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The world is much more important. During the first break in the game, Vesper helped Bond to kill one of Le Chiffre's terrorist customers in a vicious hand-to-hand fight in the hotel's stairwell. I also got to talk about irony for an hour, which is always fun. Somebody said Yves St. One of Molasky's horses is Kona Gold, acknowledged the nation's fastest sprinter, though now rehabilitating from an injury. In an episode, it is mentioned by Marge than Frito-Lay has a distribution center in the town. And no, I'm not telling you anything else.

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His ulterior motive is a lovely librarian who has invited him to a meeting of the local poetry club. The Camping Trip The Martin boys excitedly prepare for their first camping trip with Grandpa Buck and his old friend Joe Whitecloud but the excursion is threatened by a brewing feud between the veteran outdoorsmen. Buck's Girl Buck has some competition when both he and the veterinarian fall for the new manicurist in town. The Relatives Buck and Leroy take the boys away for a camping trip.

Doris and Juanita are set to redecorate the house when they are surprised by Leroy's colorful cousins. Love a Duck With Buck and the boys in bed with colds, Doris assumes the task of trapping Tyrone Lovey, a longtime troublemaker who's suspected of poaching on the ranch. Let Them Out of the Nest The boys get a job as egg delivers and get sick to their stomachs so Doris has to deliver the eggs. The Clock Doris faces sleepless nights and sluggish days, thanks to a chiming antique clock given to her by Leroy.

The Buddy Grandpa and Leroy are left in the lurch when Doris and Juanita leave the ranch to help out a new mother. Grandpa's ex-girlfriend Major Emma Flood takes over running the place like a military installation. One of the pilots bets his buddies he'll make a hit with Doris. Love Thy Neighbor Grandpa is on the verge of bankruptcy. He needs a new tractor and several farmers owe him money.

Doris decides to collect the money since Buck is too generous and laid back. The Con Man Bubbling with enthusiasm, Doris spearheads a drive for civic improvements and falls for a flimflamming scheme to build a community center. The Musical Buck promises the P. In the process, Doris upsets the principal because of the way the kids are taught to dance. The Baby Sitter A harried Doris takes care of three mischievous young children while their mother is in the hospital delivering her fourth child.

Treasury agents are hot on their trail when Doris comes to the rescue and winds up in jail. The Gift Delicate deception is called for as Doris and the boys try to decide on a practical gift for Leroy. What does he really need and how can they find out—without tipping their hand?

The Tiger Leroy saves the day when an escaped tiger falls into his not-so-capable hands with a little help from Doris. The Date A budding romance between housekeeper Juanita and a local merchant is turning into a four-sided entanglement, thanks to continual meddling by Doris and Buck.

The Five Dollar Bill Doris and the entire family face a painful problem: The hitch is she is advised to hide the fact that she is a single mother. It's definitely the wrong day to have a croaking critter in the office: Married for a Day In order to convince a predatory female from making moves on her boss Mr. Nicholson, Doris poses as his wife.

The Woman Hater Doris changes a writer's hateful opinion of women and becomes the object of his affection. The Chocolate Bar War Doris and her boss attend a dinner party given by an important businessman. The man's wife just happened to battle Doris over the sale of scout candy.

The Health King Mr. Nicholson gives Doris a very difficult assignment: Doris, the Model Doris and Myrna are assigned to oversee French models prior to a Paris fashion designer's new collection is presented in a fashion show. Togetherness Doris plans a full weekend with the boys after working overtime all week long, unaware that the boys have already made plans. A Two-Family Christmas At the office Christmas party, Myrna and Ron have a bit too much to drink and Doris sees how lonely they really are, so she invites them out to the ranch for a Christmas party.

You're as Old as You Feel Buck avoids the dentist but when his toothache gets worse, Doris drags him in for an extraction. The Prizefighter and the Lady Boxer Duke Farentino is in training for a title fight and women have been barred from his camp until Doris breezes in on a press pass Aired: She stages a protest in retaliation.

Hot Dogs Doris rescues and removes six poodles from a private locked automobile and finds herself charged with stealing the pooches. Today's World Catches the Measles To get away from it all, Doris's boss and his assistant come to the ranch for a weekend.

They can't leave because Toby has the measles, and the place is quarantined. The Gas Station Doris and Myrna volunteer to run Leroy's gas station so he can visit his pregnant wife in the hospital. Kidnapped Doris picks up a magazine with an article exposing a gangster and finds herself kidnapped along with the writer of the article. Buck's Portrait Buck is chosen by a female artist to be the model for a painting. Doris Hires a Millionaire: Part 2 Doris discovers the truth about the millionaire serving as her new ranch hand.

A Woman's Intuition Doris and her boss Mr. Nicholson go on a business trip to Florida until Doris' intuition lead them astray. She's entertaining the handsome ruler at her family's ranch with a meal of beef stew and cold beer. The Duke Returns Retired boxer Duke Farentino has become a dance instructor and turns to Doris for help with his problems. The Office Troubleshooter Jarvis, an efficiency expert assigned to Today's World magazine as a troubleshooter and the entire staff is at the point of revolt, as he blithely goes about his busybody business.

Colonel Fairburn Takes Over The Publisher of Today's World arrives unexpectedly and assumes control of the office and its staff, taking a special interest in Doris. But a chaotic moving day jeopardizes her lease as friends, dogs and weirdos turn the place into a madhouse. The Feminist Doris masquerades as a cigar-smoking feminist to get the magazine rights to a book authored by an outspoken women's liberation leader.

Doris' worst nightmare comes true when Mr. Jarvis moves into the apartment next to hers. Dinner for One Trying to help Angie and Louie's restaurant get some publicity and much needed customers, Doris pitches in and almost gets the place shut down. Doris Leaves Today's World: Part 2 Doris can't stop worrying about her family back home and realizes she may have made a wrong decision. The Fashion Show French couturier Montagne goes to lengths to repeat an earlier success getting Doris to model his fashions.

Lost and Found Doris and Myrna search for a lost manuscript and wind up auditioning for a night club as go-go dancers. Duke the Performer A nightclub act is front and center for Doris and her ex-boxer friend Duke. Doris the Spy After a briefcase mixup, Doris is subjected to an intensive security check by government agents. But owner Angie gets so excited she broadcasts the singer's visit throughout the neighborhood.

Cousin Charlie Doris's seafaring cousin Charlie shows up and his top-secret government work invites alot of complications. Love Makes the Pizza Go Round Doris tries to help Angie and Louie's marriage and inadvertently sets off a chain of events that might lead them into the opposite direction. However, not only does Jarvis turn down her invitation, but he threatens to call the cops if Doris and her guests make too much noise.

Pollution Colonel Fairburn is in the hot seat when Doris launches her own campaign against air pollution. The Forward Pass Doris is used as bait by colleague Ron in order to get an interview with a quarterback.

Visit a meeting and see for yourself how Capalaba Toastmasters can help you. Guests are always welcome! Carina Toastmasters meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month in the meeting room of Carindale library at 7pm for a pm start.

We offer a friendly, fun and supportive environment for people of all ages to overcome their fears, and improve all aspects of their communication through public speaking. The club is located at Chermside Library Cnr. In just 90 minutes a fortnight, you can become the kind of speaker and leader that you've always admired.

Surrounded by a supportive group of likeminded individuals, at City Midday Toastmasters you'll learn by doing - growing your communication and leadership skills, expanding your network and having a good laugh! The club is located at 27 Jellicoe St. The club may be reached thru PO Box 10 Cnr.

Coolum Toastmasters meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 6. Country Chatters Toastmasters club is the only approved Toastmasters International club servicing the township of Tara and surrounding areas. Our meetings help us to learn, improve and practice our speaking, management, leadership and meeting skills.

Country Valleys Toastmasters meets once a month on the fourth Monday, with meetings starting at 7pm, and lasting for two hours. Most meetings are held at the Biloela State School recreation room, and we have fun meetings in March, July, October and one at Christmas.

Are you seeking to develop better speaking and presentation skills? We will help you to develope your self-confidence, to communicate clearly, to control your nerves, to think on your feet and have fun. Communication and leadership training. Club meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 6.

Our meetings are always lively, with the emphasis on good fellowship, developing self confidence and fun. Since the Emerald and Districts Toastmasters Club has been helping members develop their public speaking ability and achieve their personal goals. The club runs within the program provided by Toastmasters International. We all have, from professional presentations to conversations with family members.

And for all of us who have had those moments afterward where we wished we had used better words or a better approach, Toastmasters is for us! Since , Toastmasters International has helped millions of men and women develop their communication and leadership skills.

The program is a low cost, learn-by-doing system that helps people of all experience levels feel more comfortable expressing themselves verbally. Located just down from the famous Milton Brewery, Forex Toastmasters meetings are comprised of approximately 20 people who meet every second, fourth and fifth if there is one Wednesdays from midday to 1: Members and guests practice and learn skills by filling a meeting role, ranging from giving a prepared speech or an impromptu one to serving as timer, evaluator or grammarian.

Follow the search format 1. Email to a Friend. Toastmasters Clubs in Queensland Clubs Listed: Email Adventurers Toastmasters Club Visited: Email Agile Toastmasters Visited: Email Beaudesert Toastmasters Club Visited: Each meeting includes presentation of prepared speeches by members on topics of their choice, it includes impromptu presentations on a topic with no notice, and many other short entertaining segments that are designed to expand members listening thinking and speaking skills Website Boeing Toastmasters Club Visited: Email Bowen Toastmasters Club Visited: Email Brisbane Central Toastmasters Visited: Email Broadwater Toastmaster Club Visited: Thursday Toastmasters Club Visited: Cairns Toastmasters Club Visited: Caloundra Toastmasters Club Visited: Website Capalaba Toastmasters Visited: Website Centenary Toastmaster Club Visited: Citec Toastmasters Club Visited: City Midday Toastmaster Club Visited: Compass Toastmasters Club Visited: Coolum Toastmasters Club Visited:

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