Slingo Classic

Every player receives the amount of coins they earned during the course of the game. If you do not have enough points to take the 6th deal, you will have to "sit-out" until the end of the game. You must be over the age of 18 and a resident of the UK to redeem this promotion. Not only has it evolved into THE most happening online casino around, but it has sparked a number of innovative Slingo Originals games! Game Info How To Play. For more info visit www.

5-Card Slingo Daily Challenge

Double Double Bonus Poker

A game may already be in progress when you enter. After the current game is over, or if there is no game playing, you will be asked to "JOIN" a game for Slingo Coins. Click on the "JOIN" button to enter the next game. When the game begins your first deal will be taken automatically. Each game consists of six deals of five cards, which are randomly generated from one standard deck of 52 cards.

You have 30 seconds to take your deal and position some or all of the five cards to build your best poker combinations horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The 6th deal will cost you points. If you do not have enough points to take the 6th deal, you will have to "sit-out" until the end of the game.

Players are not required to take the 6th deal. Cards can only be placed in the column above the card. Players are not required to place all five cards dealt each turn. In fact, this is very important in the strategy of the game if you intend to take a 6th deal. At the end of a deal - any cards not placed are lost and are not returned to the deck. Each player will see what poker combinations they are credited for at the end of each deal. This can be seen by clicking on the "Done" button, or waiting for time to expire.

Your results are evaluated after each deal is completed and point values are awarded for various poker combinations. After every player has clicked the "Done" button, or the timer has expired. When all of the players have completed their last deal, the final scores will be tallied and the final rank will be displayed. Every player receives the amount of coins they earned during the course of the game.

The player with the highest score will be awarded 5, Slingo Coins. The Progressive Jackpot is awarded to a player who achieves a score of 55, or more points in a single game.

If no one wins the Progressive Jackpot, it will increase by points each game until someone wins. Are your usual online games feeling a little too so-last-century to you? Step into the bright future of Slingovation with 5 Card Slingo! This update to our classic Slingo brings a stylish look designed especially to commemorate the turn of the millennium. But don't worry, we've worked hard to keep in all the fun you can always expect from the Slingo game.

This fast-paced modern classic is sure to make the next century just as action-packed as the last one. Sure, the diamonds are flashy, but 5 Card Slingo is more than beautiful.

The longer you play, the smaller a modifier you'll get. Be sure to play as fast as possible! Step into a world of high-rolling Slingo fun! Put your 5-Card Daily Challenge skills to the test in this all-new take on our most popular poker game ever!

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