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Grads love the fun and excitement of casino games and parents can be rest assured their kids are in a safe environment on this special night. Arizona Casino Knights, a premiere casino party provider of Vegas-style gaming for corporate, private and charity events in Phoenix and Tucson Arizona, can make your event a huge success. Casino table selection The number of tables you select should be based on the number of attendees expected. Visit us at Casino Parties Tucson. Mexican food catering companies. Some vendors will give a few choices in renting the equipment, such as full service providing everything, including the dealers , limited service providing the tables and a Pit Boss and they would train your volunteer dealers , and table rental only.

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Types of events to consider a casino night from Arizona Casino Knights

Invitations, decorations, costumes, food, party favors, and entertainment should all fit the theme chosen. Even the play money handed out to guests could match the theme of your casino night event. Most often, the food at casino parties is served buffet style. Some events will have a sit-down dinner and then move to the casino party area. Space is often a consideration when planning the food and beverage selections.

You need to plan for lines sometimes long at the buffet and bars. The bar may be either an open or a cash bar. Many events will supply one or two drink tickets to all attendees, and then have them pay for any additional drinks.

Often, the casino vendor will be able to recommend a good caterer, if needed. A DJ, while not necessary, will be able to make any necessary announcements.

Magicians will often be able to perform strolling magic, and demonstrate gambling sleight of hand. Fortune Tellers are always a popular choice of entertainment. The Caricature Artist will provide a keepsake for your attendees. A theme makes it easy to choose all of your decorations, party favors and invitations. A sit-down dinner will often have themed centerpieces, as will cocktail tables.

Some events will have red, black and white balloon trees scattered about. Party stores will often carry a selection of these items. The number of prizes to be given away is often based on the number of attendees, in addition to the budget supplied.

Often, many organizations may have donated prizes from their vendors or members. Many of your attendees will be very competitive at the gambling tables, competing for the best prizes. A nice Grand Prize will attract more attendees to your event. There are two ways that prizes are given away at casino parties - raffles and auctions. The auction method would have the dealers add up the total amount won by each player, and then an auctioneer would then begin to "sell" the prizes.

Arizona Attorney General's Office. With the growing popularity of Texas Hold'em poker on television, the uses of a poker tournament are endless:. As your guests arrive, they will select a seat card. This will tell them their starting table and seat number. Upon arriving at the table, the dealer will direct them to their seat, collect the seat card and give the player his starting chips. Once all of the players are seated, the tournament director will announce to the dealers to "Shuffle up and deal" as seen on many television poker tournaments.

Any late players will still be allowed to play. A position will be held for them and any blind bets will be removed from their chip stack as if they were folding every hand. Play begins with each player receiving an equal amount of chips. There will be two blinds posted per hand to force the action. As play progresses, the amount of the blind bets increase.

The tournament director will customize the blind amounts based upon the starting chip count, number of players, and length of the event. Most events are scheduled for three hours but larger events can take longer. As play continues, players will be eliminated from the tournament. The tournament director will continually move players around and break down tables to keep the same number of players at each table. Once we are down to nine players the final table will begin.

Play will continue until one person accumulates all of the chips and is declared the winner. Friday, July 6, Customer Appreciation Events. If you are the owner of a small or large business, you understand the importance of customers.

After all, without these important contacts, you wouldn't have much of a business, right? Therefore, it's important that you take the time to make sure all of your customers feel appreciated from time to time. One of the best ways to do this is by hosting a customer appreciation event. Customer appreciation events do more than just let your customers know how much you value them.

These important events can also be used as powerful marketing tools used to help you obtain new customers or showcase new product and services to existing customers. It also gets your customers into your store or place of business for hours. However, before your customer appreciation event will be successful, there are several things you will need to remember.

Plan Ahead - As with any important business event, a customer appreciation event must be planned out properly or else it won't be successful. The last thing you want to do is throw something together in a couple of weeks.

This is especially true if you want to host a customer appreciation dinner or a customer appreciation party. Therefore, make sure you give yourself ample amount of time to plan. Many business owners allow six months or more when planning a business event such as this.

You will need time to work out all the details including: Build Up the Anticipation - If you want your customer appreciation events to be successful, you have to get your customers excited about attending.

Do this by talking about the event with customers, posting flyers, mailing out "Save-the-Date" postcards and follow up by mailing out professional invitations a week or two before the actual event.

Offer ways for your customers to earn additional casino "funny Money". Also, consider offering customers who bring guests a discount on their next purchase. Make It Fun and Enjoyable - More than likely, you've suffered through a boring event before.

This is what you want to avoid. Therefore, you need to make sure you give your guests a reason to attend by making it fun. For example, everyone enjoys free food and drinks, as well as, fun casino night entertainment. This guide will help you to plan a successful Casino Theme Party in ten steps. Select the right casino night vendor This first step is critical to the success of your event.

Casino night location The location you select should be easily accessible to your attendees. Casino table selection The number of tables you select should be based on the number of attendees expected. Casino night prizes The number of prizes to be given away is often based on the number of attendees, in addition to the budget supplied. Posted by Arizona Casino Knights at Monday, March 5, Casino Party Planning.

A casino party can be a great idea for any individual or company planning an event. Finding a casino party planner who specializes in fun casino events in your area does not have to be a discouraging task.

In most large metropolitan areas across North America, you will find several companies who specialize in casino entertainment. There are a few key questions you should ask potential casino party companies. If you don't receive satisfactory answers, beware!

All casino party companies are not equal and reputable, good quality companies will be happy to answer all your questions. Does the company offer a wide selection of casino games such as blackjack, roulette, craps, poker, pai gow etc..? Is the equipment comparable to what you would see at the casino?

The casino game tables and accessories should not resemble home edition models that you can buy on Ebay for the same cost of renting them. You want your guests to feel like they are in a real casino! Ask for pictures from actual casino events. Many companies use stock pictures of casino equipment on their websites. If they had quality equipment why not show it off? Do you have liability insurance? Can you provide references?

How long have you been in business and how many parties do you stage each year? Event Staffing is another important characteristic of a quality casino planning company. To ensure the success of your casino party, you should have casino dealers who are knowledgeable about the games, very entertaining, and personable with your guests. Finally, what other party services does the casino party company offer?

A good casino event planning company may offer many additional party services that will compliment your event. This can save you time and money if you are able to get a full-service, quality package from one provider. Ask the casino event planner about extra services such as dress themes, food and drink servers, background music or DJ's, event planning consultation, lighting, additional entertainment, and more. Posted by Arizona Casino Knights at 3: So you wanna beat craps eh?

Unlike other games in the casino, craps offers bets that reduce the house advantage to nearly nothing Best Bets One of the best bets in the casino is taking odds on Pass Line bets. This is one of the few places much like a double down in BlackJack where the player has the opportunity to maximize their bet based on play that has already occurred.

First of all lets talk about dice combinations to get an idea of general probabilities or Ways. The column on the left is the possible roll, the row accross the top is the number of ways that roll can be made using standard six-sided dice none of that Dungeons and Dragons stuff here There is one way to make aces and twelve. There are two ways to make the three and eleven. There are three ways to make the four and ten. There are four ways to make the five and nine.

Our guests commented to us that the dealers were great at interacting with the players and taking the time to coach players that had never played. An outstanding company to work with. From initial contact through end of party everything was handled professionally and in a timely manner. The dealers were interactive and kept the party alive.

Thank you so much for a great night and we will definitely be referring your company to friends and family. Arizona Casino Knights handled our holiday party. I was able to book them at the last minute after my previous Casino company flaked out. So I was leary dealing with another company, but I shouldn't have been.

Elizabeth was very responsive and amazingly easy to work with. The team she sent to work the party, with Michael in particular, were great. They helped our guests that didn't know how to play the games, and made it fun for the ones that did know how to play.

I highly recommend them for your next event. Casino Knights provided the tables and dealers for our scholarship fundraiser and they did a wonderful job - set up on time, were friendly and professional, and the dealers helped our guests play games they'd never tried before Made for a wonderful evening and lots of positive comments from those attending. We will use them again next year!

The dealers were very knowledgeable about the games and very fun to interact with. I would recommend them. Arizona Casino Knights 5.

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