Social Club Challenges

My Stats — Keep meticulous records of your in-game progress and earn those bragging rights. Contents [ show ]. The description says you need to SAVE the sheriff and clean the gang hideout to unlock the challenges. The best station to start from is Manzanita Post! They unlock various items or cheats upon completion, for use in the single player game.

Last minute chance to get ALL cheats!

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JJT19 , May 11, Apr 7, Messages: May 11, 9. May 11, Jun 2, Messages: Zeppalicious , May 11, Mar 5, Messages: Rockstar Challenges — Awaken your team spirit and work with other players to cumulatively complete a challenge and unlock a surprise reward. Rockstar Challenge" spurs players to grab as much money in the world as possible to reach the grand bank total and unlock the mystery prize.

The Social Club site allows you to keep track of the community's progress, as well as access helpful tips and tricks to reach the goal. The Blackwater Ledger — A dynamic community edition of the in-game newspaper keeps Social Club members updated on all the news that's fit to print.

Reporting daily from New Austin, Nuevo Pariaso, and West Elizabeth, the Ledger records who's earned the highest bounties, what the most popular products purchased at local merchants are, how many people have cheated in poker that day, and much, much more. My Stats — Keep meticulous records of your in-game progress and earn those bragging rights. My Stats allows you keep track of a variety of information, from how well you performed in single-player missions to extensive multiplayer performance statistics.

Failure will result in a duel. At any time when the player is betting, he can attempt to exchange this card for one in his hand. This uses the same analog balance curve as the initial cheating draw, though it is slightly easier to stay in the middle than when dealing.

The cheat card then goes into the hand and the card that was chosen to be replaced then goes into the reserve. Only one card can be stored at any given time and the reserve card is randomly reset if the player chooses to cheat while dealing later in the game.

This opens up possible strategies such as exchanging your reserve card for a card that you feel is superior from your hand, especially if you are planning to fold or your strategy did not play out in the flop. The higher the buy-in, the higher the probability to be detected by other players i.

The more NPC players are in the game, the less likely they'll spot Marston cheating even if the player is a bit sloppy during the cheat centering.

In multiplayer, Poker games can be joined either by launching a game from one of the map markers or by selecting the Poker playlist from the multiplayer menu.

Poker games take place in a separate game session outside of Free Roam. Cheating is not available in multiplayer poker. In single player, there is a Social Club Challenge associated with the high stakes poker game at the Blackwater Hotel. In multiplayer, there are two Multiplayer Challenges associated with Poker, under the Gambling section. Each challenge has five ranks. Sign In Don't have an account? Do you like this video?

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