A Magician's Quest for the Perfect Card Cheat

In short order, he was ushered into the hallowed back rooms where only the most elite practitioners of the ancient art were allowed to gather. Nelson Downs had dazzled thousands around the world with his "Miser's Dream," pulling a seemingly endless supply of coins out of the air. From the time he was a boy, when, by accident, he discovered how his father had accomplished the first true magic trick he ever saw, Vernon had been steeped in secrets. Starcle by Dan H.. Spellbound Dai Vernon - Vernon's classic routine with some additions. Courtesy Pleasant Hill Historical Society hide caption.

Tales from the Underworld

Adventures in ASIC digital design. But the best is the patter he used. On the other hand, anyone knows here a kind of ten-deal poker with ten cards like the four aces, kings, queens and jacks, that it was automatic.

And you just have to get the cards in order, to deal a higher poker hand each time. I thought it was from Dai Vernon, but I have lost it. The explanations, the original version, the author, everything is lost. Could anyone here help me? All the best magic, Pablo Tejero. Here is a list of Ten Card Deal. Hi Here are my 2 favorites very similar: And they both built up nicely since you show that you are playing even more fairly in each subsequent phases, since it seems impossible to cheat because you use only 10 cards from a borrowed deck -- which means they are not marked!

He says that everything in close-up should be motivated. Hope this helps Ronnie Lemieux Montreal Canada. I used to perform a routine where you started with ten hand of poker and get the aces to your hand in 3 shuffles Jimmy 'Cards' Molinari www.

Back in late to early , Bob Farmer did a five-part column examining nothing but the Ten Card Deal. It includes the most extensive list of references on this effect that you're ever going to find. I like the card versions, because people don't notice the same Jonah popping up repeatedly.

Nov 24, Not sure if there's a "best" routine out there. It depends on how you present the trick. Are you winning via luck? Harry Lorayne's version in Dec-Sterity is a good start. Notable versions are Psych-Out by Bruce Bernstein, Tony Binarelli has a version for close-up and one for stage and details are published in his books. Bob Farmer had columns about it in his column in magic magazine a few years back. If you haven't looked at it before, start with Lorayne and build from there.

Scott Guinn has a nice 10 card poker routine in an old issue of Online Visions. I can't say it's the best because I don't know most of those mentioned here, but it's entertaining and it's free. Jun 20, The earliest publication I can think of is in the Professor's first book of the trilogy, around page 70 I suppose. But most likely the principle was around gamblers earlier.

As a piece of magical entertainment it can be traced back to the 's and appeared in Arthur Buckley's "Card Control" as "Poker".

This book is now available again as a Dover reprint I believe. Jun 27, Arthur Buckley's "Card Control" as "Poker". Aug 1, Aug 20, Is this Dai Vernon's creation? Aug 26, If there is a single truth about Magic, it is that nothing on earth so efficiently evades it.

Sep 7, Thaks for the link. I read Scott Guinn's version of 10 card Deal. It is a wonderful concept that spectator never looses. I am impressed with this as well as Scott's "Reminder". Learn a few things well Words of wisdom from Albert Goshman Jan 10, Ursus minor - thanks for that information, I'd always heard it was in Buckley's Card Control but never been able to find it in there. As I have the Dover reprint now I know why!!! Rip Torn for Downs. I'll leave the other two up to you all Geno Munari ] [ December 01, Macy or Steve Buscemi as Allan Kennedy.

Benicio del Torro no brainer. But I'm stuck on whom to cast as Vernon and as the Kansas City prostitute with the heart of gold you KNOW that when Hollywood gets through with this there'll be a Kansas City prostitute with a heart of gold. This are wonderful, archival tapes: They also show Skinner's remarkable eclectic taste. All of the material is worth knowing and doing. In fact, after viewing the tape I went back to several of the great routines I once did and have started doing them again.

There seem to be at least a dozen or more people who can do the Allen Kennedy Center Deal fairly well at this point, so perhaps it is not as hard as has been portrayed.

Subscribe today to Genii Magazine. BTW, one magician I know who does gambling expose routines looks down on the sleight, asserting that its major drawback is the absence of a drawback of the top card, that is.

As the article notes, the deal declines in deceptiveness when one deals forward to a confederate or opponent across the table. Although I'm trying to have fun with the casting question, I am genuinely curious as to whether film rights are being discussed. The legend as Vernon presented it is a great yarn, as is the journalistic effort to sort the legend out. The essence of the article is the same as the "American Heritage" article, but it definitly is much expanded over the original.

At any rate, I enjoyed this article more than just about any other in Genii, and by replying to you, Richard, I get to say "Thanks" twice. As I recall, he did a wonderful job, and the makeup was quite well done.

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