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Oct 1 - 7, at Casino de Divonne-les-Bains. Aurelien Guiglini — , 7. The big blind checked, Makhija bet , and the big blind then check-raised to put Makhija all-in. Then two hands later as the button, Makhija watched as the player in the cut-off put in an initial raise to The rivers were dealt and Greenstein showed the 2 -2 -6 , giving him a six high straight, which obviously qualifies as a low. The river was the A , putting all four aces on the board and Hellmuth checked. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends.

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GPI News and Announcements. This occasionally sent him to the rail early, but often led to him having a mountain of chips. I realize this makes him sound like a maniac, but I have also witnessed him make some overly tight folds, including one against me deep in a WPT where he raised to 2.

Of course, I had K-K. I have the utmost respect for Lee Markholt. Lee has taken my money many times by showing me top set and sometimes just Ace-high. Lee is my favorite poker player. Many times, we have won and lost money together. We always seem to be on the same team though. Win or lose, I am happy to be in action with Daliman. Hoyt Corkins is an awesome dude. He is my hiking buddy whenever we are both in Vegas, which at this point seems to only be during the WSOP.

Hoyt taught me long before the GTO solvers to really push the aggression in spots where the opponent should have a range they cannot defend properly. It was fun to watch! Mike Sexton is the reason many poker players play the game. He was not only the face of the WPT the show that brought poker into our homes each and every week on the Travel Channel , he was also instrumental in making PartyPoker the most popular and trusted poker site in existence.

I have hung out and played with Mike on many occasions and he is as real as they come. He is larger than life, but still down to earth and kind.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends. Be sure to check back next week on JonathanLittlePoker. I love most of your blogs and articles, but this one is one of the best yet.

It gives us students and followers of you so much insight and knowledge about your foundation and early career in poker. The 2 on the turn had his opponent drawing dead, and Lisandro collected his chips. The flop brought another set with K 5 4 , and the 8 on the turn this time had Lisandro drawing dead.

Lisandro made his exit. Moneymaker drops some chips, but going strong. With the board Q 5 5 K 8 , Chris Moneymaker and his opponent both checked. His opponent flipped over A 8 and Moneyaker mucked. The pot had just a few thousand in it, and Moneymaker currently has around 70, chips. With the board A 9 8 4 8 , Clonie Gowen bet 3, and her opponent called.

Gowen immediately mucked her hand, and though he didn't need to her opponent showed A 7. After the hand Gowen was up to 60, chips. On a T 8 6 flop, a series of back-and-forth raises ends with Bryan Devonshire all in and Arnaud Mattern right there with him in a monster pot.

They both hold , but Mattern's cards are spades giving him a flush draw. And what do you know -- it made a difference. After the A on the turn, the A came on the river to give Mattern the pot and give him , chips. The flop came K Q 2 , the big blind checked, and the original raiser bet out Singer made the call and the big blind folded.

The J hit the turn and his opponent came out for Singer then put in a reraise to His opponent then mucked his hand.

It's the main event and there are millions at stake, but for some players the slow pace of play creates the need for distractions. Nenad Medic has been playing solitare on his ipod and David Benefield has been reading a book.

But it looks like they're also playing some good poker when the time calls for it; Medic and Benefield have 90, and 60, chips, respectively. Chen short on chips after doubling up opponent. After calling a raise from the big blind, Bill Chen and two others saw the flop come 10 8 7.

Chen checked and the next player to act bet 3, The third player folded and Chen moved all in. The bettor had about 16, left and Chen had him covered. After a couple minutes to consider he called with J J. Chen held A 10 and needed to improve. But unfortunately for him the turn and river came J Q. After the hand Chen was down to about 17, chips.

When Card Player checked on the table, Matusow was embroiled in a conversation about live versus online players. Matusow agreed with the sentiment that he could not beat the best internet players online, but also reminded them that the World Series is a live tournament.

John Juanda Eliminated John Juanda moved all-in on a flop of 9 7 5 and his opponent called. Juanda had a gutshot straight draw and two overcards with J 10 , and his opponent had A 9 for top pair. Madsen makes call, loses. With the board , Jeff Madsen checked and his opponent moved all in for about 10, Madsen though it over for a couple minutes and made the call.

His opponent flipped over aces to take the pot over about 30, After the hand Madsen had about 95, chips. In a blind vs. The turn was a six and Benefield called a 5, bet from the small blind. The river brought a second five to the board and the small blind again bet 5, This time Benefield moved all in, and his opponent called off the rest of his chips, which was about 10, total. Benefield showed for trips, while his opponent had pocket kings.

With the pot Benefield stack was up to about , Action folded to Nicholas Sliwinski in the big blind. He insta-called and showed A K. That infusion of chips lifts Sliwinski to almost , After quiet and careful deliberation, Roger made the call.

The two showed their hands: With that pot, Schwartz jumps to just over one million in chips. Roger is still more than healthy with about , Action folded around to Helge Pederen in the cutoff who raised to 18, Alan Jaffray called on the button.

David Saab, in the small blind, made it 60k to go after a bit of hesitation. Pedersen laid down his hand and action was back on Jaffray. Jaffray, perhaps suspicious of Saab who had squeezed earlier , raised to k. Saab then moved all-in for another , and Jaffray made the call.

Saab now sits as one of the chip leaders with 1. There was a raise to 24, from a player in early position, and Tom smooth-called from middle position. The player in front of the cut-off made the call as well, and Benefield in the small blind called to create a four-way pot, as James McManus in the big blind folded. The flop came 8 7 5 , and after two checks, Tom stepped out for , Play was folded to Benefield, who called.

The J hit the turn, and after Benefield checked, Tom announced all-in for , Benefield snap-called and showed the bad news — 9 6 in his hand for the nut straight plus a flush draw. Tom, with his Q Q , was drawing dead as the 3 hit the river, and Benefield scooped in the monster , pot. The board ran out 9 5 3 2 9 and Qiu doubled up. Billirakis Bounces Marcon Marco Marcon announced all-in from middle position for ,, and play was folded to Steve Billarakis in the small blind who made the call.

Marcon held 7 7 while Billirakis held A Marcon watched as an ace flopped, coming A 9 9 , and never caught up with the 8 on the turn and 2 on the river. Matusow Doubles Through Keller with Aces On a flop of 9 8 3 , Mike Matusow shipped in his remaining , into a pot already containing over , in chips.

His opponent, Thomas Keller, went into the tank and deliberated for several minutes while considering his options. After counting out the necessary amount for a call, Keller announced as much and turned over 10 Matusow stood up and pumped his fists into the air as he flipped over A A.

After Matusow settled down, the dealer put down the K on the turn. The 2 fell on the river, and Matusow won a large pot bringing his stack to almost , Keller was crippled and left with under , in chips. With the board 10 10 Q 2 , the small blind checked and then Brandon Cantu bet , from the button.

The small blind thought it over for a long time before raising to , Cantu immediately asked how many chips he had left. When he heard about , he moved all in. The small blind folded and Cantu jumped out of his seat and flipped over A J.

Mike Matusow, who recently doubled up, turned around and took a look at the table. You have no idea how sick he is? Vos made the call and the two turned up their hands: He walked over to the rail and started conversing with a buddy, turning just in time to see the dealer lay out Q Q 2.

Kostritsyn checked the Q 3 3 flop and Silber led out for 75, Quickly, Kostritsyn slid in a large column of orange chips, making it , to go.

The raise was quickly called by Silber. The turn was the A and Kostritsyn fired a bet of , which was again quickly called. The river was the J and Kostritsyn slid in a stack of chips in no distinguishable order: When asked how much, the dealer counted down the stack: Silber considered his decision for a minute as the wall of reporters around the table grew deeper.

Silber made the call and Kostritsyn showed K 8 for the flush. Silber flashed Q and unhappily mucked his hand. That hand brings Kostritsyn up to about 1. Kostritsyn Takes Another Hit On a flop of A 9 3 , Alexander Kostritsyn faced a bet of , from an opponent into an already large pot.

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