How much gambling is too much?

The focus and determination is there, time to try and reclaim my life. Look after yourself today mate, you just have to do what you've done the last 6 days, that is not to gamble, its not that hard is it. Only you know the answer to this question, for you. One night I tried an online casino and before I knew it I had emptied 3 bank accounts. Hi Craig well done on the 50days im pleased for you it sa great feeeling, for me though my advice re selling the house is prior to you doing that you need to be honest and open to your parents about why you are selling the house and where the money is going, by you hiding that secret it just gives that gambling side something to feed onto, from what i learnt you need to be open an honest about everything, otherwise there is stilla hold on you, no matter how hurt people will be hiding things and covering things is no good for me now, i lead an open and honest life. I have never went a full 4 week's without before and I have to tell you all that it feels pretty damn good to be away from it.

On average, how much money do you take with you each time?

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For this person, gambling was a social outlet. They saw it as an entertainment expense. What worried them more is that they used to think pokies were boring. Harmful gambling is when your gambling starts to cause problems for you or others. For example, if you are starting to worry about money or have some stress associated with your gambling. Call or go to www.

I'm a problem gambling counsellor. View all posts by counsellorsam1. Here on the forum you can share your experiences in a safe, supportive and accepting environment. So, share as much or as little as you like but do try to stick to keeping just one thread in this forum so people know where to find you if they want to be updated on your progress or share something with you.

So it's day 4,I'm not thinking of gambling but more of how much I've thrown away. Off work for 2 week's and it's going to be very quiet time's from now on.

Now I'm starting to realise what I should have been doing with my money. Missing out on life because of this. Feel like crap today. Some very valuable advice i was given when i was in Gordon Moody Rehab, a bad day will only last 24 hours.

Your making the right steps to a better life, its hard not to think what could of been what could i have done with the money creadit rating is so bad i can get anymore money, im in the same boat 2 and a half years on, but we cant change the past we can only change the future, if we dwell on things it only has a negative impact on us, i find it tough when i need to get things things go wrong, coz i could of had no problems if i didn't gamble, but for us its hard, take one day as you can, 4 days is great, each day life dose get better, work on things, be positive give your self some time to sit reflect and make sure you make the right choices, always here for you, i feel your pain, but well don recogising the steps u need to take, I had to hit rock bottom and got rehab to make the change.

Yes, that is always a test. What barriers can you put in place? What financial accountability will you have in place? Use your awareness of the dangers, put things in place so that you can't easily access finds to gamble with and pay day becomes just like any other day. Basing from my experience- I have to agree with charles, sometimes we cgs tend to fool ourselves that weve got past our addiction or had started it, only to realize that we havent gone gambling because we dont have the money to gamble- or if not, money is too small to gamble.

I guess the more difficult test is when we get past paychecks without gambling a single penny. Thank you to all that have posted, it means alot and certainly does give me alot to think about.

I have self excluded from all bookmakers in my area actually done this month's ago However one independent bookmaker told me not to worry about self exclusion as I just need to time to cool off then go back whenever I like. That was said after I had signed the documents for exclusion.

I couldn't believe what I had heard. Clearly these people couldn't care about the well being of customers and are only thinking of the money. This independent bookmakers is where I have been gambling recently.

The next few months I have a few thing's coming up,I'm travelling to Ireland to see my favourite band Aerosmith in June,this was booked months ago and already I know I'm going to struggle financially. It should be an event to look forward to,however maybe by the time it rolls around I'll be a little more upbeat. I have decided to keep a small amount of cash with me at all time and leave the bank card in the house so I don't do anything stupid. All of my expenses must be planned in advance.

I also think that alcohol can have a serious effect on me where my mindset will completely change for the worse, so that's something that needs to go aswel. Thenewjt, I would absolutely love to make it past paychecks without gambling, I can't remember the last time I made it through 1 paycheck.

Hope you all have an awesome day. Well today is payday, I just received my best wage ever, however the last 2 day's have sucked. In 2 day's I've had 3 bill increases and a pipe has burst in our garden. As it stands, I don't have the cash to make it this month. I was feeling good about being away from the gambling Day7 today but life just keeps knocking me back down.

Im in some serious financial troubles. Although selling my property would clear some of the debt owed it wouldn't clear all of it and I wouldn't be able to get another mortgage with my current credit rating. I'm going to have to seriously think of getting a second job. I genuinely can't believe the mess I am in because of gambling. I pray that in time thing's improve but this right now isn't a life,it's a miserable existence.

I no it may seem tough and you may have a tough month now, but if you can try and deal with these like I say then by next months things will become alot more easier. But dont delay look at your fnaicnces, speak to them speak to stepchange, its a free charity service.

Thanks for the advice Kingster, I'll get intouch with all creditors and Stepchange today. No point in sitting around doing nothing. Fingers crossed for some positive news. I hope you've got a plan in place to protect your wages this month mate. It's a lot easier to "stay strong" when your pockets and bank account is empty.

Have you told or considered telling your girlfriend how bad things are for you with regards to gambling?

Maybe she could keep hold of your bank card for a few weeks. My story is well documented in my previous posts so to cut a very long story a lot shorter; I had been to prison 4 times by the the time I was 25 all for thieving or deception, all the money to fund gambling in bookies, casinos and card schools.

I had sort of had my fill of it and although I did still gamble like a lunatic I was reluctant to cross the line again and risk getting banged up again. I avoided casinos like the plague and went to the bookies once or twice a month if that, and I never seemed to loose too much control although in reality I must have done because I always lost too much money. One night I tried an online casino and before I knew it I had emptied 3 bank accounts.

I couldn't wait for the bank to open so I could deposit more cash, I was a taxi driver at the time I had the last 3 or 4 weeks takings in my safe. To cut this short version of a long story even shorter; I came to my senses before the bank opened, I don't think self exclusion was an option then but in any event I had decided that if I could get into that much trouble sitting in front of my computer in my own home and it was "making" me get to the stage I was dripping in sweat with the anticipation of getting money into the bank to gamble with then the computer had to go.

I took it to a second hand shop and sold it. As I came out of the shop I picked a fare up and he asked what I had been doing in the second hand shop. I told him, and I told him why. If whats left of your salary starts burning a hole in your pocket today, please think to yourself before it gets the better of you. Ask yourself "whats the worst thing that'll happen if I dont get to the bookies? Craig, in early recovery, especially the early days our mindset changes so very quickly when we've had nowt in our pockets.

In the title of your thread you say "Need this to be over" Indeed you do, its no good just acknowledging that fact. Do you really want it to be over, if you do then you won't gamble today. There is a huge difference between needing and wanting. If you have to post every half hour to keep your mind off it then please do for your own sake, there is also live help available. Look after yourself today mate, you just have to do what you've done the last 6 days, that is not to gamble, its not that hard is it.

Hey Geordie, thanks very much for your comments. I'm pleased to say that yesterday I did not gamble, can't remember the last time I had a payday where no money was gambled. I headed out with a couple of friends to the pub for a few drinks, one of them started to play the fruit machines and I must admit for a second I felt tempted aswel however that feeling passed.

I would call yesterday a success. Mate that's great news. First payday is always a tough day I've found. I work nights mate so am off to bed.

Thanks for update, keep it up man,. Just thought I would check in. Been keeping myself busy recently so haven't had much time to update. Yesterday I was in Glasgow which is absolutely packed with bookmaker's and where I have lost an absolute fortune in the past. Me and my friend would plan a day out in Glasgow and usually our plans would change as soon as we arrived.

We would go to bookies, arcades and sometimes casinos where we would pretty much always lose everything we had. Yesterday yet again I am pleased to say that even with the temptation on every corner, I did not gamble.

So today is day 12 and my focus is on finding an extra part time job so that I can earn some extra cash and start paying more onto my debts. The focus and determination is there, time to try and reclaim my life. Today has been 2 weeks since my last gamble.

I feel a little bit more in control of thing's and pretty sure that in time thing's will only get better. Yesterday my friend who has the same issue and stopped the same day I did called to say he had gambled all of his money away. Devasted for him as he has told me it all could have been prevented.

Talking to him after he had lost everything made me realise just how bad a grip this has on people. It shows me that cg's can't bet on anything because we won't stop until everything is gone. Today I did not gamble and although I am still struggling financially my mindset is getting stronger.

I hope that anybody reading this has had a fantastic gamble free day. All the best Craig. Mate I'm very pleased for you. I'm sorry for your mate, does he really want to stop? Have you told him about this site? I dont have any gambling mates left except one, somebody I met in rehab. Over the years we've lent each other money in effect enabling each other to gamble. I think you'd be making a rod for your own back if you ever lent your mate money after he's had a bad day, think very carefully if he ever asks.

How did u get n talking to stepchange and your finacial companies has it helped? Hope you have a good day thanks for keeping us updto date allways here fo u. Hi everyone, it's been close to 1 week since I last posted on here so thought I better update. I have called Stepchange and was advised of the best ways to go about clearing this debt.

They recommended a Debt Management Plan which would freeze all interest on the debts I'm paying but would remain on my credit file for 6 year's. I have a mortgage and have been looking at selling up for a while, if I go on a dmp then I won't get another mortgage any time soon. I have realised that selling up would clear off 5 out of the 8 debts that I have which sounds incredible. My girlfriend has asked me to move in with her aswel so I am definitely seeing a glimmer of hope.

It all depends on how quickly I can sell up. The last few days I have been looking at how much interest I have paid on my debts over the year's, I was absolutely gobsmacked. There are tools provided by gambling businesses to help you to control the amount of time and money you spend gambling. If the feature is there, you have to choose before you start playing whether to set these limits. Once you reach one of these limits, you will be presented with the choice to stop playing or continue with new limits.

Staff behind the counter are also alerted whenever a limit is set or reached. You can choose to set a limit at any time during play, even if you do not choose to set one at the start. When a limit is reached, the machine must provide a 30 second break in play before you can start playing again.

This gives time for you to think about whether you want to continue. A time-out is a feature of online gambling that can be used if you want to be able to continue to gamble, but manage it by removing yourself from it for a short period of time.

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