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Posted 13 February - The Lollars and electronics have made a stark difference. Anyone know of anywhere that does? Why would the inferior Epiphone have 5 ply construction. I'd also check out what Tokai produce. Look for a Gibson if you would like to compare apples to apples on the p fully hollowbody arena. The Elitist is not in the same league.

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The Casino at high volumes can feedback, and not always in a musical way. It takes some patience learning how to control the feedback. But that's half the fun.

Any guitar will feedback, but the less wood bracing the pickups, the more likelyhood the guitar will feedback sooner as the volume increases. But plug one into a Champ and turn her up to about 1 or 2 o'clock and get ready for some stunning sounds. Mine's a korean model and I have yet to replace the pup selector, whichseems to be the first point of failure for most korean models.

If you have a GC close by then pop in and play some for yourself. Thats the only way to really know. Try them both out extensively and you'll know which one you like better. I've seen Heritage Hs with P90s too. That'd be another option if you can find one. I have an Epi Elite Casino and a '63 There is such a difference in tone that I agree with the others they are hard to compare. I love the ps in the casino and I've got the original PAF humbuckers in the , so I'm lucky in that I can compare the Ps to some real nice vintage humbuckers.

Look for a Gibson if you would like to compare apples to apples on the p fully hollowbody arena. I expect they're similar to the Epi Elite Casino. Otherwise, the Casion and are night and day in tone, feedback, feel, dynamics, etc. That's why I'm keeping both of these guitars for a long time. Plus on ebay none of them state whether they are elitist or not. I was wondering, with the elitist casino, is it just the "John Lennon Signature" Model?

These are online for. If they don't say Elite, they're probably not an Elite. No, the Elite is different than the John Lennon signature Casino. The Elites are made in Japan with supposedly American made pickups, electronics, etc. The JL replica's are much more expensive than the Elites.

The only thing now is Everywhere sells the standard casino but not the elite model. Anyone know of anywhere that does? Or at least anywhere that ships to the UK? Put on Kluson tuners, change out the pots and electronics, keep the bridge and replace the pickups.

I put Lollar classic style pickups with fewer winds on this Chinese made Casino and better electronics. It is now my go too guitar. To get to the point. Not having an ES to compare it too all I can say is that fit and finish, even the type and selection of wood can be over rated. If there are no major flaws in fit and finish and if the wood has good resonance as Hooker would seem to think with the ES then an Epi will do the job as well as any Gibson.

One could always have the guitar gone over by a Luthier or do it oneself to correct fret, nut and bridge problems if there were any to begin with on a particular guitar. The original Casinos had five ply birch and maple as dose some of the more expensive Casinos. One hears different views on the fit and finish of Korean, Japanese and Chinese Casinos but my Chinese made is impeccable in finish. Maybe I was just lucky. I would like to know. The test for me was how it sounded without plugging it in.

It is so good that I sometimes think I am using one of my acoustics. It is said that if a hollow body resonates well unplugged it will sound as good plugged. The Lollars and electronics have made a stark difference. So that might be a necessary thing to do. So to make a long story short, my advice is to quit beating yourself up about whether to by an ES or Casino. If you are a musician you want a guitar that sounds and plays well.

The Casino is that guitar. It also has a cache that the ES could only wish to have. It was the most used guitar by the greatest rock band in history and everyone knows it. I just looked at http: He stated that the construction is 3 ply as many of the Casinos are.

It is maple, poplar, maple which imitates the original ES of the late 50s. I would then assume that the early Casinos were also 3 ply and of maple, poplar, maple. Why would the inferior Epiphone have 5 ply construction. The only thing I can think of is it is not the same guitar but rather a modern upgrade. If that is the case then the standard Casino should do the job with its 3 ply construction.

The Elitist my be a way of increasing revenues from the popular Casino market. Guitar manufacturing and marketing is a balancing act and guessing game.

They need to balance the price people are willing to pay for a specific guitar vs. They are guessing on the features that will attract the most buyers at a given price. Whether they build a guitar with 3 ply vs. Personally, I prefer the 3 ply. However, I love my Casino regardless of construction.

Thanks for your comments. I appreciate your input. It blows away my standard gloss as well. I have compared all versions of the Casinos even the limited Lennon version side by side with ES 59 vos and although each Casino sounded wonderful the ES just had more snarl when you pulled its tail.

The p90s underwound and with the bigger vintage neck without question affect the tone. I had a Gibson back in and sold it in I,m looking at a Casino because of the price. Can you tell me about the neck? Is it the same as a Gibson? Once upon a time, early in Casino history, the necks would have been the same. Back then the guitars were probably made side by side in Kalamazoo to the same basic specs.

They are made in multiple locations at different price points. Gibson has released another ES re-issue. Orignially manufactured from to Fully hollow thinline dual cutaway guitar with P90 single coil pickups. One or two P90s. Single P90s were mounted half-way between where dual P90s are mounted. Bigsby vibrator was optional. Dot neck just like the newest re-issue. Neck joins body at 15th fret. Block inlays instead of dots. Shape of the ears changed so less like Mikey Mouse ears.

Optional long neck joins body at 19th fret. End of original production run. Casino production began with a dot neck. Dots replaced by the parallelogram block inlays.

The pickguard was now white. End of original production.

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