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The next ranking event is the monday night online freezeout. Mel hit a J but Slaney somehow still managed to beat her making a straight as he went on to take the title down. Main Event Day 2, Cannes. Petersburg Tue 2 Oct at 1: Multiple multi-billion dollar casinos are operating here. Sat 29 Sep at 9: The full tournament report and photos can be seen by clicking here.

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You're in safe hands Your privacy and security is our number one priority here at Grosvenor Casinos. Licence Licensed and regulated by The UK Gambling Commission licence R for customers in Great Britain playing on our online sites or at our land based casinos. Dan Parsonage tops the heads up league, but tour 1 nShaun harper looks like being the favourite as he boasts a perfect 4 wins 0 loss record. For full details on the heads up league click here. Kenny takes down his fourth tour victory of the season again on his home patch defeating Muggy Fulla heads up.

The Heads up league kicked off as well with 8 matches played. Tour 1 Shaun Harper won both his matches and stands joint top of the league with Ben Pittock.

Matt 'the broker' Winter took down the Tuesday Edgcliff tournament after agreeing to a split with debutant Ash Williams only if he could claim first place. The deal was done and the Cowboy claimed his first tour win. Marcus veale's 4th place was sufficient to propell him to a career high second place in the CPT Rankings. The players had a deep run sweepstake prior to the start of the tournament and the sweepstake was eventually split 5 ways between, Marcus, Carl White, Ash Williams, Dan Parsonage and Cowboy.

This was another deal put together by Cowboy the broker. All the details on this and also details of the new tournament schedule that will be in place by the end of March can be found here. CPT 1 Shaun Harper extends his lead at the top of the rankings with anouther tour victory in Bodmin as he pulverised Monty heads up to take the title down.

The heads up battle didn't last long as Monty folded to all Shaun's all in's including a couple of huge bluffs. Tristan Church finished third and picked up enough points to creep back into the top He eliminated his mate Chris Moore in 9th when they both pushed preflop. First two cards out AA Thats how you win a hand.

Ben Pittock won the Tuesday tournament defeating Matt Fuller heads up, to move to second place in the player of the month rankings. Kev Hunt raiseherup wins the Monday night online ranking tournament defeating current 1 Shaun Harper Shaunust69 heads up. Mickey Spillane bagwafu claims the last payout in third and moves back into the top 30 solely on his online results.

Dan Code CPTDan hung around like a bad smell before exiting in 7th, gaining enough points to move up to a career high 29th place in the league. Monday night is online night for CPT Players. Paul Slaney takes down the 38 player Bodmin event after fluking a massive hand 9 handed.

Mel hit a J but Slaney somehow still managed to beat her making a straight as he went on to take the title down. Arran Pearson takes down the Tuesday tournament after coming out on top of one of the slowest and most boring FT's ever witnessed. It was that boring we got a better photo of the spectators than of the FT action. Valentines Day affected the turnout, but 21 still made it to battle it out in Bodmin.

Kenny Rowson eventually overcame Jamie Mcknight to take the title. Jim Lawson claimed an impressive third place guiding a tidy chip stack through the FT. Wagner made it to the FT as the massive chip leader but had a collapse as he left in 7th. Click here to download the software. Wheeler the Stealer takes down the 61 player Tuesday tournament after defeating form player Dan Murray and Billy Yung during 3-way play. Murray couldn't follow up last weeks victory with another win but third place is still a brilliant effort.

There must be something in the water in Camelford. The freeroll saw 4 of the last 7 players come from perranporth and the other 3 from Camelford. Camelford ending up winning it with Perrans Elliot Brown Aaahhhaaahhh claiming third. Dale Emmanuel picked up some important ranking points with 4th in the Freezeout in his bid to make the top 30 exclusively through online games as he is based in Brooklyn, USA.

Paul Hautot's 5th place finish is enough top send him to 3 in the rankings. For the tournament round up click here. The next ranking event is the monday night online freezeout. Tuesday's winner Chris Miller and Paul Slaney who finished in 3rd were out in 7th and 8th. Nick Dowling repeated his 6th place finish from last week. Dale Emmanuel playing his last game before going back to Brooklyn claimed 5th to move into the top The final 4 saw CPT champion Dave Whheler fall in 4th, Rod Langton went in third to claim the player of the month award, Luigi on his first FT of the new season claimed second and Shaun Harper continued his hot run with another Bodmin victory to now lie just points off Rod in the standings.

Chris Miller made a rare appearence coming out of retirement to take down the Tuesday night Edgcliff tournament. Neil Kent's 5th place finish see's him move to the top of the player of the month standings. He hasn't played a live game yet but finds himself in the top 30 thanks to another great performance in the online tournament.

Paul Spillane may well be the new force to be reckoned with live soon as he steamrolled the online game to lie in 25th place in the rankings. Wheeler the Stealer finished second with Kevin Hunt finishing in the last payout slot. Dan Code bubbled bah humbug. Monday night is online night. A list of all CPT players and their usernames is now live on the forum so you can see who is trash talking you at the table.

Neil Kent claimed back to back victories at Bodmin after chopping down the chip monster that was Terry Thomas at the FT.

Terry was the storey of the night as he amaased a , chip stack with 13 players left in sharing the other , in play between themselves. Neil came back from an FT short stack brilliantly guiding his way to victory as Terry terrorised the table. Just over a month into the new season and Rod langton is back to 1 in the rankings thanks to a fantastic victory in the 62 player Edgcliff Freezeout.

Dale Emmamual had an epic debut finally falling in 5th place. The Bodmin tournament finished almost an hour earlier than usual, despite the FT blinds levels remaining low due to them being capped. The reason - One of the most aggressive FT line ups ever. Neil Kent went onto win the event when Champion Dave Wheeler was caught out slowplaying his AK top pair top kicker letting Neil hit trip 4's with J4 to take down the title.

There will be no more Saturday night tournaments held at the Edgcliff for the next 2 months. An announcement will be made in the next few weeks with regards to the latest venue to join the CPT. Dan Murray followed up his win in the Monday night online tournament by taking down the 56 player Tuesday freezeout at the Edgcliff after a titantic heads up marathon against Arran Pearson.

There was an epic hand on the bubble as chip leader Robbie Woodward moved all in for 59k, Jules Church called for 44k and then BB and 2nd in chips Johnny Keiller called all in for 52k. The first edgcliff tournament of is this Tuesday 15th Jan and all indications show that it is likely to be a full house. To reserve a seat click here. To see some examples of things that CPT points can be exchanged for and the current list of points earned click here.

Kenny rowson became the first player of the season to win two live tournaments taking his second victory of the season again at Bodmin. Bill Ridley and Terry Thomas who all travel to the game with Kenny came second and third to give the Bodmin trio a happy trip home. It is not often the early chip leader goes on to win a tournament but last night in the online ranking tournament that is exactly what Tristan Church did from the start.

After knocking martin burgess out almost immediatly Tristan went from strength to strength as he powered his way to the title. End of an era

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