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A klicensee finder using scetool based on Asure's brute force script with heuristic algorithms for brute force attack. It also includes my FixELF tool. Edits the cheats database for ps3usercheat st. This version includes a cheats database for games compiled by gingerbread ps3hax and a link to his discussion thread.

It's a tool to edit, verify and create the. PS3 Game Updates 3. This application download PS3 game updates and patches. The 'error 70' is already fixed. Required firmware version is appended to the name of the file. It's a graphical user interface to view, extract or create psarc archives. It is still a WIP and some features are not complete.

It has some new or different features and a different order of the icons. Space Fever High Splitter set 2. Space Harrier Rev A, A. Space Invaders DX Ver 2. Space Invaders II Midway, cocktail. Special Criminal Investigation US. Special Criminal Investigation World set 2. Sport Fishing 2 J V1. SportTime Bowling Arcadia, V 2. Street Fighter Alpha 2 US Street Fighter Alpha 3 Brazil Street Fighter Alpha 3 US Warriors' Dreams Euro Warriors' Dreams US Fight for the Future.

Street Fighter Zero Asia Street Fighter Zero Brazil Street Fighter Zero Hispanic Street Fighter Zero Japan Street Fighter Zero 2 Asia Street Fighter Zero 2 Brazil Street Fighter Zero 2 Hispanic Street Fighter Zero 2 Japan Street Fighter Zero 2 Oceania Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha Asia Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha Brazil Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha Hispanic Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha Japan Street Fighter Zero 3 Asia Street Fighter Zero 3 Japan Street Heat - Cardinal Amusementst.

Strikers Japan, unprotected. SunA Quiz Academy Super Basketball not encrypted. Super Crash bootleg of Head On. Super Cup Finals Ver 2. Super Duper Casino California V3. Super Football Champ Ver 2. Mini Mix Asia Mini Mix Hispanic Hey, sorry asking so much but, do xbox controllers also need to be rooted?

Because I have an otg cable and a pc wireless gaming receiver but I can't seem to move anything in the games. Do I need to map it? And if so, where? Only android needs to be rooted to run the six axis controller app.

But fpse has options for various gamepads including bluetooth pads. So you can try mapping the buttons of xbox controller via bluetooth pad setting. Secondly you can connect the controller via otg cable but the controller should have its own power source. I have provided memory cards above. You can download them and load them in the game to unlock all players. A faster option is available that is ePSXe. In ePSXe you can unlock all players with cheats.

Read the two articles below. Hello friends previously I wrote about playing cps1 and mame games on android. That post proved useful to many android gaming enthusiasts. We provided step by step procedure to play mame games in that post. Yes you heard right PS1 games on android. You might be taking it lightly because you are thinking that how it is possible to emulate PS1 hardware on android which includes some of the best games of all time and even played today. But at the end of this post you will believe that it is possible to play PS1 games on android.

Recently I have written about playing PSP games on android. The download links for playstation1 roms and the FPSE emulator for android are given below. Just Google search this app to download apk. This tutorial is limited to android 4. Now lets move to the instructions to play Tekken 3 on android.

Follow all the instructions carefully and do not miss any instruction. So lets play Tekken 3 on android. Now tap menu button of your phone and choose 'Quit' , then tap 'Restart'. This step is necessary because if you do not restart fpse then bios settings would not take effect and you can not save or load games without bios setup. During restart the fpse app may get crashed. But don't worry its normal.

To check if bios is successfully setup, launch the game and tap menu then tap 'Save', if you see save slots then bios is properly installed, if it gives bios warning then reuse the step above.

Now you have to load the game. That's it you have to click this file, see the image below. When you click this file the tekken 3 game will start playing. But you will see only the game running with no controls on screen. There is no need to use pocket iso because it highly compresses the ps1 roms and removes all the game audio and videos. I won't recommend to use pocket iso because after using pocket iso you will not enjoy the games at their best because there will be no background fighting music and no game videos.

To play the game fully you have to make optimal settings for FPse emulator for android. I am giving the instructions to setup FPse. Scroll down and find these below and put a check mark against them. Draw button 2 L1-L2: Draw button 3 R1-R2: Draw button 4 Start: Draw button 5 Select: Here we also have to make several configurations. This is tekken 3 game setting not for FPSE. When you press L1 a combination of single and two buttons will open. The procedure is same for L2,R1,R2. I have installed and played following ps1 games on android with FPse emulator with optimal settings on galaxy y but if you have a dual core processor or an octa core processor android phone like galaxy s4, Samsung galaxy s3, galaxy note 2, galaxy S5, galaxy note 3, galaxy note I have played following PS1 game on android.

You have to unlock them by playing the game. But you don't need to unlock because I have unlocked all the players of Tekken 3 for you. You just have to download the memory cards. But before saving the game make sure that you have set up bios file correctly, that I told in previous steps above. To load a playstation game on fpse you first need to save it. Follow the steps below. To save any game any time, click the menu button and select save. A list of 5 saving slots will open.

Choose any slot to save your game state. To load any saved game click load and choose the state you previously saved. You can save up to 5 different game states. To save new states if the slots are full, click on any slot to over write it. If you are using an android tablet then you can use a computer keyboard to play playstation games on your android tablet.

Share this wonderful post if you like it on facebook and google plus because you won't find an excellent article about playing playstation games on android so well like we did here on pcnexus. I think I have covered the topic in detail, if you find some problems then feel free to ask via comments.

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