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It helped in adjusting and with the analysis of opponents. This step is required to allow PokerTracker 4 to import tournament results, without summaries your tournament results will be incomplete. It pulls in a select number of prior hands from the PokerStars client memory so that the PokerTracker 4 HUD can populate with results the moment you sit at a table. The decision was made because PokerTracker 3 had been released on May 15, , nearly two years prior to the end-of-life date. You must tell PokerTracker 4 where PokerStars saves its hand histories. He started out playing micro limit SNGs and promptly established himself as a serious competitor in tournaments.

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Find leaks in your game by comparing your playing style to other winnings players within LeakTracker. The Overall Luck Bell Curve Graph allows you to visualize how frequently your draws come in, or if you are running unlucky when drawing. The new Money Flow Chart is a visual representation of how the money "flows" between the highest winning and biggest losing players that played with the Active Player. The Holdem Hand Range Visualizer lets you take a view into the active player's range of hands each time that a stat has been is triggered.

Only PokerTracker provides comprehensive support for over 23 different poker networks, and more to come! PokerTracker 4 supports all available stakes from as low as. PokerTracker Small Stakes Edition is limited up to and including the following limits:. Sign In Create Account. NoteTracker Automated note taking NoteTracker's automated note taking system is triggered by using player and opponent filters, resulting in a fully featured automated note taking system. Since PokerTracker software doesn't fit into either of these categories it is generally allowed on most sites, including industry leader PokerStars.

Where's the bloody fun in it? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. PokerTracker The basic tournament statistics view by description of a sample database in PokerTracker v4. LLC 4Eva in chips Seat 2: ElT in chips Seat 5: Orlando I in chips Seat 6: GerKingTiger in chips Seat 9: Phontaz in chips LLC 4Eva: Rake 0 Board [2d 2c 3c 8h 4d] Seat 1: Orlando I showed [5d 5h] and lost with two pair, Fives and Deuces Seat 6: GerKingTiger button folded before Flop didn't bet Seat 9: Phontaz small blind showed [9s 9h] and lost with two pair, Nines and Deuces.

SainttAA Greve , MaxFox Moscow , Suxela Lubertsy , Caraxe Utrecht , Loushje Bergen , SportModel Oakland , Lin Pi Yama Ermelo , Thomas Less Helsinki , SaberKt Kutina , Vitilo Gijon , Any users experiencing performance issues should disable the Memory Grabber for improved results. TableTracker is an add-on service for PokerTracker which allows you to quickly and easily search for tables across all of the supported sites you play at, view statistics from your local PokerTracker database for the players seated at the table, then upon request open the desired tables to join.

TableTracker is not an automated seating script, the PokerStars table will be opened but you must manually choose the seat. Table information is retrieved via our TableTracker specific servers, player statistics are then displayed from your local PokerTracker database.

TableTracker scores each table based on the statistics of the active players and the tables can be sorted by score, a selection of statistics, or by the number of active 'buddies'. You have the ability to create custom rules to highlight or hide certain tables to make the table selection process that much faster and easier.

When you find a table you wish to join; PokerTracker can open the site and take you directly to the table. This will open the main TableTracker window, which looks like this:. This is the view that lists each table in a single list. When the table is opened, the view will be changed to the Quick Seat View in the PokerStars client, this will not prevent further PokerStars tables from being opened within the TableTracker service.

The best way to import all of your tournament results into PokerTracker 4 is to configure tournament summaries to import as described in the Tournament Summaries section above. However, if you have tournaments that were played before you started using PokerTracker, or if you have hand histories for tournaments from before you enabled tournament summaries then you can request an 'audit' file from the PokerStars lobby using their automated system, and import this into PT4.

Audit files only contain limited information, but they can help fill in gaps in your results. Sign In Create Account. Other Guides General Guides 4. Third Party Apps 2.

Table of Contents Overview. Manual Import Configuration for PokerStars. PokerStars Setup for use with TableTracker. You must tell PokerTracker 4 where PokerStars saves its hand histories. You can use the Auto Detect option to let PokerTracker 4 automatically find where the hand histories are being written.

We recommend you also add the PokerStars Tournament Summary folder at the same time to assure that accurate results will be available in the event you play any PokerStars tournaments. Once this is configured correctly, click Next.

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