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The Westchester Power 50 list honors the fifty most influential people in business, government relations, culture, and social services. Now what was once just a popular web series is now a live show and coming to the Valley. The Mayor is the chief executive officer and is also a member of and presides over the Council. Sunday, February 4 th at 6: Originally called Birrarung by the Wurundjeri, the current name was mistranslated from another Wurundjeri term in the Boonwurrung language ; Yarro-yarro , meaning "ever-flowing". The young and young-at-heart head south to get their fill of entertainment. Empire Club Members can swipe their club card at any promotions kiosk to win free play on those dates.

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Bethlehem Catholic High School , which serves grades 9—12, and Moravian Academy , which serves all primary and secondary school grades. Notre Dame High School , located just north of the city, also serves grades 9 through Bethlehem's daily newspaper, The Globe-Times , ceased publication in Other smaller newspapers include the Bethlehem Press ; an award-winning weekly, Pulse Weekly, based in Allentown; Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal, based in Bethlehem; and Lehigh Valley Sports Extra , an all-sports monthly newspaper founded in Bethlehem is part of the Philadelphia DMA and its cable systems also receive select radio and television broadcasts from New York City.

There are numerous other stations broadcast from Allentown and Easton representing a variety of commercial formats, as well as several translators of public stations from Philadelphia and New Jersey. A semi-professional football team, the Lehigh Valley Storm, is based in the city. From to , the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League held their pre-season training camp each summer at the football facilities of Bethlehem's Lehigh University.

As of , the contract expired with the Philadelphia Eagles choosing to hold pre-season camp closer to home in South Philadelphia. Bethlehem also is home to Lehigh University's Stabler Arena , which hosts numerous athletic and music events. In the early part of the 20th century, Bethlehem had a corporate soccer team, the Bethlehem Steel F.

The Bethlehem Steel sides consisted largely of British imported players and also had the distinction of being the first American professional soccer team to play in Europe, which it did during its tour of Sweden in Open Cup after billionaire sports franchise owner Lamar Hunt , five times beginning in , and for the last time in The city is famous for its annual Musikfest , a largely free, ten-day music festival that draws over a million people to the city each August.

Since its founding in , The Bach Choir of Bethlehem has been attracting thousands of visitors to the annual Bethlehem Bach Festival, [49] now held largely on the campus of Lehigh University and on the historic grounds of the Moravian Community. Other festivals include The Celtic Classic, which celebrates Celtic culture, food and music, [50] and the SouthSide Film Festival , a non-competitive, not-for-profit film festival.

The Bethlehem Area Public Library is a popular destination for recreation and entertainment. Historic Bethlehem features many specialized boutiques, spas and nightclubs along its main streets. On the first Friday of the month, the businesses of the Southside Shopping District hosts First Friday, [54] a celebration of arts and culture. Stores, restaurants and art galleries stay open late and offer special discounts, refreshments, gallery openings and more.

Lehigh University's Zoellner Arts Center offers a variety of musical and dramatic events through the year. The city is the location of Pennsylvania's largest casino, the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem , located on the former Bethlehem Steel property.

The Lehigh Canal provides hiking and biking opportunities along the canal towpath which follows the Lehigh River in Bethlehem. Both the Lehigh Canal and the Monocacy Creek are popular for sport fishing, and both are stocked annually with trout.

The western part of the former Bethlehem Steel site was selected as a filming location for the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen , which was released in In the film, the Steel's blast furnaces and surrounding area are used for the opening sequence of the film to represent Shanghai. In spring , the city opened Steel Stacks, a ten-acre campus that showcases music, art, festivals, films and educational programming throughout the year.

Bethlehem owns 39 park sites, encompassing acres 2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. City in Pennsylvania, United States. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Transportation in the Lehigh Valley. Mayor of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Media in the Lehigh Valley. Radio stations in the Lehigh Valley market. List of people from the Lehigh Valley. List of sister cities in Pennsylvania. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved March 22, United States Census Bureau. Retrieved Aug 14, Retrieved June 9, Retrieved 25 March Best places to live Retrieved 25 December Archived from the original on July 9, Archived from the original on February 27, Retrieved February 24, Retrieved August 3, Archived from the original on May 12, Retrieved December 11, Archived from the original on September 11, Retrieved January 31, Subcounty Resident Population Estimates: April 1, to July 1, ".

Archived from the original on June 17, Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce. Retrieved January 23, Retrieved January 17, Retrieved February 14, Retrieved February 6, Get Margaret Cho 5: Jefferson Starship rose from the ashes of another legendary band, Jefferson Airplane.

Between and , Jefferson Starship released eight gold and platinum albums, twenty hit singles, sold out concerts worldwide, and lived out legendary rock and roll escapades.

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Puddle of Mudd with special guest Tantric! Male Dance Revue The Men Of Magic Mike Revue has performed to sold out crowds around the world, with millions of enthusiastic ladies lining up to see these handsome hunks live and on stage! Show date — October 29 th Doors open — 6: The river was called Birrarung by the Wurundjeri people who occupied the Yarra Valley and much of Central Victoria prior to European colonisation.

It is thought that Birrarung is derived from Wurundjeri words meaning "ever flowing". Another common term was Birrarung Marr , thought to mean "river of mist" or "river bank".

Upon European arrival it was given the name 'Yarra Yarra' by John Helder Wedge of the Port Phillip Association in , [7] in the mistaken belief that this was the Aboriginal name for the river in the Boonwurrung language. However it is believed that 'Yarra' means "waterfall", "flow", or refers to running or falling water, [1] [3] [7] descriptive of any river or creek in the area, not just the Yarra.

The name Yarra Yarra is said to mean "ever flowing river", [3] but most likely refers to the Yarra Yarra falls which were later dynamited. Of their contact with local Wurunderi people in , John Wedge wrote: Sometime before BC, after the end of the most recent Ice Age about BC the Yarra river was probably joined with other tributaries such as rivers now called the Patterson , Kororoit, Werribee , Little, and drained directly into Bass Strait through what is now called the Rip.

A dry period combined with sand bar formation may have dried the bay out as recently as between BC and AD extending the Yarra to Bass Strait during this period. The area surrounding the Yarra River and modern day Melbourne was originally inhabited by Natives of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. It is believed that the area was occupied by indigenous Australians for at least 30, years. The river was an important resource for the Wurundjeri people and several sites along the river and its tributaries were important meeting places where corroborees were held between indigenous communities.

The river's resources were utilised sustainably by the Wurundjeri until the advent of early European settlement in the early-midth century. In , the first Europeans sailed up the river, a surveying party led by Charles Grimes , Acting Surveyor General of New South Wales , sailed upstream to Dights Falls where they could no longer continue due to the nature of the terrain. He selected a site on the northern bank of the Yarra River, declaring that "this will be the place for a village".

The river was instrumental in the establishment of Melbourne along its banks from onwards. The new settlement's main port was sited just downstream of Yarra Falls west of modern-day Queen's Bridge, the place where saltwater met freshwater. Ships would use one side of the falls while the other side provided fresh drinking water for the town and a convenient sewer.

In the city's early days the Yarra was one of two major ports, the other being Sandridge or Port Melbourne , but the Yarra was preferred due to the direct access to the town's main streets and was the location of Customs House. Early industries grew along the banks of the river, rapidly degrading the water quality until Melbourne 's fresh water had to be sourced from elsewhere. Industries then began using the river and tributaries such as Merri Creek as landfill and for harmful chemical dumps for substances like grease and oils.

The first permanent crossing over the river was Princes Bridge , which first opened as a wooden trestle bridge in , the current bridge was constructed in In the early days, the river would frequently flood. While this was not considered a problem in the floodplains near Yarra Glen and Coldstream , however it caused much trouble further downstream in settlements such as Warrandyte , Templestowe , Bulleen , Heidelberg and Ivanhoe.

The Upper Yarra Dam was later constructed to alleviate the flooding, protecting settlements along the river, yet depriving the river banks of soil and silt deposits and causing other problems such as erosion and salinity. Gold was first discovered in Victoria near the Yarra River in Warrandyte.

The find was made by Louis Michel in at a tributary of the river, Anderson's Creek and marked the start of the Victorian gold rush. The approximate location of the site is marked by a cairn on Fourth Hill in the Warrandyte State Park. The river was drained and diverted in various areas throughout the gold rush to aid gold miners. An example of this is the tunnel at Pound Bend in Warrandyte. The river was partially dammed at Pound Bend near Normans Reserve at its eastern entrance and near Bob's wetlands at its western exit.

Miners then blasted a m long tunnel through solid rock. The river was then fully dammed at the entrance and exit to the tunnel and water was diverted through m and out the other side leaving a 3. The Gold Rush saw increased development in Melbourne and "tent cities" of new migrants lined the Yarra during the early years of the gold rush.

In the s a weir was built at Dights Falls to power a flour mill and to give some control over the river downstream from there. From the earliest years of settlement, the mid and upper reaches of the Yarra began to be used for recreation. The river was selected as the site for the Royal Botanic Gardens in and the course of the river was modified slightly for the creation of a feature lake.

Further upstream, the Cremorne Gardens were established in Sections of the river mouth and the area around the former West Melbourne Swamp were widened in the late 19th century, to make way for docks, harbours, bridges and other infrastructure. The increasing industrialisation of the river and the growth of the shipping industry saw the need for major infrastructure works which dramatically changed the course of the river in its lower reaches.

The creation of new shipping channels to cope with the growing use of the Yarra by cargo ships was first tabled in the s. The first major change came with the cutting of the Coode Canal between and This major infrastructure project created an island which was known as Coode Island , named after the British consultant engineer engaged to design the works, Sir John Coode. This also included widening and deepening, and in some cases, vast areas of land were excavated, such as Victoria Dock , in order to give ease of access for cargo and later container ships.

Abattoirs , smelters and even mortuaries were to use the river as a means of waste disposal in its lower reaches. This industrialisation also led to a steady deterioration in water quality during the 19th century and into the 20th. The dock was later renamed Victoria Dock. In , the central pier at Victoria Dock was completed which provided 6 additional shipping berths and cargo sheds and creating a distinctive landmark for Melbourne ports.

By , m of the old course of the Yarra River at Coode Island had been filled in, by the s it had been completely filled and land parcels were allocated including a site for the new Fish Markets. In , the Upper Yarra Reservoir was constructed, primarily to alleviate flooding downstream. Swanson Dock was constructed between and equipped for modern container shipping.

Shipping activity at Victoria Dock during this time had gone into steep decline and it was almost disused by the mids. Prior to settlements, the area now occupied by Elizabeth street was a gully off the river.

By the s there was a growing awareness of the neglect of the Yarra amongst some residents of Melbourne , spawning various community groups and "friends of Through the s and s, many desirable developments alongside the river began, such as the Victorian Arts Centre , as its lower courses progressively became gentrified.

Growing high density residential development in the lower reaches in the early s coincided with minor government programs such as the installation of litter traps.

The riverside apartment complex Como Centre at South Yarra and the larger urban renewal of the formerly industrial Southbank precinct were both built during the late s. During this era it was also commonplace for the winner of the Australian Open to bathe in the Yarra River as a post victory celebration. On the southern side of the river near exists a number of university and private school rowing clubs who use the river for recreational sports.

Around , the river through the Melbourne city centre became a focus of major government projects. Projects were proposed to connect Flinders Street Station with the river and early proposals for the Melbourne Museum were situated along the south side of the river, however the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex and Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre were built in its place. The Melbourne Docklands urban renewal project began in , comprising mixed use residential and commercial land and recreational boating moors along the river at the disused Victoria Docks and also on the southside of the Yarra.

Federation Square was proposed to connect the spine of Melbourne to the Yarra at Federation Wharf and a neighbouring park, Birrarung Marr was also built along the banks, creating renewed interest in connecting city workers to the banks. Some suggest [ who? In , dredging began to deepen the mouth of the Yarra to facilitate the latest 5th Generation Container Ships. It was subject to controversy and strict regulations among fears that it could disturb heavy metals and other toxic sediments mostly deposited during the industrial era of Melbourne.

The Yarra River was an important resource for the Wurundjeri people for around 40, years. The river's resources were utilised sustainably by the Wurundjeri until European settlement in the early-midth century.

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