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And of course M, T, and W would be free. My friend and host prefers not to play at Blackhawk because it's a bit too close to home and could affect his work situation, but I will drive out there myself in August for a look. This is a discussion on Poker in Cripple Creek, Colorado within the online poker forums, in the Poker Rooms section; My husband and I just got back from a two month trip to Colorado. I also have family in the area; my son lives in Denver. The aim is to have the best five card hand, but there are no community cards used here. Starting in April they discontinued the bad beat jackpot. We even bought ear plugs at Wal-mart, and still the noise was intolerable.

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Playing not only hands you the chance to bring home thousands of dollars, you can meet friends of like minds who have a heart filled with passion for this casino game. Especially when you took home winnings on a regular basis, participating in an event lends you the chance to win on an even bigger scale. At Cripple Creek, we host championship poker throughout the weekend. Do you have the favor of Lady Luck? Poker is certainly different than playing slots because it requires a well-thought out strategy for playing each hand.

While some sadly mistaken people believe that winning in poker only favors the lucky, it actually consists of hardcore mathematics and probabilities. You have a choice of whether to play each hand, whether good or bad. Competing in championship poker, you can test how your skills compare to some of the other experts of the night. While poker does have a level of skill to it, the accessibility of it means even a beginner has a chance of winning the pot.

The worst mistake anyone can make in life is to not try. If you think you have what it takes to become a real life poker star, sitting at the table with a hand of cards will be the most telltale sign of whether or not you can win. No one plays a game to lose, but participating in these games can serve as a measure of skill.

The best thing about playing poker is how it pits you against some of the best, which if nothing else, sharpens your skill in the sport. For more information, call We have a total of nine tables for this favorite casino game. Our casino measures 9, square feet, and we have parking spots for our patrons.

This way, once you enter our establishment, you will feel no stress — just pure enjoyment and ready to try your fortune. Aside from playing these games, we also encourage you to join our tournaments. We have one of the most exciting Colorado poker tournaments where you battle it out with other players. We have two matches every Sunday and Friday. Our blinds are made up of minute levels on Sundays. High hand, or AA cracked. There are never more than three tables, so chances of a win are good.

We are going the 20th thru the 23rd this month. The picture is my husband and I, say Hi if you see us. July 7th, , 4: July 28th, , Thanks for the review, Ruth. I'm in Arvada now scouting out the Cripple Creek poker scene, and it was nice to find your review on the web. I called WildWood to get some information, but the manager on duty there wasn't much help, and not really a poker guy oddly enough. Called Midnight Rose and the poker room mgr was very helpful.

Not sure what the structure is like, but he said the blind levels start at 20 mins and increase up to 40 mins as the tourney progresses.

They used to give chip bonuses to players who played cash games before the tourneys, but that was discontinued due to regulations. Here's a link to their site: July 28th, , 7: July 28th, , 3: Wildwood is not a great place to play poker. Last time I was there they only played on Thursday thru Sunday.

The problem to most players is that the room is not separated with a wall from the noisiest casino I have ever been in!! I play there when the contests are big enough to be a factor, I use ear plugs and even so the noise volume gives me a headache. July 28th, , 6: Here are some old reviews I did of 2 Blackhawk rooms http: July 28th, , 8: Thanks for the Blackhawk room reviews, Jilly.

I will check out the CO Poker Open and may play something. My friend and host prefers not to play at Blackhawk because it's a bit too close to home and could affect his work situation, but I will drive out there myself in August for a look.

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