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You are so very important. And that can cost you alot more down the road than the little bit you can win off of them if they are a regular or happen to win a tournament or badbeat jackpot. They gather to play in bars, saloons, and casinos, and, all too often, in their own homes. Originally Posted by Xavier In the US do people only tip dealers when they win or are they supposed to every time they play somewhere? December 14th, , 5:

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He used to have a job, which he quit because he is so addicted to the Internet and poker playing for money right now. He enters poker tournaments all the time, and, if he wins, that is the money that he [uses] to buy the things that he needs.

All he does is sit and play on the Internet. I am told that Utah and Hawaii are now the only two states in the United States that have not legalized lotteries and gambling of various forms.

From the letters I have received from members of the Church, it becomes apparent that some of our young people start by playing poker. They get the taste of getting something for nothing, and then travel outside of the state to where they can gamble legally. One writer says in a letter to me: It is all over the TV. Your money just goes into this big pot, and whoever wins gets the pot. Of course, it is. Gambling is simply a process that takes money and does not offer a fair return in goods or services.

We now have state lotteries on a very large scale. Once the law almost universally prohibited them. Now they are operated as a means of gaining revenue. Some 20 years ago, speaking in conference, I said: People [had] lined up to buy tickets. One winning ticket was held by 21 factory workers, with second-place winners, and , who received token amounts.

That may sound pretty good. Some American states have imposed heavy taxes on casinos as a source of revenue. The operating company also must have its profit. Then comes the winning ticket holder. All others who bought tickets are left empty-handed. I am so grateful that when the Lord established this Church He gave us the law of tithing. I talked at one time with an officer of another church which, I understand, relies on the playing of bingo for a substantial part of its income.

But I do not expect this change in my lifetime. Casinos have been opened on Indian reservations as a means of securing income for those who own them. A few win, but most lose. They have to if some win and if the house is to make its profit. It is not the same idea. In one case you get something for which you pay; in the other case, only one picks up the winnings and the others are left empty-handed.

Experience has shown that the playing of poker can lead to an obsession to gambling. As far back as , Joseph Smith described conditions when the Saints lived in Missouri. Brigham Young, in October of , said this concerning Nauvoo: Presidents of the Church and counselors in the Presidency have repeatedly spoken concerning this evil.

Cannon, counselor to three Presidents of the Church, said: One of these is gambling. Discourses and Writings of President George Q. It is opposed to any game of chance, occupation, or so-called business, which takes money from the person who may be possessed of it without giving value received in return.

Oaks, who is with us tonight, in delivered a masterful discourse on this subject at what was then Ricks College. To these statements of the position of the Church I add my own. The pursuit of a game of chance may seem like harmless fun. But there attaches to it an intensity that actually shows on the faces of those who are playing.

And in all too many cases this practice, which appears innocent, can lead to an actual addiction. The Church has been and is now opposed to this practice.

There is so much of wonderful reading available. We are not likely to ever get too much of it. There is music to be learned and enjoyed. I have been reading a new book, recently published by the Oxford University Press, which has received considerable attention among us. It contains a study conducted by members of the faculty of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It deals with the religious and spiritual lives of American teenagers.

Those who conducted the study questioned young people of various faiths and traditions. They reached the conclusion that our LDS youth know more about their faith, are more committed to it, and abide more closely by its teachings concerning social behavior than do their peers. Our young people were found to be more likely to hold the same religious beliefs as their parents, to attend religious services once a week, to share their faith with others, to engage in fasting or some other form of self-denial, and to have less doubt about their religious beliefs.

Commentators on the study speak of our youth arising early in the morning to attend seminary. It is a wonderful way to start the day. The researchers point out that not all of our youth are perfect, but by and large they excel in a most remarkable way.

I should add that there is no time to play poker for these high school students. My dear young friends to whom I speak tonight, you mean so very much to us. You are so very important. As members of this Church and as holders of the priesthood, you have so great a responsibility. I know that in France it's not a job to do. This is really really too few money. Usually students do that kind of jobs a couple of years, then stop.

December 18th, , 3: Originally Posted by maolitas. Not much, but it's a poor country lol. December 18th, , 4: I think 3 or 4 buy-ins could fit! December 18th, , 8: I do not know the salary level here in mo. In the US do people only tip dealers when they win or are they supposed to every time they play somewhere? If someone has a bad run of cards they ain't gonna want to tip. December 19th, , 4: December 19th, , 9: Originally Posted by Xavier.

December 21st, , 1: The tournaments here in NY, we have a dealer bonus buy. Starting stack is around 7k and the optional dealer bonus buy gets you an additional chips. All tournament tips and dealer bonus buys go into a pool and are distributed by the amount of tournament "downs" you deal. December 21st, , I don't think it's just Mountaineer's rule, but I believe that WVa State Gaming regulations prohibits dealers from playing at the casinos where they work. I've seen dealers from Wheeling playing at Mountaineer and I believe they said that they couldn't play at Wheeling.

Frankly, I think it's a good rule. It prohibits any possibility of collusion between an on-duty dealer and their fellow dealer who's off work, but playing at their table December 22nd, , 6: Another good thing Ranger is as a dealer you don't want to play against those who may be tipping you later.

If you put a bad beat on them or just constantly beat them because they are poor players, you may not get tipped later. And that can cost you alot more down the road than the little bit you can win off of them if they are a regular or happen to win a tournament or badbeat jackpot. December 28th, , 4: Depends on the casino. December 6th, , 6: I personally avg hands per hr.

Tournament downs which is every half hr we get 7. So if I only dealt tournaments which would suck I was a walk on to dealing poker because I was a true grinder before dealing. Usually u have to go threw the unpaid casinos classes which is weeks of hrs per week. Then PASS the audition. So I hope that was some usefull info. Page 1 of 2 Use the arrow to the right to read the next 1 page s. Join the Conversation at CardsChat. CardsChat is an online poker community of , members in countries.

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Page 1 of 2. June 10th, 7: Originally Posted by lektrikguy Indeed. Originally Posted by jordanbillie If you live in FL you are lucky because FL is the pinnacle of poker dealing right now. Originally Posted by Grossberger I think the big problem is dealing in tournaments alot of young online players are playing in live tournaments and don't tip after a big win, just because they are not usse to doing it playing online. Full tilt Po Game: Originally Posted by OzExorcist There can also be some confusion over tipping in tournaments because some tournaments have the staff tips built into the tournament fee and others don't - Matt Savage wrote an interesting article on it for PokerNews a little while back IIRC.

Thats great if its true.

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