is zealotry. The Ancients were a powerful race, and now they enjoy what many would assume to be a god-like existence.

I was very careful to question each military asset regarding this issue and feel that everyone is on the same page, but attitudes can change in a heartbeat on such topics. This is especially true if our situation were to take a dangerous turn. I held non-denominational services in my role as chaplain in my last posting. I just need Dr. McKay to figure out our calendar so I can set things up. Rodney nodded and frowned.

I think it should probably be in the central tower. There is a large room two floors down that might be acceptable. Weir, have you considered the translation schedule for the Ancient database? McKay has the translating program he built with Dr. Jackson which should help with general translation. John honestly hoped so. The fewer people to realize Weir was batshit the better. Rodney put down his tablet. There is a single, nearly depleted ZPM powering the entire city.

Also, it appears the Ancients used hydropower but that system is down. Once we get it up and running—we should be able to use the ocean currents to generate enough power to open up more towers. Kusanagi going through the database searching for planetary data to help Dr. Parrish determine seasons on whatever land mass is near us. Planetary Sciences are working on a measuring the day, week, month, and year. John cleared his throat and the woman flushed.

Tropical storms on earth can produce a lot of lightning. The private bathrooms in the residential tower appear to function the same as the public restrooms we found here in the central tower. Dials and buttons so no gene required. My focus was combat engineering for my Ph. He can forward me anything he needs to be done or researched. Broadband is up, but the intranet infrastructure will take a bit of time as we marry our tech with the Ancient systems.

Currently, only the email server is operational, and the broadband range is limited to the control tower. The Ancient database with the translation program attached is being reviewed for integration. The gaming server will go up after that followed by the server we created to host music, movies, and TV shows.

Beckett is helping the rest of the medical department set up what is essentially a hospital, Dr. We have a lot of people to take care of, and I want to be prepared if there is an accident or illness. He took a step back then guided Rodney to the sofa. They dropped on it together. What actually happened when the console lit up?

I woke up beside you. What have you noticed? When we first arrived—everything felt off and weird, but that feeling went away a few hours after you touched the console. I asked the city, Rodney.

What was she talking about? Did you bring something with you from when we were Ascended? What the hell was the Iterum? Maybe something else traveled with us, with me? How did she tell you what she did? Did it appear on your tablet or on a wall?

John tugged him close, and Rodney allowed himself to be tangled up with Sheppard on the couch. They lay there together for several minutes in silence then John cleared his throat.

They were both emotionally fucked up, and their situation was tenuous enough without adding a new element to their already intense relationship. No one appeared to be put out by her privilege on the subject but then I figured none of them wanted to be roommates with her. There are probably people on the mission that Weir picked because they are unduly fascinated with the Ancients.

Though I was surprised that Porter is your second. How I used our friendship to get you on my side? I knew Weir would do whatever you wanted in the end because she wanted to sit on your dick. I never came close to doing it again. I let Jennifer talk me into the Michael experiment. Then Carson and she both managed to convince me that experimenting on a whole damn hive would be okay.

The Wraith killed most of us, and we lost Atlantis. Ronon told us all how stupid and dangerous it was. And eventually, he paid for that foolish decision we made in a vacuum. Sateda was virtually destroyed while most of the Wraith slept.

We need to figure out how many Wraith hives are active, and we need to have a reason to be searching so we need to go to Athos. Allison is looking at the Ancient database for the history of the city and Miko is searching through the programming for security and failsafe procedures.

He looked around then prodded the scientist back into their quarters. I figure we have a week, maybe less. We arrived earlier in this timeline than we did in the first. I made sure of it—I wanted time to keep her and her people safe it were possible. I mean I was tempted once or twice, but I never went to bed with her. She deserves so much better than that. You know a lot of people thought Torren was yours. If the time comes. Dimensional travel is a real bitch, John. Porter and Taylor were waiting outside the door.

John sighed and walked toward his office, his admin just on his left. He could hear Porter reporting to McKay as they walked in a different direction. John pulled the earwig out of his pocket with a flush. None of them are answering their radios either. They entered the command area, and the few civilians who were on station looked nervous.

No one left either until just shortly after 7: John blew out air between his lips. How could he convey that without…he jogged up the stairs.

Zelenka, check the city power grid for unexplained power fluctuations. It stands to reason that the Ancients might have as well. I need to report to Rodney so we can set up an alert to monitor these transporters until we can lock down the dangerous parts of the city. John opened up a channel on the radio. Can you get to it readily? There was an audible huff and several people around John laughed. John was eating a power bar when he caught sight of McKay again.

He passed the LSD to John. He clicked his radio and cleared his throat. He looks desiccated and very old. The remains are essentially mummified. The life sign detector in his hand displayed two signs which meant that either Weir or Heightmeyer was also dead.

The deaths were attributed to two different species called—the Wraith and a large insect called an Iratus both of whom were purported to feed on life energy. I would assume the Wraith is humanoid since the incident report I read mentioned a feeding hand. Sergeant Zhang has a body bag in his kit so he can prepare Dr. Grodin for the return when your situation is secure.

It was kind of startling and weird to have people who were so on their game. Beckett had been so focused on the gene research in the first timeline that John had to wonder if the man had ever looked into the historical medical data available in the infirmary.

It was annoying that their single-minded focus in the first timeline had been so damaging. Kate Heightmeyer came around the corner, her gun drawn. She looked like hell—her usually immaculate hair was tangled, and a bruise was spread out over the left side of her face.

John and Evan reached her at the same time. Sheppard took her weapon from her shaking hand. Her mouth trembled, and tears fell. She turned to Lorne. I was just trying to humor her and calm her down. I thought going along with her would settle her. We were only supposed to look at the room she found down the hall from her quarters. They were obviously on their way to something in this one. John ejected the empty clip, pocketed it, and reloaded the weapon before handing it back to her.

John said nothing as he followed the psychologist down the hallway. The wraith was sprawled across the entrance of the room—half in the hall. Kate had certainly played her advantage to the hilt.

Turning her dead-end scenario against the enemy. He stepped over the body of the wraith queen and crossed the room to Elizabeth. Heightmeyer had tried to make her comfortable, but the damage was horrific. Weir has been attacked and appears to have been aged by several decades.

Feeding makes the victim old and eventually leads to death. Major Teldy, send teams three and four out here—we need help carrying the bodies and Dr. McKay, set aside all other projects and clear one of those Jumpers for us to use—we need to scan the entire city for these things. Sheppard offered him a small smile and turned to walk out of the hall.

He was impressed with how well the man had held up when it had become known that his woman was one of the missing civilians. I have another team in route to take care of the alien and Dr. She appears to be in stable condition but do what you can to make her comfortable until we can get her back to the infirmary. Rodney was staring at Elizabeth Weir. He was so fucking furious, he could barely breathe, and it must have shown on his face because Weir had averted her gaze as soon as she saw him.

He was only slightly surprised when John delegated the questioning of Weir to Major Teldy. Weir, for the record, we need to take your statement regarding the incident. The woman was a politician, and he figured they were all about to get an excellent demonstration of that.

I requested an exploration of the tower the lab was located in, but Colonel Sheppard refused to discuss it and told me it would be months, if not longer before the search teams cleared enough of the city to allow exploration of the lab.

I felt that was detrimental to both my research and the mission of the expedition. I doubt he has any interest whatsoever in the scientific research that the IOA is expecting to be done out here.

I found reference to a transporter system in one of the historical diaries I was reading and found one in the residential tower where my quarters are. It took me a few hours, but I figured out how they work, and I also located the closest transporter to the tower I wanted to explore.

Grodin aware that you planned to leave the safety zone set up to protect the expedition? We entered the lab, and there was an alien in some sort of stasis pod.

I was excited to see her, and when I realized she was alive, I opened her stasis pod. I was so excited that it worked.

Rodney was going to throw Carson Beckett in the ocean, once a day for the next year. He exchanged a look with John who appeared to be doing some kind of breathing exercise.

She hit Kate, and we ran from the lab, but she followed. Peter stopped and told us to continue running—that he would distract her. It made him want to space her. He started mentally reviewing active spacegates in Pegasus. She called me an Alteran. I was surprised not to get caught in the crossfire. Heightmeyer took the time to learn how to use a weapon and is actually one of the more gifted marksmen among the civilians. Teldy sat back in her chair with a huff.

Weir and search her for a symbiote, again. Then check for brain tumors or whatever else might make her crazier than a shit house rat. Rodney snorted as Teldy stalked right out of the infirmary muttering under her breath. He looked toward John and found his best friend near laughter. How long have you had the gene therapy ready? Beckett averted his gaze. I was excited about the research and so was she. Elizabeth made sure I stayed on the mission, and I was grateful for that.

I always miss out on these things because I work too much. I want all of your research on the gene therapy evaluated by a committee of your peers. McKay, Harris—make that happen. I want a full study completed on the gene therapy and no more human trials until I say otherwise. This is not up for debate or discussion. John hesitated in the doorway of the room McKay was using in their quarters. Both bedrooms had full beds which sort of pissed him off.

He wondered where all the great furniture was in the first timeline? Stepping into the room, he cleared his throat. John pulled the string of his lounge pants and let them fall to his feet. McKay flipped the covers back, and he slipped into the bed. He sucked in a deep breath as Rodney pulled him close. Rodney blinked in surprise. He shifted up slightly and hissed in a breath when John used the opportunity to flick his tongue over a nipple. John sucked a little as Rodney rummaged through the small bag he had on the nightstand.

John wished there was a little bit more light in the room and the city responded by casting a soft white light from several sources. McKay was fit—startling so—which had put John off his game from the start. He wanted Rodney healthy but he kind of missed the old McKay.

At least that was the same—nearly as long as his own and slightly thicker. John hissed in a breath as McKay wrapped a slick hand around his cock and slicked him up with the slightly cool lube. Rodney added a little more lube then tossed the bottle aside. Rodney let out a breathless laugh as he hit the mattress and spread his legs. I could finger you a bit. He pushed in with one slow stroke—Rodney shuddered and bore down against the penetration.

It was perfect—hot, slick. McKay rocked beneath him, but there was nothing urgent about his movements either. They exchanged soft kisses, lost in the physical pleasure. He let himself come immediately, stilling inside Rodney.

Rodney hummed as John carefully pulled free of his body. Because if so, I resent you, too. John laughed and dropped down on his back beside his lover. Moreover, John, six different times yesterday I went to pick up my tablet and the chair room had been highlighted in the city plans.

She wants to talk to us, to you. I was able to brush them off. They all three turned at the sound of footsteps, and Miko Kusanagi came around the corner. Another very strong gene carrier, John thought.

His gaze narrowed as he the petite Japanese scientist made her way down the hall. Porter has created night and day shifts for setting up the command deck. I was up there…and something. On our world, she died when I was ten. You did the right thing—keeping it yourself. He said it was up to the CO. We already know what happened the first time, and I needed a better foundation to stand on.

I was dying of a brain tumor, and John helped me activate it. It was called the Iterum. I believe it was active, and it harvested the three of you when you were killed. He stepped into the chair room and the walls lit up.

The three of them followed, and the door slid shut. The chair turned, and light shimmered around it. A woman appeared—a soft glow to her skin spoke more of projected image than Ascended being. Our experiments led to the creation of the Wraith.

I am sorry about Dr. I realized too late what Dr. Weir was going to do and without full power, I was unable to prevent them from entering the lab. He was far too busy inventing things to worry about Ascension, but I was fascinated by it. I thought the spiritual path was a bunch of nonsense, so I took a scientific approach.

The experiment was a failure, of course, because I could not follow the spiritual path the others were attempting. As I lay dying, my mate came to me with a device. He only wanted to save as much of me as he possibly could. It harvested my mind and memories.

They ordered the device that held me destroyed—they searched everywhere for me, and Janus had very little time to hide me. He hid me in there. Days later, he was forced to abandon the city with the others, and I was left in his private lab until you came. Thera smiled brilliantly at Rodney. Miko, Teyla, and Evan. We stayed in the Iterum together until you and John activated it. The changes I made to the Iterum meant I was able to save your souls when you died—the first device he built only harvested the contents of my mind.

He did not believe in the spiritual path either, you see, and thought the notions of a soul and psionic energy to be pure nonsense. He learned differently, of course, but nothing could be done at that point.

My soul had moved on. Thera sat back in the chair, crossed her legs and smirked. No one really expressed a single protest when John decided they should find out if the Wraith were active in the galaxy. Everyone had seen the body, and they knew what it had done to Peter Grodin. Evan had put on a show of protesting John going through the gate personally, and Sheppard had relented only so far as to allow his XO to accompany him.

He asked Rodney to pick out a female scientist to bring in case the natives on the planet they chose preferred to deal with a woman. Rodney, of course, after a few conversations picked Miko.

The sun was midway in the sky as the gate closed behind them. The four of them hesitated at the stargate, taking in their peaceful surroundings. Teyla a few yards from the DHD. She made a soft, indescribable sound and darted across the clearing.

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