Funeral services for Seminole resident Alta Jewel Davis are scheduled for 10 a. Congress couldn't walk away from their trust obligation to the Osages with regard to this mineral income trust unless an Act of the U. Funeral services for Rev. Jack joined the Civilian Conservation Comp when he was 19 years old. Any Club Osage card, voucher or certificate that has been mutilated, forged, misprinted, altered, tampered with, is illegible or reproduced by any means other than official Osage Casino authorization is void. In the couple then moved to Frisco, Texas where she achieved success in the development of new communities and the sale of new homes.

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Daposka Ahnkodapi Eagles Date: Osage-style Corn Drying Date: Minerals Council lease sale set for Sept. What is on your Fall Reading List? Experiencing In-Lon-Schka with a clear mind and heart Date: Sobriety is a life-long journey Date: With oil prices soaring almost to Where are the wildcatters? What is happening to our shale exploring and so forth?

The County is mostly secondary recovery, and the wells are lucky to produce one barrel a day. I respect our Mineral Council but they say what they need to keep getting re elected. I'd rather hear the truth. No new drilling due to low prices, low producing wells, uncertain regulations, etc.

Just tell me the truth, I won't think anything bad about you. You would think this county is the next Bakken. Yes there is still oil here, but how much will it cost someone to bring it to the surface, and how much water is coming with it? The produced water has to be separated from the oil and then pumped back down into the earth. If more water comes up than oil, what profit is in that?

We still can have a boom, why because right now its happening elsewhere except here. Yes we can and I dont want to hear it cannot be done. It can stop protecting special interest. I am running for council. Got news a new player is coming to town. To all you nay sayers we need doers and I will bring life back to our ME with a few strategies. We need hope and we accountability and transparency.

Sorry but our MC is not delivering or successful. What has been going on is the court of opinion well what about the in between? They may be who they are but so we are the same all Headright owners. Creating my website this week. Will you have a name, or are you running as "Mr. To poster on October 20, at 7: It may take awhile for oil producers to gain confidence to open operations again. I know people want to blame the MC for low prices but the real dilemma is the chief wants to stick his big red nose into MC affairs to control their decision making process.

In addition, there are people on the MC who collude with the chief to disrupt the MC's agenda. The MC needs to put their foot down once and for and let them do their job without unauthorized wackos trying to run the ME on their own terms.

Now that's a fair and truthful assessment of the situation. We truly understand the politics that has plagued our ME, been going on for decades between the haces and have nots, but I also blame the MC as well.

We would not be clearly having this conversation had we been better propped sorta speak of course, but we are. We can be doing so much more.

Though we are in the courts of opinion there is no reason why we get ourselves knee deep into these battles when we have to confront them on a daily basis and build our reputation which in this industry it is not a secret what has happened in the last decade the regs and Drummond. Had we had a functional office staffed with the trained professionals in their field we would be in a much better place to circumvent alot of the rhetoric that is here.

Mapping the Estate should one and done and in reality the BIA should have done this years ago. Remember we are the stewards of this ship and its sunk. My expertise is growing a company's base. And this is a multi billion dollar estate and there is no excuse for the lack of behavior here.

Don't make up excuses when you do nothing is accomplished. In the endit does not take decades to assert our rights once and for all. Nithing is fair at this point. Half the MC trying to do you out of the money that comes in your check. The other half is trying to stop them. Whose side are you on? Think carefully before you respond. Where do you live, by the way? It does not matter where I live but my district is Grayhorse. And no is not in my vocabulary didn't your mama teach you that when you were little?

Listen I am highly trained and skilled in customer service , hospitality business and trained in accounting. If anyone reads anyone well I can spot you a mile away. So smile change needs to come in the worse way. You know it and so do I stop the lying about the revenue missing out of your check its not much compared to the big rainbow that pot at the end of the rainbow that seems to be so elusive one has to think hmmm what can be going on.

Don't deflect because then you become a obstructionist and it is not enough our Headright owners want answers and progress and accountability. Not just that a working body towards those aspirations. I have made businesses five star. So please I do think we need qualified people who know how to do this and I happen to believe, do you?

Because there is always room for improvement and our Headright owners have a right to fiscal responsibility. I don't think its PC to ask where do you live, by the way and then you say be very careful, what does that mean? You come across as racist. We are all from the same cloth. Osage and Headright owners.

And for sure through our election we hope to see new faces. Can we get some work on our ME. To poster on October 22, at 5: I'm for the MC working for the shareholder's best interest. I'm for the MC having a backbone to do their job. I'm for the Nation government to quit claiming that it owns the ME. I'm for certain MC members who side with the chief's interference to be voted out of office. I'm for the MC to gain the trust of the shareholders that voted them into the council.

I'm for the MC representing themselves in Washington instead of the chief trying to "convince" the feds the he has full authority over the MC and ME.

Need I say more? Lets hope we get some dynamic people that can make all the above work and then some. We see that there are others that are afraid of progress and that tells me some are very afraid of losing their positions this election because, I cannot wrap my head around as to why there are those afraid of progress?

That just might have the ability to speak to the problems that exists and is for progress. That just might know something about something and would like to see their Headright checks move in the upward direction. We need to protect the small interest but where is the bigger interest?

Though you say backbones are needed no kidding but got to give it Erwin for her back bone but we also need to weed out the ones who do not have a spine in them. I happen to think that many Headrightowners I as myself have lost a lot of faith in our MC.

I happen to believe the Headright owners when it comes to spending our revenue we should be comprised of the means, how our bread and butter is being used, how it is spent on what when and where more importantly for how long and how much.

Does the means justify the end result that is being sought? If there is any ambiguity which there is we need to open the doors to accountability which will only open doors. In addition taxation on the ME?

Raymond Redcorn you cannot seriously be thinking taxing your own revenue it cannot happen for more than one reason and or is this a rumor?

Though I do question the gross production tax? Because we are the Reservation the ME and we are Sovereign so how does one sovereign state tax another state that is sovereign? How does that work to our benefit? Once they set up this big office with Nation appropriated funds, who will they be beholden to? If they set it up without Nation funds, where will the money be coming from? Anybody who understands economics understands that in order to make money you have to sometimes spend, but I am in accounting as well so alot things can happen when one looks at the books which we need to know where we can cut back, to getting Government help from the Nation, yes we are entitled, as well as the Federal Government, but we need thinkers and doers.

There's always swamp right? I have a few strategies but it takes innovative thinking and I have the tools. Mine and my family are out at least well over , dollars because of these stpid regs the EPA tried to push on us. So I have more than a reason to say we neec to get our act together.

This is no accident by any means. Our checks have seen better days and we will see better days but we will need to climb that ladder. Information is so key and it benefits everone when you have a say so in this manner. Everyone must remember this, there are give or take shareholders 5. My point is, spending In other words that pot needs to grow and the elections are right around the corner. In yhe end communication is so elemental. These people can only lose money from the track record they have so firmly established it wouldn't surprise me to find out that it's already been sent over to the engravers to be put in stone.

Where have you been? Just about the only business you can't fail at is Casino gambling. If they want to throw more money toward another business failure on the Osage Nation side that's one thing.

If it's Shareholder money, that's quite another. Prove to me that they can succeed at just two businesses not related to gaming that are operating at a respectable profit, then and only then will I consider your proposal. With no more lies with only money coming in reported as profit without subtracting expenses, losses, salaries, benefits, overhead and what have you, either, thank you very much.

I understand exactly what you are saying there is no if ands or buts about it. But success is also not a figment of our imagination either. But like I said once again my interest is your interest and we are in this together this isn't about me in as much we need to restore our ME and their is strategy here.

I cannot put the horse before the cart right or give details on that strategy before I know what I am truly looking at. But what we do know is the status quo cannot stay the same and strategizing is so very important but if everyone is not on the same page how can this happen and it hasn't happened.

I know what I am talking about the end goal and its a easy process and concept. You would want me on your team not just that I am a staunch supporter of the Act and what I believe is Erwin is in the right direction and she needs all the support. Then we have our Newspaper the Osage News doesn't realky touch the politics in nature and we need to expand communication to the Headright Owners. Non of this hard to achieve. Here is a example we are Sovereign right and this land is Indian Land and we are considered the disadvantage if this is so why do we pay to play, because the gross production tax is a imposed tax.

Somhow do we benefit form paying this Tax? Especially with wind farms coming in and condemning our lands? There is room for negotiations there and this is just one way we can get this mnoey back and thats one of many ideas that we can come to better terms. Paying Oklahoma, what do they do that contributes to our end? Think about it and you know I am right. In addition, be prepared for mean spirited "at home" Osages to drub and verbally abuse you if you are the bereaved and try and collect it because If you do, you may hear selfish insensitive remarks like, "There are Osages who don't even have the money to afford a funeral!

They just can't stand to see us have a dime without raising unholy hell about it, can they? From the Burial Assistance Form here -- https: Deceased Osage with only a C. Printed on the form, not once but twice! You have to pay them at the time that the funeral arrangements are made or no funeral will take place.

Is this Osage Nation discrimination against those who pay for their burial expenses up front when they have had the money available regardless of whether or not they have the money at a later time for any additional funeral expenses at the time when they actually do die?

What I'm hearing up on the Hill is that there is a big flap brewing about how the Chief is moving money around in any given budget and even between one budget and another that falls under the umbrella of the Executive Branch!

The question is, how many of these Executive Branch budgets that supposedly are for Osage Nation membership are being padded like this that the Chief can use for whatever and whenever he wants to with the apparent full support of and backed up by the opinions of the Osage Nation Supreme Court? This is a new provision in recent years that was not included in earlier trusts prepared by the Osage Nation Minerals Office staff.

I still want to know how much each and every Osage Nation employee is being paid that must be available to us by election time. This is a government, not a private corporation and we, the Osage people have every right to know this information or elect a new Chief and Assistant Chief as well as new members of Congress and Justices of the Judicial Branch who will see to it that we have this information available to us at the end of every session that involves a budget if there is an employee salary which is a part of it.

I heard that the Chief's immediate and extended family are bringing down salaries in the neighborhood, plus or minus, of a grand total of million bucks a year! I'm not sure if this includes benefits too. Not even Jim Gray had that much audacity when he was in office.

Cannot wait to end this Government ends and is restored it back to the M. Talk about the Hypocrisy here, nepotism and cronyism. The 31st council had not right to throw the Headright owners under the bus and yes they did supercede their authority.

Where was my vote? For the most part where was the diligence by the BIA? Everytime I see, hear something like this abuse of power happening its like as long as everyone is getting a check a blind eye is turned sorry for the comparison here but look at what is happening with the U. Think about it Congress members their has to be acompromise here. How our money is used is to be used to create money. The people are Sovereign not the Nation. And there lies the answer yes they can be sued and the real Sovereignty exists in the Act.

The ME is the real reservation. Her plight is right lets support her Stephanie Erwin and call her tonite and tell her, we support her. The Osage Nation does not own the M. We the Headright owners do it was not bought and paid for the Nation the truth is we own them.

Prove that we don't. Who gave them the right to borrow a loan against our M. E to build their Nation? And remember these Osages who are supposedly working for us right after all they keep telling us its our money show us the money honey I say by a Per-Cap to those who truly own you.

This was the agenda but their was a few who did not want to see this happen so this is why this Nation was constructed needless to say it is de facto government. Because we had a Government from the beginning, may have not been perfect but look at it now, no fiscal responsibility. The new phrase of late is, "No such thing as a penniless Osage in Osage County. They are either going to offer a death benefit to all Osages across the board with no restrictions or start using their numbers in Osage County which is 2, and not 21, plus or minus America wide.

Denying us the burial benefit with a ton of restrictions, even after our death, is so low and contemptible it qualifies as a horrendous crime that cries out to heaven. This is going too far and we must seek retribution for this in the ballot box come June!

If they have a good lawyer, the lawyer will tell them to not go through with it. More time lost before we can get down to our "cost and loss. If they have a good lawyer any lawyer would not tell them the truth just because of the Benjamins that is involved with this case.

Yes if they do decide to take it to the U. Keep your hat on. The Supreme Court probably won't hear the case anyway and if they do, they will likely support the 10th Circuit's decision in the matter. Oil and Gas Summit Why should it be interesting? I will say this it will be interesting how the over all performance is handled. I hope that we have big riders that come in the wild catters, but I don't tnink so. Do not mean to disappoint, but when the reputation is not taken to umpteenth, in other words in business reputation, consistency, speaks volumes.

It is a very hard thing to overcome if you lost it in this industry. We were dissembled as a Tribe by our own electees, to make claim to our tepee we had to apply for citizenship to the new Nation assembled. Totally dropped from the Tribe. I think 11 years has been too long to get the answers, please, let's push forward and get the answers in legal written form.

When an Osage citizen goes one on one legally against the Osage gov. But when a council person from the MC Erwin takes any legal action for the benefit of headright owners, then she is representing all of us and the Court recognizes that. In a court of law, she will give her name and title and who she is representing.

This is "recorded"--this is a "legal" statement. We are all involved with actions taken by the MC. If you don't take a step, you're going no where. I think a couple of councilmen don't want to rock the boat because their term is coming to an end. The job of a council person is getting rougher as we are beginning to pursue our rights in the courts.

The Mineral Estate was never put up as a loan guarantee to my knowledge because it's illegal to do so in the first place. Federal Trust assets of the Osage Tribe cannot be used as a pledge or guarantee for anything.

If you're thinking of the Casinos in Sand Springs and Tulsa, this was a business arrangement that happened on pure speculation and the non-Osage parties involved received a major chunk of the take once the doors opened. This left a lot of people surrounding this deal unhappy with what took place including a few Osages involved in the structuring of the deal but there it is. If anyone can shed more light on what went down back then, start typing and let us know.

As for the Osage Tribe, this is a real bone of contention with me. The Osage Nation just walked away from it without so much as a by-your-leave. They have never filed for a name change with the Federal government or applied for new recognized Tribal Nation status with the Federal government. With major assets still held in the name of the Osage Tribe in the Allotment Act as amended and and no Act of the U. Can't get anyone at the Osage Nation to talk sensibly about this very real problem and that's part of what they're there for and by that I mean, they are supposed to protect the assets of the Osage Tribal community and that's even written in the Osage Nation Constitution.

And by Federal Court I mean a U. Judicial Branch Court, not that of the U. Executive Branch like the U. With this approval, the Nation is authorized to enter into business site leases without further BIA approval.

This part does not apply to Mineral leases, prospecting permits, or mineral development agreements covered by 25 CFR parts , , , , , Leases with a Tribal Nation that does not even have a formal legal foundation in a Federal Judicial Court as to what name is legal, what assets are owned by what legal entity between the two and what entity is the actual legal, legal entity?

Only with the Osages would this ever possibly be the case. I rest my case. Thank you, Thank you. Well said this is why I said the M. And for those of you think differently you would be cutting your nose to spite your face they operate because they Nation could not if it wasn't for the ME.

It is more than a bone of contention and all you have to do is yet yourfingers do the walking and there are going to be a few Osages in trouble including the BIA who sat and did nothing to the tune of millions lost in revenue and it is still happening. I don't think the Constitution has been codified which if it is not anything that has come down from our courts is reversible.

As salacious this may sound the 31st council sold us out by all accounts. All in the name of sovereignty but it was about the Benjamins and greed. It is more than a bone of contention because the true Government is the MC and the true people at that time was the Headright ownwers and that is not a lie.

We Headright Owners were not informed, just by example of what is going on at the Nation today is one reason we would have said no. Yes, they did get a loan. I think there are a few councilmen who do not want to rock the boat because there vote is up Lol, listen some of them are just there to show boat and if we don't get action the status qoa will not change.

And this is why we must vote them out. Especially those loyal to the Chief. But even now they no their time is not long. Lets not make up those excuses as to why some do not want to rock the vote. The dynamics here is everone knows everyone and the seed is deep to protect those interst because the web that binds is coming unraveled.

The Mineral Estate mineral rights and generated income is owned by the Osage Tribe by legislative decree of the Allotment Act and its Amendments all signed into law by the President of the United States. Read the Act and all of its amendments. It's down in black and white. What's wrong with you people not being able to face the legal truth of the actual reality in which you live? There are two Federal trusts in effect at this time.

One for the land and one for the income generated by oil and gas production. The only thing the individual headright owners own is the personal property right to income distributed quarterly that has been generated from the oil and gas that has been taken into trust for the benefit of the named beneficiaries as created by the Allotment Act as amended and those beneficiaries are the ones who own headrights or portions of headrights be they Osage or not.

To poster Oct 29, at 1: I agree with you all the way. I think the Feds ruled on this before. Be so happy to vote them out of office. There are four or five members of OMC3 who voted for this stupidity. As I read it, we won, and then won on an appeal filed by Osage Wind. I just don't understand why, when we won twice on the issue, OMC3 just keeps stirring the stink bucket and spending more money.

Am I reading it wrong? It's the Chief and his sidekick Waller that you have to worry about on that score, not the majority of the members of the MC. It says a stay was granted for the opposition by the 10th Circuit and we want that stay to go away so that we can get back into court and get what is owed to us from ENEL. They are proceeding in the right direction on this legal matter. Yes,they are moving into the right direction.

Though we have many issues that exists in the interior as well the exterior, ah we do have problems. The long awaited app is now ready for download: If on has not listen to last years summit,you should. When we can listen to this listen to this years summit and compare the two,I believe a better mind set on the ME can be an eye opening view of the current conditions of Osage concerns. A lot of info is shared on just last years summit. Big upset in OPEC, Saudi firing princes doing corruption in their energy income, which is causing the price of crude to come up now.

Wish we could do something about Robin in the BIA!!! I predicted this would happen last year but its a year later, and where sare we in development? Ask not just the BIA ask your reps the eight council members who are all up this election. Yep thats right, with the eeception of Erwin, I hope she is re-elected, the lifers need to go sorry but this dance has to come to a end and we need fresh thinkers that can diversify. Silence is never golden only leads to suspect long over due transparency and a accountability.

Long live the Act. Me too, been keeping up with it. I heard on radio that Venezuela may have to default on its debt if this continues, which will also contribute to higher oil prices. Well we will see in march the returns of course, but it isn't going go be much if we are not developing. We need more than just the mom and pops.

Did you know that time is running out to file your Cobell claim and receive a settlement payment? The deadline to file a claim is November 27, Please contact Garden City Group, the organization handling the settlement payments, to file your claim: Search Tool for finding Osages who may have a right to Cobell settlement money: Killers of the Flower Moon: To watch and listen to summit: I'll be looking at this tonite after music awards.

Want to hear Robin's bs. I like this idea. I can see that it has benefits. Called OST for Dec. Their number is if you want to make a note to keep. Geoffrey Standing Bear announces candidacy for re-election as Principal Chief http: I'm just hoping there is going to be several qualified candidates for Chief.

Red Corn also announces his bid for re-election. Lol, they will not get re-elected. They live in a fantasy don't they? Raymond Redcorn is running too: I'm not sure what agency he's talking about here.

So the Mineral Council voted to recind the law suit against the "Nation". At this point, would like to here from Boone and Erwins opinion as to why this suit was dropped? You can read it and weep because it only quotes from the Constitution and no opinion. Boone and Erwin did not vote to rescind the resolution. There never was a law suit, this was a resolution to get a determination from the attorney to see our chances of a successful lawsuit to the Federal and The Nation.

Yates had asked for an update because he had heard noting about its status. He said in Sept. Erwin responded to him that she was not able to get the info the attorney was asking for because not being able to get in the MC office or files. Boone said what a waste of money in rescinding because now that they have access to the office 2 days prior to the Nov. Audio 2, the MC was discussing changing the rules of the MC election.

A lady constituent spoke and told the MC that she did not agree with half of them, and she didn't like these changes they were discussing. She said the "" is to vote for 8 people for every 4 years, and "it's still on the books. Audio 3, much discussion about the MC having to pay attorney fees for other constituents questions because the MC does not give input Erwin said , the cost being paid from "drawndown money" IIM accounts.

It was said tens of thousands of dollars being spent on cost not voted on by the MC through resolutions. Was discussed to inform attorney he would not be paid for services unless it was through a resolution from the MC but no resolution to do this?

Bigheart Museum Barnsdall , OK. Birch Lake Barnsdall , OK. Boomtown Theatre Drumright , OK. Broadway in Bartlesville Bartlesville , OK. Cain's Ballroom Tulsa , OK. Center of the Universe Tulsa , OK. Chouteau Memorial Salina , OK. Copan Lake Copan , OK. Falcon Floats Tahlequah , OK.

Golden Driller Tulsa , OK. Heller Theatre Tulsa , OK. Hulah Lake Copan , OK. Illinois River Tahlequah , OK. Johnstone Park Bartlesville , OK.

Jubilee Center Bristow , OK. Katy Depot Checotah , OK. Keystone Lake Mannford , OK. Kiddie Park Bartlesville , OK. Lendonwood Gardens Grove , OK. Mohawk Park Tulsa , OK.


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